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The Murder of George Floyd and Subsequent Riots

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Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/15/2020 12:05:25 AM

People need to stop committing crime and resisting arrest. Did you see the latest “white cops kill black man” story from a day or two ago? Happened in Atlanta. He was punching the cops, stole a taser and pointed it at the cop as he ran. He was drunk and started fighting them as they went to arrest him for a DUI.. now he is dead because he decided to fight the cops and steal their weaponry. Now even more riots are happening because of this “murdered black man by white cops”...

You don’t see the narrative? You don’t see how this man caused his own death, continuing to fight after MULTIPLE warnings from the cops?

I am NOT saying that this instance is the same as George Floyd AT ALL. Completely different incidents. But that is my point. Different cases, different circumstances, yet the same predetermined racial narrative and response.

The idea that black people are being hunted down in the streets is completely ridiculous. The stats simply don’t back it up, like at all. I am all for reform and demilitarized police departments.. but this “defund the police” “abolish the police” “all cops are racist murderers” narrative is complete BS.

And the underlying notion that the black community is helpless and at the whim of whites to “reverse the systemic racism” is utter nonsense and only serves to do more harm. Please read the long message from the UC Berkeley professor. He destroys this narrative in it’s entirety.

Bottom line: it would be nice if police never had to kill ANYONE. It would be nice if police never had to arrest anyone. It would be nice if police where not even needed. But that’s not the reality of the world. People do dumb shit. People commit violent crimes. People fight and try to kill cops.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/15/2020 3:14:16 AM

Hemphill, when you write in your own words I can sort of understand your point of view, but when you just post something from twitter and tell us to look it up, or tell us someone else's opinion like they are an authority to be believed, I start to get annoyed because I can't tell if you are a plant, a troll, or if you actually believe it. But when someone makes a point and you don't acknowledge it and just change the subject, or if someone debunks your evidence and you go on to repeat the same evidence, it comes across as someone who doesn't care whether it's true or not, and is just trying to manipulate people. It seemed to me IPX had you cornered at many points, but you didn't respond to it directly. I was waiting for you to either give a counter argument or admit he had good points. You just ignored it and kept preaching propaganda. This is why I think you're a troll. If you were a plant, you would be somewhere your talking points actually worked. If you actually believed it, you would put up some attempt at justifying your views when credibly challenged. I got trolled, huh?

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/15/2020 7:18:27 AM

Wrote this back at post 50 or so..

Points that never got addressed:
• Proof of ANTIFA being trained by ISIS terrorists
• ANTIFA being highly organized with distributed manifestos detailing how to incite riots and violence
• Pallets of bricks left out and waiting on rioters at many large cities
• BLM and ANTIFA being funded by actual NAZI George Soros
• BLM supporting lgbtq transgender BS

Just to name a few... And these won’t be addressed.. What you and I have posted destroy the narrative. But again, it’s easier to go along with it than it is to go against the grain, stand up from the herd, and call out the realness.

Bless up Ras RunMan! Don’t back down.


Now there are many more items I brought up that have not been or will not be addressed. But here’s the thing, I don’t care. I’ll keep brining the truth. I don’t feel so entitled to have everyone of my points addressed even though they all destroy the narrative. Just like the anonymous UC Berkeley history professor who, being much more intelligent and eloquent than I, completely buried the intimidation tactics and false narrative of BLM. But I know that maybe 1 of you here might read it, so I just push on. My points play themselves out. I call it, then watch as I get proven right as more and more come out. IPXninja and most everyone else just repeat the same tired MSM liberal talking points. It’s over, the news is out. Y’all just don’t want to hear it yet. That’s fine. Ras RunMan does, and if just 1 appreciates what I bring, then it’s all worth it.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/15/2020 10:08:59 AM

I personally don't disagree with those points. I may not be convinced on certain details, like the extremists they trained under being literally ISIS, or Soros being a literal Nazi, but it wouldn't matter for basic discussion. We agree on the basics. If you are looking for someone to challenge that narrative, maybe you need to keep waiting.

On the other hand, anyone who considers themselves anti-fascist can claim Antifa. When you say "Antifa" but are really just talking about an obscure group in the middle of nowhere who posted the hashtag, it's sorta goofy. It's like saying all pro-life people are terrorists because some of them did abortion bombings.

