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The Pandemic

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Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/4/2020 9:28:09 AM

Bless Up Evison

I agree, the agent got that copy paste article to the right crowd here on this form.

Nuff times Africans and black people need to be able to stand up for their rights.

The problem isn't truths in the content of some of the articles though. It's usually pretty easy to see the connection with real issues African or black people need to be informed of, and why the agent chose to copy paste it here.

The problem is, this agent intertwines those truths with a white supremacist agenda. And then divides and confines InI based on politricks. And has no real reverence for HIM Haile Selassie I.

Still no answer from them refuting the truths I bring up.

Has nothing to say about my reasonings about data or how his agenda to get us to click click click on his link link links.

Has nothing to say about my well grounded reasonings that he supports white supremacy by unsuccessfully trying to argue against the existence of white privilege or the validity of reparations all because he weeps for the whore babylon and her economy.

Has nothing to say about his misdirected fear mongering over microchips when InI already have problems with microchips InI need to face.

Has nothing to say about his complete lack of reverence for HIM Haile Selassie I

Has nothing to say and no proof about my lesser important reasoning that there is valid proof to question the identity and intention of this agent's account.

When he gets exposed by truth he continues his methods of distraction and working to bury my posts so it seems like I am not awaiting an answer.


Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/4/2020 9:40:29 AM

Blessed Love

For InI who are just joining in or checking here after a while, I man still waiting for an agent to be able to refute the truths and reasonings I sight.

Since my two posts on this topic are being intentionally buried by the agent, I man will copy paste them here so InI don't need to scroll back so far

COPY PASTE WARNING - For those who are already following along


I man was just reasoning while reading this topic.

Do any Idrens have proof that this agent is even the same person that started the account? I man know there is nuff knowledge here, so I man think InI should check facts.

When I first came to this forum, I man was quick to see NUFF agent behavior and tactics, so I man really wanted to check the history and see what created it so. As far as I man sight, April 2018 was a major change from day to night of the topics and reasoning this now-agent account posts. Do any of InI have proof that we are even reasoning with the same one who created this account? Check it Rasta:

Time and time again, this agent directly contradicts HIM Haile Selassie I

Jahcub I just exposed it for all InI to see by reasoning about reality of HIM Haile Selassie I promoting dignity. The agents response denounces dignity. Before April 2018 I man can sight much reverence for HIM coming from this account. Since that time this account abandons quotes and reverence for HIM and replaces it with quotes from amierikkka’s flounders or links youtube videos, from which babylon profits. InI need to check the narrative.

This agent says he soon gone to engage with the real Ras in Reality. Haha I man would love to meet an agent in real life and challenge them man program with facts and reality. Them man will have no copy paste button to exploit and will surely fail. Nuff times I man do this in Reality. I man still stand as Champion. Imagine meeting a Ras in Reality who argue there is no white privilege. HAHA! Does not exist Rasta! Then imagine this pastaman come with a white skin to educate black people of this agent concept. HAHA Gwan agent, I man would love to see it so.

Watch agent say it’s because I hate white people. Watch them work to confine I man based on politricks. Nuff times black people been educated by white people to benefit babylon agenda.

Don’t worry, this agent has a link for a youtube video for a response to I man. A black person speaking innit too.


I man do this, just so this agent of babylon can go on their sad way knowing they didn’t actually change the hearts of any InI to promote babylon hatred.

InI know already, it is too easy for those with money and an agenda based on politricks, to make a compelling looking video and post it to youtube and parade it as truth. I thought InI came here to reason among Idren, not just post links to other people explaining things that are influenced by someones dollars. I don’t think I have to explain truth, that if something is on youtube, somebody is spending dollars to get it there or making dollars from people watching it, or both. Such is the babylon program.

I man promote to protect InI data from babylon. I man very selective of what I click on the internet. I don’t want I data to be associated with another “view” unless I man know it helps an Idren or is a program of goodness and not associated with politricks or wickedness.

This agent uses valid and/or half truths to tell InI a pretty story (usually more like ugly story) to embrace some of the same notions that white supremacy uses. And still InI interact and respond, which becomes a way we propagate the notion of its validity. And what if we talking to a hacked account? Really Idren.

Watch them still avoid reality and deceive to try and get InI to engage further. Watch them use their well sharpened manipulation skills to beg for one more post from InI.

I man not saying InI need to agree on all things or not say provocative things, I man don’t come here to beg friends or avoid facing adversity. InI deserve the right to reason with Idren without being dowpressed with hate speech.

