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The Murder of George Floyd and Subsequent Riots

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Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/22/2020 6:34:15 PM

IPXninja: “I take all things into consideration, including the things that are NOT said.” But what he forgot to say was: “unless The BANNED says it, then I don’t read it, click the links or watch the videos. I just talk over the top repeating the same garbage about “conspiracy theory industry” in an attempt to burry his posts so that I don’t have to acknowledge the irrefutable evidence he shows”.

Well here it is again.

Soros funds “democratic socialism” aka communism in America.

He’s an admitted Nazi collaborator
He has wrecked countries by buying out their currency
He economically forced 600,000 to be lose their jobs and flee their homes
•He’s banned in several countries, including his own.
convicted felon, on and on..

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America

Psychological warfare / ideological subversion

Communist / liberal smear tactics from 1943 using the exact same terms to scream in an attempt to silence and discredit opposition in 2020.

A 1969 Warning About Communist-Inspired Upheaval and Revolution

And given the fact that Soros funds ANTIFA and BLM:

Antifa demands George Soros " us the money he owes us!"

who have admit that they are “trained marxists”: "We Are Trained Marxists" - Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder, #BlackLivesMatter

It’s no surprise that we are seeing this planned and controlled demolition of America using communism disguised as liberalism.


If only y’all could bring yourself to watch these videos and click the links, you might have a chance to see the truth. But at this point, it’s obvious that the Internet Propaganda Xtremist ninja is a socialist / communist troll

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/23/2020 2:01:04 PM

1. He's not a Nazi collaborator. I already watched the first video you posted that had the full interview. Watching a second that is even more edited is not going to give me MORE information. You're posting a video as if that's what he said when he didn't say that. It was a leading question. Did you cut out the part where he said he didn't do anything? Why, would he say 2 different things in the SAME INTERVIEW, except that he later realized the intent of the leading question from earlier and tried to clarify what actually happened? This is why sound bytes are so problematic.

2. Both people and governments buy foreign currency all the time. It helps to stabilize their own currency. You can buy and sell currency the same as you can buy and sell US Treasury bonds. You can buy and sell debt. You're trying to blame investors for being right. Since you cry about me ignoring your links, lets quote YOUR LINK:

The euro has plunged from $1.20 to $1.09 this year (see chart). The feared unraveling of the currency – which, admittedly, would take a lot more than Greece's departure – calls to mind another currency fiasco from the early 1990s, when George Soros and a group of other investors that included fellow hedge fund managers Paul Tudor Jones and Bruce Kovner, bet against a central bank's ability to hold the line on its currency.

Forbes took a deep dive into that trade in the November 9, 1992 issue, illuminating how Soros made $1.5 billion in just a single month by betting the British pound and several other European currencies were priced too richly against the German deutsche mark.

The entire group cashed in big-time. Jones' funds made $250 million, while Kovner's Caxton Corp. rang the register to the tune of $300 million, but no one made more than Soros, who cleared $1.5 billion in that fateful month of September. (The score made Soros' legend and swelled his firm's coffers; assets under management jumped to $7 billion, from $3.3 billion, by mid-October 1992, and to $11 billion by the end of 1993.)

"They bet that the politicians and central banks could not much longer maintain artificially high exchange rates in the interests of European unity," wrote authors Thomas Jaffe and Dyan Machan.

-end quote-

Now, since you probably didn't understand ANY of that let me break it down in another way. I will use the JMD (Jamaican Dollar) as an example. The current exchange rate of the JMD is 1 USD = 140.51 JMD. I remember back when it was 1 - to - 70. This means that the JMD has either lost half its value or it means the USD has inflated to twice its previous value. I'm not including other currency numbers. It could be both. That's not the point.

The point is that if the Europeans were ARTIFICIALLY juicing their exchange rates that means they could buy up more JMD with their currency than what their currency was ACTUALLY worth. And this is where conspiracy theorists fail miserably because there used to be videos talking about how bad banks were and how we needed to take back the currency; how they print money out of thin air, how there isn't enough money to pay back all the debt, and so forth. All of this is important. If Europeans are inflating the value of their money it's like doping in the Olympics. It's cheating. And Soros and other investors (because it wasn't just him) called them out on it.

