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help rebuild bobo hill- celebration cds for sale

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Messenger: prophecy Sent: 9/6/2007 7:06:14 AM

I am writing on behalf of Hon. Prophet Ras Michael ambassador for the EABIC. He is selling cds of HIM celebration and a portion of proceeds will go to rebuild bobo hill. The royal food house was flattened, the kitchen partly, the office partly many documents destroyed, empresses gates destroyed and so forth.
Also, a fundraiser will be held in philly, but it is being sort out right now. Please email the angel at or check out the page of the black star liner cultural shop @ Give thanx, heart of love!!!

Bobo Ras Michael's post:

His Imperial Majesty 115th Celebration DVD for sale 2disc set. With a portion of the procedes going to JA to help with the rebuilding of structures blown down at Bobo Hill.
Please Support! asking for a $20 donation
check out the myspace page for more info

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 9/6/2007 9:08:58 AM

Blessed Love

Give thanks Empress, Im just waiting for the idren to reply

Rastafari Bless thy works

Messenger: Ras Bredren Nicholas Sent: 9/6/2007 10:39:37 AM

Blessed Heart of Love Everytime JAH RasTafarI Imannuel Haile I Selassie I

Yes I.....Hopefully I pray things a go well here so i can send forth Cash Vibes and all that. Im in the middle of service works right here in the near future i may be Hailin One up through myspace or here on InI Forum. Give Ises for the Links and Innections to Bless Jah Idren. So Irie. Talk to Ones Soon come. Bless. RasTafarI.

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 9/6/2007 11:42:53 AM

blessed Ras Bredren Nicholas,give thanx, the i trying to start a service? where is the I from? How are things with the empress?

Give thanx Ras KebreAB. The congregation is planning a fundraiser the end of Sept., does the I have any ideas. I was thinking of a fun day. Sell food for a donation and have a dance contest for the yute, things like that.

give love

Messenger: Ras Bredren Nicholas Sent: 9/7/2007 12:41:23 PM

Blessed Iyah.

Its not really starting a service at this point in Ime, but more of Keepin things maintained and kept up. Its a "head" service if One catch I vibes on that. :) Got to keep the masses Irie ya know...Bless.

I hail from Bloomington, Indiana.

And was the I speakin of the Iawta that I had trouble communicatin with a while back or the Empress that is out in Iration travelin an tings...

Give Ises. Hope Ones days go well and Long.

Immanuel I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 9/7/2007 1:42:24 PM

blessed love, yes I, I was talking bout the empress that the I wrote bout in re: to telling her that the I love her..was wandering wat happened. I know the I did tell her, but wanted to see how it is love

Messenger: Ras Bredren Nicholas Sent: 9/7/2007 1:53:52 PM

Jah Bless InI in Order of things. I wouldnt necessarily call it a progression.....more like De-gression....which is all Ites. Jah Blessed I. She a went her own way. I guess she didnt want unconditional Love and support. Some people push the Love of InI Away. I tried to come across in a way to where she could do none but accept the InI Vibration......but ya know.......Jah Works are Mysterious.....and O' so Ivine.

So I Give Itinual Thanks and Ises for the way things are. For Iva! JAH RASTAFARI HAILE I SELASSIE I THE FIRST!

Plus I know now that Jah wants Iman to be wit a concious Empress. So Time will tell. Ises for Ones rasponse.

Bless. RasTafarI Immanuel Haile I Selassie I!

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 9/7/2007 2:02:19 PM

Blessed Love, give thanx for the update. I heart goes to the I cause I know the I care bout her. I know its not easy, but remember the I need a queen- mama omega. If she don't represent Mama Omega then she doesn't deserve a king alpha..On the other hand, I know some take time to build.

Well, I pray that the I find ur empress who will honor the I.

Messenger: Ras Bredren Nicholas Sent: 9/7/2007 5:21:34 PM

Ises for that. The I words are like honey to I Spirit....Blessed Ises.


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Haile Selassie I