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Caucasians becoming rastafari

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Messenger: ShivaJiva Sent: 2/12/2015 7:31:36 PM

I was looking through some old threads and found these reasonings from Ark I and Garvey's Africa. Thought they were relevant and well said. For context, this thread is about how Bob Marley identified as black even though his mixed race is often cited by some to claim that he wasn't as fiercely "pro black" as other Rastafari.

Ark I:
RasTafarI is not a Trod where you forget your ancestry, I and I are supposed to Learn as much as I and I can about our history to Iverstand who we are, the good and the bad parts. I and I are supposed to Learn from the Good parts and not repeat the bad.

RasTafarI Trod has caused I to Learn a lot about I history, not abandon it. Your parents Life is your Life, and your children's Life is your Life. Don't disrespect your ancestors.
RasTafarI people have been risen up by Haile Selassie I. Haile Selassie Opened the Book and Loosed the Seals, and RasTafarI people are performing the Works of the Seals, through I and I Works, Chants, Iditation and Irits.

That is why people from many cultures have been called by RasTafarI Haile Selassie I, this is World battle, so Haile Selassie I rose up everyOne in due time, season and place.

Amongst those who are claiming to be RasTafarI, there are those who have Truly been Called, and whose Irits is the Irits of RasTafarI. Then there are those who are attracted to the Ways of the RasTafarI and think they are RasTafarI for a time and season, until they realize they are not. And there are those who pretend to be RasTafarI, knowing that they are not.

So many aspects of RasTafarI, like Locks, Livity and Thoughts, will be the same with RasTafarI people from all cultures all over, because that is part of who RasTafarI people are. Our Locks is required to perform the Iritual Works I and I have been placed here to do.

In terms of some misconceptions amongst non-african people, some don`t Iverstand Repatration, and miss the fact that it is about a People being returned to the land they are from, and they mistakenly think that it is something for them. Then there is the misconception that they are supposed to lose their culture and ancestry, and take on another, but don`t realize that I and I are supposed to Learn and Incorporate the Righteous aspects of our ancestry, not forget them. And what I and I are supposed to do about other people`s culture and ancestry, is Learn the Righteous parts and incorporate them in our Livity, but that doesn`t mean forgetting or discarding our own ancestry, because that is the history of I and I Life, and all of it has a part in making I and I who I and I are today. There are other examples of misconception among african and non-african people. Some people will eventually Learn and will realize their misconceptions and discard them, and some people won`t.

The more the people of the world Learn from One another, the more complete I and I will be, as long as the Most important thing is remembered: Hold the Righteous, and throw away the wicked.

Here is a related Reasoning

Color blind blindness

Black, white, brown, red, yellow, pink, etc.

I love all these peoples and recognize them all. And I respect, accept and love the different cultures in their uniqueness, and I recognize the many similarities between the cultures.

I don't deal with color blindness, I feel that I and I should see all colour and Love all color.

Some may think that these two ways to look at people are the same, but they are very different.

Color blindness often lacks respect for other people's culture and ancestry, because it is not acknowledged but is ignored. And a lot of times when people deal with color blindness, they look at others as their own colour, rather than the colour the people actually are. But why must we ignore differences? I and I should rejoice and love the differences between the people. This is the great richness of Jah creation.

This veil of color blindness can only last so long, and then it will come off and the old problems will remain. Color loveness is Iternal, because it accepts and honors the differences in culture and ancestry.
EUROPEAN Children of Jah Rastafari, which i do not debate......I dont overs why they (generalisation here i know) dont go into their own celtic / peri-viking / nomad etc (i really dont know much on european origins) culture. Bob sighted himself as a African and went deep into African culture through the trod of Rasta. So my question is, after his Majesty reveals himself in his way to a European, why does the European seem to just copy and mimic African Rastas within the terms of culture language identity etc etc you nuh see it?

Notice again, I never claim say His Majesty cant reveal himself to a white skinned person. I believe his Majesty can reveal himelf to any and whosoever he choose. But its the individual response to that which is important.

This isnt just a white / black thing. Id expect a black rasta in an isolated area of Russia (for example) to respond differently to Jah than lets say a Rasta in Ghana. Both may sight themself as African but with differing recent cultural experiences. No two rasta the same. If everyone is on dem own path according to Jah, why so much carbon copy? Everyone a locks, even when locks isnt consistent with the naturality of their being and has never been associated with them in history, why not just long hair, why specifically ethnic locks?

Just wha people to THINK and look within THEMSELVES and nobody else, seen
Someone named Jah Dub had this to say as well:

Since white rastas are being discussed I want to say: I am white and inspired a great deal by Rastafari! I focus on a life with Jah & a clean, healthy livity. But, I would be a fool to think the parts of Rastafari that deal with African heritage apply to me. So, I don't claim to be Rastafari. I claim to be a man of Faith. And I seek my inspiration & livity from Rastafari......

Full thread here:

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 2/12/2015 7:47:29 PM

ShivaJiva.. "Sure, you can sympathize and you can actively be an anti-racist ally, but for you to come to our support group and insist that you be allowed membership is to disregard our suffering and ignore our wishes to have a space to be African."
As I have previously stated, I adhere to the word and law of Jah. I do not entitle Iself to Ras Tafari or the people of. In fact, I do not entitle Iself to anything, all is the property of Jah. The ONLY reason I say Ras Tafari is because Jah has called I out of babylon and to HIM through Ras Tafari. Before this calling I had no interest in spirituality or Divinity. I was low and lost. A voice came to I telling I to throw away the comb[man made separation] and pick up Ras Tafari. I feel it in the one drop. I didnt/dont exactly know how or why, but I feel it. If Jah doesnt want I then why HIM call? And if HIM dont want I to be Ras, then why HIM specifically show I Ras Tafari? Why HIM not move I heart in a different direction?
Further; I am no liberal, nor conservative. Those two work together to advance the devils illusion. You ever heard of Alex Jones and One of the first ones to 'wake I up' to the white supremacy fallitical systems. I education is growing, not perfect but growing.

