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The Murder of George Floyd and Subsequent Riots

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/11/2020 12:56:25 PM

"You don’t even know what you don’t know."


You sound like a "low IQ individual".

"There is no helping your type. "

No, I'm simply smarter than you and don't need your help. You are deluded.

"I guess Haile Selassie must be a deranged conspiracy theorist too.."

False. You are now asserting that one's Christianity equates to them actively participating in the same mindless drivel that you do. I used to hate Christians for cherry picking. But I was a believer then and realized only later that cherry picking was the only way of AVOIDING all the parts that were nonsensical and/or AMORAL. There is both good and evil in the bible because it as written by humans, not God. Humans are that which they express. So the fact that many Rastafarians can find inspiration and guidance in the bible is not a strange concept. But that doesn't make the entire bible true or something everyone should follow. And every person has "demons" they need salvation from. Everyone has influences and urges towards sin. But everyone should have a love and strive towards righteousness. The problem is that too many bible believer think that their book came from God and is therefore the only source of righteousness and spiritual development. But the bible is a child compared to more ancient systems and writings. And it is obvious that the bible borrowed from earlier stories, myths, and legends. YOU simply haven't read enough to know and understand this. That's why I told you to go read a book!

Selassie was allowed to have his own incomplete knowledge and opinion. He didn't have the internet or unlimited time to spend researching. Now if you think you can successfully get other members of this site to agree based on you trying to quote H.I.M then I think you fail to understand the depth of what Rastafari is about.

But it is usually the white man (historically) that tries to separate us and make us fight against each other which is why white men were regarded by many indigenous peoples as "white devils". Let's see if that will work for you here.

YOU calling this a satanic ritual simply illustrates the delusion I was talking about. You see a naked woman and blood and YOUR BRAIN says "that's satanic!". No, it's not. YOU want it to be because YOU need some people to play that role in your delusion. So anything people do that you can spin into devil horns or whatever, then you use that to make other christians afraid of some threat that doesn't exist. Did you say the statue of Micahelangelo's David was sexual and that everyone who goes to see it, and any children taken with them, are all participating in pedophilia? Of course not. Art often includes the human form. And many of the greatest artists have featured nudity in their works. Did you know that many statues of Jesus on the cross are fully nude? If they are on full display in a church that has children in attendence does that make it satanic?? Yes? No? Maybe?

Riddle me this, batman. In cultures and societies where women are topless or where butt cheeks are hanging out, or any tribal society in which what you consider private parts (even though man was created with no clothes on in your bible) are visible, does that make it sexual? Satanic?

This is what happens when deluded Christians try to impose their values on the world! You call everyone else satanic and attack them. Imagine if some gun nut took you seriously and started shooting up art galleries? But you don't think, do you? You just regurgitate garbage you don't fact check or research. Next, I'm sure you'll me that men wearing skirts is cross dressing and that's satanic.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/11/2020 2:50:32 PM

You are the least intelligent person on this forum, maybe ever.

Haile Selassie stands for the entire bible. Anyone with a relationship with Christ knows that the devil is real, that evil is real, and that Satan is the enemy. You never heard of Aleister Crowley? Cannibalism and an orgy of blood is satanic. Sacrificing children and consuming their adrenal glands is satanic. Worshipping baphomet by sacrificing people at the cremation of care in bohemian grove is satanic.

Albert Pike (once leader of Freemasonry) saying ”Lucifer is god” is satanic. George Floyd was involved with Freemasons.

You simply serve it as an unwitting pawn doing their bidding. Working to keep his system strong and vicious.

Working to keep the satanic liberal agenda (transgender, homosexuality, abortion, legalize pedophilia, destroy freedom and replace with communism) humming along is satanic.

Murdering unborn children and selling their body parts is satanic. Especially when you know about Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood and her views and goals.

You don’t know what you don’t know. You are too dumb to see that you are too dumb. You are ignorant to the fact that you are ignorant.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/11/2020 3:43:28 PM

It’s so cute that you made a sign! You’re content, however, is proof of your idiocy and narrow mindedness.

While you rave and rant about “DefUnD tHE pOLiCe”

Here is the types of signs I make and use!

I protest real issues that people like you like to keep buried. I protest planned parenthood and their on going genocide. I protest the NWO and their pedophile demons. I protest anyone and anything that serves the evil one.

