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There Is No Such Thing As White Human Beings

1 - 1011 - 2021 - 28
Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: PraiseJAH Sent: 5/27/2023 4:43:14 PM

It strange that you say you live completely honorable life. The Bible says we have all sinned. No one is completely honorable. That is the word of god. Not Babylon

Messenger: PraiseJAH Sent: 5/27/2023 4:43:16 PM

It strange that you say you live completely honorable life. The Bible says we have all sinned. No one is completely honorable. That is the word of god. Not Babylon

Messenger: dembele Sent: 5/29/2023 6:51:33 AM

I used to sin but not anymore.
And yeah I live an honorable life because I CAN HEAR JAH and I do ONLY WHAT HE TELLS ME TO DO.
And I live like a HONORABLE PERSON.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/31/2023 2:46:59 PM

dembele is a distraction, representing a spirit that desires to see us fail because he doesn't understand the spirit through which we all connect. I truly hope he sees and absorbs enough of that energy to purify all the nonsense.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/31/2023 3:31:26 PM

I want to reiterate in this threat that "whiteness" is a mental construct that people can choose to either identify with or reject. You can also use it to your benefit, gain the power it offers, and then use that power for the benefit and advancement of all.

At this time, white supremacy is the dominant force. But I feel this is already starting to change. My generation is starting to see a change. I was talking to my best friend this morning who is in Florida for his daughter's graduation. He told me that a white woman was genuinely nice to him. For him to tell me that... you have to understand... it's noteworthy.

His father didn't simply move to Ohio. He escaped. And no, I don't mean he escaped "the law". He escaped white supremacy because this was during a time when black people couldn't use the same bathroom. But by mistake... he really had to pee... he ended up where he "didn't belong". White man came in, found him, decided... he wasn't going to simply leave it alone.

You see... there is always THAT option. Those who claim they're not racist often don't make the conscious decisions that non-racists would make. He could have peed with a stall between them (as is proper bathroom ettiquite). He could have been an instrument of change. He could have simply ignored the rules. But he didn't. So they ended up fighting and my best friend's father wasn't a weak man. He wasn't anyone's "boy". He didn't have to prove it but he didn't have to back down and cower away either. But he had to move because they were looking to lynch him.

To this day there are many places where one cannot find a black person. To find a black person there is to fear for that person. And in those places you need to know, if you're black, that you are BLACK and not simply human. Why? Because it's dangerous to be naive and to be ignorant of the fact that you are black in the minds of those who live there. If you forget you're black you may lose your life. Until that threat has passed, I'm not going to have my children thinking their color doesn't matter. We can kumbayah after.

There is a war. We casually do not speak of this war but in truth it started as soon as black slaves were free men. White supremacy isn't stupid. It immediately saw black people as an economic threat because that is the threat of cheap labor. Look at China. White supremacy understood, even if we did not because we weren't educated in economics or finance, that if we had worked together? Practiced GROUP ECONOMICS together? Listened to Malcolm X on the subject (because he was right) together? we had the potential of creating monopolies in certain industries. But white supremacy countered that by establishing unions. And if you look at every industry with a large black presence you're going to find white owners at the top and "agents" who are "helping us" but not really helping us.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/31/2023 3:45:55 PM

No such thing as white human beings? Yes. There are because there are whites who play this game like a team even if everyone on their team doesn't know it. In fact, after the war started to go in the wrong direction for them they were driven underground and had to hide behind masks. There was a time we know that racism and the KKK was much more acceptable. They used to have huge parades and they had the same kind of power and influence that the NRA has today. And maybe, in reality, strategically... who knows? Are they also posing as the NRA? I don't have proof. It's just speculation so I can't say. But there are white militia groups that are well-armed. And we know they want a race war because they've said so.

But en masse racists have been driven underground. They're only coming out now out of desperation; out of a plea to reunite with others who share European ancestry, calling upon them and calling it "white nationalism". Whites have no nation. Because they are not one nation. It's not a national identity. They (those consciously representing whiteness) simply want America to be their nation when it never was. The only time it looked that way was at the height of white supremacy when the KKK had its major public parades. Now they are simply in fear that they are being replaced. And they're not stupid. They're reacting to what they see. I went to see my wife in Chicago this past weekend because she's there for work. We took the kids to Navy Pier. What I saw wasn't white or black. I saw the whole entire world at Navy Pier. I saw every color and every ethnicity. And I saw interracial couples of different mixtures as well. I can imagine how the image of this would be uncomfortable to a white supremacist or white nationalist. I can imagine them thinking "Have we already lost our major cities?". Of course, whites choose to flee the cities to rural areas, eventually turning them into suburbs. But now the suburbs are getting the full human spectrum. It's only a matter of time. And it may feel like a bad thing but it's not. We all have homelands that are a majority of this or that. But we need the most powerful country to be the most diverse.

Because what is the consequence of whites not fleeing fast enough? Their children actually learn that other children are just like them; that they're smart, attractive, funny, and talented. And they can be too. And that's why white supremacy is fighting a losing battle with humanity although they think they're fighting for themselves against other colors (blacks and browns). They're not. They're fighting against humanity. And now they have to try and hide their own history (Ron/FL) because they don't want their children to see them and judge them for exactly what they are and what they have done. Those are the ones who CHOOSE to be "white people" and will vote the way "white people" feel the need to vote in order to protect white supremacy. Like I said, those are the ones who choose to flee because they rather be with other "whites" and have the safety and security of knowing their taxes are going to white schools and white children. They have the power to make that choice and direct their funds however they want. They COULD invest in black communities, but you know what? That would lower crime and create opportunities for black people to "catch up". The children don't understand why all of this is the way it is. They don't know. They were simply born into it and many have no desire to be part of it (consciously racist). Others? They hear what their parents say behind closed doors and believe it and they join the ranks of those who are against humanity.

Messenger: dembele Sent: 6/2/2023 6:11:59 AM

Say what…… .
I live I&i and that means that I have 2 people inside my body
1 is myself and the other is Jah.
Jah controls me.
But that can only happen if you live in tenerife because this is where jah,s spirit lives.
Let me tell you you have no idea how they treat us over here.
We are worth FAR FAR MORE then the tinerfenians because WE ARE THEIR LEADER.
The tinerfenians want US BLACK PEOPLE to be their leader but you guys don,t wanna come.
tinerfenians are waiting for you with open arms.
Once you come here and you feel the love man there is NO GO WING BACK.
and they LOVE IT
you should see what i did last weekend in andana.
I took my shirt off and danced on the table.
And everyone LOVED IT
We rule here man

Messenger: Ras Adanvdo Sent: 2/21/2024 10:12:54 AM

Jah say all people equal, I am white, but I and I are one, so even though I am "white" I and I are one, no matter race or nothing... It don't matter none either, cause I live in bloody Chicago and I and I are dying here... So I try to spread the good vibrations of Marley and Jah and Yeshua... Jah bless your soul

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