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The Murder of George Floyd and Subsequent Riots

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/3/2020 10:10:12 AM

Posting Tucker Carlson now? You might as well be posting David Duke.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/3/2020 11:05:06 PM

Look at the idiots you support. You say you love democracy and this country, but support radical communists and socialists hiding under the term “progress”. Lol. What you mean to say is you support regressive political agendas based on race and unelected officials.

The Democratic Party is now a religious cult

AOC: Asking for an "End of Unrest" Is "Asking for Injustice to Continue" and in typical NWO liberal fashion, she use some double speak and says: “this isn’t to condone violence”... Yes it is. We see you.

ANTIFA are the fascists. They are paid by Nazi George Soros. They are extremely organized. They are bussed from city to city to riot and burn and have pallets of bricks waiting on them. They are a domestic terrorist organization.

Found at a riot dropped by an #AntifaTerrorist. If you thought this wasn’t carefully planned and thought out, think again.

Antifa: Trained by terrorist PKK in Syria, may end up outlawed in the US. President Trump aims to declare Antifa as a domestic terrorist organisation. But the group has been in Syria since 2014 and its violent record well documented after a series of controversial decisions taken by the Obama administration in 2015.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/3/2020 11:42:21 PM

How do you justify rioting and looting by terrorist ANTIFA for the death of a black man, when the riots and looting have killed 6 other black people??

Retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn dies protecting friend's pawn shop during night of violent protests

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/4/2020 12:52:59 PM

George Floyd was a violent criminal with a long rap sheet. He didn’t deserve to die during his arrest, but to make him into a martyr as this great person uplifting society is just asinine. He was high on fentanyl and methamphetamine during his arrest. Again, NO ONE is protecting the cop here, what happened was wrong; but Floyd is not a martyr. He pulled a gun on a pregnant woman as he robbed her...

Racially motivated police brutality is a myth. We have allowed this to turn into violent riots where upstanding black business owners and citizens are being killed.

Watch the video

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 6/4/2020 11:52:11 PM

"Racially motivated police brutality is a myth"

Pure fuckery

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 6/5/2020 1:26:24 AM

Please go away.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/5/2020 6:43:14 AM

Lol @ sun of man
Tell that to the ones who have personally witnessed and experienced

This whole forums response to said events only further highlight why black people need more private conversations mongst Black people. What a terrible situation we inna ina this time whereby Rastafari cannot provide that space.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/5/2020 8:09:43 AM

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/5/2020 9:41:12 AM

Since you don’t want to watch the video, or address ANTIFA being trained by isis and having bricks waiting on them when they get of the bus for riots; here is what she said laid our for you:

Candace Owens: “Here are some numbers for you that still believe that racially motivated police brutality exists in America today.

• 25% higher chance of dying at the hands of police if you are a violent white criminal than a violent black criminal. (Last year, 9 unarmed black men were killed by police officers and 19 unarmed white men were killed by police officers)

• It doesn’t matter what percentage of the population you represent, it matters what percent of the violent criminal community you represent. The black community commits a disproportionate amount of crime than the white community.

• Black men account for 6% of the population, yet account for 44% of all murders.

• White people who make up 60% of the population, (black people 13%, black men 6%) account for 50% of all murders. A 6 point variation. Black people are the extreme minority in this population yet account for 50% of violent crime. This leads to many more encounters with police officers.

• A police officer is 18.5 TIMES more likely to be killed by a black person than a white person.

This entire narrative is completely made up. It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s election fodder. It’s white vs black because it’s an election year. Not because black Americans are suffering at the hands of police officers more than white Americans. Some cops are bad, sure. No one is saying there aren’t asshole devilish cops, they’re human beings and sometimes human beings suck. But if you want to blame a community for accidental slayings or brutality, did you know that Doctors kill 250,000 people a year because of mistakes? There’s Doctors who have been arrested for being serial killers, killing patients because they wanted to. Do we protest and boycott Doctors? Do we assume all Doctors are horrible human beings because a few of them are? Or do we realize that society can’t be perfect? People suck in every profession. It is no excuse to paint society with a large brush. It is no excuse to except the democrat narrative that black people are being hunted down by police officers because the color of their skin.”

2018 FBI crime statistics by race

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/5/2020 4:28:00 PM

Hemp = agent

If it wasn't clear before it should be clear now.

So sick of white people blaming the victim.

"but he was violent"


Go away and come back when you grow some morality.

It's time to go back to ignoring this garbage.

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