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The Murder of George Floyd and Subsequent Riots

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/17/2020 3:26:13 PM

well since agent H likes wikipedia it must be okay to post this:

In September 2018, The Atlantic reported that Scott Greer, formerly a contributor and formerly a deputy editor at The Daily Caller, had written pieces under a pseudonym "Michael McGregor" in the white supremacist publication Radix Journal from 2014 to 2015. In articles for Radix Journal, Greer expressed white nationalist views, as well as racist anti-black and antisemitic views. While in his emails and messages, he expressed anti-Christian and antisemitic theories, as well his relationship with Richard Spencer.[90] Upon being confronted with his past white supremacist writings, Greer resigned from any affiliation with The Daily Caller.[90] In 2017 it was revealed that Scott Greer had ties to members of the white nationalist movement, including friendships with Devin Saucier, assistant to Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, and anti-immigrant activist Marcus Epstein of VDare, who had pled guilty to assaulting an African American woman two years prior to the beginning of his relationship with Scott Greer.[91] Greer had later deleted parts of his Facebook page, but is seen photographed with white nationalists such as Spencer, Tim Dionisopoulos, the Wolves of Vinland, and also appears wearing clothes belonging to the group Youth for Western Civilization.[92][91] The Daily Caller itself subsequently stated about why he had not been fired in 2017: "We had two choices: Fire a young man because of some photos taken of him at metal shows in college, or take his word. We chose to trust him. Now, if what you allege is accurate, we know that trust was a mistake, we know he lied to us. We won't publish him, anyone in these circles, or anyone who thinks like them. People who associate with these losers have no business writing for our company."[90]

The Daily Caller has posted articles by Jason Kessler,[91] a white supremacist who organized a rally of hundreds of white nationalists in Charlottesville.[93][94] Before Kessler posted his article, he had spoken at white supremacist gatherings.[95] After Kessler received attention for his organizing of the Charlottesville white supremacist rally, The Daily Caller removed his articles from its website,[70] but The Daily Caller executive editor defended Kessler's articles.[96]

The website has also published pieces by Peter Brimelow, founder of the white supremacist website VDARE.[91] The website has also published articles by David Hilton, an anti-Semite who has pushed conspiracy theories that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks. In his articles for the Daily Caller, Hilton promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about George Soros, as well as conspiracy theories about "Cultural Marxism."[97]

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has said The Daily Caller has a "white nationalist problem", citing contributions by Kessler, Brimelow, Greer, and Ilana Mercer, whose writing on supposed racially motivated crime in South Africa have also been published in the white nationalist website American Renaissance.[92] The SPLC later retracted its claim that Richard Pollock, a devout Jew, was a white nationalist, saying "Pollock was initially included in this story" but "there is no evidence to suggest Mr. Pollock is otherwise a white nationalist."[92]

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/17/2020 3:49:20 PM

IPXninja: “well since agent H likes wikipedia it must be okay to post this:”

What The BANNED actually said: “Snopes is less credible than Wikipedia. It’s not a source.“

Wikipedia is not even close to a viable source.. imagine using Wikipedia to write a high school, or even a junior high, paper! Lol, instant F.. What I said wasn’t praise for Wikipedia, it’s simply how bad snopes is, with the SPLC not far behind — if at all.

Your compass for truth needs some new magnets. You’re way off.

Try some independent sources, or even your own research cross referencing multiple sources, instead of corporate propaganda. Might help.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/17/2020 8:35:00 PM

Being from snopes/wiki/infowars doesn't make it credible, but also doesn't discredit it. You have to look at the claim and how much detail they go into. Sometimes an outlet doesn't even back it up with anything, they just go, "sources say..." and that's supposed to make it sound real official. It will be "trusted" news outlets like CNN reporting this way.

Like Russiagate. That whole abomination is based on evidence-free accusations. All they ever found was normal international business corruption like you would find with ANYONE you bothered to investigate in those circles. That, and some facebook ads from a troll farm, playing BOTH sides for clickbait, half of which were posted AFTER the election. We're supposed to distrust Russia, because Putin brutalizes protesters and tortures journalists, but disregard Obama or Trump doing the same thing. It's all underhanded propaganda. If I was trying to avoid bogus news, I would stay the hell away from all of it.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/17/2020 10:50:03 PM

Did you see this, IPX?