P.S. I don’t even need a preplanned talking point by the mainstream media to get me out there like you do. I do it when the whole system is against me, not like you when the whole system is behind you and your agenda.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/11/2020 3:45:09 PM

No one was sacrificed at the Bohemian grove. You simply fell victim to one of the biggest lies that put Alex Jones on the map. I believed it too when I was a dumb kid. And this is the same exact dude, with the same exact non-journalistic lack of credibility, talking about gay frogs and crisis actors.

And then you wonder why I don't like conspiracy theories. You're so-called proof is a guy who religiously makes stuff up because he PROFIT$$$ off you're stupidity and inability to prove him wrong. More evidence that you don't know what you're talking about.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/11/2020 3:50:24 PM

Yep, just like you. Distract and simplify the argument by forcing the focus on something I never brought up. Alex Jones. LOL!

They used to do real sacrifices there. Now they use a fake one and simulate the screams. World leaders in robes attending.

Hey, you don’t think that’s a problem or evidence of some serious “spiritual wickedness in high places”? Then by all means, continue to serve him.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/11/2020 5:11:12 PM

Question: Did you research Aleister Crowley? Or did you hear someone who isn't named Aleister call him a satanist? It's been repeated so much that it has been substituted for the truth and people quote this guy as if he was the leading satanist of his time. No, that's Christian propaganda no different than what my Aunt said when I challenged her long held beliefs with knowledge and my need for everything to make logical sense so I'm not living in a world of fantasy and make believe.

I was called satan too because she was comparing me with her indoctrinated idea of who Satan was and what he wanted. This is part of the reason why Christians are often deeply deluded and programmed not to ask critical questions or seek out critical information. This is how Christianity protects itself from truth and knowledge; by getting you to FEAR IT.

You fear it and then you call anyone who isn't a sheep, you call them a satanist. As much as you talk about others being a sheep to liberal propaganda you are the biggest sheep because you Bbaaaaaa for the right wing, baaaaa for Christianity, and baaaaaa for conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. You're following so many people that the only reason you can keep all this stuff straight is because there is a cornerstone idea in your head that creates all the confirmation bias you need to buy into and believe any lie that you are told; as long as it feeds your narrative.

Crowley grew up the same way a lot of satanists grew up. He grew up religious and was likely under constant pressure from his fundamentalist Christian parents. Kids often rebel against their parent's religion when it:
1. seems hypocritical
2. fails under critical analysis
3. cannot answer real questions

Crowley was screwed up by his parents and became a manipulator and exploiter of religion, just like L. Ron Hubbard and the church of scientology. Once these guys lose the fear of the Christian God, they often still see the need or desire for some kind of spiritual development or system. They don't care about using the same religious terms you're used to because they don't carry any sacredness to them. This is why the church of satan uses Satan. It's not because they are evil, but because they desire to be free of the religious persecution that often takes evil forms by Christianity. Hence, the Crusades and Inquisitions.

The real life history of Christianity is far worse than Crowley claiming to by contacted by a supernatural entity named Aiwass. That doesn't mean that he was, just like it doesn't mean that Aiwass is the same as the planet Pandora from the movie Avatar. But chances are you're going to run back and tell your friends how you just discovered a Hollywood plot by James Cameron to introduce good decent Christians into satanism by having them feel empathy to Aiwass. It's ridiculous but they will believe you because of their own confirmation bias. They want it to be true. And therefore it doesn't take any real convincing.

There is nothing in Crowley's bio about him believing in satan. Like many people outside of mainstream Christianity he was interested in magic. But guess what? So are you and every other Christian on the planet because the whole belief in the bible and Jesus is based on the performance of magic you call "miracles"! Would you believe Jesus was the son of God if it wasn't for the miracles spoken about in the gospels? The gospel writers knew this too. That's why they used miracles to prove he was "sent" by God. Christians further got confused and convinced each other that he was God, while rewriting Hebrew history and completely pissing on Deuteronomy 6, Isaiah 45, and many other verses that obliterate the notion of a Trinity.

But again... people are allowed... or should be allowed, to be stupid and make up stuff without someone else making up a lie that they're in league with Satan. This is the very same claim made against innocent women in Salem before they were burned (MURDERED) at the stake; burned alive. This burning people alive is the same torture Christians told each other that the devil would do to people in hell. So why the F-CK are THEY doing it?

Do you not see the irony? One of the labels given to Satan is that of deceiver. So why are Christians going around using deception, calling people satanic the same way they called women witches until the townsfolk actually supported the idea of torturing them to death?

Crowley very specifically was into magic and made up his own stuff while Christians took it so seriously that they claimed he was worshiping satan? But aren't the actions of liars, deceivers, and torturer's worshiping satan by being "born" in his very image??

