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The Pandemic

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Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/11/2020 12:49:32 PM

Cites CNN, the least trusted name in news, calls Jah a mythological being, loves population control.


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/11/2020 1:07:46 PM


you cannot "catch" heart disease from someone else. You cannot "catch" stroke from being within 6 feet of someone else.

That's the difference.

Secondly... no one is talking about destroying all diseases. Only the simple-minded Trump is musing about ingesting chemicals that would do that (and destroy your healthy cells too). This is not what vaccines actually do. They don't kill viruses. They basically help your body adapt to them. You still have the virus but you wont get the symptoms because your body is creating the antibodies to keep it in check. Last time I checked, adaptation is a NATURAL process.

But let's talk about nature for a minute.

Do you live in a house? Artificial.

Do you wear clothes? Artificial.

Do you drive a car or ride a bike? Artificial.

All of these things are things we MAKE in order to help us adapt to our environment. This includes bathrooms with sewage systems, and soap. And yes, you can use Castille soap or some other completely natural product but the combination of those ingredients do not natural occur together in nature. So we humans build things and put things together. Birds do the same when they build a nest. Ants do the same when they build an ant hill and all the systems of tunnels underneath. Wanna kill your fish? put them in a tank without adding a filter and watch them die from the ammonia.

When you forget or take for granted that there are toxins in nature... even the fact that we're all exhaling CO2... it's like you forget that, even though nature isn't trying to kill you, under the right circumstances, it definitely can. Do we breath underwater? No. Does that mean you shouldn't go scuba diving?

There is nothing wrong with these things. They are natural because we who are part of nature build them. Just like a birds nest is natural. Just like a beaver dam is natural. We're simply able to make much more complex things with more complex use cases. So being afraid of those things is like fearing our own shadows. We simply need to be cautious and smart.

Books don't occur in nature either. You like books, right? I'm not trying to offend anyone. I'm just saying... you can't pick and choose which human inventions are good and evil based on some arbitrary idea of what's natural. There's a guy who said he didn't want to wear a mask because we're made in the image of God. Stuff like that? Is pure nonsense and the stupidity of so much of this stuff is making me sick. I feel overwhelmed by the stupidity of people during this pandemic. And I'm sorry if I'm voicing too much of my personal frustrations but people are literally dying because of all this stupidity that other people are helping to spread around; even if the people helping to spread it are safely in their homes, acting like they're brand new to the internet.

It's like endangering public safety because someone thinks there's a connection between Netanyahu and micro-chipping kids which Netanyahu is stepping down in October. Microchips have been talked about for almost as long as the second coming of Christ. And the reality is that is what people WANT to happen. And for the same reason. Because they think the end of the world is a good thing. And either they want to go to heaven or they want to take over earthly rule so they actually want bad things to happen. They want microchips to be forced on populations because they think that's the "mark of the beast". Meanwhile they use whatever microchips in their phones without even thinking about it. And almost every credit card has a microchip on it now for security. And that is "in the hand". But no... people are fine with that because it makes sense. It's not an abuse and it can't track your location in real time (like your cell phone can). But it's ridiculous. This isn't the end of the world. It's not a biological attack. It's just a virus. It is conspiracy theories that are blowing it out of proportion by pretending something nefarious is going on. It's not. It's just a virus but we're simply not used to viruses being this infectious. I learned first hand that just because you're not used to being in the path of tornadoes doesn't mean you can't get your roof taken off by a tornado. And it's not God. It's not Jah. It's not the government. It's not anything you're making gods out of or giving power to through your fear. It is just a virus.

And viruses don't have to obey any rules for how dangerous they can be.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/11/2020 1:08:16 PM

you clearly misunderstand the term mythology.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/11/2020 7:17:35 PM

Professor Dr. John Oxford from Queen Mary University of London, UK, the world's leading virologist and influenza specialist

“I feel that what is going on right now is what we experience more or less every winter. The contagion is high. But in my view, the disease is not as bad as influenza. I believe that you only look at one thing selectively here and fill it with a certain panic.I believe that we have had situations like this several times and that the measures are now being taken too far. We need air and sun, air dilutes the viruses and sun with UV light kills them. But no curfew! You don't get infected on the street! "

Professor Dr. Eran Bendavid (et al), Stanford University, USA

"Especially in Germany, no hospital is overwhelmed. Then I say the epidemic is over. The number of newly infected people in Europe has been falling for at least three days. Letting children get infected is the fastest way to getting immunity and that is how to protect the elderly from being infected. Measures have made the situation worse. Open the schools! There is none and there was never a reason to close schools. "

Professor Dr. Michael Levitt, Professor of Biochemistry, Stanford University, USA. Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013

Plenty more quotes to come
“Personally, I would say the best advice is to spend less time watching television news that is sensational and not very good. I personally think this Covid outbreak is a bad winter flu epidemic. In this case, we had 8000 deaths in the risk groups last year, i.e. over 65% people with heart disease etc. I don't think the current Covid will exceed that number. We suffer from a media epidemic! ”

Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 5/11/2020 10:21:47 PM


You can catch a thought form from your environment if you dont guard your mind carefully.

