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The Pandemic

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Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/7/2020 10:54:28 AM


"As we all know, disease is one of deadliest enemies of mankind. But, thanks to the progress achieved in the field of medical science during this century, man is now no longer a defenceless victim against all types of disease. Today we have a World Health Organization to coordinate the knowledge accruing from medical science that has been inherited from individuals such as Louis Pasteur, Sir Alexander Fleming and Konrad Roentgen, who have devoted their lives to free mankind from the scourge of disease. The Organization assists member countries in planning and organizing their health programmes, and thus helps to bring the benefits of medical science to those who suffer from disease. This is not only of inestimable value to the individual countries to which the Organization extends advisory, technical and material assistance, but also to the entire world at large – for in this age of swift travel facilities, it is evident that our world has contracted in its relative geographic position and, consequently, the outbreak of a contagious disease in one country is a danger to the rest of the world. Hence the necessity for every country to enforce international health regulations as prescribed by the World Health Organization."
-HIM Haile Selassie I- April 7, 1958. Tenth Anniversary of WHO

Yes I, Bless up Evison


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/7/2020 6:23:01 PM

I have a chip.

This chip I have allows me to buy and sell.

The chip is located in my credit and debit cards.

But is this prophecy? Or is this a literal interpretation of a prophetic dream that John had on the Island of Patmos?

This is part of the problem with conspiracy theories. They are like prophecies not realizing that prophecies can be true, false, or used as a playbook. I have no problems whatsoever with Yeshua but I also realize that he used messianic prophecies like a playbook because he wanted to invoke that response from the people. Had no one known the prophecies, including him, that he used, would the same prophecies had been fulfilled?

If Neo (the One) wasn't told he was going to knock over the vase would he have still done it? Or was it a choice, that once he heard it he could have moved to the opposite side of the room and focused all his attention on the vase and not being anywhere near it to touch it?

Many prophecies in the bible never happened because they were simply warnings, not about specifc details of a prophecy, but warnings of certain conditions that kings and other leaders needed to avoid or change course on. It's not hard to predict what will happen if a certain political or socio-economic trajectory doesn't change. Even hitting the lottery, often enough someone guesses the right random number. Prophecies are far less random. And some of them were simply hopeful beliefs about the future.

At the same time the future is linked to the past. We make the same decisions over and over. I'm making the same decision I made yesterday, to participate on this forum. I'm making the same decision today to address an IDEA that I feel needs to be addressed. And at the same time the conditions haven't changed to the extent that this decision isn't still necessary in my mind. Condition 1: The agent is still among us. Condition 2: the agent represents the white supremacist system but thinks it wise to try to use conspiracy theories to infect Rastafarian thought because that is how white supremacy (and Russian Intelligence) are working to improve Trump's numbers among black people.

I am intelligent enough to see the wisdom in their strategy. If you can't get the black masses to support you then try to pick off the weak and slow from the fringes. See if you can get them to start sharing and promoting all these white lies. Why not? They already distrust the government, yes? So they are a candidate for racist propaganda.

But never will agent H admit that Trump is racist, even when he says that people trying to take down confederate icons and symbols are attacking his idea of America; hate.... his idea of America. The Confederates betrayed America because they wanted to continue to own slaves. Period. These symbols of hate were erected during the civil rights era as a counter... as a "all lives matter" type of counter to black people protesting... not simply against our treatment, but protesting against the system of their control.