They had 4 anonymous sources bro, it's fact!

I am now going to unironically post a Tucker Carlson video.

That "attack" never happened. They had hypoxia from living underground.

So many examples like that.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/18/2020 7:12:03 AM

Big ups! Tucker Carlson is the only political commentator worth watching anymore.. But you’re right; Russian collusion is a delusion. Our mainstream media is pathetic, dissent is not allowed. Go along or get banned.

I posted this way back: Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 7/31/2018 12:30:13 PM

“I have to say, Trumps military decisions so far are my biggest complaint against him.. Specifically his hasteful air strikes on Syria following the false flag gas attack.. It was proven to be a fraudulent event but action was taken before anything could ve verified.. I dont think anyone was harmed with the strikes, could be wrong, but it should have never happened to begin with..“

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 12/20/2018 12:15:56 PM

“Trump pulled USA military out of Syria.. Media flips out and wants troops to ignore the order.. Par for the course.

Trump orders US troops out of Syria, declares victory over ISIS; senators slam action as mistake

They call him everything in the book including a warmongerer.. When he pulls out of war, they slam it as a mistake.. Hahaha“

Like I was then, be prepared to be called an agent and white supremacist. Lol.

Check this out: “ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER right???”

Watch how the one in the front kneels down instinctively, then realizes what is happening.. “Oh, oh, we’re being exposed.. now I feel dumb for kneeling” LOL!

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/18/2020 8:12:23 AM


When you think of fond memories, you smile. That's natural. But speaking of that time it is portrayed as though he was actually running around dropping dimes on other Jews and taking their property. That is NOT what happened, and most of the time he was with the guy who was responsible for taking the inventory, he was only staying at his home. So most of his memories were about his actual life, ie childhood, that was happy, not the part where he went with a guy to do inventory (as if that one time defined his entire experience) as if he understood what was going on and was happy about it. I like you but that makes no sense.


The same people who spin these lies against Soros about when he was 14 are the same people who took a picture of someone else and claimed it was him. Again... if he's so bad and you can prove it then why the need to lie? That's like saying I robbed a bank and then photoshop me with a ski mask and a money bag in my hand.

You should always give people the benefit of the doubt. It's called innocent until PROVEN guilty. This concept protects people from things like what happened during the Salem Witch Trials. Why even need a positive campaign about how good you are and what you're going to do for your constituents when you can just lie and say your opponent is in league with satan? There has to be rules. There has to be fairness. My people get locked up all the time for stuff they didn't even do. WHY? Because they LOOK like they fit a description. And when juries see them they can easily imagine them doing it because of personal bias.

So I listened to what Soros said. I listened to him talk about his father. I listened to him talk about investing. I listened to him say that what happened under the nazis was evil. Why would he say that if he agreed with it or it made him happy? Do you think evil people think their evil is "evil"? No, they think it's good!

White people (no offense because I'm not speaking of you personally) constantly tell us that by complaining about racism we're playing this victimhood thing. False. We find ways of being happy, even though we have to deal with racists in our daily lives. Black people in segregation found ways to be happy. Black people during Jim Crow found ways to be happy. The struggle continues but our lives don't stop. Even if we know we didn't get that job or promotion because we're black, we still find happiness in spite of racism. And we make music and jokes and everything else; even while we know somewhere out there another innocent black man may be getting harassed, locked up, or murdered by the system. Black people, even during slavery, were singing and dancing, having babies, playing music. So I understand even if you don't.

And like I said, Soros wasn't the only Jewish person in that situation. There were other Jews who hid, even in plain sight, by changing their hair. If they had to act like nazis to survive then that's what they had to do. People will rob and kill to survive. Soros, as a 14 yr old, only had to go with someone while that person took inventory. But the weightiest part of all this during his young life, wasn't what he necessarily saw but what his father saw. His father understood the politics. He understood that they were in danger. And his father shielded young George because he wanted him to survive but still have a decent and happy life. Don't get it twisted. The reality of Nazi Germany was horrible and evil. So was the reality of Slavery and Jim Crow. But don't ever tell a survivor that they aren't allowed to be happy during times of danger or intense suffering around them. There is no reason he should feel bad or have to apologize because his father protected his family.

