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The Murder of George Floyd and Subsequent Riots

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/9/2020 6:01:54 PM

agent H: Peaceful protests being disrupted by the reckless rioters and the situation getting so out of hand that the cops / military have to make an overwhelming presence to regain law and order. We can’t blame the authorities for this response. It’s what happens when THEY rioters do what they do.


dude, they're pushing down old people. Are you serious?

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/9/2020 11:27:21 PM

I’m not going to defend the action of every cop. There are bad ones. But the old man who was pushed down was white. Why the hell do you care?

You can’t act surprised when police and national guard are deployed to stop reckless lawlessness. Are you suggesting that we should “defund the police”? LOL!

Where is your outrage for Retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn who died protecting friend's pawn shop during night of violent protests??

Where is the virtue signaling, fake outrage, violent riots, looting, and more deaths caused in his name?? He was black! Doesn’t fit the narrative? Why they silence ninja? Why the silence for the 40 blacks killed in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend? Doesn’t fit the narrative?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/10/2020 5:25:45 PM

"But the old man who was pushed down was white. Why the hell do you care?"

Um... because I'm human and not a d-mn hypocrite. And I was raised to respect our elders. Rastafarians and Black people in general... we don't hate white people. Even those who say this out of frustration, don't really mean it the same way as a white supremacist does. We say it out of anger and frustration in response to what white people CONTINUE to do to us.

Your boy Trump is lying about the old man, saying he set them up. How? Because he was willing to risk his life, somehow psychically knowing that they going to push him? Let's say this ridiculous conspiracy theory was true (and this is just more evidence as to why I hate thoughtless conspiracy theories in general), in order to plan such a set up you would have to be able to predict, with a high degree of accuracy, that an officer was going to lay hands on you without you physically touching him first or doing anything that, on camera, would look like you instigated it. If they pushed him on cue then that means the predilection towards this kind of violence has to be high enough for such a "set up" to work.

Of course, if that's the case, the more likely scenario is that it was so likely to happen because THEY DO IT and this was simply another case of them doing it.

It's like a honey pot trap for car thieves. The car thief can't be like "oh how dare you trap me. It's your fault." No, because you wouldn't be in the car, trapped, if you weren't trying to steal it. So that's not an excuse even if it was a trap. But Trump supporters will say anything. The question is why don't they care about elderly protesters. Black or white.

I'll tell you. Politics. They don't want people to empathize with the protests because of Trump's military response to the protests. They're playing politics with people exercising their first amendment rights. And it's so bad that military and ex-military officers are speaking out against Trump for doing this. But you don't want to admit when Trump is wrong. You twist yourself into nots to avoid saying negative things about him even when he's advocating for a police state. You live in his anus and pretend his farts are fresh air. That why I call you an agent.

"You can’t act surprised when police and national guard are deployed to stop reckless lawlessness. Are you suggesting that we should “defund the police”? LOL!"

Oh, but I can act surprised. Because "reckless lawlessness" is exactly what I would call the actions of MANY police officers who kill black people, not to mention those who lie and plant evidence. Police departments act like GANGS. You say a it's a few, but ignore the fact that it's hard to prosecute those few. You ignore the fact that those few have others who lie for them. You ignore the fact that over 50 officers resigned in support of the two officers that pushed the old man. You ignore the fact that many black people in prison are later found to be innocent. You ignore the Mark Fuhrman tapes. You ignore the fact that bad cops are protected by unions, often get to change to another precinct, and have bad records wiped clean. You ignore the whole system that supports those "few" bad cops so that they can continue being bad cops. You ignore the fact that most of these bad cops are protected by unions and can still get their pension. You ignore the fact that body cams get "conveniently" turned off. You ignore the fact that all these cops are being taught martial arts techniques designed to kill with no refs or tap outs. You ignore the fact that protesters were getting pepper sprayed for using their first amendment rights to say something an officer simply didn't like. You ignore the fact that members of the press were beaten and shot at with rubber bullets. You ignore the fact that a peaceful protest was tear gassed. You ignore the fact that police often beat black men for not being "humble" enough when they're around, leading black people to be overly courteous and submissive even when being killed because they will use any excuse to beat you into submission. You ignore the fact that these male officers sometimes even beat black women.