Christians not only killed millions of people during the Crusades and other wars, but they, through Adolf Hitler, were also responsible for the holocaust against the Jews. Hitler was also raised a Christian and there are many historic images showing the nazi priests doing the salute. Again... burning humans, just like their "enemy" *wink*... Satan.

And that's not even touching the Trail of Tears in America and the fact that Christians used the beliefs of indigenous peoples around the world to argue that they were godless, backwards, uncivilized heathens who therefore deserved to be slaves. But again, is it God or Satan who should think to whip men women and children who want to be free? And freedom is what America is supposed to be about but not "our" freedom. We were taught Christianity as slaves because the salvation in that book had nothing to do with us. It even set rules for how to enslave people; rules that the Christians broke because they gave not a F-CK about truth according to the bible, but rather cherry picked whatever made them profit.

You can look me in the eye and tell me that all the murderous evils whites have done all around the world, arming both sides of conflicts, dropping the atom bomb, and so much more, that all this is the work of God and not the devil? If there ever was a devil it wasn't in the people who didn't believe in the bible. It was in the people who did. Again... read a book.

And yes, make whatever sign you want. It is a FREE country where you are free to use your voice anyway you choose, BECAUSE IT IS NOT UNDER CHRISTIAN RULE!! However, slander and libel are against the law. But I guess its okay when white people do it. Yeah, what am I thinking? Carry on.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/11/2020 5:26:39 PM

Agent H:Yep, just like you. Distract and simplify the argument by forcing the focus on something I never brought up. Alex Jones. LOL!

They used to do real sacrifices there. Now they use a fake one and simulate the screams. World leaders in robes attending.

Hey, you don’t think that’s a problem or evidence of some serious “spiritual wickedness in high places”? Then by all means, continue to serve him.

BS. Agent H, It was Alex Jones in 2000 who claimed to uncover the "truth" behind the Bohemian Grove. I saw it when it was NEW. Of course at no time did he capture any evidence, video or otherwise, showing a real sacrifice. This is the STORY that you are fed like a baby who cannot feed himself. While only showing a medieval play, Jones convinces you that they sacrifice children with ZERO evidence; just his passionate testimony of having NEVER SEEN IT. So where did he get that idea from? Who told him? Where is their evidence? What are their sources? You don't know anything and yet because of a video Jones made with very little security present, you believe EVERYTHING he said about things that were NEVER EVER part of anything he actually recorded. And this is how you were duped, as were a lot of other naive people who have a healthy to extreme distrust of government. But Jones is a master, like Crowley. He knows enough about your beliefs in order to manipulate them and indoctrinate you. Now you're playing victim like I don't know where your belief in the Cremation of Care and the sacrifice of children to Molech comes from? Agent Spoon fed. Let me buy you a fork.

Messenger: Ras RunMan Sent: 6/11/2020 5:49:54 PM

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/11/2020 6:08:40 PM

Again, derail derail. Abort abort. Too much proof. Go on a tangent about Alex Jones.

Like always. The oldest and most basic play ever. Ignore everything and zoom in on one item, misrepresent what was said and somehow spin it as proof in your favor.

Not falling for it ninja. You ain’t stealthy.

In ancient times, real people were put inside the wicker man and burned alive as a sacrificial festival for Druidic pagans. Does this mean that the famous burning man or wicker man festivals today still practice this? No. But the ode is the same.

World leaders playing out a fake sacrificial ceremony in honor of Moloch in the cremation of care happen TODAY where the ceremony most certainly used to have a real sacrifice.

Your ability to play this off as normal business is astounding.

Liberal icons in media take part in spirit cooking and mock blood orgy cannibalism “art shows” and this is just A-OK with mr. ninja.. Truly disgusting.

Former freemason leaders writing of their god lucifer, but satanism is a myth. The. You go on to defend Aleister Crowley and the church of satan that he popularized. You are truly demented.

Funny how you try, and failed miserably, to use the Bible to defend abortion and claim it’s not murder, but then rant and rave about how the Bible is a myth and leads people to becoming deranged.. well, that’s right in line with Crowley.

And here is the freemason Pike again...

But according to IPXninja: “There is no group of people that believe in the devil and worship this figment of biblical imagination.”

I wonder if he thinks career democrat John Podesta’s pedophilic art in his house is just A-OK too??

I’ll save anyone else here from seeing that posted here. I’ll just say google “John Podesta art”..

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/11/2020 6:11:41 PM

Thank you for the video Ras RunMan. I’m having fun embarrassing IPXninja and I have the time to embed that here for you.

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