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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/3/2023 2:56:56 PM

One of the things one must understand about misinformation is the intent to make it go viral.

EVERY SINGLE source of misinformation fully intends for it to go viral. The people helping to make that happen often have no idea of this original intent or for what reason that intent was formed.

Most conspiracy theories cannot be trusted for one main reason. And that is... follow the money. If there is money to be made there is more likely to be a motive to support the conspiracy. But that money would have to be distributed to everyone keeping the secret, otherwise there is no reason for them to be brought into such a conspiracy or risk telling that person to lie. It's one thing for someone to simply be silent. There are NDAs and other legal issues that prevent people from speaking out. But to lie is something completely different that could taint that person's reputation and therefore their livelihood.

Hence why I say follow the money.

Often, the money isn't in the conspiracy but rather in the industry that has developed to expose "conspiracies" whether they are conspiracies or not. In fact, if you're known for exposing conspiracies and your market and audience is based on that, then your 15 minutes of fame will run out unless you feed more conspiracy theories to your audience. This is why people like Alex Jones are far far more wealthy than they would have been if they never "exposed" anything. The wealth of Alex Jones does not go unnoticed by others who see $$$ when they consider how they could also make a fortune in that industry.

What everyone is doing is really no different than a pyramid marketing scheme. Everyone is trading on their personal credibility in order to push a product. For conspiracy theorists, that product is an idea. The idea is "Don't trust the government". And because it's something a lot of us can agree with, they know this, and so they know this is an idea they can attach products and services to. So the more they conflate this idea with other ideas the more they know people are going to believe the other ideas because of their belief in the main idea, "Don't trust the government".

This is very much the reason cults also work. A cult will take a general idea (like the belief in God) and then start attaching that idea to other things. The more accepted those other things are the harder it is to detect them as a "cult". This is why churches like the Mormon church and Scientology, hide their more far-out ideas behind compartmentalization.

This is why people like Alex Jones basically have become cult leaders because they have so established the initial idea that when they attach it to other ideas, people don't even blink because they're not looking to prove or disprove the other ideas because they don't need to believe them or not because they're simply going on the credibility of the cult leader. Each of those other ideas mainly reinforces the original premise. So for example, conspiracy theories about Aliens not just about whether or not they exist but "what has the government been hiding from us?". "Don't trust the government".

This central premise is true but the magic trick is that the person constantly saying, in so many ways, "Don't trust the government" has never given any credible reason for people to trust the person saying it. They simply trust them because they agree with them. And this is how we invest belief into so many things that we shouldn't.

So take a step back. Breathe. Become more fearless so that you're not a target for fearmongers. And question everything. Don't just accept something because it sounds good to you. Establish truth. Because not doing this is what created the System in the first place. And not doing this, simply allows new players to become the very system they claim they're fighting against.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 8/4/2023 10:24:05 AM

Very well said.

Messenger: Jonathan Ainsley Bain Sent: 8/9/2023 11:09:46 AM

Are you saying that govt never conspires?

You point would have more credibility if you can point out a single case where govt has conspired, and is covering it up.

Otherwise you just sound like you defend all govt conspiracy as a matter of default.

The attack on ganja specifically since 1938, has been an atrocious conspiracy perpetuated for the most part by you know WHO.

Messenger: thespeakingsilence Sent: 8/11/2023 4:22:42 AM

Well said Johnathon. There are many posters here - mainly the same ones - who seem to promote an official and govt narrative at all costs. This baffles me coz this is not Rasta- it's Rasta replacement. Blessings.

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 8/11/2023 2:09:46 PM

Haile I to all I&I
This post (topic) is interesting , for it is lumping or weaving two topics into one..... "Misinformation" & "Conspiracy" . Misinformation is nothing more than a lie ..... and lying has been with us since day one. Adolf Hitler: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”. There is nothing new about using lies to move the masses. Conspiracy has been with us since the day after the lie went wild for it conspired against righteousness . In this day and age the world is septic and rancid with lies and conspiracies. Not everything is about money for we are all well aware that it is just a moving part of the construct that keeps us at the tit of the powers that be . The real root of it all is nothing more than power , basic simple "power" ...... rule over the dumb mob , the bleating sheeple .
No need for I&I to touch on government and the likes for we all know the roots of life and liverty and that man & man have to stand responsible for all word & action that is put into motion .
I&I will stop here at this point with a basic observation : There are misinformation and conspiracies all around us all to create divison and confussion among mankind and steer us into the grand illusion of all time.

In Everything Let JAH be Praised

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/18/2023 5:07:08 PM

Jonathan: Are you saying that govt never conspires?

Of course not. However, this takes the form of government secrets which are handled by classified documents and the like. The government has agencies whose professional job is to keep secrets. Trump famously had a bunch of secret documents at his house. Governments need to keep secrets as a matter of national security. But this whole apparatus about secrecy is typically not what conspiracy theorists are tapping into.

Quite the opposite. Conspiracy theories often differ from misinformation because conspiracy theories CAN be true and misinformation is always FALSE. But the possibility that a conspiracy theory could be true is what makes it very effective as misinformation. And misinformation has the intent of being deceptive for a particular reason that is hidden from the audience. Ultimately, what they are exploiting is your fear. This is why a lot of conspiracy theories center around population control and things being suggested will happen. But these events are like doomsday predictions. This type of fear is common and therefore so are the predictions. But if you are like me and have heard the same kind of predictions 30 years ago that have never come to pass you become more aware you're dealing with false prophets and so you start treating them as such.

They are claiming to know "secrets" but the problem is that you have no way of knowing if those secrets are real or if the conspiracy theorist is making it up. If it's real, the government isn't going to tell you and verify that. Nor is the government going to push back on every incorrect theory because they know they wouldn't be believed even if they did.