Maybe that's how it is in mother Russia, but here? That's not their job, H.

"Where is your outrage for Retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn who died protecting friend's pawn shop during night of violent protests??"

What are you, a dog distracted by a squirrel? Do you expect black people to be outraged over every single black person who dies? The outrage is about RACISM! The death of George Floyd was a SYMPTOM of RACISM and WHITE SUPREMACY. You expect us to say "squirrel" and instantly look in another direction when we have been dealing with these things for hundreds of years???

Oh you really don't know what these protests are about, do you? Dude, are you really that clueless that you don't know what this is about?

And Racism has gotten worse under Trump because racists and white nationalists and nazis feel like this is their guy and that he is speaking for them and carrying out their agenda. So we would be d-mn fools to vote for the same agenda they're voting for. There are over 41 million African Americans. We can't all be brilliant so yes it's not hard for you to find some ignorant black person who is confused into supporting or saying things that can be spun to support white supremacy. But thinking you can use them to convince more of us? That makes me question your intelligence. Why don't you quote some black scholars?

The Narrative is about one thing.

RACISM. That's why George Floyd died. That's why we say Black Lives Matter. It's about racism; the same racism we've been dealing with for hundreds of years and the same racism that caused the deaths of over 30 people and caused over 800 injuries and the burning, bombing, and destruction of Greenwood, Tulsa OK. Where the f--k is YOUR outrage about that?

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/10/2020 8:05:30 PM

This has very little to do with race, the statistics have already disproven that. This is about two things, destruction of the greatest nation in the world for a globalist depopulation agenda while making satanists out to be the “good guys” and the “saviors”.

Here’s how it works:

And here are your “liberal saviors”!

You probably mindlessly chant “defund the police!” Over and over huh? LOL

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/10/2020 9:14:34 PM

There are 43 million Black people in America, less than 1% are participating in these marches and protests. It’s 80% white people virtue signaling and pandering.

Clown world

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/11/2020 10:48:05 AM

"This has very little to do with race, the statistics have already disproven that. This is about two things, destruction of the greatest nation in the world for a globalist depopulation agenda while making satanists out to be the “good guys” and the “saviors”."

I'll tell you who isn't the savior. Some random white conspiracy theorist who thinks that most black people are some combination of dumb, stupid, and liar. Black people don't have to wait for the media to show us images of violence and persecution because many of us have personal stories that we share with each other. Stories that you have and will never hear. The only stories YOU are exposed to are the ones that happen to get caught on camera AND get enough attention that the local media picks up and THEN gets enough attention that the national media picks up; and LOCAL media is predominantly republican owned and controlled.

The only difference between today and a hundred years ago is that we all have little mini computers in our pockets that can quickly record video. And these videos are not being circulated by some agenda, but rather FINALLY... finally giving a voice to the stories that police have been so used to lying about for so many years that they still lie about things we can actually see on the video.

YOU are the one twisting reality to fit YOUR narrative. And thank you for explicitly telling us what your narrative is. The fact you believe there is a satanic agenda tells me all I need to know about you. You have no credibility outside a religious view of the world in which satanists exists as an evil cabal. That's not real, dude. The only satanists that exists are people who do not believe in the devil. There is no group of people that believe in the devil and worship this figment of biblical imagination.

Christians believe Satan to be a fallen angel. In Hebrew, "ha Shatan", simply means adversary or opponent is is thought to be more so a representation of the impulse towards sin (in Hebrew; yetzer hara).

It is really only Kabbalistic sources that get into detailed portrayals of the demonic realm and include magic wards, amulets, and exorcisms. Pure fantasy.

In the Torah, the word "Satan" appears only twice, both times in the story of Balaam, speaking of the adversary in his path. The other times it is mentioned in the Prophets are references to human individuals that act as an adversary to the Hebrews. The only depictions of satan as a figure in the Hebrew bible are in Zecharia and Job, where these are angels acting like prosecuting attorneys. Christians fail to read and understand the bible in context and so they create all of these fanciful ideas that THEY think everyone else is somehow in agreement with and that people are actually worshiping their own misshapen misunderstanding of "ha Shatan".

