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NBA 2K began announcing player ratings for the top

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Messenger: Devon456 Sent: 8/15/2023 11:21:35 PM

2K has seen major success in years past with their special edition cover athletes so putting Bryant as the face of the 2024 version make sense. The Mamba Mentality will be shared with future generations as 2K put it in their announcement and an entire patch of players will get to enjoy Bryant all over again.

Players can pre-order their copy of either version starting on Friday, June 7 but don't wait as this is expected to go quickly. Now they've unveiled the top individual player ratings for the latest version of NBA 2K.

Two-time league MVP and the reigning Most Valuable Player from the Finals, Nikola Jokic, earned the highest ranking, a 98 overall.

Joel Embiid, who took home the MVP award last season, Giannis Antetokounmpo, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry received a grade of 96 overall.

Celtics star Jayson Tatum registered a player rating of 95, tying him with Luka Doncic and Jimmy Butler.As an NBA player, there are several accolades that most guys care about: winning a championship, individual awards, and honors such as the All-NBA teams.

But, there's one less-serious thing that might cause more of a discussion on social media this time of year than those accolades listed above: NBA 2K player ratings.

On Wednesday, NBA 2K began announcing player ratings for the top 12 players in the association with Denver Nuggets' two-time MVP Nikola Jokic coming in on top with the highest rating at 98 overall following his NBA Finals MVP run this past season.
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Messenger: Motingwa I Sent: 8/20/2023 1:41:36 PM


Do you live in South Africa? I live in Botswana. I just joined the forum, and this is my second hit. Since it is a matter of interest to me I figure I shouldn't leave without responding.

Do you remember Bop TV? Where I am from that station gave us nba coverage that, unlike today's coverage, was able to reach I. Later on, through local satelite reception and broadcasting, we were able to watch live nba games on espn, although the events were usually during the wee hours in our timezone.

I did prefer the Bop TV coverage, because there were weekly action reels and the game was not broadcast in it's entirety, saving time. The screening time was convenient and easier to access. What do I know? It was on a Sunday.

The I post turns out to have been about a computer game. I used to play and enjoy basketball in my hometown. We left there in 2kO7. I only ever played an arcade version of basketball in the early nineties. Youths I used to play the real game with were playing FIFA on playstation, the last time I was able to visit them.

Probably what encourage I to write this post; I once watched a broadcast with a former priest from America, or the D.C. It seems they were relating to the viewer about life in the heathen lands. Something that came up was how a one might dedicate a whole day, Sunday to American football. Well I have had to leave while writing this post, so might I add the little that I can remember fro, m original intention.

I remember that I hadn't gotten to how the arcade game I played might have been college basketball. Well usually I don't get to play computer games if they are not available for free, Enough people don't seem to have time for such as Thhug-Life on Facebook. One of my relatives one put Euro Tucker on my computer. A youth once stayed with us who had the equipment to play GTA on our t.v. I myself only have the manual. Well I guess like all worthwhile pursuits, the soul of this one is to have the money. Sometimes I have thought I would watch demos of games via the you-tube, but those streets are always busy with conscious traffic!

My last thought is that I have heard a one on you-tube include gaming as a habit they quit for some reason. The last real basketball I watched was in the days of Vince Carter and Allen I! I do have tapes from the years [ninety-four] when the Rockets played the Spurs and the PAcers were in another final.

Messenger: Anonymously Sent: 11/2/2023 10:34:32 AM

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Messenger: Anonymously Sent: 11/2/2023 10:38:12 AM

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