Also, I hope Ras Run was just being polite, or a sock account of yours.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/15/2020 1:27:28 PM

• Proof of ANTIFA being trained by ISIS terrorists

You don't have proof of this. What you have is an assumption that everyone who is against fascism must be going to ISIS training camps. Meanwhile you never connect ANY of the domestic terrorists who have launched attacks on black people or democrats because of white nationalism and Trump worship. You wont make those connections. You will only make imaginary connections that serve your propaganda agenda and that's why I'm not the only one who sees it as perhaps something more than just you being disingenuous.

• ANTIFA being highly organized with distributed manifestos detailing how to incite riots and violence

But again, you never proved ANTIFA was highly organized. You want us to take your word for it, as if it is any different from the OCCUPY WALLSTREET movement that ultimately failed because, even though it seemed organized, it wasn't. There was no real organization. People just agreed to show up at certain places and others joined. If it was white nazis chanting "jews will not replace us" you wouldn't call that highly organized white terrorism.

• Pallets of bricks left out and waiting on rioters at many large cities

In other words, people could show you the bricks on social media but almost every city has ongoing construction projects. If businesses could be burned down that means they didn't have time to board up and protect themselves. So the idea that construction projects should have known in advance and made sure their bricks were taken off site is laughable. Construction workers work all year round. They leave materials at the job site. It's 100% normal. If it wasn't then that means some company had to fulfill the order of bricks and another company had to deliver it. If neither company signed up to be involved in a conspiracy that means they would be more than happy to say who paid them as any major business transaction is going to have a paper trail. Do you have this evidence? Of course you don't. Instead of having actual evidence you just believe whatever conspiracy you hear as a rumor and then you treat it as fact. And it's not everyone else's job to research and prove you wrong. It's your job to back up what you say with real evidence.

• BLM and ANTIFA being funded by actual NAZI George Soros

BLM is funded by donations. Where are the actual records showing George Soros is a major funder? George Soros, who is of Jewish descent, survived Nazi-Germany-occupied Hungary by purchasing documents that said they were Christians. So why would he want to be a nazi who funds an organization that has gone toe to toe in the streets with white nazis in the US? You make no sense. You just believe whatever you hear and make these people and groups you don't know into the boogeyman. But to him, I say thank you. By 2017 he had donated more than $11 billion to reduce poverty and support colleges and universities that probably helped thousands of black people receive higher education. But republicans hate him because he helps causes they don't support. In 2009 he donated $35 million to New York, earmarked for underprivileged children. NY put in an additional $140 million. You don't like where the man puts his money? That's fine. But you're making him out to be a monster when he has helped more people than you ever could.

• BLM supporting lgbtq transgender BS

One of the co-founders is a member of the LGBTQ community. There are black people who are LGBTQ and their lives also matter. And why is it BS? Because it doesn't affect you? Because you're not transgender? There are people who are born with the genitalia of both genders. So even though I definitely said a lot of wrong things against homosexuality in the past, and I was wrong, you cannot say that nature always gets it right. Humans are often born with defects. Some are physical. Some are mental. Some kids get rare diseases. Nature doesn't have a plan. We just pretend it does because we're comforted by that idea. This is why we created God. But when someone is sick, or someone is slow, or someone is a different race, or someone has a different sexuality or gender, it shouldn't matter. We should love and support them. We may not like certain ideas. I personally don't care for the idea of two dudes together, but that's MY problem; not theirs. And I'm mature enough to recognize that it's MY problem; not theirs. So if YOU have issues with the LGBTQ community then maybe you should be listening too instead of trying to define everyone else by who/what you happen to be.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/15/2020 7:16:05 PM

"And it's not everyone else's job to research and prove you wrong. It's your job to back up what you say with real evidence."

Agreed. It's sort of anti-intellectual to let him get away with those kinds of exaggerations without proof. If I called Trump a "cowardly fag" and someone said, "hang on, you don't have any proof he's gay..." I'd be pretty annoyed, but that's not really what he's doing by calling someone an "actual Nazi". I just think all billionaires are evil douches, so I didn't really care. The funny thing, is I just took it for granted that he was correct in Soros being a funder, there's not even anything to back THAT up? Lol, come on Hermpf.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/15/2020 9:43:43 PM

Shake my head.. this is too easy.. SNOPES?? Yeah you already lost with using that as a source! LOL

Y’all REALLY need to do some research.