You are simply a victim of the ignorance of Christianity and its imaginative construct that it built to explain their own theological indoctrination and distinction from the Hebrews that their theology is loosely based on.

The funny thing is that Christians are so arrogant as to think that there would be evil people who would actually believe their fictionalized God and Devil exist but choose the Devil. That's not real, dude. You should read documentation produced by the actual Church of Satan so you can understand what it's about and how they are non-religious and are NOT believers at all. Their name simply mocks your religion and its belief in Satan which Christians use to oppress others.

This is exactly what happened in Salem during the witch trials as well as the inquisitions. Christians don't know how to have any power without using force to impose their will. THEY, are evil. THEY worship this "Satan" through these actions of domination, torture, and murder; not just burning people alive but even forcing steel wool down the throat of a pregnant woman and ripping it out. This is the great irony and why we have separation between church and state. BECAUSE THE CHURCH is the one that acts more like Satan while non-religious control has PROVEN to be better and more humane.

And to the end that Christians STILL want power, they create all these silly diagrams of how they think some fictional conspiracy works, based on ZERO intelligence or journalism. This is just what they BELIEVE is happening. #notfacts. And then their beliefs infect you like a virus of ideas and then you go around trying to convince others its real, as if your belief makes it more true. But it doesn't. You're simply living in a complex delusion like the show "LOST". And all the little bits of information you spread, you don't realize THAT is the conspiracy and you are part of an anti-American conspiracy.

How is it anti-American you ask?

Because Christians want Jesus and God the Father to rule the world. But... the United States has separation between church and state so that's not compatible. Christians believe that Jesus will lead them in battle which is basically a separatist movement ending in a religious civil war. It's the SAME as a jihad. The only difference is that Muslim extremists aren't waiting for the "son of God" to magically appear from the clouds. Their version of that is a man.

That's the only difference. They don't have to wait on a magical event that will never happen because the idea of the magical event is part of the Christian delusion, constructed so that the church can maintain control and keep taxing them BILLIONS of dollars a year. THAT is the conspiracy. You are the one in it. YOU are the one part of it. YOU are the one who is the danger.

And the worst thing about it is that your delusion is so strong that you are willing to ignore the very real reality of racism and white supremacy that we have been responding to for hundreds of years. Racists were very happy, back in the day, to work as police and then put white robes and hoods on at night to have klan meetings. They weren't trying to be caught. That's the point of a hood.

Now you think people are wanting to be caught on purpose and be prosecuted and potentially get murdered in prison, all so what? Because someone doesn't want black people to vote for Trump who is one of the biggest sinners, who makes a mockery of Christianity, and who exploits Christians so they'll vote for him while not knowing a lick about the bible? Trump said "Two Corinthians" instead of "Second Corinthians". This is not a mistake anyone even mildly familiar with the bible would make. But THIS is your boy? Did you not stop to consider, even for a second, that he might be your "anti-christ"? Look at what's happened since he was elected? Wars and rumors of wars? The pale horse of disease and death. And meanwhile you're defending him while he actually tries to create a police state! Does he need devil horns or something? Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?

Do I believe in an anti-christ? Of course not. The point is why is your use/exploitation of religion so EFFING CONVENIENT??? Again, I look at all the things you ignore and you come off as one of the most ignorant souls I've ever met. So I want you to be an agent. I want you to be getting paid for your work. Because if not... it's just such a waste.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/11/2020 11:31:42 AM

You are lost. Beyond hope.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/11/2020 11:32:11 AM

agent H: And here are your “liberal saviors”!

