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White People is the root of all evil

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Messenger: Ras Raza Sent: 10/20/2014 3:37:29 AM

Yes I RasTa fire burn out the babylon Itinually, each and Ivery day!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/20/2014 1:11:50 PM

^^Dem man are definately one of de roots of all Evil

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 12/3/2020 6:50:39 PM


Sorry I, I have got this all wrong.

I and I am not a Racist and do apologise for that.

To start off, all white people are not evil.

From the time I started this thread till now, I have learned a lot of things of Africa.

First to start off, white people are more than welcome in Africa.

The Southern African continent SHOULD NOT follow Zimbabwe.

Yes, I know I sounded almost like right in the start of this thread, only thing is that it's wrong and racist.

Zimbabwe is an enemy of the African people.

Millions have it hard in Zimbabwe.

Millions are dying in Africa because the communists are killing everyone with poverty and hunger.

The old Zimbabwe was a great place, called the bread basket of Africa, and fed many Africans.

I apologize for saying whites are evil.

Whites have done more than good for Africa, by feeding Africa and seeing that there is always food for Africans.

The Communists have messed this African continent up. The Communists killed millions of Africans.

Whites are good people. The only people that Africa did not like was Mussolini and his group of whites.

Whites helped to fight the enemy and they also see to it that people have food in Africa.

The communists are wrong and I am very sorry that I was dumb and did not know anything about them.

The communists that messed up Zimbabwe are from the same group of people that messed up the whole African continent.

The communists are actually working for Rome.

The Vatican, the Pope of Rome, is the threat that Africa has.

The Vatican uses normal black people to do their work.

The communists are doing the work of the Devil.

The same ruling people that messed Zimbabwe up are Marxists and messed Ethiopia up too.

In Afrika, there is no racist whites like how I said in the past.

Afrikan whites are also Africans and should be more than welcome to stay here in Africa and feed the people of Africa!

Southern Africa should only look at the past Rhodesia, when it was the bread basket of Africa, as an example, and should keep the whites.

It's the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican and the Pope of Rome that are the enemies of Africa and of JAH. Not the whites! We should not be racist towards whites.

The Emperor says "Long live Great Britain!"

So they were part of the Emperor and that is why they fed the Africans.

Back then the Zimbabwe dollar was stronger than the US dollar.

Ever since the communists came and messed up the African continent, they completed the works of Rome, the Devil, and killed millions of Africans.

The communists made Africans poor and hungry.

The communists killed the Ancient Ethiopian Empire.

The Communists are the enemy of Africans!

Messenger: The BANNED Hemphill Sent: 6/6/2024 7:30:56 AM

See it?

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Haile Selassie I