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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: dembele Sent: 3/15/2024 5:51:33 AM

let me tell you today rastafari has put today a remarcable thing to make sure that jahs power is really alive in tenerife.
let me tell you there was a guy from senegal selling things in a restaurant and a cop came to fine him and guess what happened man THE COP GOT JAILED yeah man the cop got jailed 4 YEARS MAN 4 YEARS let me tell you this go to show that the power of jah is really alive and that THEY CAN,T TOUCH US HERE you see WE ARE AT POWER we don,t need to obey by their rules man i mean pass this around to everyone in every social media cause we ARE MAKING HISTORY here because NEVER IN HISTORY did we put a cop in jail for 4 YEARS 4 YEARS NO PAROLE NO NOTHING MAN PLAIN HARD JAIL yeah man we are triumpning here man because WE ARE THE KING AND WE ARE THEIR BOSS AROUND HERE and the tinerfanians they cheer us man they are PRAISING US MAN let me tell you WE ARE THE KING AND WE RULE IN JAHS POWER WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT cuss from now on WE DECIDE WHAT WE DO AND NOBODY CAN SAY ANYTHING PASS THIS AROUND IN ALL SOCIAL MEDIA MAN CUSS WE JUST MADE RESPECT FOR THE WHOLE BLACK RACE MAN SHARE THIS AROUND CUSS WE AIN,T BACKING DOWN WE ARE COMING AND WE ARE COMING HARD

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Haile Selassie I