The Kinte cloths, I personally didn't like but guess what? That wasn't their idea. They came from the CBC (Congressional Black Congress). That's who asked them to wear that. THAT, is gave it to them. The CBC perhaps didn't think hard enough about the optics of this but you cannot blame those white democrats for doing what black people asked them to do. That's not pandering. I'd rather them do what black people ask rather than come to us, trying to teach us and convince us that our political stances and voting is wrong, even while purging thousands of black people from the the voter rolls in Georgia. Look into it.

agent H: You probably mindlessly chant “defund the police!” Over and over huh? LOL

No, I actually have my Defund the police sign already made for the next local protest. Your problem is that you don't research. You listen to pundits and you simply react to what you think is being proposed. You didn't even think to ask us what it meant or to go find out for yourself. Which shows how arrogant you are. You are on this site almost daily and you didn't even think to ask a black person what "Defund the police" means? I mean d-mn, dude. COME ON!! WHY? WHY wouldn't you ask a black person what it meant? Why do you constantly and only trust your white propagandist sources? I mean it's sad, dude. It's really sad.

My sign says something a little different. It says "Defund Weaponized White Supremacy Fund Black Bank$". That is what MY sign says. And for other people reading this I don't have to explain what that means. For you, defunding the police doesn't mean you completely remove all the money from their budget such that they cannot operate. It does not mean there wont be police. You thinking that shows that you are mindlessly echoing and parroting Fox News. It shows you don't have reliable sources of information. Defunding the police means shifting money away from punishment and into other programs to create better neighborhoods and lessen the need for the police to get involved.

For example... if you call 911 who comes? If there's a fire the fire dept comes. If there's a medical emergency the EMT comes. But for almost everything else, who comes? The police. Why not have mental healthcare experts who can come respond to those crisis instead of sending in the guy with the gun whose trained to shoot at any perceived dangers to himself? The family of a person with mental health issues had to protect him from the police just so they wouldn't shoot him for not obeying their commands. This is just ONE example. But it shows that people have actually thought long and hard about this. You haven't thought about it at all! You just assume that its the worst idea ever because of who its coming from. Isn't that right?

We know what we need in our communities. You don't. We know what will make our communities stronger. Better housing. Better education. We don't want more prisons and jails and police with tanks. We want to take better care of our people so that can have better opportunities and can be happier and more successful so we can be less dependent on public tax dollars and police. Police make YOU feel safe. They don't work for us. And therefore we're not interested in what YOU think the police should do and how they should behave. You've had more than enough time to fix these issues. What did you do? Which congressmen did you call? What letters did you write? What have you personally done to help make our situation better? If you can't honestly tell us anything positive I suggest you sit this one out.

"There are 43 million Black people in America, less than 1% are participating in these marches and protests."

You want my mother to risk getting pushed by cops and tear gassed too? Really? We all have to get out there before we're heard? Go sit down somewhere. Go read a book and gain some wisdom and understanding.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/11/2020 11:37:30 AM

Imagine writing that and being serious!!

Oh what ignorance!

IPXninja: “There is no group of people that believe in the devil and worship this figment of biblical imagination.”

You don’t even know what you don’t know.

There is no helping your type. You’re bubble is too thick, too willfully ignorant.

You are serving the devil bro. By denying the existence of an organized ancient evil cabal, you are helping it to exist and grow.

I guess Haile Selassie must be a deranged conspiracy theorist too..

“Today man sees all his hopes and aspirations crumbling before him. He is perplexed and knows not whither he is drifting. But he must realise that the Bible is his refuge, and the rallying point for all humanity. In it man will find the solution of his present difficulties and guidance for his future action, and unless he accepts with clear conscience the Bible and its great Message, he cannot hope for salvation. For my part I glory in the Bible.”

What a pity it is that you don’t even know who you are serving. Bohemian Grove, Builderberg Group, Spirt Cooking pedophiles, adrenochrome consuming satanist elitists.

Satanism is mainstream. Symbolism isn’t even being hidden anymore.

You really need to wake up. Hollywood is full of pedophiles and satanists and it is these people who run the media you worship.

P.S. I apologize for being forced to post such a disgusting picture. But one must be aware of the evil in the world to expose and defeat it. It’s real. It’s here

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/11/2020 12:13:28 PM

The rise of left-wing rage mobs in America

This man need to run for President in 2024. The only political commentator worth viewing is Tucker Carlson. He calls out the right and the left.

But to IPXninja and all other mindless socialist liberals, truth is “RaCisT!”

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