Now, I do invest so I understand. Maybe you do. Maybe you don't. Currency works like any other stock. When people buy a lot of it the value goes up. When people sell a lot of it the value tends to go down. But it's not going down because it lost value. It's going down because people are speculating that its a good time to sell because its either over priced or some other issue that they believe will negatively affect the value of that stock. If you don't know anything else about investing you should know "buy low, sell high". In the investing world there are bubbles, like what happened to the early dot-coms. Ever watched Shark Tank? If you have then you should understand how important the valuation of a company is. You can't just say "my company is worth 10 billion dollars". It has to be backed up by your financials: assets vs liabilities, sales projections, etc. But if you somehow managed to convince Mr. Wonderful that your company was worth $10 billion and he bought 10% for $1 Billion. Guess what would happen if he tried to sell his shares and no one wanted to buy them because no one agreed that the company was worth that much? He would then have 2 decisions. 1 - Hold. Basically, he could just hold on to his shares until the price per share went up. But... 1... it may never go up. It might keep going down until the company cannot sustain itself and files bankruptcy. So then he would lose a billion dollars. Or 2. Sell. He could sell each share at a loss according to what the current price is which is basically what people are willing to pay. That's how all stocks work. That's how all commodities work. So if you're mad that an INVESTOR bought low and sold high, then you know NOTHING about investing. Soros did not control the value of the currency. So if he saw that it was over inflated then he had to pull out before an event that happens to every over inflated balloon.

It bursts.

It was wrong to over inflate the value. It was right for Soros to pull out when he did. It's not his job to run the Bank of England and if he did you would cry about how much power he has. So you'd simply be crying for a different reason. But this is all part of the game. And as black people know, you don't hate the playa... you hate the game. The ones you should blame are the ones who were cheating which has a real effect on smaller countries, especially African diaspora countries. Soros understands this. You don't. I'm not saying he did it for Jamaica. That would be a ridiculous assumption. However, doing things like this helps to level the playing field. Imagine if Jamaica has to pay more for everything it imports because European countries are cheating. Imagine if Jamaica gets less from everything it exports because those countries are buying with their inflated currency. Do you see the game now? Their cheating wreaks havoc on the economies of the countries who aren't cheating. But no conspiracy theory for that. Conspiracy theorists aren't looking out for African countries. They're so busy fighting a fictitious enemy that all they care about is European powers.

3. Thailand.

Again... you don't understand investing or currency. That much is clear. Hopefully you understood at least some part of what I just said about Europeans inflating the value of their currency. And that's why Soros and other investors pulled out. Again... I will quote YOUR LINK (are you reading these yourself? Or do you just not understand what you're reading?).

The Asian Crisis started in August 1997, only a month after Thai authorities abandoned the US dollar Thai baht peg. The baht had been pegged to the dollar for more than a decade, and the Thai authorities had been encouraging banks and big corporates to borrow US dollars unhedged to fuel domestic lending for much of this period. However, as the US dollar got stronger in the mid-90s, Thailand’s trade and capital accounts deteriorated, firm’s found it difficult to meet dollar debt obligations and it became apparent the peg was unsustainable.

As soon as the peg was abandoned, it quickly became clear how bad the situation had deteriorated. Thai authorities left the peg on July 2, 1997, and by October 24 the free floating baht had depreciated by 60% against the dollar. Thailand’s troubles triggered a wave of speculation against other Asian currencies and over the same period the Indonesian rupiah, Malaysian ringgit, and Philippine peso depreciated by 47%, 35%, and 34%, respectively.

-end quote-

So what happened? Originally Thailand had set the value of their currency at a fixed exchange rate to the USD. If the USD goes down their dollar would too. If the USD goes up so does theirs. The first paragraph shows you how they were at fault. They borrowed money unhedged in USD. Then its like unlatching a train car from the rest of the train. When they abandoned the beg their currency was free to rise and fall on its OWN. It wasn't a good decision to do this while at the same time borrowing USD to fuel their economy. So obviously, if their currency couldn't keep up on its own then it would cost more to pay back what they owed than what they originally borrowed. THAT... is a problem. Soros did not make them borrow this money in the first place. Soros did not make them abandon the peg either. They were betting on their currency outperforming the USD. There's no other reason to abandon the peg. They bet wrong. Soros bet right. Your article asks and answer the question: Did Soros start the crisis? It says that there was speculation that Soros used is political connections but that Soros wasn't the biggest single speculator to hold a position against the currency. Julian Robertson had 3 times Soros's bet.

And when I say bet, I mean exactly like gambling. The only difference is that randomness in investing is more of an illusion created by the interplay of so many variables. Personally, I love variables, but that's irrelevant. Soros has argued, and he is correct, that it was Thailand's own central bank that made the problem worse. It was their moves that caused Soros to bet against them in the first place.

