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The Murder of George Floyd and Subsequent Riots

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Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/24/2020 3:26:45 PM

How does it feel being completely wrong about most everything you say?? Really, how does that feel?

You are too easy.

Sorry Obama, But It's Trump's Economic Boom, Not Yours

Barack Obama is on the road attempting to claim credit for the booming economy under President Trump. But the only thing Obama deserves credit for is making it easy for Trump to undo Obama's anti-growth policies. For eight years, President Obama presided over the worst economic recovery in modern times. For six years, he blamed Republicans in Congress for thwarting his spending agenda and hampering growth. In his last two years in office, he claimed that 2% growth was the best we could hope for. And in his last year in office, while the economy was again stalling out, Obama claimed that Trump's tax cuts and deregulation would only make things worse. But now that we're in the midst of a booming economy — which kicked in after Trump reversed almost all Obama's economic policies — we're supposed to believe that it's Obama who deserves all the credit. Yep. That's precisely what Obama and his Amen Chorus in the press want us to believe.

small business optimism had been on the decline before the November 2016 election. The percentage of businesses saying it's a good time to expand was, too. Business investment was stagnant. All those turned upward starting in 2017. Applications for new businesses are now well above the trend over Obama's entire second term, Hassett noted. And blue-collar jobs are growing faster than any time since the Reagan administration.

Turnaround on GDP Growth

There's more. The rate of GDP growth was decelerating in Obama's last year. It went from 2.3% in Q2, to 1.9% in Q3 to 1.8% in Q4 of 2016. Under Trump, GDP growth has averaged 2.9%. It was 4.2% last quarter and might be higher in the current one. The stock market also was stuck in neutral the year before the November 2016 elections. The Dow is up by some 45% since then. Real median family income didn't budge from August 2015 to November 2016, according to Sentier Research. It's up more than 4% since Trump came into office. Wages are on the upswing. In Obama's last year, unemployment rate remained basically unchanged — it was 4.9% in Jan 2016, and 4.8% when Trump took office in Jan. 2017. Now it's down to 3.9% Meanwhile, the same reporters now patting Obama on the back for today's strong economy were reporting in late 2016 about how — as The New York Times put it — "the underlying reality of low growth will haunt whoever wins the White House."

Still not convinced Trump deserves credit for the current booming economy? Consider that a survey of 68 business, financial and academic economists by The Wall Street Journal at the start of this year found that most believed Trump's policies would boost the economy, while the same group had said Obama's policies were a drag on long-term growth. Ninety percent said Trump's tax cuts would accelerate growth.

We are way off topic now, due to your ignorance, but I’ll play with you a little longer.

You must have missed when I showed Soros pledged a billion dollars to set up a university network to fight nationalism. “Most important project of my life”

You must have missed his Ties to Over 30 Major News Organizations

You must have missed the Top Journalists that Serve on Soros-Funded Boards of Directors or Advisers

You must have missed that Brock is the key cog in the hard-left neo-liberal political media attack machine that attempts to propagandize the public into accepting a progressive political narrative as fact.

You must have missed when Soros gave $1 million to Media Matters

Media Matters has received funding from or formed partnerships with several groups that Soros funds or has funded. These include the Tides Foundation, Democracy Alliance, and the Center for American Progress.

You must have missed the leaked briefing book, entitled “Media Matters: The Top Watchdog Against Fake News and Propaganda — Transforming the Media Landscape” (obtained exclusively by the Free Beacon) was privately published by Brock in January to solicit donors, and lays out the strategy for controlling the U.S. media narrative. With the main thrust of this narrative, Brock is forwarding to paint anyone who opposes the neoliberal agenda as “alt-right” – with a direct implication that they are racist, anti-Semitic, or misogynistic.

You must have missed all of that, because no sane person having thoroughly read all of that would say what you do. You must have missed it... Or, you’re simply extremely brainwashed and can’t bring yourself to objectively view the info because doing so destroys your narrative. But since we know that you can watch a video of George Soros ADMITTING that he worked with the Nazis to “collect property” and that is “was the happiest time” in his life, and still deny it and try to assert that the exact opposite was true, we know full well you are nothing but a propagandist and a liberal lap dog playing the same game as Soros funded Brock.

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 6/24/2020 8:51:14 PM

Babylon is burning
RastafarI chant it
Babylon set the fire to itself

Heard this tune today. Made I think of the protests and fires taking place.

