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Rastafari Self-Sustainability

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Messenger: seestem Sent: 4/5/2024 9:27:55 PM

Greetings I and I

What does self-sustainability mean to you?

Would you say you are self-sustainable? How did you
achieve that?

What are you doing now to become self-sustainable?

Give thanks
Ras TafarI

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 4/12/2024 3:12:08 PM

Heartigal Greetings Kings & Queens

What does it mean to de I Seestem ? What region does the I live in ?
This question is a tricky question , good but tricky , for in this day
and age self - sustainability has a loose meaning . Some are to a
certain degrees while others are not , and as time progress with the
encroachment of babylon and its shytsism it will be redefined even more.

InI will expound a little more after de I reply

In Everything Let JAH Be Praise , Bless

Messenger: dembele Sent: 4/20/2024 5:21:26 AM

Self sustainability means that you become COMPLETELY DETACHED from babylon and that means that you really live of your land or do work for yourself but you shouldn,t work for other people like for example if you sell towels on the beach then you,re self sustained that,s what bob marley tells us in redemtion song he sais EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY and working for someone is mental slavery and if you wanna know in what region the i lives it,s right here in the canary islands stronger then ever and adam and eve we,re actually created and lived in seria

Messenger: PraiseJAH Sent: 5/1/2024 9:02:51 PM

Heartigal greetings to all the Kings and Queens

Self-sustainability is not relying on Babylon and the world to live.
I am not completely self-sustainable. I have a ways to go but I'm also new to RasTafari.

What does the I Seestem define self-sustainability as?

Praise JAH in all things. JAH Rastafari!

Messenger: seestem Sent: 5/18/2024 7:25:35 AM

Thank you for the replies @Arma Gideon, @dembele and @PraiseJAH
apologies for the delayed response, I was offline.

> What does it mean to de I Seestem ? What region does the I live in ?

Iman is from Namibia, South West Africa. Haile greetings.

I believe there are different levels of self-sustainability, which overall is an ideal state allot of I and I aspire to obtain.

There is the self-sustainability and self-determinism of the mind and spirit. To know and not believe, to always keep the fyah burning from within, and yes @dembele to "EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY"

Than there is economic sustainability. Which is harder to obtain because the system is designed for you to be a wage slave, living salary to salary. The system is cleverly designed, it is the markets that determine the price of bread and not the baker. The baker has no control they hope and pray that the economy stays stable, there is no foundation for sustainability.

3 ways to become economically self-sustainable If you are not fortunate enough to have land or a silver spoon:

1. Play the game, become a capitalists, easier said than done though, you need capital to start playing, but if you manage, play to win, and help your people.

2. Leonard Howell, Marcus Garvey and Prince Emanuel style. Build communities schools, hospitals, farms collectively... Collectively share your skills and knowledge within your community. This way you can build an economically sustainable community that is largely detached from the system. But than it becomes a questions of security because if successful the community will be a target by the "police" and "military" complex, see how they target Howell, Garvey, Emanuel, X, King, Nrkrumah, Lumumba, Sankara .... and many of the founding fathers.

3. Related to 2. If we collectively stop playing the game, the system will crush. If we all decide not to go to work, the cogs and levers of the machine will simply stop turning.

Give thanks
Ras TafarI

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Haile Selassie I