3. Being banned from a country doesn't mean you're the bad guy and I'm having a hard time finding a credible source that makes this claim. But you said Hungary, right? But you didn't provide a link for that point. So I'll have to use one of my own choosing.

I like using multiple sources. Feel free to pick one. OSF moved to Berlin, not because Soros was banned, but because of the far-right government of PM Viktor Orban. Central European University was founded and funded by George Soros to spread principles of democracy and free society. But Agent H... I thought you were pro-democracy. What happened? I thought you were pro capitalist and pro-freedom? Don't you know that these things aren't welcome in different parts of the world? So why do you have a problem with Soros trying spread freedom and democracy?

"HOW DARE YOU SIR! Freedom and Democracy? How dare you try to spread freedom and democracy to places where they are lacking? I say I say, how dare you, sir. How... dare... you..." {dramatic flourish}

Again... this is where conspiracy theorists fail miserably. America itself, utilizes various tactics to spread freedom and democracy. This was famous under Bush Jr. especially. But when Soros is doing it, you're... on the side of authoritarians?? But I get it... It's the white supremacist 101 play book. If you don't like someone talk about their criminal record; not about what they're actually doing.

4. OMG... Insider Trading in France...

You do realize that Martha Stewart engaged in insider trading and went to prison for 5 months. On the other hand, the French came after Soros based on testimony that George Soros was told about a move over the phone but he declined to take part. Whether he did it or not, I agree that Soros is at least as bad as Martha Stewart. So CONGRATULATIONS!!! You got him! He may have broken the law so clearly he must be a satanic pedophile who's trying to take over the world. I guess you win?

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/23/2020 3:27:48 PM

I’ve never seen someone cuckold for Soros so hard.

1: He did say he’s a Nazi collaborator.
2: He purposefully wrecks economies to subdue nations and implement political players to further advance the NWO.
3: He funds Marxism and communism to destroy any countries with remaining freedoms.
4: He thinks of himself as the messiah or God, while doing vile evil things.
5: He owns much of the media that in turn protects him by giving naive people like you a cover story to use.
6: Being banned from entering a country most surely means your not a good guy
7: Simply look at the man, he is soulless and evil.
8: He funds the most racist and destructive political agendas possible, i.e liberalism, socialism, and communism

I could go on for days.

You use the most basic liberal tools and tactics. You hyper focus on one issue, (Soros was never my main point, OBVIOUSLY he’s a really really evil old fuck, I brought him and his evil up to show his connections with ANTIFA and BLM current evil) so that you can ignore the other and more pertinent information. Thinking that if you can vindicate Soros, you can discredit the entire argument. Which you really have to be an ignorant / naive person to even TRY to vindicate the old Nazi Soros. This is where you fail miserably. You can’t see the forest for the trees.

BLM are trained Marxists, ANTIFA recieved training from Islamic terrorists and funding from an ex-nazi, Communism has infiltrated the universities successfully brainwashing multiple generations. I’m not surprised by your indoctrination at all. People like you are the useful idiots the NWO needs. You are larping for your own enslavement.

What I find particularly hilarious is that you admit to doing well with investments this year from Trumps record breaking stock market and economy, yet want to remove Trump at all costs. This perfectly describes you. Enjoy the freedoms of America while working to destroy it with socialism and Marxism.

You can literally invent you people. Cookie cutter NWO guppies

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/23/2020 4:36:46 PM

George Soros has pledged a billion dollars to set up a university network to fight nationalism. “Most important project of my life”

Soros has a right to donate to whatever causes he likes, providing they’re legal. But what kind of world will be shaped by the cadre of liberal elites trained at OSUN institutions? Expect to see these future liberal functionaries fighting made-up dictators at home, not real ones abroad. These Soros-educated graduates will emerge as torch-bearers of their benefactor’s worldview, which far from being “endangered” — a truly bizarre assertion considering the political leanings of most university campuses — already has the backing of everyone from the New York Times, to Silicon Valley, to Hollywood.

Among Soros’ globalist aims are liberalization of the justice system, the federalization of Europe, opposition to nationalism, and the erosion of national borders, to name but a few. Soros will not live to see these aims fully realized, but we will. His sponsorship of progressive judges and district attorneys in the US will directly impact American lives, when citizens in their districts discover whether their ‘soft on crime’ policies bring peace, or a crime wave. Europeans will know the impact of Soros’ advocacy when they, for better or worse, see the demographics of their neighborhoods change as a consequence of mass immigration.

