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Rasta for one year since school mandated a covid "booster"

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Messenger: Jah Witness Sent: 6/19/2023 4:49:42 PM

Blessed Love

Greetings to all; this forum has been great to read through since finding it in 2022. Reasoning from the United States on how covid vaccines were mandated in many institutions here. Mine was among the first to do so. A frustrating story to watch in hindsight every, but it comes to a good point that wouldn't have been possible without the lows.

Injected 2 pfizer shots (counts as "one dose", even though clearly two doses) early in 2021. Did it even though experience told that ALL vaccines were useless (knowing Mexican families who were without vaccines since even before 2020) and intuition told me that many parts of covid were a sham engineered to get us to do evil things like wear masks and seperate. Took the shots knowing they were bad, but simply telling my body to take it because money and status (or just taking the easy route, really) were more important than whatever it could do to me. Didn't feel like a choice, as wrong as it was. But it was a choice.

Eventually they mandated a "booster" shot (3rd shot) in order to register for new classes. Soon after classes ended, there was a choice to make. When pressed by family members, the only solid ground to stand on was "no more vaccines". School didn't matter, nor my relationship with the rest of the family. Had heard about Jah through reggae and finally dug deeper to find out what Babylon was. After learning about Rasta resistance against Babylon, there was motivation to no longer do bad things out of cowardice/conformity. Never received the 3rd shot.

Jah gave me courage, as well as the courage to stop touching my hair and start eating natural plant food. Abandoning colonial ways. It was a whole different way of living before recognizing Jah greatness.

Bless Up all, if you have anything to reason on the topic of the covid vaccine mandates (man+date, what a bad sense of "humor" English has) or guidance for a new Rasta to increase wisdom or livity InI would love to hear.

One Love

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 7/15/2023 7:29:59 PM

Blessed Love and Strength Jah Witness, I also took the covid vaccine , I live in the usa, it was mandated but havenít experienced any lasting negative side effects.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 8/1/2023 9:55:22 PM

On file Iím triple vaccinated
In reality I havenít received any

Dodged that bullet with skill craft

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/3/2023 1:29:17 PM

Blessings fam,

I would just keep in mind that rebellion is a natural act of every soul seeking freedom. Part of that freedom is self-determination.

The System is soylent green. It's people. But it represents the power of the most powerful people to influence the rest. This is what makes it confusion because some of "us" have a whole lot to say about "us", how we live, and what we do with that life.

When it comes to vaccines I will say that the mandates didn't bother me because they only really applied to government employees, international travelers, and healthcare workers. And I agree with the logic and reason behind it. It's not like anyone was forced, but if they wanted to come into work and be around other people, some more vulnerable than others, then taking a vaccine was a precaution they were expected to take because, unlike the influenza virus that we're so used to, covid-19 had a high rate of communication so even 50 people would be fine it was like playing hot potato with a loaded gun. Everyone wasn't fine.

Fortunately, when my mother contracted it a few weeks ago she was already vaccinated so her symptoms were mild. Otherwise, her age would have made her vulnerable. So when I hear people talk about not wanting to get vaccinated at all, I think about our elders and all the people we come into contact with. Because you may not know you have covid until you're already spreading it. And you can spread it to someone who could be fine or who might not be fine and you wouldn't necessarily think anything of it because you wouldn't know that they got it from you.

So be safe.

Understanding that the system is people also means that the rebellion is also people. Confusion can from all sides. Just because someone else is against who you are against doesn't mean everything you hear from them can be trusted. They're also just people. And even though they're not motivated to act against your best interest, they may give you bad information simply because they don't trust information from the people they think represent The System.

But you have to keep in mind that most of these doctors and scientists work for privately owned companies and corporations just like the rest of us and they aren't motivated to risk their names in history in order to lie about something that another scientist or doctor in another country would easily contradict.

So, in short, use your own intelligence and don't fall for conspiracy theories just because they sound good or just because you don't trust the government. Governments are not trustworthy entities by nature. However, that doesn't mean that a global conspiracy has to exist on their behalf.

Also... be careful and aware of the choices you do make.

Because those choices could take the choice away from other people around you if they don't know that you might be infected.

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Haile Selassie I