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The Future of Rastafari: From Peace and Love to ‘Fia Bun’: Did Rastafari Lose its Way?

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Messenger: dembele Sent: 10/24/2023 7:29:54 AM

Evison evison evison ssssssz you sound to much like white people man i can BACK UP WHAT I SAY because i am livin it i am FEELING THE POWER OF JAH and that,s what counts see i can prove you if you come here you arw being to judgemental man you sound like white people in london calling us lazy and things no no no this is REAL RASTAFARI MAN have you ever heard the REDEMPTION SONG BY BOB MARLEY it sais EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY and that,s what it means man me i care about my race i don,t JUDGE THEM i accept everyone BY THE WAY THEY ARE not like you who are you to call ms lazy man do you know what i have been throu in my life let me tell you i was abandoned since 12 years old man yeah TWELFE and i got throu so much in my life that jah finally saw it and decided that he was gonna help me to get a honorouble life he showed me his secrets but i don,t judge man ALL BLACK PEOPLE are my brothers even if they are criminals I DON,T JUDGE i just wanna do something big for my brothers you see i want all my brothers to know that we,ve found exactly what we were looking for for a very long time see that,s why i want all my brothers to come man this is something big and i just wanna help ALL MY BROTHERS who are suffering right now becausd what i,m doing is big man i have solved the problem for ALL BLACK PEOPLE MAN really i have found the hidden gem in the world and i wanna help you all help because this is something big you see i can bee the spokesman for black people now cause i live here HIGH IN THE TRONE and i,m telling you man there,s nobody HIGHER THEN US HERE in tenerife we are DIRECTLY UNDER JAH we connect to him we talk to him and hd talkes to us ma he shows us the way there,s no other country where you can do that i know what i,m saying because i live here i have found the ONLY NEW ISRAEL you people don,t believe me i may sound crazy but if i we,re crazy would i have this computer to wright you on man i have everything man i,m honorable and for the first time and stop caring about a stupid goat man people kill goats to sell their meat man so big deal man you sound ljke white people that,let us live on the streets then caring about animals who cares about animals the bible sais we can eat anymal and not the pope bible i have the KING JAMES BIBLE MAN the biggest bible in the world see only i know the righgous way man let me tell you i am not lazy i read that WHOLE BIBLE MAN WHOLE BIBLE i know everything in it you see if you wanna live directly under jah like i do you have to reaD the WHOLE BIBLE SEE jah just don,g givd a free life to anyone you have to know stuff man and i KNOW STUFF and that,s why jah chose me this is not something crazy man this is real i,m telling you i just share my wisdon with everyone of my brothers because that,s why this site is for

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 10/27/2023 6:56:37 AM

Thankhs for the reply.

Sorry for the tuff times the i has gone through. No kid should be abandoned.
For the record I never have asked for any contributors of this site to be banned.
Not even Hemphill. I dont think we should run from disagreement or surround ourselves with only like minded people because it can lead to small minds.

I only have a problem with the I using the term Rastafari because the behaviour you describe is not Rastafari behavior. If you identify as Rastafari, thats ok. Dont misrepresent the rest of us with our name because your behaviour is nowhere near ours.

Instead, call your self Christian.
That would be much more accurate a description from what ive read. Lol.