Imagine if Soros was right-wing

The most notable aspect of Soros’ late-life power games is the easy ride he gets from the establishment, despite the extent of his political meddling, which often unashamedly crosses political borders at a time where people are labeled treasonous for literally talking to a Russian official.

To see the extent of this hypocrisy, compare him to another politically motivated billionaire philanthropist — David Koch, who recently passed away. Koch’s death saw op-eds that described his legacy as “monstrous,” “terrifying,” and “disgraceful.” His gifts to the planet, one Guardian columnist wrote, were “death and destruction.” Together with his brother Charles, Koch used the profits from his family’s business to fund Republican lawmakers and right-wing think tanks, promulgating his message of limited government, freedom from social responsibility, and of course, tax breaks for fat cats like himself.

Soros funded Black Lives Matter; Koch funded the Tea Party. Soros funds the liberal Center for American Progress; Koch funded the conservative Cato Institute. Soros pumped $15.9 million into lobbying Congress in just the third quarter of 2019; Koch spent $2 million in the same period. You get the picture.

When Charles Koch sponsored a scholarship program in Utah, the Guardian worried that the university was becoming a “hardline” “right-wing mouthpiece.” Soros’ own educational endeavors have been spared such criticism. His Central European University, located in his native Hungary, has been described instead as a “bastion of academic freedom and a symbol of open society.” Koch’s network of think tanks and NGOs has been referred to as ‘the Kochtopus.’ Imagine for a moment that the mainstream media used similar imagery to refer to Soros’ influence machine. The cries of anti-Semitism would be deafening.

This is not a defense of the Koch brothers. To see figures as powerful so thoroughly excoriated by the media is refreshing, and a reminder that the fourth estate is still capable of holding the elite accountable from time to time. If anything this is a call for the media — and not just the partisan outlets — to thoroughly look at Soros in the same spirit, and ask: “Should the ideological whims of one billionaire determine the political future of entire nations?” Because if they don’t, get ready to live out his vision, and be sure that his billions won’t just outlive him, they will outlive you as well.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/23/2020 5:27:57 PM

1: no he didn't and it doesn't matter how many times you lie and say he did.
2: You sound stupid. You expect us to believe that he should have ignored the whole point of investing in order to make bad investments and lose money because... corrupt governments need protection?
3: except that he got pushed out by countries that want to limit freedom because he, in one case, was funding a University (unlike the fake Trump University, his is real) that was spreading the principles of democracy and freedom.
4: Nope.
5: which media outlets?
6: no it doesn't. Especially not if the country is Russia.
7: so you want to judge someone as souless and evil based on how they LOOK?? This is why so many black men are in danger in America.
8: You think BLM is one of these so your credibilty is beyond nonexistant.

You have gone on for days. We're tired of it.

agent H:
You use the most basic liberal tools and tactics. You hyper focus on one issue, (Soros was never my main point, OBVIOUSLY he’s a really really evil old fuck, I brought him and his evil up to show his connections with ANTIFA and BLM current evil) so that you can ignore the other and more pertinent information.

Dude, do you think I don't know what your point was? I'm smarter than you. You were trying to paint Soros as a devil so that we would think anyone he's linked to must be bad. And if he's linked to Democrats and Black Lives Matter, you (because you're extremely foolish) think we're going to think the same about Democrats and our own organizations that receive donations from Soros. Conspiracy Theorists run from one BS line to another, trying to support a larger argument. The same thing happens with Flat Earthers. As soon as you explain one thing they run and hide behind something else because at the end of the day their whole BS narrative is held up by BS theories and no science. But they think its valid because they don't trust the government.

Should we all blindly trust the government? No. But don't be stupid. Thousands of people work for the government. They're all lying to you even though they don't make more money than others? Conspiracies are generally limited to a VERY SMALL (like 5) number of people because secrets are much harder to keep with every person involved. That's why no one plans a murder with half the city.

People abuse your lack of knowledge, combined with your distrust of government, even though it is largely made up of average citizens, in order to profit off your BELIEFS. Just like a church does. If you refuse to actually THINK for your self then you're not going to have a single original thought in your brain and you will have failed in life. Maybe I'm being too harsh. Blame Carter. He believes your skull is thicker than I'm giving you credit for.

agent H:
Thinking that if you can vindicate Soros, you can discredit the entire argument. Which you really have to be an ignorant / naive person to even TRY to vindicate the old Nazi Soros. This is where you fail miserably. You can’t see the forest for the trees.