Just because you were cruel at 14 doesn't mean Soros committed crimes against his own people. Soros said in his interview that he was there and he saw it but that he didn't do it. So why are you treating him like he did? Because of what agent H wants you to think? I'm not the one falling for a trap. George Soros may have done things that all kids his age did, but there's no reason to equate him with the nazis when he was a JEW.

Where is the power grab? Let me be perfectly blunt and honest with you. I would not know who George Soros was if it wasn't for people like agent H, constantly attacking him like he's a financial backer of ISIS. I wouldn't know any of the things I said in his defense. I wouldn't know him. I wouldn't know that he gave so much money away. So thanks to agent H I NOW have a healthy respect for the man.

But why didn't I know him before if he's busy doing some power grab? If he's trying to grab power then he SUCKS at it. He never ran for president. I don't even recall ever seeing his name running for Congress. What power is he trying to grab? The one ring? You guys are turning him into a mythological monster just because he donates a lot of money. He hasn't done anything else that ANYONE has brought up so far. You say his money comes with conditions.


You can't say something is happening just because you imagine some nefarious scheme and need it to make sense. The United States already has very legal bribery. It happens all the time. It happens in both parties. I don't like it. That's why I support WOLF PAC and so should you. Rich people in general donate thousands, sometimes millions to campaigns. However, what's $10 to you is not $10 to Warren Buffet. You have to understand this. Once you have a certain amount of money the value isn't the same. If you're a billionaire and you give away $20 million you're not necessarily going to miss it. And if you're spending it on charity then it's a tax write off. So that is a benefit in itself. Bill Gates used to make around a million dollars a second at one point in time. At that level they're not necessarily thinking that every dollar they spend has to gain them more wealth or power. They have enough. And in fact, that was part of the argument Trump made in 2016. These people give away hundreds of millions of dollars because they want to do something good in their lifetime. It's not really any different from Elon Musk investing so much into clean energy and space travel and new forms of transportation. It's his legacy and what he's passionate about. Just because you have money doesn't mean you have to sacrifice babies and be plotting for world domination.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/18/2020 8:16:13 AM

Why is cops kneeling staged? Why is it so hard to imagine that cops in one neighborhood MIGHT see the point and MIGHT want to stand (or kneel) in solidarity with protesters when other cops are behaving like straight up Storm Troopers?

BLM already had made some strides in influencing law enforcement before George Floyd. Did you not know that? The police do. That's why in Dayton Ohio the police started an open dialogue with the community. But you're talking about changing the system; a system supported by racist white supremacy. You think that's easy? You think the system wants to change? No, you have to drag it kicking and screaming.

That's why these things didn't happen under MLK because he was too nice. You can't ask for freedom in the US. You have to demand it. And you have to be able to mobilize money. MONEY. This is a capitalist system, not a hippie commune. Both political sides have contributors and politicians call them up constantly to ask for money. I get texts constantly from a couple different campaigns of black people running for office. I JUST got one from Jamaal Bowman's campaign. I can screen shot it if you need proof. I kick in a few dollars here and there. If I was rich I could and would do more. Because why not? Why not put my money where my mouth is? Am I trying to grab power by donating? NO. But this is a representative democracy and if I was donating more I would expect more service for myself and my community. If George wants to ask for a few favors while he's donating to help impoverished communities why should I care? Weren't the Koch bros doing the same thing? But why is it evil and pedophiles when democrats do it? Soros didn't build the system. He's just participating in it just like many other people are.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/18/2020 8:23:37 AM

Defund the police? I SUPPORT IT! And it's gaining steam. NY is already planning to do it. Minneapolis is planning to do it. So don't tell me it's ineffectual because Tucker Carlson said it meant that we wouldn't have police. That's not what it means. People are attacking it without knowledge. My very own protest sign says "Defund white supremacy". It is the smartest play and I'll debate anyone who wants to debate it.

Some people are predators? Yes. Trump sounds like a predator. But you still have to prove it. You just can't let people tell you who to fear and play some propaganda b roll while they talk. That's wrong. You're giving me an example about gansta rap that has nothing to do with George Soros.