I hope one day you will see the error of your ways
And not think of how much it pays

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/11/2020 11:00:53 PM

One day they will see their error.

All shall be revealed.

The seal will be opened.

The media is misleading ya.

Time will tell.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/12/2020 4:38:15 PM

This was the ruling of the United States Supreme Court shortly after the Civil War in ex parte Milligan, 71 U.S. 2 (1866) which yet stands to this day. Section 98 “Neither the legislature nor any judicial or executive officer may disregard the provisions of the constitution in case of emergency. Therefore, ANYONE who declares the suspension of Constitutionally guaranteed rights (to freely travel, peacefully assemble, earn a living, freely worship, etc) and or attempts to enforce such suspension within 50 independent, sovereign, Continental United States of America is making war against our constitution(s) and therefore, we the people. They violate their Constitutional oath and, thus, immediately forfeit their office and authority and their proclamations may be disregarded with impunity and that means ANYONE, even the Governor and President.”

It’s time to rise up and take back your Country and World!! President Trump has left it up to the individual states on how to handle the situation, WE SEE WHAT STATES AND (democrat) “LEADERS” ARE ENFORCING THESE UNCONSTITUTIONAL LOCKDOWNS!!

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/13/2020 8:51:00 AM

You mentioned Professor Dr. John Oxford from Queen Mary University of London, UK. I want everyone who is interested in the subject to pay attention to what I'm about to show you. Watch this short video, especially 5:30 in. What you're going to see is the man quoted by conspiracy theories say, in effect, the opposite of the quote. The professor doesn't downplay or dismiss the virus at all. He talks about social distancing, quarantine, and contact tracing; EVERYTHING mainstream news media has been reporting.

This is why you CANNOT TRUST conspiracy theorists. It doesn't mean they're bad people and you shouldn't listen at all. They are simply believers, just like Christians. Many Christian sites lie and fabricate evidence to support their claims and agenda. It's not just that they want their beliefs to be true but it is important to them that other people follow them.


It's okay to listen, not okay to trust. You need to verify so-called evidence. Covid is a matter of life or death, maybe not for you, but for someone else who might catch the virus because of you; because you weren't careful. Because you were arrogant and lazy and thought you knew better than the whole of the medical and health industry. The fact they can lie about this man and what he said during a pandemic shows they will lie about anything. It doesn't get any lower or less trustworthy than that. You'll lie about something that can kill people? I have no respect for them. It shows they really don't care about the people they are convincing to follow them and their lies. They don't give a damn about you. They just want your clicks and your money. To me, that's even worse than the government.

And if you're sharing their videos or quotes they are taking advantage of you and YOUR credibility; using YOUR credibility in order to infect the masses with their lies.


They don't want you to trust your government except for Trump or anyone they personally like. That is hypocrisy. But even though they claim to be patriots they don't love the country because they're willing to lie to and mislead her people and put all of our lives in danger just for profit. They're worse than a corporation because at least corporations can be held liable in court. It is much harder to hold conspiracy theorists responsible for the indirect actions they cause. And they know that.

Professor Dr. John Oxford described the covid virus as a big threat. But conspiracy theorists count on people like him either not even finding out what they said or not being able to trace these misquotes back to their source.

Now some doctors did originally have an opinion that covid was just another virus like influenza, but many of them now see that they were wrong and many more people are dying and have already died than what the flu is capable of. That's not anecdotal. That's hard facts.

If these doctors were believing what they heard on Fox news and discounting the massive numbers of people dying UNTESTED, they may have originally thought covid wasn't that bad. But we're over 80,000 deaths already. And these are officially declared covid deaths. There may be 100,000 more unreported.

Here's what the Professor knows RIGHT NOW.

"Scientists working at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Imperial College London and the Institute for Disease Modeling have used these approaches to estimate the infection fatality rate. Currently, these estimates range from 0.5% to 0.94% indicating that COVID-19 is about 10 to 20 times as deadly as seasonal influenza."

Now if you go around thinking it's just like the flu because you think one of the top virus experts said it... and it was a lie? Then you have just been turned into a potential weapon that has the possibility of killing your friends and family. Is that okay? Is that cool with you? Because how THIS VIRUS works is that you can contract it and carry it and pass it along without showing any symptoms yourself. And if you're spreading these lies, then you are potentially arming possibly dozens of other people who are susceptible to this belief because they don't trust the government but may go out there and kill their friends and family because they trust YOU. How does that make you feel?

Does that make you feel part of a strong caring community? They're just using you. DO NOT BE A SHEEP. You don't trust the mainstream media? I think part of the reason for that is because conspiracy theorists like whoever came up with this false quote have been purposefully convincing people to doubt real news sources so that you will become dependent on THEM for your information (a.k.a info wars). Unlike journalists who go to school to learn how to play by the rules and validate information and sources, unlike these people who do this for a living and make mistakes sometimes that can get them fired and that they have to print retractions for, conspiracy theorists are not journalists and do not have any rules to play by. Not only can they call real children affected by mass shootings "crisis actors" and have people from all over the country harassing and terrorizing their family, causing them to move multiple times (when in reality an "actor" isn't going to dedicate the rest of their lives to keeping up a "cover". What they're imagining is called SPY CRAFT and there is no such thing as an actor that takes a job as a SPY and giving up their entire future acting career for ONE role that requires them to lie to the entire nation. And not only that, their ENTIRE family would have to be in on it. I'm talking about aunts, uncles, cousins. But people who fall for this stuff often don't think about the difficulty level of the proposition. They simply want to believe it even if its talking about a man walking on water or bringing someone back from the dead.