Messenger: dembele Sent: 10/30/2023 7:05:49 AM

Nonononono i,m not a christian see christians DON,T LIVE I&I
Real rastafari is about LISTENING TO JAH and doing directly what he wants the thing is its actually you that are more christianlike you sound like white people jah needs people to put justice in this world and that,s why he soometimes sends us to do ruff stuff but it,s not bad as you think let me give you an example.
Like a guy decides to beat up his wife and then he steps in the bus and he sits next to me and jah will tell me like give him a slap and i get up and give him a slap see i,m not a bad person the thing is its you that need to learn how rastafari goes it,s about listening to jah and doing EXACTLY as he tells you and have faith let me tell you man here in tenerife it works let me tell you i have beaten up people and then have the same people THANK ME FOR IT let me tell you that,s jah working see that,s what i,m telling you i am honored by people everytime i do some of that for jah see that,s what you have to understand people here dig me see like in summer we go to the beach and we take food from the kids backpack and these SAME KIDS are HAPPY TO SEE US everytime we go back see they LIKE US FOR IT SEE these tinerfenians are all different man they want US and they like to fight and steal and they WANT US to start bringing in the guns so they want to shoot each other you see these people don,t want peace they want GHETTO MAN they want hardcore stuff and they are begging for it let me tell you this is an island the people here are ALL ON DRUGS man weekends is to get high and the teenagers sell everything it,s heavy stuff here man and they want it all and they ask us to help them in fights cause they know we,re strong see i don,t do nobody harm they are BEGGING US to do those stuff like tomorrow is holoween let me tell you and we have people here begging us to come help them break windows break cars they wanna do something heavy this year and they want us to come with them to protect them see tomorrow we,re gonna fight like hell man and it,s because THEY WANT IT not us see we do what they want they worship us man no badname for rastafari here they WANT US to do this kinda stuff we do it they worship us and they even give us money and take us to buy clothes man we respect them there is no disrespect here because let me tell you here in tenerife they like black people to live THE WAY WE ARE and we don,t need to show for anyone let me tell you i get respect from everyone even when i,n drugged up i get lots respect man because let me tell you this is tenerife here they like us for what we REALLY ARE we don,t have to pretend for white people nononono we do WHAT WE WANT and we gef compensated see that,s how life goes around here and there is no other country in the world where you can do that let me tell you this is something big and we need more black people up here cause them woman are fightinv for us man and there aint enough of us so we need more black people up here so the woman can keave us alone cause let me tell you we can,f even get on the bus man there is woman everywhere fighting for us man i don,t know what they see we need more black peopls here for these woman man you got nothing to lose man if you coms you,re coming to fix the tinerfenians race man that,s what they want nothing bad

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 10/30/2023 9:55:10 AM

Haile I to INI Brethren :

Dembele , Thank you for writing out what INI been having a problem
with, your speech as well as your outlook on RASTAFARI as INI have said and outlined before is polluted and rancid ...... hurtful to the point where de I think that the FATHER condones such behavior. INI finally rest at the conclusion that de I is a scam - sham - spam .... just here to upset man and man countenance . Who in their right mind utter and encourage such mindset and actions. Who encourages one to be a thief , a druggie , and a blight . JAH don't need INI to do rough stuff , HIM teaches and direct INI to do Right & Just stuff. That type of thinking de I have is the *same* thinking that de babylon them have for they move as dem is de "HAND OF GOD" not aware of the very evil dem do .

INI don't intend to draw this out with no whole heap of long talking for it's way too clear the error of the I ways , talking and sounding like the same whiteman you claim seh we haffi step away from .
Rastafari fights against the devils philosophy , against spiritual wickedness , against oppression and injustice , standing up as the light against the rulers of the darkness that covers the world , feeding the hungry -clothing the naked - healing the sick - comforting the elderly and so on , and most of all giving thanks and praise to the most high without apology & itinually .
So go on mek folly inna another mans country thinking you doing good.

In Everything Let JAH Be Praised .
Blessed Love

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 11/1/2023 6:11:33 AM

Word up!
Rastafari has not lost its way.
Just too many Ras Trent and Dembeles come to misrepresent we to the world.
The core is strong, agreed?

Messenger: dembele Sent: 11/2/2023 7:48:03 AM

Nonono i don,t misrepresent anybody i am THE THRUE RASTAFARIAN lat me tell you i,m just explaining it to you how it is it,s real man let me tell you i,m jah in the flesh i,m livin it every day it,s real you just got to know that and to get out of babylon mentality see that,s what i have done i have gone completely out of babylon and i am livin the way we are really suposed to live man let me tell you once you taste the true rastafari livin there,s no goin back man me i,m staying here till dead and nobody and i mean ABSOLUTELY NOBODY is gonna take that away from me but stop saying things bad about me i don,t misrepresent i,m JAH IN THE FLESH MAN and i can teach you to become one too because i am the REAL JAH IN THE FLESH you see i,m livin it

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 11/2/2023 4:03:42 PM

Man of Right is God in Flesh

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