I want Africans to have their redemption, they most definitely deserve it, and they shall have it. I want to help heal and reverse the forced suffering and lost space of Africans. (even if I can never step inside)
Again, I do not entitle Iself. I am humbled that Jah Ras Tafari extend HIM hand to I. And if IandI place is to be on the outside of Ras Tafari helping in any manner the people allow, then so be it. But for I to throw away Ras Tafari completely and look for something else is bringing I back to when I was low and lost. The ONLY way I know Jah/God/Krishna/Allah/Elohim.. ect. is THROUGH Ras Tafari.
As it is in Heaven so shall it be on Earth.
I dont believe the Kingdom of Zion is separated with a white heaven for white people and a black heaven for black people.
'All things are related and creation is a package' Damian Marley..

ShivaJiva; I am not fully enlightened, but I am not as blind as some think.

One Love

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 2/12/2015 8:51:19 PM

Personally I think that the role of 'white rasta' is not to attach one self's personal identity to the African movement; but to acknowledge the truth of His Imperial Majesty King of Kings and Lord of Lords Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah Emperor of Ethiopia and entwine this knowledge and truth with ones own culture and place. I do not want to take anything away from Ras Tafari and the hereditary Africans. I only wish to bring this light to all of humanity and have different cultures of and in Ras Tafari.

Peace Love and Unity

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 2/12/2015 9:18:23 PM

I only wish to HELP bring this light to all of humanity..*

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 2/12/2015 10:03:23 PM

I acknowledge that African redemption must take place before the movement can become a unified human experience. But if there are not early 'white rasta' now, helping the cause now, how can there be true unification when the time is right? I know that Africa is oppressed to this day. I can see how this White supremacist technologically globalized 'New World Order' is as has been aimed at killing Africa. For Africa is the root and if the end goal for satan is to have all of humanity oppressed and condemned, he attacks Africa first and hardest. Yes I see this. Not yet fully but I am young. What I and I goal in life is, is to help the truth manifest by resisting babylon. ShivaJiva I DO, not "would". Reasoning with the more unaware people in I place, they call I 'crazy'. I am growing in the ways of resistance. First and foremost, if only people knew of this system, it would die. So the information war is a huge means of resistance for I.

Also I can see how a 'white rasta' is seen as trespassing. I also know of what has been revealed to I from a spiritual standpoint. I cannot break the vow I made to Jah. If I do, I fall to babylon.

I am amazed truly at the level of acceptance from Africans to any white person. I cant possibly know how difficult it must be to look past horrible events and work for the future. But if there is to BE a future, we must unify efforts because the enemy system is endangering everyone at some level.. What Bob say? "We JAH children make it work. Come together and make it work!"
I give the utmost thanks to those ones patient enough to reason with I.


Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 2/12/2015 10:24:52 PM

Just wondering here: if a group of good, wholehearted white people gathered to witness and act in the knowledge of Haile Selassie I but did so in a unique culture and did not have the African-specific name of 'Ras Tafari'. Would this still be a trespass? If not then what other name would ones recommend?


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/13/2015 6:00:51 AM

. A voice came to I telling I to throw away the comb[man made separation] and pick up Ras Tafari. I feel it in the one drop. I didnt/dont exactly know how or why, but I feel it. If Jah doesnt want I then why HIM call? And if HIM dont want I to be Ras,

Your love and overstanding of Rastafari come via reggae music. You States you had little to no contact with rasta in real life and had no previous interest in spirituality etc and you 'feel it in the one drop' citing twinkle brothers song throw the comb away. You sight this as a medium of hearing Jah voice but that's debateable. If you agree with the concepts and philosophy of what the one drop singers were saying does not mean you have to adopt their faith/identity. There are many many spiritual systems and or faiths which practice living as according to scripture and peace and oneness with humanity; which do NOT have the political social and revolutionary aspects to it as with RasTafari.

It also seems people are of selective hearing when it comes to the message revealed through things like one drop. What about the garveyite messages of black identity and redemption? The same people who sung throw the comb away have many songs about this, Africa for the Africans.

This thing deeper than a Reggae dread.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/13/2015 6:11:11 AM

FWD to 9min 45s

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/13/2015 6:16:49 AM

One drop

No selective hearing with Rastafari roots rock reggae

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 2/13/2015 6:47:44 PM

These reasoning's are appreciated. Truly.

GARVEYS AFRICA; The presence that bring IandI to spirituality came before attentively listening to Reggae music. This presence is what tell I to check Ras Tafari and Reggae music out. Ones do not have to believe I and I cant force them to, but I know what I know.

Again, I do not entitle Iself to be accepted within Ras Tafari or identify Iself with the African redemption movement. However, I wish to help Africans achieve their long awaited redemption.

I adhere to and hold up the WORD and LAW of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I. [Pertaining to this topic specifically are: Romans 10:12, Galatians 3:28]

Nearly all white people have virtually no knowledge of Haile Selassie I. When I tell white people of this fulfilled biblical prophecy I am met with rejection. Even most of the black people I am friends with do not know or acknowledge Haile Selassie. Now where does this put I? Conventional whites dont want I, Ras Tafari Africans dont want I, only Selassie I know and want I. I guess in time I will find IandI rightful place.

Big ups to GARVEYS AFRICA and ShivaJiva for helping I widen I vision!

One Love,
Ethan Hemphill

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