So the result is that anyone can make up any story about the government and it will never be able to deny it because there's no point in doing so. This means that anyone can rack up views on social media at the expense of both the government and the truth because they are simply exploiting our natural distrust of government the same way that others exploit curiosity about celebrities.

It's called click bait.

And some individuals continue to draw from this same well over and over again until their names become synonymous with conspiracy theories. But what people don't tend to see is how these guys are profiting from the stories they present. You see Alex Jones turning red but people don't necessarily notice the Rolex. Jones is rich because he capitalizes on that same distrust.

Does that mean you should trust the government? Of course not. It simply means you shouldn't automatically trust the story or the person telling it just because you don't trust the government. Often people hide their conflicts of interest and motivations to lie.

For example: Certain doctors (who are not virologists) were promoting certain products during the pandemic (even though false information could literally kill people) because they had secret conflicts of interest where they were making money from telling those lies.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/18/2023 5:37:34 PM

Well said Johnathon. There are many posters here - mainly the same ones - who seem to promote an official and govt narrative at all costs. This baffles me coz this is not Rasta- it's Rasta replacement. Blessings.

Okay, let's simply use logic.

If a weather forecaster says it's going to rain, do you believe him or not?

In your mind you should know there is a good chance that he's right because he's not licking his thumb and sticking it in the air. He's giving a report of predictions based on what radar and machines are saying based on actually monitoring weather patterns.

The person on TV is just the spokesperson for all the people reading that data, and the data represents decades of scientific knowledge in the field of meteorology. So regardless of how you feel about that particular person, you don't have access to the technology or years of experience to make the same prediction. That prediction goes out on privately owned networks that have to buy a license from the government in order to operate.

It isn't the government saying it. And even though the spokesperson is saying it, it's all coming from the work of regular people who have careers and jobs just like everyone else. And the ONLY way of them getting that information to the public is by organizing this way. But they don't automatically lose credibility because they're organized.

So with that in mind...

If the scientific community is saying something about a virus that doesn't mean it's coming from the government. Governments often contribute to funding research and science but this is in general and we use the fruits of that labor all the time. Even now, if you're using the internet you are using a technology that came as a result of government funding. And even then it started as a military communications project.

So government funding of research is not out of the ordinary. That doesn't negate the fact that these are private citizens, not secret agents, doing a lot of this work. And even if you could convince me that the US government owns all the labs and all of the US virologists are secret agents who ALL don't care enough about their families to support some kind of massive hoax or deception, you cannot convince me that every virologist on Earth has, for some unknowable reason, decided to join in on the deception. Even virologists in Africa.

And that's the thing... These are not governments ultimately saying these things and doing the work. It's everyday citizens and the government, because it is responsible for general public health and safety, has no choice but to simply give these voices a bigger microphone so they can more easily communicate such dangers to the general public.

There have been plenty of people who denied the existence of Covid-19 as a hoax and DIED of Covid-19. And why? Because they thought that since Anthony Faucci works for the government they couldn't trust what he says. But in reality, all he's doing is speaking for all of the virologists who have been studying Covid from around the US and around the world. They all report to their organizations and those organizations report their findings to each other and to the government so that the government can relate that information to the public.

So it's not about trusting the government. It's about understanding where to draw the line between what is and isn't "the government".

To do that you have to know how the government actually works, as a system, and how these private organizations work. They are not owned by the government. They are not under any type of security clearance unless they are doing work for the government.

And again... what the government isn't going to do is lie about something that other governments are going to quickly reveal to be a lie. But if you buy too many conspiracies they'll have you thinking that all the governments are conspiring together to kill you and that simply isn't the case. No one has any motive to do that as a matter of logic. Even if they did they would certainly go about it in a way they could get away with. A pandemic isn't it.

If you want to disbelieve every single thing that any government tells you, you have that right. But that also isn't Rasta. Rasta is opposed to systems of oppression, not all types and systems of government. Otherwise, Rasta would not be a strong supporter of Haile Selassie I who had to operate a government of his own and take care of his people the best he could which is why he has our respect. One must be careful that if we break away and organize communities with roads and bridges and organize further and further to tackle larger challenges, would we distrust each other the same way? No. Distrust should be a response to oppression. And we should always fight against oppression for the betterment of mankind.

And if it's going to rain tomorrow, I'd rather know.

Messenger: Jonathan Ainsley Bain Sent: 8/23/2023 10:25:59 AM

"They are claiming to know "secrets" but the problem is that you have no way of knowing if those secrets are real or if the conspiracy theorist is making it up."

Yes we can know what is real by simply seeing who contradicts themselves logically.

You say its not possible for all those virologists to be corrupt.
Well I have survived and fought against the apartheid govt from within and was surrounded on all sides by thousands of well-to-do nazis who looked all so proper but planned the apartheid atrocity.

They lost that fight.

Why do you think virology is so impervious to corruption?
Its blatant sophistry founded on the denial of the soul !

All biological paradigms deny the soul!!
Thats why most medicine is quackery.

Any Rasta or person of God must know this.
And the fact of the internet being founded by the military says little.

There are plenty of decent people in this world who have been hoodwinked into doing evil by deception. That don't make them ALL evil.

The US military is itself not impervious to corruption, and there are plenty of decent folk there who need to know the truth too. As it is, their honest efforts are not welcomed enough because of lies.

So the only way to truth is truth.
I just got banned somewhere for saying the truth today.
Its not going to stop me, nor will it stop the truth.

Massive organizations perpetuate lies all the time.
Whole nations exist on the basis of lies.

But they will perish, those who hide the truth.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 8/26/2023 8:06:08 PM

A 2001 Video Game reveals alot of the mis info disinfo psy ops ai propaganda agenda evil plans of babylonian deep state. Watxh here:

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