Not only can these conspiracy theorists lie about children being actors without caring about the consequences to them and their families, but they know that they can exploit their freedom of speech in order to do so and as long as they aren't the ones directly terrorizing these families they will almost certainly get away with it. But they are simply cowards hiding behind their flock of sheep.


Maybe I cannot convince you that most conspiracy theories are trash because of the fact that it has become an industry; and one that requires the constant creation of new products. But I hope that you can AT LEAST appreciate the fact that EVERYONE has the same capacity for LYING and putting out false information, not just the "media" that YOU personally don't like (probably because you've been told not to). So even if it PAINS you to agree with the mainstream on something... anything... don't believe me or them. Believe YOUR OWN SOURCE. If you believed in the credibility of Professor Dr. John Oxford then believe what he said in the video I showed you. Is that not fair? And in the future... try to find the source of the quote. Don't just take someone's word for it. This is not the decision on what to eat for lunch. This is potentially life or death. So make the right choice. Make the most INFORMED choice you can. Don't just believe something because it contradicts the mainstream. There is an agenda for that and you're just putting money in bad people's pockets; people who DO NOT give a damn about you. Unlike them, I have a love for all humanity, including you. I may not like you 80% of the time, but I still love you; even when I think you're being dumb. And I don't like being harsh towards you but the truth is important; ESPECIALLY now. ESPECIALLY about this. People are dying. Respectfully... I implore you.


Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/13/2020 9:45:52 AM

Take your own advice and DONT BE A SHEEP! Big media doesn’t care about you! You can simp for them all your life and they’ll still hate and lie to you.

Dr. John Oxford DID day that quote, he reversed his position now? No big deal, they got to one Dr. (as you said before with no evidence: paid to say it) to make him reverse course. Dont worry, 100”s of quotes to come!


Professor Dr. Gustavo Baretton is Chairman of the German Society for Pathology (DGP)

“'This virus affects our lives in a completely exaggerated way. This bears no relation to the danger posed by the virus. And the astronomical economic damage now arising is not commensurate with the danger posed by the virus. I am convinced that corona mortality will not even make itself felt as a peak in annual mortality. So far, not a single person with no previous illness has died of the virus in Hamburg. There is no reason for fear of death in connection with the spread of the disease here in the Hamburg region“


Professor Dr. Hendrick Streeck, Professor of Virology and Director of the Institute for Virology and HIV Research at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn

“First of all, I would like to say that in 30 years of public health medicine, I have never seen anything like it, not even anything like it. I'm not talking about the pandemic because I've seen 30 of them, one every year. It's called influenza. And other respiratory viruses, we don't always know what they are. But I've never seen this reaction before, and I'm trying to understand why. Pressure placed on public health doctors and those responsible for public health. And this pressure comes from different sides. The first place he came from was the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO) when he said, 'This is a serious threat and a number one enemy of the state', I have never heard of a director general of the WHO use such terms ”


Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/13/2020 4:43:16 PM

This is purely political.

The American left and the Democrat Party is going to do its best to keep this economy shut down, to extend and expand that shutdown – and blow up their own country’s jobs – just to ensure that Trump loses. They’re gonna wreck the economy with the objective and of getting rid of Trump. All these blue state governors that want to keep their states locked down, it’s purely political, But what are they depending on? They’re depending on the red states – the red states that are opening up. They shut down and lock down, and they want to remain locked down until July or August or whatever – and nothing’s gonna open and nothing is gonna happen. And they fully expect the red states to sit there and essentially pay for it. As blue states with Democrats having run these states for who knows how many years, they’re in horrible fiscal and financial shape. They have unfunded pension liabilities that they’ll never be able to pay. They have spent money buying votes, buying welfare. They’ve just spent money that they never, ever were gonna see generated by economic activity and taxes. They see the arrival of the virus as once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their states crash with the virus taking the blame for it happening, instead of them and their predecessors and their policies being the reason these states crash. So that’s why they want the economic slowdown to keep on. That’s why these blue state governors are gonna keep their economies locked down and shut down. It’s not about “public health”. The virus is less deadly than an influenza pandemic. (The 2017 influenza pandemic had a mortality rate of 7%, COVID-1984 is not even close to that, even by the most exaggerated numbers). These lockdowns are unconstitutional, medical tyranny and purely political!

Canada is sending nearly $800 million to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, an organization founded by Bill Gates that works with the WHO to provide universal access to vaccines, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, an organization created by the WHO. Gates has faced intense criticism for his push to keep the economy locked down until a vaccine can be developed for coronavirus, and his many financial connections to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, who have led the United States’ response to the pandemic. Most recently, Gates, alongside George Soros, is behind a contact tracing initiative that has Chelsea Clinton on its board.



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