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Rise instead of fall

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Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 10/22/2006 12:09:12 AM

Man must come to the knowledge of the Self and understand that the Fountain of Life is within I and I.

The essence of All Beings is the Earth, the Essence of the Earth is Water. The Essence of Water is Plants, the Essence of Plants is Man (human being=man+woman).
Within Man is contain all things, Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

Glorify the More Positive words from Hon Ras Ark I, it addresses very important things for ones who come here to consider. One's missing the point and fussing for no reason.

As i have said here before, many ones come to believe that RasTafari can be learnt through books, internet and years of literary studies.
Often ones ask if there is any book on the entire culture of Rastafari,and my answer is that this would merely fulfill Solomon's prophecy as there will never be an end to those books, they would be through volumes and volumes endlessly.
Also Ras dont see the need to do so as this is a Natural Livity that is known through doing the works and not just reading and speaking.
Through obedience to Righteousness one learns many as wisdom edify.
The Fear of Jah is the begining of wisdom.

What the bredren is argueing and fighting so much about will eventuate into a dead end as the man is not applying the Self to the Self, simply accepting what is coming from external sources. I say this because at the end of all this Kemet confusion will arise one thing: doubts of Rastafari being the Almighty God.

For example, the bredren have said that there never existed any wicked Pharaoh. Said who? u? were u there in Kemet at the time of Moses? Saying this is like saying that there are no wicked Dreadlocks, or no wicked Priests or no wicked rulers.
I have personally been in Egypt and seen many monuments and places.
The Kemetic writings originally had one God then the people started saying there are many manifestations of this God and we should worship them as separate entities, and thus came about IDOL WORSHIPPING. I have seen the statues that are made of stone, that have been there, i have visited most of their temples and it is full of them. I also know of the sorcery the priests studied and etc. Not from white scholars but from information gathered by black scholars.

Kemet's Pharaoahs and the people had the basis of Righteous Laws and Principles, yet there are lots to show that they went astray, just as the religions of the world and started praying to statues and all

As Hon Ark I said, Do you expect to find Truth within books? I say again ETHIOPIA ROYAL NATION WEALTH KINGDOM is the First Civilisation, yet if you search written history the earliest civilisation they say is Mesopotamia Babylon, the earliest form of medicine is in Kemet, yet Ethiopia exists thousands of years before Kemet,that is why when they founded Kemet they were already learned and educated of how to build a civilisation. But the records of the Ethiopian Empires are destroyed and merely exists in the minds and hearts of the people, as that is where tradition is recorded, not in books stored away never to be read.
Even the orginal bible in Geez have 81 books and the kingjames have 66, so ther is much more that is hidden in the vatican.
One have to be wise in this time and age.

I have heard many of them kemet scholars and many of them have wisdom and knowledge but what they lack is the Understanding. That is why they cannot see SelahSeeI Jah Rastafari as this is the Heights for the pure and the holy and so they cannot comprehend God in Flesh due to they being embedded in Spirit without flesh philosophy.
Iman have heard many Africans talk about Kemet this and that for ages and it never shook Iman foundation. For I and I have the Word of Selassie I Emmanuel I Marcus I within I heart and soul to guide I and I.

The whitemen have polluted the earth and rewritten history for their own glory, no where will you find the Truth but within yourself, even you can bring all sorts of archaeological facts and say this and that.
How can you expect Babylon to justify truth? If one is not alert one can be easily confounded and manipulated by all sorts of knowledge in this time. His Majesty said this.

Rastafari revealed HimSelf to I through Prophecy, not any one else. Holy King Emmanuel I revealed Him Self to I through the Prophecy and John Marcus I did the same.
It is given to us as a compass in this last judgment so that we may have the experience and wisdom of others who walk the same Way in anciency and this inspires us to have a firm and steadfast spritual and mental meditation.
This is the only Truth within this time, that Stand. All else fail.Where do you stand? With Haile I King Selassie I or with Imhotep and pharaoh and his inferior devices, the beetle gods and cat gods and Amun?