Vindicating Soros is the job of his lawyer. Did you bring an actual case against him? No. So his lawyers have nothing to do. If he was guilty of all these things you claim and SO many of you conspiracy nuts have all these answers and its' SOOOOO obvious then why isn't he in prison? YOU say he got convicted, right? So obviously he didn't buy off enough people to escape an insider trading charge but you think that even though multiple countries don't like him, NONE of them are able to prosecute on ANYTHING else?? Wow... You really don't think this stuff through. Why would I have to vindicate Soros when I can simply show your faulty conspiratorial logic? And even if I said nothing, the people on this website are not going to swallow your propaganda about BLM. Some could have about ANTIFA because a lot of people don't know anything about ANTIFA. But you messed that up by linking it with BLM. But of course you would because you weren't savy enough to edit from your Republican talking points to consider your audience. So you're giving us the same propaganda that is being sold to uneducated whites. Lazy.

agent H: People like you are the useful idiots the NWO needs.

Which NWO are talking about? The one Bush(R) mentioned? Do you have ANY IDEA how LONG conpiracy theorists have been talking about the "New World Order"? Dude... you might as well be talking about the second coming. I don't have time for this today. Maybe I'll address the "NWO" tomorrow and what it actually means in context.

agent H:
What I find particularly hilarious is that you admit to doing well with investments this year from Trumps record breaking stock market and economy, yet want to remove Trump at all costs. This perfectly describes you. Enjoy the freedoms of America while working to destroy it with socialism and Marxism.

LOL. Trump COST ME MONEY. My taxes didn't go down. They, like most people's, went up. As far as the stock market the economy was already going up under OBAMA. Can you read a graph? Obama left us a strong economy. Trump didn't screw it up. I can't give him credit for that. Presidents typically have very little to do with the actual economy. But I guess I should credit Trump. Because right before the economy, UNDER TRUMP, jumped off a cliff, I sold my TESLA shares (which is a strong company period) because I was buying a new house. THAT is why I did well. It would be more appropriate to thank Elon Musk and the 4th quarter earnings call back in January.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/23/2020 6:36:05 PM

At this point, I think you’re literally retarded. This is less coherent than listening to Joe Biden speak.

Obama had the worst economy; purposefully selling our jobs out and giving billions to Iran. Trump turned it around real quick!

The reason Soros isn’t in jail is because he buys DA’s and is protected by the establishment. Can you even read? My last post cleared that point up perfectly. He owns ‘Media Matters’ and gets protection from the mainstream that you worship.

Soros funding is the final nail in the coffin for the racists of BLM and terrorism of ANTIFA. If their dirty and destructive deeds weren’t enough to show their wicked hypocritical fruit, getting supported by an actual Nazi is.

Which he is an actual Nazi, he did work with them, he did say it was the happiest time in his life, and that won’t change no matter how many times you lie and simp for him. It’s literally IN VIDEO.

You can pat yourself on the back and keep saying that you’re “smarter than me” but when you can’t even absorb what is in video and out of his mouth, then you can’t say you’re smarter than anyone. Simping for the system isn’t intelligence, it’s showing what a good sheep you are. Just like your COVID hysteria. You’re a good sheep.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 6/23/2020 9:58:20 PM

Why Don't We Hear About Soros' Ties to Over 30 Major News Organizations?

George Soros: Media Mogul

Top Journalists that Serve on Soros-Funded Boards of Directors or Advisers

$52 Million for Media Is Just the Beginning

It's a scene journalists dream about - a group of coworkers toasting a Pulitzer Prize. For the team at investigative start-up ProPublica, it was the second time their fellow professionals recognized their work for journalism's top honor. For George Soros and ProPublica's other liberal backers, it was again proof that a strategy of funding journalism was a powerful way to influence the American public. It's a strategy that Soros has been deploying extensively in media both in the United States and abroad. Since 2003, Soros has spent more than $52 million funding media properties, including the infrastructure of news - journalism schools, investigative journalism and even industry organizations. And that number is an understatement. It is gleaned from tax forms, news stories and reporting. But Soros funds foundations that fund other foundations in turn, like the Tides Foundation, which then make their own donations. A complete accounting is almost impossible because a media component is part of so many Soros-funded operations. It turns out that Soros' influence doesn't just include connections to top mainstream news organizations such as NBC, ABC, The New York Times and Washington Post. It's bought him connections to the underpinnings of the news business. The Columbia Journalism Review, which bills itself as ''a watchdog and a friend of the press in all its forms,'' lists several investigative reporting projects funded by one of Soros' foundations. The ''News Frontier Database'' includes seven different investigative reporting projects funded by Soros' Open Society Institute. Along with ProPublica, there are the Center for Public Integrity, the Center for Investigative Reporting and New Orleans' The Lens. The Columbia School of Journalism, which operates CJR, has received at least $600,000 from Soros, as well

