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The Pandemic

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Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/27/2020 3:33:23 AM

Now yall might be interested to read this:

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 8/30/2020 7:32:44 AM

Blessed I

JAH Ras TafarI

Yes I

How long will we suffer being slaves to the World Health Organisation?

Fire burn the World Health Organisation for the lies and deceitfulness spread from these wicked babylon pagans.

Fire burn the pope in Rome.

More Fire upon di Vatican.

The Pandemic is a lie

This whole pandemic is a hoax.

This is not conspiracy.

No I

This is real.

Fire burn the Vatican and the great deception.

Fire burn all masks.

InI will not hide behind a mask.

There is no virus.

COVID 19 is fake.

This pandemic is a scam

The big companies are the ones making the most money all for free without anyone paying. The rich get richer. What about the small businesses?

Yes I, this pandemic is a scam, a hoax, a deception made and planned so that InI suffer.

Don't wear a mask. Masks kill. The virus does not exist. All of it are lies.

Babylon system will fall down!

More Fire upon the wicked deceivers of this world!

More Fire!

Yes I



Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/30/2020 10:06:41 AM

Blessed Melchizedek. I adore your warrior spirit but when it comes to covid 19,or coronavirus, this is no joke. You must be misinformed and the best thing you would be doing is stuffing your brains and veins with marijuana for divine protection against the airborne virus.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 8/30/2020 11:44:39 AM

Blessed Love Idren

Black Christ in Flesh, Bless up King. I man sight your choice of the word misinformed is a very polite word to use.

To everyone else who happens to be reading this, I say now is not the time to put efforts into dismantling the institutions that were created or promoted by HIM Haile Selasie I. These are meant to be used as tools to help InI communicate and share verified information, and live together in Inity and Love.

In I community of 300 year round residents, far away from society, surrounded by nature, the virus has arrived. It was brought here by misinformed and privileged people like MELCHEZIDEK who refuse to accept reality and travel and tour with no Raspect or care and outfect the innocent. People I know and love are struggling for breath to stay alive. We have 3 fully isolated hospital beds with ventilators that are 1 hours travel away from I community, in another town that has its own population to care for. Those 3 beds need to be enough for all the people in our surrounding communities. I don't need to say, that is already not enough.

MELCHEZIDEK, you have proven yourself at BEST misinformed. I see you working against HIM Haile Selassie I.

Yes I this virus airborne. Excuse I while I stuff my brains and veins with more divine protection.


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/31/2020 3:21:20 PM


At this point most people who aren't in extreme isolation have friends or family or friends of the same who have been diagnosed with the virus. One of my family members recovered but one of my best friend's friends is now gone.

Slave to WHO? No body was even talking about the WHO until Q anon and these damned conspiracy theories started spreading propaganda about it for the purpose of trying to make Trump look better. It's all about distracting people away from placing blame with the man who said it would magically go away. This man uses "hoax" to relate to anything that makes him look bad. It doesn't mean he doesn't believe the virus exists. It simply means that he didn't believe the predictions about how it would spread if he didn't do more to combat it. But there was never any reason to doubt the high rate of viral spread. Why? Why would all these governments (who are in competition with each other) around the world agree on a lie that would be proven false in the course of only a few months?

I understand that people don't want to believe in reports from the government that come with "rules" but government would be damned for not telling us. So you can't put them in a no win situation. Instead of blind faith or blind distrust, try to see how individual actions benefit the people involved. This INCLUDES conspiracy theorists and talking heads on TV.

How would lying about a virus benefit? Reason through that logic.

If the virus were manufactured or fiction why would all these doctors ALL join in on the conspiracy? What reason would they have to do so? And why would anyone start a conspiracy that would require mass adoption by a scientific community that gets its credibility from establishing facts not rumors? Why would doctors lie to their families? Why would pathologists fake test results? Do you think they all work for drug companies? They don't.

Just because someone told you it was fake doesn't mean they're right and the government's automatically wrong. People lie. Not just governments. But people. Governments are also just people. Especially if people can use an opportunity to get other people in line with their agenda, and there is clearly an agenda that Trump and Russia are in line with, then it is easy to come up with a story but if it were true that covid was a hoax we wouldn't have nearly 200,000 deaths from it in the US.

The bottom line is that people are not just dying, but people are dead. Conspiracy theories are typically small when real. The idea is to keep the circle down to only those who need to be included. The more people need to cover for a conspiracy theory that involves a lie the less likely it is for that conspiracy theory to be true because it is more likely the lie would be exposed by so many people needed to keep the secret.

But your defiance isn't defiance against the government. You may see it that way but the reality is Trump doesn't care if you catch it or not or if you infect zero people or 100. He doesn't care. We do. I think there is some credibility to what BCiF said about smoking marijuana to help treat covid in its early stage of infection. So if you smoke, great. But whether you smoke or not, wear a mask. That's how you show love to your community the same way that the health industry (and governments) warned about HIV and AIDS. Obviously, that wasn't a lie or a hoax either. And thinking these things aren't real is gambling with your life. Of all the things to gamble with... why that? And not just your life... but if you get an infectious disease you're gambling with the lives of others as well. And that's not cool.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/27/2020 11:43:55 AM

The pandemic is a lie.

All bill gates wants is for us to wear a mask and that evil distancing.

Many on here are mis-informed.

There is no virus.

Prove to I that the virus exists?

No one has seen this virus.

After all this, by next year, they want us all to be vaccinated.

Now the poison is in the vaccine.

Don't wear a mask.

The Pandemic is a lie.

Don't go to the left.

The left is terrorists region.

Fire burn the Pope in Rome.

The World Health Organisation are murderers.

Tedros is a killer.

There is no physical evidence that this virus exists.

Don't listen to the government.

They are liars and want us all poisoned with their vaccine.

This is not a conspiracy or mis-information.

Many don't know what the left is.

Almost none are educated in this knowledge.

The left are evil, through out history they have lied and killed millions.

They will kill millions more.

Dont listen to anyone that says otherwise.

Nobody has died of this virus.

There is no prove of this virus.

The pictures you see of it are computerised.

This is a fake virus that does not exist.

"Mis-information" is the new laim word that the weak use to describe something they know nothing about. The strong use it to cover up their lies.

The left are liars, murderers and kills innocent people.

Each person is free to decide for themselves whether to believe in this pandemic or not.

You can't force your false beliefs upon us.

Fire burn the wicked

Fire burn the Pope in Rome

More fire upon the Vatican


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/27/2020 12:00:24 PM

why are you using 2 threads to say the same thing?

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/27/2020 12:21:51 PM

IPXninja, this world is wrong.

And to answer your question, I was trying to tell you to stop messing up my threads. I kept it in order, but it looks like my speech broke free and I feel much better.

Another rule that the left made, and that was in the beginning of the year too, was that they censored information.

Throughout history the left use this method to keep the truth away from the masses and to tell the people what they wanted them to believe.

I can give more reasons, but that is not the point. The point is that the whole world is wrong, and it is going to take a lot more threads than this to get the slightest clue into your head, just so that you can realise and accept that the I is free and so are the others as well as I self.

Be free

Dont obey the orders of this world.


JAH Bless

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