Alex Jones showed you devastating info? About what? Was it something you could prove wrong? Or was it something you had to connect the dots on? Alex Jones spends most of his time lying to you. ALEX JONES IS RICH AF right now because of how many people he has following him and believing his BS! This is his BUSINESS; his industry. You guys act like he's some amateur who just bumped into a stack of classified documents. He's not. He's a professional liar. You think all these people who are insiders on the conspiracies are talking to Alex Jones and no one else? Ridiculous.

People make up conspiracy theories all the time that SOUND true because some part of us wants to believe they're true. Conspiracy theories take advantage of the fact that we don't trust each other. But the older I got the more I realized that wealthy people didn't have to conspire for power. They could basically just engage in legal bribery to get what they want. A lot of the corruption in the US is right there on the surface. It's not hidden so deep that normal journalism cannot find it out. You think Alex Jones is a better journalist than the entire department at every major news outlet? Do you think these people get degrees in journalism so they can ignore what would be the best stories ever written? There are reasons that real journalists don't follow Alex Jones and back up his stories. Because they would destroy their own credibility with the lack of evidence.

Alex Jones is very smart. He knows enough to use any lack of evidence to his advantage. He just fills in any gaps with conjecture and speculation. At the same time he just makes bold statements and proclamations to fill in larger gaps. It's a game. And he makes you think you're winning because you know the truth when in reality HE'S THE ONE WHO IS WINNING! If he thought you were smart he wouldn't be lying to you because he would be too afraid of getting exposed! He's laughing all the way to the bank and in court with his ex wife he said his radio personality was just an act!

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/18/2020 8:35:48 AM

Also, Snopes IS garbage? Who cares? It doesn't matter. All you have to do is read the information provided. It's the same thing said on his wikipedia page and it's like no one can point to anything he's said in the last 30 years that indicated some power trip. It's only ever his money that people talk about. And while Alex Jones calls him a nazi here's what says:

quote: Soros, then fourteen years old, helped his father formulate thousands of fake documents for many of their fleeing countrymen. Soros remembered that his father would provide free documents for people he knew or who were in immediate danger, would request money only to cover his expenses from people whom he felt a moral obligation to help, and would ask for as much money as the wealthy could afford. Soros reflected on his father's honesty during the Holocaust, but he also remembered the number of laws his father had to break in order to provide safety for his family and countrymen. Soros learned the art of survival from his father, and he came out of the experience resolved to be undaunted by challenges.

So instead of being a Nazi collaborator, like Alex Jones would have you think because he is a liar who profiteers on lies, Soros actually helped his father save Jewish lives by helping him forge documents. Of course Agent H is like "HOW DARE YOU FORGE DOCUMENTS!" So you take this very decent man, George's father, and slander his son, who he helped survived, for what? For being successful? George helped his father save Jewish lives. That's the truth. But the truth doesn't make Alex Jones money. Conspiracy theories do.

George Soros left in 1947 and studied with the philosopher Karl Popper. Does Jones talk about Popper? Did he ever investigate the people that obviously had an influence of Soros's thinking? The answer is simply no. He didn't care. He uses Soros as a boogeyman to make people afraid of the left and liberals in general; because he's a rich AF far right winger. Period. Jones personally made over $5 million in 2014. That's net; not gross. He has every reason to keep lying to you because it makes him lots of $$$. CAPITALISM! HELLO!!

And if you think most celebrities don't donate... there's a whole website dedicated to it.

Why is it okay if Alex Jones donates to charities and causes but not George Soros? And as far as him being a power mad sociopath or whatever, provides you with his real reasons and motivation behind his philanthropy. It helped to give his life meaning. So you don't have to ask Alex Jones or some agent who sends himself into the black community as a form of voter suppression.

quote: By the end of the 1970s Soros was very rich but also very unhappy and unfulfilled. He quit his business relationship with his long-time investment partner, Jim Rogers, and divorced his first wife, Annaliese; he likewise felt that he had failed in his relationship with his children. In a small apartment in Manhattan, Soros became a recluse. After profiting so much in earlier years, Soros began to lose money and felt guilty about his actions. He sought out therapeutic counseling but did not solve his personal problems until he discovered philanthropy.