In 2016, organizations in the Black Lives Matter movement received $33 million in grants from the Open Society Foundations, founded by Hungarian hedge fund manager George Soros

Hacked Documents: Soros Funded Black Lives Matter

George Soros Admits Working With The NAZIs Was The Happiest Time Of His Life in an interview with “60 minutes”

ANTIFA, also funded by Soros ‘Open Society Foundation’ has trained with Islamic terrorists and I’ve already posted that proof. Also, I posted a picture of an ANTIFA document left behind at a “protest” detailing the course of action and how to start riots.

The problem here is, you don’t view the evidence I post. You just say: Nope, not true. You need to prove that. Well I have, and do, and will continue to.

Turn off the news and read.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/15/2020 10:40:50 PM

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/15/2020 11:07:13 PM

The Financial and Staffing Nexus Between the Open Society Foundations and the United States Government

Advancing a Radical Leftist Agenda at U.S. Taxpayer Expense

This Special Report describes the activities of billionaire philanthropist George Soros and his Open Society Foundations (OSF), which are partially financed by U.S. taxpayers. Soros, his foundation and their affiliates promote and advance a radical, progressive agenda that seeks to destabilize legitimate governments, erase national borders and identities, target conservative politicians, finance civil unrest, subvert institutions of higher education, and orchestrate refugee crises for political gain. The Soros network is engaged in an active and ongoing effort to affect politics, economics, and societies in Europe (Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary), Latin America (Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico), and across the globe. Judicial Watch has successfully investigated and litigated to document the paper trail left by the OSF network as it operates, at taxpayer expense, to subvert and manipulate the sovereignty of constitutional republics and allies of the United States.
The Soros operations are highly sophisticated and multi-faceted, working across academia; the courts; labor and agriculture; “social justice” organizations; religious associations; and, of course, political groups. OSF operations also utilize U.S.-based non- profit organizations to further their agenda. Key personnel in the Soros/OSF network (and their affiliates) are former U.S. government officials capable of leveraging their government status and access to benefit the OSF’s progressive goals.

Background and Context
The Open Society Foundations’ mission is to: “... work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.”1
The OSF, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, are subsidized with U.S. taxpayer money, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Senior U.S. government officials have leveraged their positions for post-government employment with OSF programs, sometimes seeking taxpayer funding for the very same specialties, functions and regions that involved their government employment.
It is important to contextualize the operations and financing of the Open Society Foundations. A year ago, Soros took dramatic action to step up his leftist political activities. As reported by the Wall Street Journal on October 17, 2017, Soros transferred $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation:
“The pioneer of hedge-fund investing has transferred the bulk of his wealth to Open Society Foundations”
“Open Society today has a broad mandate driven largely by its founder’s values. It operates through a network of more than 40 foundations and offices in countries from Afghanistan to South Africa.
Mr. Soros has urged developed countries in Europe and elsewhere to share the burden of increased migration from conflict-ridden countries [conflict, it appears, Soros groups help foment]. Anti- Soros politicians in Macedonia, Poland and some other European countries have attacked foreign-funded groups, including Open Society, for what they see as outside interference in their affairs.”2
1 The Open Society Foundations Internet website mission statement,
2 “George Soros Transfers $18 Billion to His Foundation, Creating an Instant Giant,” Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2017 ( creating-an-instant-giant-1508252926).