Agent H thinks Rastas are allies against the Deep State; not realizing that the State isn't that deep and its not found in one party. The state is people who choose to run for office. Many of them are rich. Some of them are middle class and some are poor. The interests of each group dictates what they will most commonly do in office. The rest of what they will do depends on the external influences acting upon them, whether it is to get re-elected or whether it is funnel money into their pockets or party's war chest. There is always a battle for control with different ideas fighting against different ideas. And what agent H doesn't want us to know is that Republican ideas are often antithetical to black interests and so instead of being influenced by the wants and needs of the black community the GOP has simply resolved to use the Southern Strategy. This simply means they will appeal to the white majority while trying to suppress the black vote. There's your conspiracy right there. But it's already been exposed. Stacey Abrams did a great job exposing it in the last election. They don't want us to vote. They don't want us to participate. They want us to believe that it doesn't matter so that we will not do what our ancestors marched, fought, and died for. They saw voting as a non-violent means of getting the system to change course... to change its solid trajectory. They understood that they all lived in a democracy that had to be governed by rules that all sides had to agree to. So if they were going to live under those rules they were going to play by those rules because playing by those rules was the best way to force the system to play by its own rules. And by voting... and by putting their own people in office... they understood that they could become referees in the game and change the rules just enough to make things a little more fair and competitive.

Republicans are clearly against that. They are "CONSERVATIVE" because they want to "conserve" or "keep" the status quo. They want to keep the system "as is". They don't want progressive change. They will fear monger any attempts to change it as socialist, communist, marxist, etc. to scare people into thinking those changes wont work. Meanwhile capitalism is working great for 2% of the population. And how many of that 2% are black?

I don't vote for democrats because I like the DNC or Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is smart enough to use me whenever our political interests are aligned. Am I mad at her for that? NO. Why? Because I don't care about Nancy or her interests either. I am smart enough to play the same game and will use her whenever our interests are aligned. It's called mutual benefit. We don't have to be united in our ideas or culture. The idea that we need unity is wrong. What we need is harmony; accepting the fact that we're different and building bridges towards each other where we have common ground.

So I don't vote based on a party. I vote based on my INTERESTS and the INTERESTS of my COMMUNITY. Republicans are not on board with that so they don't get my vote. It's really not rocket science. All the conspiracy theories in the world aren't going to make me give up my right to have my one voice matter. It makes me want to vote even more because there's a conspiracy trying to take my vote away and silence the votes and the political power of my brothas and sistas.

And that's why I make the same repetitive decision to participate and address the foolishness of agents that come here with arrogant intent to educate black people because they think we're inferior intellectually. I'm not even offended that they think this because it simply shows how ignorant they are, not how ignorant we are.

The idea that they want us to believe our own organizations and institutions are bad...

They're basically saying that "the white delegation" (as I can hear the voice of the man Dave Chappelle) knows our people more than we know ourselves so that they are in a position to educate us on our own people and the intentions of our own people and the "CRIMINAL" motives and intentions of our OWN PEOPLE to do what?

Agent H can try and say he doesn't like the system and Babylon must fall. He can say that out of one side of his mouth but OUT OF THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SAME MOUTH.... he is threatened by other strategies and other ideologies and people working against the system to CHANGE IT. And now that WE are closer to changing it than EVER IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERIKKKA... the threat to these agent provocateurs is so great that they must throw every conspiracy theory, every lie, even the lies they tell themselves, to try and convince us not to support our own people and our own desire for change.

But we are NOT loyal to YOUR idea of America. We simply hold these truths to be self evident that ALL men are created EQUAL. Until the system changes and evolves to no longer be against its own constitution then we must be agents of change to change that system. To a certain degree we all want Babylon to fall. We want the racist system to fall! At no time has BLM or ANTIFA (anti fascists) ever asks for civil war. But you know who did? Dylan Roof. White supremacists are the ones who want a war because they believe this country belongs only to them. And therefore, OF COURSE agents of theirs wouldn't want black people voting as much as possible. So OF COURSE agent H will demonize me for having an opinion on politics. OF COURSE. And OF COURSE he will lie and say I'm some kind of party operative under the influence of the left wing media. OF COURSE OF COURSE OF COURSE. Even though I said multiple times that I voted for Jill Stein in the last election as a protest vote against the DNC playing too much towards the center which is conservative on the other side of the fence. But do I know that they believe they need the votes of independents in order to win and without winning they can't do anything or protect ideas we have already fought for? Yes. So do I vote for other democrat candidates? ABSOLUTELY. And will I absolutely vote against Trump? ABSOLUTELY. Gleefully. I will wait in line for hours upon hours if I have to. I'll bring a folding chair. Because what makes this country great (and it is the greatest) is our ability to CHANGE IT.

