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There Is No Such Thing As White Human Beings

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/28/2023 6:37:48 PM

Perfect love Idren, RASpect to all the Iyahs.

Reading this entire thread and everyone's reasonings, I see a commonality among most of the men here reasoning. They want to see healing in the hearts of all humanity. This is not easily achieved and it is confusing to even think about the steps necessary to get there. I can't offer any answers except to say that the healing of all hearts has to start with the healing of your own heart. It seems like a slow gradual process and maybe even eternal, always good battling against evil, to see all of humanity come to true acceptance and love of one another. But maybe through our own self healing we can change vibrations, we can emit a unified vibration as a group of self actualized souls, a vibration which can make shifts in the greater existence of this planet. That's my humble ipinion coming from the spirit of the feminine, the quiet, the introspective, the subtle vibrational existence that makes up the fabric of our experience.

Selah say I Love, ones and ones, oneness and more Love

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/31/2023 10:32:24 PM


I will make sure I visit Tenerife soon!


Messenger: dembele Sent: Today 6:29:44 AM

When are you coming?
In the summer is better.
Because the weather will be hot and let me tell you them girls here like to go to the beach IN TONG
And guess what they all want… ..
Let me tell you in the summer we had a blast.
Just go look for the young kids.
They are the ones dealing all the drugs and let me tell you they do everything.
You will find 12 year olds here that will take 4 strokes of coke right up the nose.
Let me tell you we were doing everything we want with them.
We were taking all their food away from them and they STILL BE LIKING US.
They steal things in the supermarket every day.
They have plenty of money but they still steal.
You,ll find girls that wanna have sex with you and the legal age here is 16.
Even boys would wanna have sex with you you see they are all crazy in the head.
In london i used to get in trouble with the law for doing things with girls but here the girls THEMSELVES COME TO US AND WANNA DO THINGS WITH US.
Let me tell you man you can,t go wrong here we are their role model you see these people want it all they want drugs they want sex they like to stir up fights and rob white people.
All of that things I actually like so that,s why i am so great here.
If you come come to puerto de la cruz don,t go to the south to much white tourists there.
You,ll also find homeless white people in the south.
You can spit on them do everything you want with them and the tinerfenians will praise you.
Puerto de la cruz is also tourist but there are less.
But you can take the buss to santa cruz and go to las teresitas there were all the drugs young kids are all at.
Let me tell you
Do come
You will have a blast

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: Today 12:09:09 PM

Garveys Africa: I am in a land of slackness and no culture

dembele: Here we have naked women, cocaine, child drug addicts, thievery, and pedophilia

Smh... Rastafari deal with righteousness everytime.
Garveys Afrika I think the I better off with the Iriginal idea of Sudan or better yet Ityopia. Nuff said.

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Haile Selassie I