Media Matters Boss Admits The Soros Funded (over 1 million $$) Group Works to Destroy Alternative Media

Leaked Docs Expose Media Matters Conspiring with Facebook & Google to Censor Alternative Media

Washington, D.C. – A recently leaked briefing document from political operator David Brock’s ultra-liberal, self-proclaimed media watchdog, Media Matters, has exposed the hard-left activist group conspiring with Facebook and Google to create a strategy to marginalize and ban political thought outside of the progressive neoliberal paradigm – essentially censoring libertarian and conservative political speech.

For those uninitiated, Brock is the key cog in the hard-left neo-liberal political media attack machine that attempts to propagandize the public into accepting a progressive political narrative as fact. Essentially, Brock acts as the tip of the spear in the left’s culture war – forwarding a divide and conquer paradigm based largely on identity politics.

To give some perspective into this strategy one need only look back to the teachings of ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu and his seminal treatise, The Art of War. He proposed that indirect warfare is one of the most efficient ways of fighting an enemy. It allows an opponent to defeat their adversary without directly engaging them, thereby saving themselves the resources that would have to be expended in a direct confrontation.

This dynamic of indirect warfare is clearly at work, as the hallmarks of an information war are unmistakable in Media Matters methodology and approach described in the leaked document.

The employment of hybrid warfare will unmistakably be marked by “protests,” as we have already seen in the form of “The Women’s March,” and insurgents, such as the Anitfas presence at the UC-Berkley riots. Fifth columns, such as Media Matters, will be formed by non-state actors, like Brock, which publicly behave as civilian organizations, but operate with vested political motives and strategic militant-like precision. Social media and similar technologies will come to replace precision-guided munitions as the “surgical strike” capability of the aggressive party, and chat rooms and Facebook pages will become the new “militants’ den.”

Besides the tactical advantages of this hybrid warfare, there are also strategic ones as well. In this case, indirect warfare, in the form of information warfare, is clearly being employed in an effort to destabilize any messages that are outside of the neoliberal globalist paradigm.

The leaked briefing book, entitled “Media Matters: The Top Watchdog Against Fake News and Propaganda — Transforming the Media Landscape” (obtained exclusively by the Free Beacon) was privately published by Brock in January to solicit donors, and lays out the strategy for controlling the U.S. media narrative.

The briefing book advances the narrative of “Fake News,” which actually began with Media Matters, and reveals Brock is attempting to launch what the hard-left calls “a meme.” A “meme” is essentially a narrative designed to discredit news organizations that dare report from anything other than a neoliberal perspective. The goal is to discredit any organization that doesn’t toe the neoliberal line.

The main thrust of this narrative Brock is forwarding is to paint anyone who opposes the neoliberal agenda as “alt-right” – with a direct implication that they are racist, anti-Semitic, or misogynistic. It must be noted that this blanket term is used to intentionally marginalize anyone that disagrees with their ideological stance. Make no mistake that conflating neo-Nazis and racists, with constitutionalists, libertarians and conservatives is a strategic maneuver meant to marginalize the voice of large segments of the U.S. population.

Brock implicates both Google and Facebook as co-conspirators in forwarding this “Fake News” narrative against independent media organizations like The Free Thought Project.

Brock clearly articulates this strategy, as laid out on page two of his briefing book:

“Over the next four years, Media Matters will focus on achieving the following outcomes:

“Serial misinformers and right-wing propagandists inhabiting everything from social media to the highest levels of government will be exposed.

“Internet and social media platforms, like Google and Facebook, will no longer uncritically and without consequence host and enrich fake news sites and propagandists.

“Toxic alt-right social media-fueled harassment campaigns that silence dissent and poison our national discourse will be punished and halted.”

This clear attempt to consolidate control over the informational narrative Americans are exposed to is dangerous, and nothing less than a true threat to freedom. In essence, Brock is attempting to create a more effective “propaganda model,” as forward by academic Noam Chomsky, to prevent people having any perspective outside of the one the hard-left wants seen by the public — using social media as the weapon.

The narrative of “fake news” had a creeping, but clear, drive to delegitimize alternative media outlets, such as us here at The Free Thought Project, likely due to our reporting on U.S. hegemony/imperialism and topics like the contents of WikiLeaks’ releases of the DNC and Podesta emails during the election – while the mainstream media largely refused to do so.

