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No Longer A Rasta

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Messenger: Kashta Ras Sent: 8/30/2023 11:03:19 PM

I am here to announce that I am no longer a Rastafari. When I first began Rastafari, it was 6 years ago when I became a vegan and started connecting with my ancestors' roots. I even visited the great Ethiopia. Throughout the years of my journey, it has been both fun and a learning experience. You may be questioning why I would leave a beautiful Rastafari culture. Simply put, it's not heading in the direction that I am pursuing.

In black culture, we deal with so many issues. Rastafari doesn't have the voice to tackle all of them, respectively. Rastafari is becoming a thing that so many are forgetting its original purpose. It was created to end oppression, inequality, and to free up Africa and every black nation's economy. Most importantly, it aimed to restore the identity of black people. However, this pursuit is being replaced solely by ganja and music, along with the notion that all races must come together as one.

When we speak of coming together as one, creating businesses, and fostering a peaceful environment, I am fully supportive. However, witnessing Rastas or so-called Rastas engaging in mixed relationships with white individuals troubles me deeply. From my perspective, we should focus on breeding within our own race. Furthermore, the infiltration of white individuals into our Rastafari goals is a growing concern. I believe that there is no such thing as a white Rasta. Perhaps Mutabaruka can explain this more eloquently than I can.

On another note, I've noticed that some Rastafarians are becoming passive and lack the initiative or tools to drive change. What purpose does a movement serve if a significant portion of its members remains inactive in the pursuit of change? We need more black doctors, black governments, black entrepreneurs, and above all, more black individuals who are genuinely committed to effecting change in Africa.

Haile Selassie I didn't confine himself to a single location. He dedicated his entire life to the greater good of the African race. I find myself wondering how many of us are willing to make similar sacrifices – pursuing higher education or mastering trades that can benefit our race and continent. How many are forming in-person groups, beyond just online communities, to develop both short-term and long-term goals? Unfortunately, very few. Many of us seem more interested in adopting the title of Rastafarian than in remembering its original purpose.

Personally, I'm shifting my focus towards these goals. What's holding me back is my identification as a Rasta. It's no longer a network of like-minded individuals who come together to seek profound truths.

I've found another title that aligns perfectly with me. I will no longer refer to myself as a Rasta, but as a true pan-African dedicated to Africa's progress. I invite the ancestors to witness this declaration and guide my heart and soul towards the greater good of Africa.

Many of us are toying with time, but I can't afford to do so any longer. These words will serve as my affirmation and a source of strength to keep me moving forward. I am Kashta Ptah Ras, and I am no longer a Rastafari.

Messenger: White Lightning Sent: 8/31/2023 7:41:13 AM

This sounds more like a judgement than an explanation.

Messenger: White Lightning Sent: 8/31/2023 8:56:26 AM

The objections that the I has to various elements that have come to play in the Rastafari Movement cannot be denied; however, it is concerning that One would air these objections, as valid reasons for abandonment.

I would like to question the I; Have you turned to Elders with your concerns? Have you taken the time to listen and read from organizations such as the Caribbean Rastafarian Organization C.R.O?

Things are being done. Perhaps not at speed that satisfies the I. To let the facts of white Rastas and Reggaeites tainting your mind towards what generations of foundational Ras' have done may be due to a lack of reason and overstanding.

We are all free to chose but some are chosen. Those of the latter, know that once chosen, you can never retire.

I give thanks for all the teachings of the I them, who have stood amongst the flames and pestilence to come forward into this time, uplifting Africa and by extension the entire human race.


Messenger: Kashta Ras Sent: 8/31/2023 4:54:46 PM

Yeah you won't understand. And yes, I have turn to elders and most importantly to my ancestors of my concern. I am in fact not giving up on the mission, and when I create an organization of my own I know in fact Rastafari will be in my way. It no longer serve a purpose to me, but am grateful to the true Rastafari that are making changes. But for the masses of y'all, y'all have no backbone. Hope this can be a message to each of you all, to make change. My message is both judgemental and informing of the reason I choose to not be a Rasta. No more reasoning, let's come back five years later with the results and deeds. Haile Selassie I will guide me.