The bible tells a story. In this story the children of Israel march. March... They marched around Jericho seven times. First time, nothing happened. Second time, nothing happened.

Three, four, five times, nothing happened. On the sixth... nothing... happened.

But after the seventh time, marching around it with the ark of the covenant, it says that the walls of the city fell.

Now I am not a fan of the conquest of other nations and people but if we use this as a symbol, black people have been marching around Babylon's walls for decades. But we've gotten tired. And we got comfortable. And after awhile we adapted to their abuses and mistreatment and we tried to ignore it. And we allowed whites to think it wasn't happening because we weren't complaining. We complained only in isolated cases and took settlements also referred to as hush money.

But eventually the sleeper has to awaken and as the police kept practicing injustice and oppressive tactics we had to continue that march that was begun many years ago. Many years ago a few bricks from the wall shook and fell but the wall still stood. We built something with those bricks and white people said "look... at what we have given you"... we used what we built to gain more. We used entertainment because that was an industry thirsty for different thoughts, ideas, sounds. And in sports we could use the physicality they so fear to play harmless games for trophies and rings, titles. And when white people saw that they said "see... look at what we have given you." But when one of those players took a knee.... they said "how dare you. Look at what we have given you!" But even if he was the only one marching, by kneeling, around the city, he was determined to march around that city.

You could ask the agent "how should we protest? How should we gain the equality we seek?" but it will do you no good because none of the conspiracy websites... no infowars... no Q anon... none of it has any interest in investing time into coming up with better solutions. All they want us to do is support their ideas and their white nationalism and vote with them or not at all. Either one is fine. So if they can muddy the waters... if they can get us to doubt our own people. If they can sow enough division and attack our ideas... then they have less opposition for the racist retaking of America that they're in the process of doing with Donald Trump; their Nazi Messiah.

It should be taken as an insult to our intelligence... We know that white supremacy exists. When Trump retweets a video with one of his supporters saying "White power", THEY know it exists. So let's finally stop pretending it doesn't. The cards are laid bare on the table now. There is no room for any confusion for anyone to be sleep and not paying attention. If you follow where agent H leads you will be directly benefiting and being used as a tool for white supremacy. Might as well go ahead and take the hood off, agent H. You can pretend to agree with and endorse H.I.M in order to try to make Rastas think you're on their side but the people and policies you endorse speak the opposite. You are against us. And we see you.

The more you try to convince us not to believe our eyes the more you expose your self; a white man trying to white-man-splain politics to us to the benefit of white supremacy; white supremacy that SO OBVIOUSLY wears the hood of right wing republican conservatism. Jeff Sessions. Steven Miller. Steeve Bannon. Steve King. Southern strategy. Confederate monuments and flags. The southern base where slavery was at its height vs New York and other places where you can actually see the melting pot of multiculturalism at work. How do you expect to hide racism and white supremacy in crowds of hardcore Trump supporter so white than any black person there is automatically profiled and thought to be a protester? Are you mad? Are you actually insane but still have the physical ability to form sentences?

There is NO WAY you can believe that you're on our side and that your side isn't ACTIVELY promoting racism and white supremacy. Trump, being the buffoon that he is, simply and accidentally exposed your side for what it actually is by knowing that many whites are indeed racist AF and appealing to it. But McFLY! You're not supposed to actually expose them! And now that he fails at basic checkers, now racism and white supremacy in the US has been brought to the surface. So I have to thank Trump for being so very stupid. If it wasn't for that stupidity... I don't know how long racism could continue. But the response to racism and white supremacy has BLM and ANTIFA on the front lines. On the other side, the KKK and Nazis are on the front line. Do you really think we're going to fight a culture war ON YOUR SIDE? You think we're blind? Are we supposed to imagine that we saw ANTIFA shadow boxing with only themselves? No there were "very fine people on both sides" according to your orange messiah. Attacking our side without hesitation or question simply proves you are with the other. THAT's why I identify you as an agent. You're not one of us, nor are you trying to be. You are a tool looking for others to make tools out of. I simply hope you're getting paid well for this. Because as much as you love talking about Soros, he did not sell out his people like you are here trying to get us to do to ours. And I would rather die than sell out my people.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/8/2020 5:56:07 PM