Even though I man think InI been tricked to correspond with an agent for the sole purpose of giving that account credibility, I man feel compelled to let the record show. InI can all sight how this agent’s responses only works to divide InI based on politricks or promote clicks for youtube videos or both. Them don’t even care, just feed off interaction.

So sight this, InI not afraid or don’t have the ability to refute the untruths associated with this account’s postings. InI choose not to interact to increase dignity in this world, as HIM Haile Selassie I teach InI.

See you in the Real world agent.



Many of the topics the agent brings up deserve to be reasoned on. Many include truths. I man have never contradicted that.

Fact is this agent intertwines truth with white supremacy.

This is unacceptable for InI and HIM Haile Selassie I

Check the misplaced and designed fear mongering this agent propagates, specifically on the topic of microchips.

Do InI not have a mobile phone? Do InI not have a credit card? Do InI not connect to the internet? Do InI not get electricity from an electric company? Have InI become so self sufficient that InI rely on none of these things? If not, this is evidence and fact InI have already been chipped in some ways. If we were to go even deeper than that, I man would say if babylon wants to chip InI to require us to do business and participate in their economy, which I man sight is their goal, there is nothing except InI knowledge preventing them from doing that through facial recognition or eye scans, which requires no physical chip and no consent. That is just one reason I man would say InI sight needs to be farther than worrying or theorizing how babylon is going to put a physical chip in us, and start looking at REALITY. Instead the narrative is InI must fear vaccines or fear this or fear that. Never sighting reality. This agent wants us to be scared and fearful of a version of fantasy that only them have the key to understanding. But wait, if InI only click so on the link we can prove we are not lost sheep. Please.

Insert I man reasoning about data and youtube above. I won’t even copy paste this time.

Them agents track InI already. If this agent doesn’t meet their quota for clicks then them replaced with the next one. If the agent gets fired, the next agent just picks up where the other left off. No real continuation of ideas or reverence for HIM Haile Selassie I. Just lip service and propaganda. And links. Nuff links.

Nuff times InI been educated by babylon agents for the benefit of babylon agenda.

No proof that this agent’s account is even real. The agent’s identity and intention should remain questionable to InI.


Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 7/4/2020 10:48:03 AM

You real triggered dude. Quite funny actually.

Again, you too new to this forum. Because it has long been reasoned by me and many others of the MANY “marks of the beast” including phones, internet, television, etc.. Vaccine inserted chip or invisible ink for contact tracing and proof of getting the shot from medical tyranny coupled with a social credit score surveillance state is an entire different level of this and requires more focus.. again, you would know this and not speak so arrogantly if you spent some time on the search function or were around here when those reasonings took place.

I have much reverence for H.I.M and my many posts quoting him proves that easily. I can’t count how many times GARVEYS AFRICA has gone back and forth with me based on H.I.M and Christianity when I site H.I.M as the defender of the faith, and he would counter back.. But you don’t think I wrote them because? someone told you I’m an agent and you went full libtard over it, even thinking my account takes shifts with other people and has funding.. LOL. Triggered more than IPX when I make him look silly proving him wrong.

It is complete nonsense when people here try to say I support white supremacy. And with you saying it is white supremacy to even challenge the liberal idea of “white privilege” it simply shows how indoctrinated and captivated you are by the leftists politicians who control you by telling you what you think you want to hear. White privilege doesn’t work when studying economics, Asians have the highest house hold income. White privilege doesn’t work when looking at education, again Asians. White privilege doesn’t work when studying sociology, it is extremely popular to hate on white people and say ridiculous things even as college professors with zero ramifications. White privilege doesn’t work on basically any metric when an in depth analysis takes place. I mean seriously, there are college professors that say math is racist.. Can’t you see that they use these manipulative and feeley terms to control minds and perspectives? It’s much bigger than you think. Remember when Hillary Clinton said she “has hot sauce in her bag”?? Yep, same thing. Pander. So if you want to say that studying and looking into the claims of “white privilege” is “white supremacy”, then that’s on the same level as saying math is racist. Because again, if you would use the search bar, or have been here long enough to know, I used to believe in white privilege and talked much about it in many threads.. Until I did a much deeper level of research than simply saying terms and patting myself on the back for it. Now I sight that it’s used to divert, distract, and advance a political agenda.

I am as I am and always have been. Hemphill or The BANNED — Hemphill. Because I faced censorship and account deletion for posting here. You can ask GARVEYS AFRICA about it as he was surprised that it happened because he has posted many “taboo” threads and had heated conversation but never was banned like I.. Again, maybe if you had been here, or be humbled enough to research (it’s all on this site ready to be seen) you would have all of your high horse accusations and assumptions answered.