I burn out all Ras who put kemet before Rastafari for they are unconscious of their Self.

King Emmanuel Have taken the Book of out His Majesty's hands and the seals have been lifted so that each and everyone may have the sense of Truth and perception if they are willing, but one must stop wandering in Outer Space and start exploring the INNERSpace.

Those who have ears to hear will hear. Know your Self and where you stand, there are no two way, it is either wrong or right. Take the Right n leave out the wrong.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/22/2006 1:00:24 PM

It is funny to I that not one person on this earth today knows how the langauge of Egypt sounds or is actually pronounced and yet so many assume they know all there is of that Holy land

My idren, the i said babylon has polluted the earth and re written history. How sad is is that you yourself are perpetuating this same pollution and misconception by labeling the ancients as Idol worshipers. You went to egypt and saw all the monuments and statues. Good for you. So who told you the people actually "worshipped" these stones.Bring i some proof. No Assumptions no Guesses and no pollution from white OR black scholars. Show one definte thing to show what those great statues and monuments actually meant to the ancients in KMT.
ANd whose "spirit without flesh Philosophy are you talking about" when i know say Osiris is God in Flesh
" I have heard Africans talk about KMT...for ages and it never shook iman foundation" This is really strange to i because my question is why would it?? Not Islam not christianity nor any other philosophy could ever shake I firm foundation in I Father, why would KMT?

Ethiopia came before KMT, it would be better if you say my left hand came before my right one
Well i idren, i wont claim to be a scholar but i am a diligent student of Ithiopia, Mero Sudan and KMT Africa Alkebulan. And I Sight that Ithiopia has always been the abode of the Most High, that secret ,almost impenetrable high mountain place, where Jah love to dwell and where KMT always recognised as the Land of God. And I sight that Mero Sudan is the cradle of civilization, where all the arts and skills necessary were practiced and perfected.And i sight KMT as the technological hieghts that the Black nation reached and taught to the whole world.
So it saddens i when the i talk about the "beetle gods" and "cat dogs". If you know anything of ancient IAfrica you would sight that almost all the ancient coloured cultures , including those in S.America were totemic. It would really help if people removed the western concept of the "gods" from their mind. Just because something written in inciency is today translated as "gods" it doesnt necessarily mean that they meant it in todays sense of the word

I have never been able to overstand this mentality where you have to tear down something in order to rise up another. It is well and good that the i advices ones and ones to seek more within themselves as we all should do, but why the need to tear down KMT?

Rastafari or Amun Ra
what a question

Jah Rastafari the First and Last
Beginning without end

wise mind, speak not of what you know not

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 10/22/2006 2:38:58 PM

Yes I! Egyptians are Ethiopians according to the Ethiopians who made the claim the Egypt was their oldest daughter.

There was no people worshipping beatles! There was no worshipping falcons or any other animal. Kemet didn't worship the sun! The sun activated the Peniel gland in the brian which is where the melenin was stored, and when the sun hit thier face, it would arouse the spiritual. This is why the hindus put the red dot on thier head! This tradition of Cushites, left with them when they went to India.

Also I think that it is foolish to think that just because Ethiopia is first it contains everything! This is not accurate. And to render KMT as folly and idol worship, they were taught by Ethiopians, so this theory discredits the Ethiopian.

Africa First

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/22/2006 11:30:52 PM

FarI-Sight said,
I say this because at the end of all this Kemet confusion will arise one thing: doubts of Rastafari being the Almighty God.

It might be possible for people to trod seriously with KMT and not leave Jah RasTafarI. But from the reality of what very often happens (or might always happen, time will tell), most who deal with it seriously, eventually leave RasTafarI, or imagine that RasTafarI is lower then the Most High. Also, many in their arrogance and vanity see themselves as higher than RasTafarI. But I think this has more to do with some of today's teachers of KMT rather than the teachings of KMT.

