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Messenger: Honourablemiriam Sent: 4/29/2023 6:04:54 PM

Who is Sirius in Hindu mythology?

In India, Sirius is sometimes known as Svana, the dog of Prince Yudhisthira. The prince and his four brothers, along with Svana, set out on a long and arduous journey to find the kingdom of heaven

I dont know how to post a picture here

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/1/2023 12:02:04 PM

Greetings Honourable Miriam
The instructions to post an image are below the text box where the reply is typed.
Just replace the portion with the correct image location for the online jpg or otherwise.

On the topic of Sirius I have been watching the stars on my nightly walk with my pup. The Sirius twinkle twinkle just has me enthralled! So sparkly. I love it. Venus is also shining so extremely bright! 😍; Amazing.

Selah say I

Messenger: Honourablemiriam Sent: 6/18/2023 3:34:37 PM

‘The starting-point of creation is the star which revolves round Sirius and is actually named the “Digitaria star’

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