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 8/31/2023 10:35:31 PM

Greetings to 1 & all

This is a very interesting topic , and as time progress I&I will be
very interested to read the course it takes.

Blessings in your journey , may the road that you now trod be fruitful
and rewarding.
There is no need for I&I to dissect the I choice you made nor for the reasons thereof .

Walk Good , JAH Guide

Messenger: White Lightning Sent: 9/1/2023 9:07:28 AM

In fact, with over 30 years in this trod, I do understand Kashta. Please don't misunderstand the intention of the lifeline being thrown out. Rastafari leads the way.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 9/15/2023 6:22:33 PM

@Kashta Ras

What you identify as is your choice but to be honest with you it's really not anything to do with Rastafari. I say this as someone who has sought the same goals you describe outside of the Rasta movement. I can even direct you toward an organization that may better fit what you're thinking.

However, honestly... as I get older things become clearer. You see different pieces of the puzzle that I also agree with. But there are things that we don't do that would push us forward (ex: group economics) and there are things we do that hold us back (Christianity in general).

You'll find that the backbone isn't necessarily what's missing. Our people have become comfortable playing the game "as is". Meaning what? Meaning that society operates based on a set of rules. In the past individual success was a dream because no matter which way you tried to get around racism, your path was blocked.

One of the most irritating parts of the black community, as you will discover leaving Rastafari, is that we have adopted the individualism of American culture. We may support our immediate families and nearby relatives, but it doesn't go much further. And where individualism fails there are coping mechanisms we individually employ to self medicate; including marijuana.

But even worse, we are impacted by inflation more than others so in order to survive we spend more time, energy, and focus on making money. Basic survival. Trying to build on top of that is difficult because you're dealing with a community that doesn't agree on the need to work together collectively. I'm not trying to stop you. I'm just trying to manage your expectations. In fact, I'd love to work with you on attainable goals. It's just... I'm also forced to face the reality of the current climate.

But I see no need for you to give up a Rasta identity because it's not Rasta that's in the way of anything. It's the black community itself. And to some extent, it's not the terrible thing it seems to be.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 9/15/2023 6:35:17 PM

You talked about interracial relationathips...

First of all... Bob Marley was the result of such a relationship so it wouldn't be wise to limit the positive potential of those unions. And without Bob, a whole lot of people, including black people would not have known about or gotten interested in Rastafari or even know the name of Haile Selassie I.

If you don't like it simply marry and reproduce based on your ideals. Quiting is not going to have any affect on who's having sex with who. And not only is this a reality FAR outside Rastafari, it's also not a bad thing considering how much having black/brown/interracial children affects the minds of white people who may or may not have had socially problematic biases and beliefs. It's different when it's someone you love or care about. Racism survived a long time and much of its survival is because it doesn't negatively affect a lot of white people so whatever pain or struggle we feel, they weren't able to feel it. I embrace all the humans of European descent who want to embrace Rasta because in doing so they are showing their support and adding their voices to the protest of oppression and white supremacy. This connection creates the opportunity for cultural exchange as well as healing.

A lot of people don't like this because of hatred and anger and a desire for revenge. But you have to look into yourself and ask yourself if it is truly the right way and what's going to benefit our people? Or is it based upon revenge and what would make you feel better because of who you blame for white supremacy? I recommend you study H.I.M and how he moved politically. Ask yourself if he isolated his people from the world and what that would have done. Isolation is part of what enables racism in the first place. So if you really want to destroy racism then LOVE, PEACE, and HARMONY becomes the answer of the wise man.

Messenger: seestem Sent: 9/29/2023 2:40:08 PM

You cant not be Rastafari. Rastafari is the default state of mind without conditioning and brainwashing by babylon. Babies are the most potent rasta out there because they have not yet been brainwashed, they just be their own true selves which is what it means to be Rasta.

With all due raspect, I think what the eye should have said is that the eye let Babylon brain wash them again and lost track of eye self.

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 10/10/2023 4:21:13 AM

Good fortune moving forward Bro Kashta Ras. No judgement and I give thankhs for the i honesty. Innerstanding self is a great strength. Dont look to labels for identity.

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