Revealing the origins of this soft-censorship regime, Lachan Markay reported in the Washington Free Beacon that during the 2016 presidential campaign Media Matters launched a petition drive aimed at pressuring Facebook into prohibiting “fake News” websites and to “adjust its model to stem the flow of damaging fake news from its platform pages.”

There was a clear trickled down agenda enacted after a secret post-election meeting of progressive elites with the Democratic Alliance, co-founded by Soros in 2005, with Media Matters acting as the propaganda arm by issuing a press release about “fake news”– and, like clockwork, numerous publications, such as the Washington Post, began running articles about “fake news.”

In the leaked briefing book, Brock acknowledged that Google was a relatively easy sell on the “fake news” narrative, but Facebook was a much harder sale — with Mark Zuckerberg initially calling the notion that “fake news is a problem” is “crazy.”

So, how did Media Matters handle this?

According to the briefing documents:

“In November, we launched a campaign pressuring Facebook to: 1) acknowledge the problem of the proliferation of fake news on Facebook and its consequences for our democracy and 2) commit to taking action to fix the problem.”

Brock subsequently reported that “as a result of our push for accountability,” Facebook would now toe the neoliberal/globalist line and implement a soft-censorship regime under the guise of ridding Facebook of “fake news.”

In the wake of this full-court press by the neoliberal establishment, President Obama disingenuously proclaimed “fake news” a threat to our democracy during a speech in Berlin. In turn, Mark Zuckerberg caved to the pressure and announced a fact-checking regime, laughably announcing the use of Politifact, Snopes and ABC News to fact-check and flag disputed stories — which would then result in disputed stories being given a lower algorithm ranking, thus not as often appearing in people’s newsfeeds.

Make no mistake that this is simply an attempt by the corporate oligarchy to regain control of the informational gates of society, which they have lost due to the rapid rise of social media, in an effort to soft-censor any dissenting world views.

Brock believes that the only truth is that which supports a neoliberal-globalist agenda, and that all other points of view must be marginalized. It’s painfully obvious that Media Matters, Brock and his oligarchic ilk have no respect for free speech, as they attempt to create an echo chamber for neoliberal globalism, while attempting to silence all other voices.

These actions, by the oligarchic left, are simply war by other means.

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 6/24/2020 2:06:17 AM

Can i just add here that censorship is not a good thing. I dont like it.
It is ok if you disagree. You should be able to say so and not be censored.
Anyone should be able to say any clever or dumbass thing they want to say. Its only words and you don't have to listen or agree. Dont like it, dont deal with it.
If you believe everything you read or hear than you deserve that.
Censoring or banning for words only serves to protect the idiots who say stupid stuff from being exposed as dummies.

Not sure but i don't think we have true freedom of speech anywhere on the globe anymore and that is a problem. Whats next thought/mind censoring and control?

George Floyd should not have been murdered.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/24/2020 9:16:17 AM

I just have to keep remembering that you are a victim of right-wing propaganda.

Obama inherited a bad economy from Republicans. This includes the fact that he had to bail out companies that were hurt mostly due to their own bad business practices. But many people would have lost jobs because of it and the companies paid back what they owed with interest. Again, I ask can you read a graph.

There is no way you can look at a graph and say some dumb stuff like that... unless you can't read a graph.

Obama took a struggling economy in the middle of a recession that lasted over a year and turned it around during his first year in office. We have had 10 years of economic growth since then. Even though Trump says its better under him actual economists are saying its following the same trend that started under Obama. And most people on this site who lived through the Bush and Clinton eras most likely already know that the policies of an incoming president take time in order to impact the economy. Outside of recession presidents typically have minimal impact since the economy is driven by market forces, not the wave of a magic wand. Even companies Trump claimed he went to personally about shipping jobs overseas... like Carrier... what happened? You let him brag about something and never followed up on the actual results.

So after Trump bragged about saving Jobs at Carrier they lost 1,400 jobs and another 700 from Huntington Indiana. Look it up. Trump said they were going to call him back and say the decided to stay. And even though Carrier told employees some BS about regulations it was later revealed that regulations were not a factor. So even though you keep thinking Trump is the messiah for blue collar jobs the reality is capitalism itself, without boundaries = Globalization. You're trying to have your cake and eat it too. All of this crap you guys talk about Marxism and Communism and Socialism, but you ignore the dark side of Capitalism. And before you try to call me a Communist, my preference is a 50/50 mix of Capitalism and Socialism that resembles more like Canada and other European nations.

agent H: The reason Soros isn’t in jail is because he buys DA’s and is protected by the establishment. Can you even read?