In the 1980s Soros began to develop his philanthropic empire. Initially, he pursued endeavors in central and eastern Europe. Near the end of the cold war (at about the end of the 1980s), for instance, Soros supplied organizations in his native Hungary with photocopiers, to counter the censorship of the Soviet Union. As democratic countries were set up across Europe after the fall of the former Soviet Union, Soros acted as a type of central bank for countries in need. He established philanthropic offices in eastern European countries, providing hundreds of millions of dollars to help individuals and countries struggle to free themselves from the old Soviet bloc. After Russia reorganized as an independent country, Soros invested $100 million in scientific and technological endeavors in that country. In Yugoslavia, at about the same time, Soros spent $50 million to help revive war-torn Sarajevo.

Soros's philanthropic headquarters, the Open Society Institute, in New York directed a network of foundations located in numerous nations and employed about 1,300 people. Soros spent billions of dollars funding Open Society foundations around the world, which promoted political pluralism, financed education, strengthened freedom of speech and media, and defended human rights projects.

Time out: You know who this sounds like? Ebenezer Scrooge. This guy has single handedly done more for black people in the US and Africa than any other white man I can think of. And if I'm wrong, show me someone who has done more. But again... never knew any of this stuff until agent H started attacking. And what power did he grab in all these places where he helped? Is he king of the world yet? He's 89 years old!!!! What is he waiting for?! You think this is him playing chess? He'll be dead soon! What will you say then? How much good does one man have to do in this world before those who disagree ideologically consider that he just MIGHT be a good person? Tell me why I should ignore all the good things he's done and all the good causes he's contributed to that have made a difference in the lives of thousands if not millions of people. Because he witnessed inventory being taken of forfeited property when he was 14? Come on.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/18/2020 8:35:13 PM

George Soros is a globalist puppet master serving satan. Not only is he a known Nazi collaborator. he is a convicted felon, a supporter and major funder of the global destabilizing forced mass migration policies and the human trafficking that comes with it, he owns much of the liberal media and has bought many local DA’s (The Los Angeles District Attorneys Association Warns Public About Soros-Backed Candidates:
“Soros’ goal is to radically transform the criminal justice system”... Ahh, and we see that happening now huh?) all in an attempt to destroy American sovereignty. He is banned in his home country of Hungary, The Philippines, Turkey, Russia, Poland, and Pakistan. But his presence in the United States and more importantly its elections couldn’t be stronger. He used a U.K.-based company named Smartmatic to send rigged voting machines to important battleground states across the US including Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia, California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. He is a currency manipulator that in 1992 broke the Bank of England and the British Pound to profit billions in the destruction of the U.K sovereignty by eventually forcing them into the euro and the E.U. He disrupted the Malaysian financial stability back in 1997, and he crushed the Bank of Thailand and forced 600,000 temporary workers to give up their homes and leave. He thinks nothing of ordinary people. He is willing to crush them out; he is willing to destroy their lives and their livelihoods. He does all of this through these non-governmental organizations. The NGOs – there are some good ones, but there are very many of them that act as a Fifth Column to undermine the stability and integrity of countries. Often they work in conjunction with covert intelligence agencies – whether it is the CIA, MI6, French intelligence and so on. They act as sort of an internal intelligence agency that is always there when the time comes to overthrow a government... He has been working to overthrow America for a long time..

You say you want to “get money out of politics” and then praise the biggest political money mover in the world. We see you.

This is just the tip top of the iceberg here, but it’s really no surprise at all that you are completely ignorant of all of this. You defend a nazi globalist pushing demonic liberal causes and who uses the “third world” as pawns and cannon fodder to push along the NWO. Quite possibly the most ignorant thing you have said in this cuckold to George Soros, is in this: “Is he king of the world yet? He's 89 years old!!!! What is he waiting for?!”... You really don’t understand incrementalism and eugenics do you? You have no spiritual awareness of those who serve God vs those who serve satan. These Soros types don’t do it for themselves, they have all the riches they could ever want; they do it for him, their god, their illuminating lucifer. And you applaud it... You prove your own ignorance and stupidity every time you post, “I never even knew of Soros till The BANNED exposes him, but now I am the expert on him and can debunk ALL of it!” LOL dude. You are a beautiful example of a mindless liberal NWO cuckolding guppy.

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