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An idea for Pragmatic Reparations

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/31/2023 3:50:22 PM

Do we need reparations? Yes. We need legal protection from the legacy of racism. And we need investments in our community so that there are equal opportunities as well as education for both black children and white children so that they understand the real history of America and what it did to black people and how the black community got so destroyed by white supremacy to the point where we've had to fight extra hard just to get to where we are. We were attacked and defamed socially and defamation is something you can sue for because you can be financially injured by it. The same is true for defaming an entire race with stereotypes.

The government already insures banks(FDIC). I think the government could help set up black banks and fuel investment accounts that black families can also invest into so that when those investments make money, by investing in black businesses and real estate in black neighborhoods, then the black people in those communities who are descendants of slavery, as well as the public schools there, can reap the returns. Because at any rate, wealth is not the money someone simply puts in your pocket. It's money that works for you.

So if something like this could be set up, I think it could get enough support to pass congress (not sure about this current congress), and it can do enough good the black community by duplicating the same type of activity that created black wall street in Tulsa ("Greenwood").

If anyone has any ideas to add to this or ways to refine this, feel free. Doesn't matter who you are.

Messenger: anonymo Sent: 11/24/2023 12:17:50 PM

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Messenger: anonymo Sent: 11/28/2023 12:10:54 PM

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Messenger: dembele Sent: 12/1/2023 5:25:28 AM

Yeah and one place where we can really get all this going is here in tenerife man let me tell you here we have ROOM TO GROW and let me tell you i just suped up my saxo yesterday and the thing is GOING FAST NOW.
And that,s why i think we need more black people up here because we need to start businesses and get money flowing between us to make sure we will always stay wealthy let me tell you we have opportunity here people like us and are willing to accept ANYTHING that comes out from us i mean think of the possabilities man we can grow and stomp every babylonion in the world let me tell you i don,t care what people think beczuse the bible sais that in the end times undisired people are gonna become jah,s deciples and that,s me man i used to be bad boy killer and now look at me man.
Let me tell you you have to believe me.
In tenerife we have people on OUR SIDE so this is the place to fighg we need to have more black people up here in order to start settling for things like repetations because here we have people on our side and here is where we are gonna strike gold man believe bsbilonians will RUN AWAY FROM US because we are gonna own this thing and they are gonna be so afraid of our power let me tell you their gonna bow down and do anything that pleases us i can feel it man let me tell you COME TO TENERIFE here is where the spirit of jah lives and HE WILL RISE YOU UP MAN i mean just look what he did to me man completely honorable man i have house car and everything and i don,t even have to work or get off of drugs man let me tell you this is the life we need and we got it right here in tenerife so come on and hop on board

Messenger: Jonathan Ainsley Bain Sent: 12/3/2023 9:24:54 AM

There are so many such travesties, who can even list them all?
Still, the one which burns my heart worst,
is the theft of Ethiopia herself
by godless communists.

Just an idea,
but has anyone thought to invite the US military in a venture to recover the throne of Selassie to its rightful place?

They restored the Norwegian monarch and countless others, as they have little tolerance themselves for such blatant theft as an entire country ... or continent...

Messenger: dembele Sent: 12/5/2023 5:04:19 AM

Yeah you can try that but you know what will happen.
The us government would send their troops over there and there will be more war this is not gonna be over easy there will be war and people will need to flee the place like refugees and go live in babylon maybe some will come here in tenerife and i would like to see that what we can do with them maybe we need them to get up jah army up and running here because right now there ain,t many of us and the most africans we have here are muslim and yeah it,s all the same god but different messiah there messiah is allah and although the god is the same god it brings up some discussions and it becomes difficult to do what we should do but let me tell you there are 5 holidays coming up next man tomorrow is a holiday and so is thurday and friday man we god 5 days of party coming up let me tell you just prepare for that there,s gonna be a lot of things going on drugs fight let me tell you a lot of things we are gonna break them down these coming days man let me tell you control

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