Page 4 of 30

Three years before this massive transfer of wealth to the Open Society Foundation, Inside Philanthropy reported:3
“The Open Society Foundations is bigger than you think. In fact, it may be the largest philanthropic organization ever built, with branches in 37 countries. While the Gates Foundation spends more money, OSF has a larger footprint worldwide thanks to its many local offices, including throughout Africa. OSF’s budget will be around $930 million this year—which is substantially more than Ford’s [Foundation] total grantmaking.”
One might reasonably wonder why U.S. taxpayers would be asked to fund the activities of such a wealthy, sophisticated, highly politicized, “philanthropic” organization.
In 2018, OSF projected expending $537,000,000 in grants and program funding throughout the world.4 The 2018 OSF budget exceeds $1 billion. While the OSF’s self- professed goals of strengthening the rule of law, supporting democratically elected governments, promoting fairness in political, legal, and economic systems, and safeguarding fundamental rights may seem innocuous – or even noble – the reality is far different. Soros promotes a radical left agenda. In the United States, this has included:
• Promoting an open border with Mexico and fighting immigration enforcement efforts;5
• Fomenting racial disharmony by funding anti-capitalist racialist organizations;6
3 “Philanthropy vs. Tyranny: Inside the Open Society Foundations' Biggest Battle Yet,” Inside Philanthropy, September 14, 2015 ( inside-the-open-society-foundations.html)
4 “Open Society Foundations: About Us: Expenditures.” ( OSF 2018 budget overview: ( overview-20181107.pdf, p. 4). The organization’s “migration budget” nearly doubling between 2017 and 2018 (from $34.4 million to $63.3 million) and its spending on U.S. programs increasing by 21 percent (from $100.4 million to $121.1 million).
5 “Open Society U.S. Programs Board Meeting,” DC Leaks. September 3-4, 2013. (; and, WND, “Border Caravan? Call It The George Soros Express,” April 29, 2018. (
6 “Open Society Foundations’ 2015-2018 U.S. Programs plan lists a number of redistributionist policy goals and sets out the organizations that will function as either “anchor” or “core” grantees for that specific set of goals. Included among these grantees are a number of hot-button left-wing contemporary organizations such as the Black Lives Matter aligned group Color of Change, UnidosUS (formerly the National Council of La Raza), and the NAACP.” Influence Watch,

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• Financing the Black Lives Matter movement and other organizations involved in the riots in Ferguson, Missouri;7
• Weakening the integrity of our electoral systems;8
• Promoting taxpayer funded abortion-on-demand;9
• Advocating a government-run health care system;10
• Opposing U.S. counterterrorism efforts;11
• Promoting dubious transnational climate change agreements that threaten American sovereignty;12 and,
• Working to promote gun control and erode Second Amendment protections.13 The Soros foundations funded the liberal think tank Center for American Progress
(CAP) (founded by former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, who remains
(; and, Meza, Summer, “ Black Lives Matter Wants to Bring Down White Capitalism with Black Christmas, Newsweek, November 28, 2017. (
7 Richardson, Valerie. “Black Lives Matter cashes in with $100 million from liberal foundations.” Washington Times. August 16,2016. ( 100-million-liberal-foun/); and, Riddell, Kelly, “George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action,” Washington Times, January 14, 2015. ( spur/).
8 Higgins, Sean, “Soros' $5 million bankrolls suits to stop voter ID laws,” Washington Times, June 6, 2015. (
9 Open Society Foundation, Women’s Rights Program. (
10 VanBooven, Valerie, “Billionaire Soros Funding Effort to Put Universal Home Care on Ballot in Maine,” Home Care Daily, February 14, 2018. ( effort-to-put-universal-home-care-on-ballot-in-maine/).
11 Open Society Foundation, National Security and Counterterrorism Program. (
12 George Soros was a member of the U.N.’s High-Level Advisory Group on Mobilizing Climate Change Resources,, and the Open Society Foundation was a founding funder of the Climate Policy Initiative ( overview-20181107.pdf, p. 8;
13 NRA Institute for Legislative Action, “Anti-Gun Billionaire George Soros Pumps $18 Billion into His Political Apparatus,” October 20, 2017. ( soros-pumps-18-billion-into-his-political-apparatus).

Page 6 of 30

on the CAP Board of Directors14), and the related 501c(4) CAP Action Fund to the sum of $1.835 million dollars in 2016 and 2017.15 OSF program strategy documents describe CAP as an “anchor” grantee of the organization.16 The current President of CAP, Neera Tanden, was Policy Director of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and domestic policy director for the Obama campaign. Additional CAP Board members include Tom Steyer and Sen. Tom Daschle.17
Soros foundations also funded the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and its related entities, and Democratic voter turnout initiatives. In 2003, Soros described defeating President George W. Bush as, “the central focus of my life,” and donated more than $15 million to anti-Bush organizations and efforts.18 At the January 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros attacked President Trump and described him as a “danger to the world.”19
Similarly, in Europe, Soros and his foundations have sought to erase national borders and identities,20 targeted conservative politicians,21 financed civil unrest,22

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/15/2020 11:29:29 PM

Yeah, I did see the claim that Open Society Foundation was a Soros backed BLM funder, I just never saw anyone explain where they got that information, or how they are linked specifically. If you can find actual details on this information, I would take a look. Although, I tried to find out already, and search engines weren't helping.

I did try to look at the hacked emails, but the website was censored by the government under dubious charges of Russian interference, so that right there is suspicious, and I would really like to see an alternate location where those emails are available.

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