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 7/11/2020 8:07:09 AM

Cedric, thanks for the quote of Selassie on the WHO. I started this post here hoping to get a Higher perspective of this situation and not bunch of regurgitation of political, mainstream, conspiracy and Babylonian confusion that I can find everywhere else, its chaos and confusion ina babylon and I seek Rastafari teaching for INI sanity and equilibrium even in the toughest of times. Shalom.

Higher Heights
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 7/11/2020 1:12:06 PM

Agreed jesse.
Give th ankhs Cedric for the quote.
Relevant in these times

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 7/11/2020 1:45:04 PM

"for in this age of swift travel facilities, it is evident that our world has contracted in its relative geographic position and, consequently, the outbreak of a contagious disease in one country is a danger to the rest of the world."

Good thing spread too. Spread your goodness and mercy, oh, JAH RasTafari

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/12/2020 9:11:39 PM

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 7/19/2020 9:02:26 AM


This is a corrupt system InI don't want to wear a mask the babylon system is evil and corrupt. InI won't bow down to no babylon system. InI must protect the nature by all means. Herbs are the healing of the nation. Babylon system wants to mess Ivery I. Babylon will fall down.

More fire

Haile Selassie I

JAH Ras Tafari


JAH Blessed

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 7/19/2020 9:19:34 AM

The world health organization has failed InI. Look at all de deaths. Do they want us poisoned by vaccine? This have been seen today as part of a wicked ancient babylon system along wit da united nations. All dey do is are liars and murderers. How can't I use I herbs for to cure? Dis system is a corrupt system of babylon and InI refuse to dis system.



Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/19/2020 11:16:07 AM

Bless Up Idren

IPXninja, Bless up and give thanks for the I’s sight. InI will never sell out our people.

Jessep86, Bless up and give thanks for the I’s Ras incouragement. True Rasta, if InI here on this forum, InI Rasta know how to operate a search engine and can discover and learn for Iself. TRUE InI seek Rastafari for sanity and equilibrium. Bless Up. Even good can grow and build in InI hearts and mind and over this earth.

Evison, Bless up and give thanks for sighting the relevancy.

Melchezidek, InI not telling any I what to do. What vaccine does the I know of, to combat this current pandemic? I man sight none. To be poisoned by a vaccine ina babylon program, InI would first have to be shown evidence that there is even an “effective” vaccine, in order to be tricked. There is none for Covid-19.

If InI did our part of staying separate from babylon, InI wouldn’t even be in this situation of a global pandemic right now. If InI live in self sufficiency in Nature in harmony and oneness, like many Rastafari do, InI don’t even need a vaccine. Man brought and is bringing this virus and spreading it across the globe due to their whole hearted support for the beast and its economic program and "benefits".

If InI going to cast judgement and fire downpon the systems of man, InI can think of many more guilty groups than systems of government that were set up and/or specifically promoted by HIM Haile Selassie I. UN and WHO to name a few that the I calls out as being “liars and murderers”. The I really trying to put effort into dismantling these systems before any other? I man would call that ungracious to HIM.

Use herbs. Stay separate. Burn babylon. All of these things promote health and livity to InI Rastafari. For InI people that are TRAPPED inna babylon, and their numbers are many, InI can also promote simple preventative measures to try and stay healthy until our full removal from their wicked program.

I man surprised to see the I is not taking the time to educate InI about the teachings of the I’s namesake. How InI can better effectively bring peace and justice upon this creation by learning about the four worlds: The Atsilutic World of existence and emanation, the Briah World of Creation, the Yitzirah World of formation, and the Asiyah world of action and manifestation. Much beneficial education can be provided to InI who may be unaware of such powerful ancient knowledge, that I suspect the I can share.


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