And this one here:"Kingdom rise and kingdumb fall. Babylon back is against the wall. Babylon trying to find a solution."

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/24/2020 9:10:02 PM

Yes, the fire of the western world was intentionally set by globalists seeking global domination. Revelations accurately predicted these end times. A tyrannical one world government is the dream of Soros and friends. They have long been working to dismantle freedom anywhere in the world. It’s all a game and we’re being played. The destruction of America is planned and being executed scientifically. It has nothing to do with “social justice” or any other faux woke talking point. It’s about destruction of the last strong hold of freedom on earth. America will fall, but not the way we are being told, and not because Rasta chant it.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/24/2020 11:30:55 PM

Geez, Soros can't even read off a paper. I doubt if he can even control his own bladder anymore. Then again, that's exactly what I've come to expect from establishment Democrats. Republicans have nothing to worry about.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/25/2020 1:05:54 AM

Leave Vladimir alone! He's just misunderstood!

Seriously though, what you're doing to Russia is very similar to Hemphill's attacks on Democrats. I actually think Putin is boss. I'm sympathetic to his responsibility. I think he does his best, but he has to run the largest country in the world, and they are a tough people. Sometimes you need a firm hand.

You could say I'm biased. In the cases where you could prove the propaganda against them isn't completely made up BS, I would probably still excuse it, and likely for the same reasons you excuse individuals manipulating the system. Because "everybody's doing it".

Plus, Russian music is super chill. I had to give it a chance, and it has its place.

Also among my disagreements, the Clintons are not left of center. American politics is a debate between different levels of right winger. Even Bernie Sanders is barely crossing into left wing, and Liz Warren is right wing, according to

Russia made RT America news to counter with a mildly left wing perspective. It's better than CNN, MSNBC or Fox easily. Ever watched it? Lee Camp even took up the mantle of Jon Stewart, where all others dropped it. I don't really watch RT America, hate the teleprompter thing, but Lee makes it work.

Anyway, Putin legit impresses me. Watch his speeches to other nations. Very thoughtful leadership. Watch how he interacts with others, doesn't come across as fake and evasive, like any other politician or media personality. Seems like the real deal to me, a functional authority taking full responsibility.

Did I mention CNN sucks?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/25/2020 3:17:27 PM


Somehow I knew it was only a matter of time before someone started defending Vladimir Putin.

You, Trump, and Steven Segal, huh?

Do I really even need to say anything about this? Their propaganda machine over there is clearly superior to ours. Unfortunately that makes me more worried about Democracy.

And yes, I did used to like RT and yes, I did enjoy Lee Camp's humor. And then... he started putting out pro-Russian propaganda, talking about how the Russians weren't meddling in the election using Russian talking points. As soon as he did that I could tell that he had to do it. While I don't think everything RT America does is propaganda, I think this fact is what allows RT to run the occasional propaganda through with a higher percentage of acceptance. In other words, them not using it for propaganda is what helps them be more effective when they do. And it wasn't an "if". It was a "when".

And I couldn't really watch it since.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/26/2020 10:16:05 AM

The western propaganda machine was able to accuse Russia of doing a chemical attack in the UK, accused Assad of gas attacks, accused Saddam of having WMDs, accused Gaddafi of being a tyrant, accused Maduro of being illegitimate... organizing terrorist coups all over the place, sanctioning everyone out the ass to sabotage their leadership. But we really need to worry about Russian meddling, because holy hell, check out those memes.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/26/2020 10:49:51 AM


You’re right @CarterBlunt

There is no getting through to this one. Doesn’t matter how many times the facts are presented and his views are proven wrong. These types have to hold onto them, their entire world is built around a few indoctrinated ideals.

Russian collusion was thoroughly debunked. Trump was vindicated by Mueller, the one who did the 3 year investigation. But even reading that report, won’t change IPX’s “mind”, he has to hold that as a core belief. Too much is riding on that one hoax to see it as so.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/26/2020 6:07:05 PM

Show more respect, you're talking about someone who routinely has to bend you over his knee out of love.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/26/2020 7:04:15 PM

Nah, I don’t respect IPX at all. The only knee involved within this situation is the knee he wants me to take as I pay him reparations and wash / kiss his feet.

Never that.

The fact that he hasn’t responded in a while means that’s he’s winding up a BIG one! Lol. A super triggered response, hitting all the new talking points.

This guy is a joke. I’m done with him.

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