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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 5/12/2009 11:51:55 AM

Blessed Love Royal Family

Recently I was blessed by an Ingel(i give thanks) with a gift of some sweet aroma ishence, so I have been burning it in my home for the last few days, which is very soothing and condusive to I meds.
So what happens is, while im at home I burn the ishence and while it burns, the room is filled with the fragrance and is very noticable

But after it is done burning, the fragrance becomes less noticeable. The same fragrance is still in the room, but I suppose my nose gets used to it, so I don’t notice it as much anymore.
So, by the time I am leaving my home, I have almost completely forgotten the smells, and I go out into the world with all its sounds and smells
So When time come and I retun home, my senses are totally on another level, and I have completely forgotten the smell within I home.
And then I open my door,,,,and its like ahhhhhhh, soon as the sweet fragrances meet my nostrils, its like a complete surprise, and still not really a surprise, cos on some level I still remember it from when I was there last

So in I meditaion I started to think of other things, and I found it quiet a nice parallel to life
I sterted to think, is this how it was when I was still in Zion, when all ini knew was goodness and no evil?
Seen, in I meds the sweet fragrance represented all that was good and is good and I little home was I Zion, I Palace within the Kings gates.
And while I was there, I was completely surrounded by goodness, just like I was surrounded by the sweet fragrance in my home, not knowing the smells that await outside my door, not knowing the evil that await outside Zion gate
But then just like how my nose gets used to the smell and becomes less noticeable, did I become accustomed to the goodness in Zion and started to take it for granted, did I fail to apprecilove it as much as I should have?

So like how, everyday I have to leave my home to go do what I have to do in the world, I had to leave I home in Zion and came into this world to do the works given to I by I Father
And just like how I forget the fragrances when I leave my home and my sense are assaulted by this dirty world, so likewise, I came into this world with all its evil and I forgot the goodness that was in Zion……or so I thought

But ,somehow I never forgot.

When I return to my home everyday, the smell within comes almost as a surprise, because I have almost forgotten due to my time in the outside world, but I couldn’t have forgotten cos, as soon as I smell the fragrance, its like I never left at all.

And whenever I irits return to Zion I, and I see the goodness that I used to know, but almost forgot, although i might get surprised at the first instant…but I couldn’t have forgotten cos as soon I sight it, its like I never left at all

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Haile Selassie I