The problem, agent H, is that I can read. And I read what YOU posted about Soros being convicted of insider trading. How did that happen if he's so protected? And of course you can't tell us which DAs he "owns" or how or what evidence has been collected by law enforcement. There are a lot of entities involved when it comes to white collar high crimes. This, for Soros, would include the FBI, CIA (since he does business overseas), and the SEC. Despite your ridiculous theories it isn't possible to own all these agencies. The example, the director of the CIA is Gina Haspel. She was nominated by Trump. Before her was Mike Pompeo. So explain how Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel are both bought out by George Soros. I'll wait. And while you're at it, explain how the other republicans at the FBI are bought out. Explain how all the republican investigators never filed any whistleblower reports saying that their investigations into Soros were halted.

You can't do that. If you could you would use that as your primary evidence. And that's why I can accurately assess how weak your case is against Soros and why it relies on lies. Like I said before... sometimes it's what people DON'T say.

agent H: He owns ‘Media Matters’ and gets protection from the mainstream that you worship.

Man... your facts are so wrong and twisted it's like you're some kind of cult member who gets all their news from the cult leader. It's really sad and amazing at the same time. 'Media Matters' is not a media company, dude. Not even close. And its not owned by Soros. It is a 501c3 founded by David Brock. Brock used to be a conservative journalist who understood the propaganda game being employed by the right. So Media Matters was created to point out erroneous statements by conservative commentators and journalists and expose them.

quote: Brock said he founded the organization because conservative "monitoring groups have helped build the conservative media's influence, in part by making mainstream journalists toe a more conservative line by convincing them that they are liberally biased... The right wing in this country has dominated the debate over liberal bias. By dominating that debate, my belief is they've moved the media itself to the right and therefore they've moved American politics to the right.[6]

And this is true. Many outlets, like CNN have been hiring conservatives to try and balance their voice. Ed Martin replace Jeffery Lord, for example. Lord was terminated after tweeting "sieg heil!" at a liberal activist. Martin was terminated for calling his fellow panelists "black racists" on his radio show. Paris Dennard got suspended (he really got on my nerves) due to sexual harassment at a previous job. Chris Cuomo constantly has Trump mouthpieces on his show. MSNBC has Morning Joe and I mostly watch that when I choose to watch any of it.

But again, Media Matters is not a media outlet and isn't owned by Soros. He simply donated to it. That's not ownership. Your conspiracy theorist community lies so often you have no idea what facts even are anymore. It's ridiculous.

agent H: Soros funding is the final nail in the coffin for the racists of BLM and terrorism of ANTIFA.

LOL, you don't even know what racism is. And again, George Soros helped his father save the lives of Jewish families, including their own. Calling him a nazi is irresponsible and shows a blatant disregard for the truth.

agent H: Which he is an actual Nazi, he did work with them, he did say it was the happiest time in his life, and that won’t change no matter how many times you lie and simp for him. It’s literally IN VIDEO.

You're factually incorrect. He was sent to live with a man to help provide him COVER so people wouldn't know he was a Jew. That man took him with him to inventory seized property once. He was with him for only a few weeks. That doesn't make you a nazi. It's makes you a survivor. And soros isn't the only Jew who survived that way. But he is the only one targeted by the right because of his donations to the Left. That's because the right understands that elections are mostly about MONEY. And without people like Soros democrats would not be able to keep up with some of the big donors on the right like the Koch brothers.

agent H: You can pat yourself on the back and keep saying that you’re “smarter than me” but when you can’t even absorb what is in video and out of his mouth, then you can’t say you’re smarter than anyone

I'm smarter than you. The problem is that YOU could not absorb what was in that interview. YOU couldn't detect how that question was leading. It didn't cross YOUR mind that the interviewer didn't pose a follow up question to clarify what George Soros HIMSELF did and what activity GEORGE SOROS personally engaged in while with the man who was in charge of him. He wanted to leave it ambiguous. And Soros must have thought he would ask but when he didn't he had to clarify himself towards the end that he didn't do anything. But you missed that because YOU are the one who didn't absorb what was in the video. THAT is why I KNOW I'm smarter than you. You cannot properly and critically analyze information. If someone gives you something and they call it evidence you just believe whatever they tell you as long as it agrees with your world view.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/24/2020 9:23:22 AM

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