Enough of this foolishness. You have distracted away from the information pertinent to the thread long enough. Either make a new thread for your accusatory and unhinged rants or let this be the end of it.

I forward with exposing the medical tyranny being imposed by the COVID response hoax.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 7/4/2020 12:20:38 PM

Right wing liar. None integrity. The good people still giving you a chance just feel sorry for you. The only thing we gain from you is seeing how dumb right wing twitter is. Joke. Go home.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 7/4/2020 6:06:01 PM

COVID, together with BLM and ANTIFA, will culminate into a new civil war going hot starting in September and something catastrophic happening in November.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/4/2020 6:15:21 PM

Bless up Idren

Notice how this agent is quick to tell I man how I feel.

This agent uses distraction and attempts to use scholarly language to pretend that I have not already proven they work wholeheartedly to embrace white supremacy.

Still I man have no hatred. Not trigged. Dealing with facts and reality.

Watch how this agent often holds up a token black person to try to ineffectively argue his reasonings are not white supremacy.

I think it would be great if Garveys Africa weren’t too busy to join in here, but I won’t use his name as a pretend endorsement for my views. Again, the record shows. InI can look it up. I man not talking about distraction of why one person may or may not have been surprised you were banned. I am talking about the agenda you push.

Again agent calls me names and works to confine I in politricks. InI can see that.

InI can notice still how the agent tries to distract from the issues at hand. Claiming I have posted information that is not pertinent to this thread. Please. Now you all about following the rules?

Go ahead and read and respond to the “white privilege” thread that you took over and my truths are still awaiting a response from you. If you fail to do so because you are scared and you can’t bring yourself to face reality, I will be happy to post that reasoning here.

If this agent can post on this topic with fear mongering of the likes that the NWO hates the heavenly document of the amerikkkan constitution - an ILLEGAL document that upholds the babylon agenda of white privilege and white supremacy, than I man feel no sorrow posting my reasoning on this topic too.

There are no rules, and the agent wants me to follow them still. Nope.

Carter, please don’t allow him to be triggered into going on yet another tangent to distract and divide InI based on politricks. This is bigger than the politrickall shytstem, this is Reality. Them agent in a corner and they know it.

Still them agents don’t respond with any tangible proof to refute my reasonings. InI can see it.


Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/4/2020 6:19:12 PM

Bless Up Idren

Easy for agents to "prophesize" when they actively involved in the works of destruction. Hence, the threats "one day you will see".

Someone working to start the war but it's not any of who you say it is.

Gwan agent and weep for the whore babylon and her economy


Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 7/4/2020 8:48:52 PM

Bless Up Cedric,

I sight what the I says about the white supremacy teachings that are intertwined or are slipped in with the facts.

Many ones on here have had heated reasonings with Hemphill. Now whether or not you choose to reason or comment on his posts, that is your choice.

For awhile, you said that you would not interact with him, you said you just ignore Babylon advertisments when they pop up. Now you are getting caught up in what you said you would avoid.

Comments and reasonings start turning childish. And its all to easy to go there.

Look to His Majesties Isample when dealing with adversity.

JAH Love and Guidance

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/5/2020 12:52:38 AM

Yes King

Give thanks Jahcub I for the I’s reasoning.

I man had a few theories I wanted to test out to attempt to see truth.

One was to sight how InI must promote and live dignity as the I says, but that agents don’t play by the rules so sometimes maybe InI need to abandon the rules too. Is it worth compromising InI dignity for internet communications? Probably not. Is it worth compromising InI dignity in a life or death situation? Possibly.

Another was about the agent’s identity. This account being an agent who hacked it from a good Ras was the least offensive reality to I man, seen Rasta? Instead, I man beginning to agree with the I that it may very well be the same person throughout. Evidence seems to be mounting that InI are dealing with a very confused and hard hearted white person that uses HIM Haile Selassie I’s name in vain, to promote white supremacy.

Does this agent know about Marcus Garvey at all? I haven't checked it.

I could expound on a few more theories of mine, but I man sight this is not the place.

I did think it was interesting we were given specific months. Still pretty vague, but maybe this agent is more involved than InI know.

Enough with theories for now. Facts and reality.

I man give thanks for the gentle reminder of I man’s words and for the blessed sight to look to HIM’s Isample. Bless up Iyah.

For now, I consent to let the agent stay in them safe space here in virtual reality among the Idren.


Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 7/7/2020 9:49:29 AM

Jahcub I, Cedric, and IPX,
I give thankhs for the strength and reasonings.
I fulljoy reading the i's thoughts.
Even though we don't agree on everything, those core Rastafari icepts we hold together in oneness of wisemind.

Umoja ni nguvu na tupo pamoja
Menen I

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