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Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/24/2015 2:39:38 AM

wise words.

so i dont want to use this thread to say that i myself would be like a rolemodel. a paragon. unitil now i have made mistakes on every single day of my life i think. so i think i really cant say that and i wouldnt want to. and this is no accusation neither. i dont have any real existing people in mind right now.

but as time goes by it is important to remember what rasta is all about and how we can get wiser. we dont come here to reason for no reason at all you know. so i just want to tell you how i have found my way to rasta. it was a long way.

so going to the barber to get some locks, to google "haile selassie i" once and to light up a spliff is not enough to get conscious about the force of babylon and to be a rasta. especially if you are white. thats just a matter of fact. to me it was like a spiritual quest. like stepping up on a ladder.

i was baptised as a little baby and part of the roman catholic church. a confession in the church, the holly communion, confirmation etc.. ive experienced it all. but my parents and my family have never seen something divine in the pope and they even had some arguments with some strict members of the church. they didnt went to church that often and they have just believed in the almighty one and also in jesus christ. so when i grew a little bit older my imaginations have clashed with the ones of the catholic church and ive started to read the bible completely when i was a youth. i had sympathie for some forms of christianity but religions werent for me. ive also informed myself about islam and listened to some buddhists and hindus but i didnt want to follow their religions. but all of it has influenced me and now i believe in one almighty god and i believe in his prophets. but i rest on sabbath day and i even follow the nazarite vow. im open towards new spiritual experiences if it doesnt clash with my imaginations.

since i was a little lad i try to follow some philosophies and basically its all about the ten commandments. when i was a youth ive decided that spiritual things are more important to me than material things.

when i was 16 i became a vegetarian. since then ive learned a lot about food. ive learned about calories. i gained an aweful lot of pounds when i was younger and ive lost nearly 50 or 60 pounds in the end. ive learned how to eat without provoking allergic reactions. i learned how to care about local sources and biological food. about freshness, about cooking and baking, about the right food for your metabolism, the right structure which helps your digestion and about the danger of certain chemicals.

then. ten years later, i became a vegan. and ive learned about balance and eating the right things to support your whole body. to eat varied.

this is only one year ago. i try to stay ital as well. no salt. not much weath. not much sugar. because of the nazarite vow i have to avoid eating something from the grapevine.

i dont smoke (anything), i dont do drugs, i dont drink. no limonade. no energy drinks. no coffee. and i only drink fresh water as well as fresh juices and self made tea sometimes.

i dont follow convertional medicine if i can avoid it.

i care about fair trade. not only when it comes to food. but also when it comes to furniture, clothes etc.

before i called myself a rasta i have learned a lot about how the babylonian system actually works. so if you want to, call me a conspiracy theorist. i dont trust politics at all and the whole world is not like it seems to be in my view. they want to pollute us and the leaders of the word deal with pure evilness to me.

i avoid to watch tv (propaganda), to watch hollywood products (it influences your mind and attitude), to follow gossip news (makes you depressive and it makes you hate yourself), to watch main stream movies or going to the cinema (wrong values), to read modern novels (sex and crime pollute your soul), to listen to main stream music (makes you superficial), to go to main stream events (i want to have a bigger horizon) or to use a smartphone on a regular basis or even social media ("big broither" turns you into an addict and you just dont know what they do with your data). i dont play video games. i want to be consious.

so every day i pray to do something for my soul. every day i meditate to do somthing for my psyche. every day i try to stay true to my philosphies and try to get some sun. every day i try to learn something new and to be spiritual. every day i think about what happens in the world and take some time for my mind. every day i try to find something that makes me laugh for the balance of my heart and i try to let my emotions go. every day i do something for my body and i do some sports. every day i check my people. it just happens naturally. i try to focus on things like turh, righteousness, humanity, charity, freedom, pece, confidence etc.

my body is my temple. i dont have any weapons and i dont deal with things like tattoos and piercings. every day i read about racism or history or certain philosophies.

so it really took me some time to see whats important in my life and whats not and how they fit together. before i really got deeper into rasta i was influenced by the movement since i was a little kid.

i dont know why i was always influences by black culture. maybe it is because certain elements were always like the opposite of what the western system represents. khalid abdul said that the white race is the most disagreeable. i think whats really true about that notion is that even the downpressed white people in the west can agree with that. the few white leaders of the world are the problem in this case. not the race itself.

i was into rap music, graffiti, break dance, blaxploitation movies and basketball when i was a kid. on the video of the wedding of my parents theyve danced to desmond dekker. the first record i really liked when i was two years old or something like that was "baker man". i know this aint real reggae music of course but maybe it says something about ones taste. so when i was 12 years old i began to be a dancehall reggae fan. at first ive listened to local sound and the wailers and one year later i knew all about the modern hardcore dancehall sound and the most important foundation artists. ive read magazine articles, discographies, biographies, interviews, news and reviews like a mad men and ive seen all of the biggest names live. when i was 15 years old i was on my first dance. i think only some ganja smugglers and illegal immigrants were there at the time and i was the only white guy but i was the only one who really came to experience something about the culture.

and so i have found my way from reggae to rasta. even if some rastas say reggae is part of babylon i think reggae itself is just a tool. and so ive started to read about HIM, about marcus, about immanuel, about the maroons, about the bobos, about nyabinghi, about twelve tribes, about howell, about certain jamaican personalities, about african freedom fighters and so on.

so. it took me 27 years and all of my experiences to make me say that i see myself as part of the rasta movement and still there is so much to discover for me.

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 7/28/2015 8:08:33 AM

Messenger: Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini Sent: 8/22/2015 8:56:20 AM

Blessed, Teniestalin .

Yes I and I queen traveled 700 miles to be deep in nature and far from babel for this whole week. close to some key Bredren we kept the fire burnin. Ital feasts, Drum sound power and sacrament offerings unto JAH Itinually. swam inna the lake w the fish and turtles yamon. Meditation on HIM and InI. This was the first year we were afforded the opportunity to celebrate and give thanks properly. A new permanent tradition for July 23 every year yes I.

-AJ elDanI

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 8/22/2015 11:20:33 AM

Hi Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini

I love travelling deep into nature too! I feel when I am completely surrounded by a virgin forest, it is much easier to see things from a higher consciousness.

Would love to know which part of the world you travelled in (ie which country?).

All the best,


Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 8/22/2015 5:40:07 PM

love nature too. but always make sure someones got your back...

Messenger: Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini Sent: 8/25/2015 8:58:16 AM

teniestalin Humble one,

I Rasta a worldwide citizen lol.
Seriously tho InI traveled to mishigamaa (Michigan) for the King week of birth from my spot in new jersey, Bout 10 miles outta NYC.
I and I queen moved here from Los Angeles recently.
Mishigamma is the land of I birth.
Big Parts are extremely rural and still very natural.
Give Thanks to the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan and the Council of Three Fires for our warm welcome home.

Joe, if the I is in the northeast or great lakes region in the belly of the beast('merica)
let me kno so we can link for some live reasoning.
what country u in Bredren?

AJ elDanI

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