Like I said, it might be possible that this doesn't happen. But about those that this does happen to, I say to the I, FarI-Sight, let them go, it is the best thing that can happen for RasTafarI people. I and I will be our strongest when all those who are not RasTafarI trod away to the many different directions they are going.

Nobody here that is RasTafarI should take offence by the statement above because I am not talking about you. But anybody who claimed they were RasTafarI and has now left RasTafarI feel free to be offended, because you were never RasTafarI. And anybody who claims to be RasTafarI but leaves RasTafarI in the future, are free to be offended in the future, because you were never RasTafarI.

This is from a reasoning I made a couple of months ago,

The way I sight things is that all people who are RasTafarI will come to that realization and will live so. So no matter who is around them misrepresenting RasTafarI, they will see Jah Light, because RasTafarI is who they are.

For the same reason, when I hear about a person turning away from RasTafarI, I rejoice. It means that one more imposter and fraud has admitted the truth that they are not RasTafarI and they are trodding the way that is for them. The reason I feel like this is because I know that it is impossible for RasTafarI to turn away from RasTafarI.

Someone asked: How'd Rastafari Get To This?

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 10/23/2006 4:44:31 AM

Yes it does challange ones faith, but I still hail HIM as G-O-D! The bible is a story stolen from Kemet. Those propheceies are African not hebrew, InI God and King is African Ethiopian, Emmanuel say Ethiopia is Jerusalem InI heavenly home.

His Majesty glories in the Bible because of those African stories.

There is nothing wrong with challanging your faith. You have the right to ask questions. Only Babylon tells you not to look here or not to read that or this. That is spiritual enslavement.

Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 10/24/2006 2:09:26 AM

Blessed Love

Give thanks again and intinually for Hon Ark I who speak Righteous words, Many are called and few are chosen and many of the chosen few refuse to stay in the Way. The Bredren speak just truth and reality so I and I have to glorify the Right for there is too much negative word sound here.

The above statement is strange and very ironic. All along We have been saying that the Bible is of Ethiopian African Heritage, never did We say it was european.

R Hon King Emmanuel Charles Edwards has taught us that the Bible is the Black Man History Book, the Ethiopian African Book of Prophecy.

It prophecise of the King of Kings Haile Selassie, of the High Priest Melchesedek who is the same Zadok and the Same Christ, also Prophecise of The Prophet, John the Baptist, the Voice in the Wilderness.

RastaMan dont move with doubt. Thru time is evilous our words shall be few.

Fari is Love

Messenger: I Selahssie i son Sent: 10/30/2006 9:49:15 PM

JahRastafari!Wise men fall several times but he still rise to the peak of success.Bobylon is falling is fallen the great city is falling.

Messenger: afreeka Sent: 10/31/2006 7:10:18 AM

RasTafari , Haile Selassie I , *is* First ....without apology , the same yesterday , today and tomorrow ! for~iver lovin' Jah .
no divisions brethens , One in Line troughtout History ...

"Ptolemaic writers said that Egypt was formed of the mud carried down, from Ethiopia, that

p. 28

[paragraph continues] Ethiopians were the first men that ever lived, the only truly autochthonous race and the first to institute the worship of the gods and the rites of sacrifice. Egypt itself was a colony of Ethiopia and the laws and script of both lands were naturally the same; but the hieroglyphic script was more widely known to the vulgar in Ethiopia than in Egypt. (Diodorus Siculus, bk. iii, ch. 3.) This knowledge of writing was universal in Ethiopia but was confined to the priestly classes alone in Egypt. This was because the Egyptian priesthood was Ethiopian. The highly developed Merodic inscriptions are not found in Egypt north of the first cataract or in Nubia south of Soba. These are differences we would expect to find between a colony and a parent body. Herodotus (bk. ii, p. 29) says that Meroe was a great city and metropolis, most of its buildings were of red brick. 800 B. C. at Napata, the buildings were of hard stone. (Meroe--Crowfoot, pp. 6, 30.)

The Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature says, "There is every reason to conclude that the separate colonies of priestcraft spread from Meroe into Egypt; and the primeval monuments in Ethiopia strongly confirm the native traditions, reported by Diodorus Siculus, that the worship of Zeus-Ammon originated in Meroe, also the worship of Osiris. This would render highly probable the opinion that commerce, science and art descended into Egypt from the Upper Nile. Herodotus called the Ethiopians "Wisemen occupying the Upper Nile, men of long life, whose manners and customs pertain to the Golden Age,

p. 29

those virtuous mortals, whose feasts and banquets are honored by Jupiter himself." In Greek times, the Egyptians depicted Ethiopia as an ideal state. The Puranas, the ancient historical books of India, speak of the civilization of Ethiopia as being older than that of Egypt. These Sanskrit books mention the names of old Cushite kings that were worshipped in India and who were adopted and changed to suit the fancy of the later people of Greece and Rome.

The Hindu Puranas speak of the Cushites going to India before they went to Egypt, proving Hindu civilization coeval with that of Chaldea and the country of the Nile. These ancients record that the Egyptians were a colony drawn out from Cusha-Dwipa and that the Palli, another colony that made the Phoenicians followed them from the land of Cush. "


i really invite ones who still have not read this book available on line " Wonderfull Ethiopians .. "

"Cushite colonies were all along the southern shores of Asia and Africa and by the archaeological remains, along the southern and eastern coasts of Arabia. The name Cush was given to four great areas, Media, Persia, Susiana and Aria, or the whole territory between the Indus and Tigris in prehistoric times. In Africa the Ethiopians, the Egyptians, the Libyans, the Canaanites and Phoenicians were all descendants of Ham. They were a black or dark colored race and the pioneers of our civilization. They were emphatically the monument builders on the plains of Shinar and the valley of the Nile from Meroe to Memphis. In southern Arabia they erected wonderful edifices. They were responsible for the monuments that dot southern Siberia and in America along the valley of the Mississippi down to Mexico and in Peru their images and monuments stand a "voiceless witnesses." THIS WAS THE ANCIENT CUSHITE EMPIRE OF ETHIOPIANS THAT COVERED THREE WORLDS . "

(Philosophy of Ancient History, Bunsen, p. 51)

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 10/31/2006 9:25:13 AM

Blessed Love My Lord and Empress.

People are too shortsighted. They fight for ONE African Culture which was stolen and turned around, and do not care A BIT for others to which the VERY SAME happened too.
Where's the point? You sacrifice and abandon one brother to stand for the other brother?

The Original Biblical Hebrews were NOTHING ELSE than pure African People! Check out I n I African Hebrew Brethren, they would burn hottah fire for such FOOLISHNESS!
To claim that Ancient Hebrews were ANYTHING ELSE but Black Africans is WHITE SUPREMACIST ARYAN KKK PROPAGANDA! Red hottah for that!

Brethren seem to overemphasize one thing, and don't care for the fullness. In ancient time, Africa reached far beyond its borders of today. Until today there are living DARKER people in the area of Palestine, who are called a hebrew term for N*gga by the Israeli Gvmt Authorities. They are by no way not-mixed since ancient times, they went through many mixing and identity-loosing over the years... and they are only a small percentage. They are called Seraphim (the white europeans are the Ashkenazi), in southern europe they were called "Moors". And although they went through much mixing, they are STILL called N*gga by the White Fascist Israeli Gwmt, and they are treated like second class citizens. And they are only a taste of the complexion of ancient times, before they went through all that mixing. (besides that we do not even know if they are really descendants of the 70ad refugee Israelites, or some other people from that region.)

Than let's go on to an other stolen Culture: Ancient India, the Indus Valley Civilisation.
Before WHITE Euro-Aryans came (hence the name Iran) and introduced the world's oldest known apartheid system of the castes, this was a Black African Civilisation. Today there is a movement in India to give those lowest-caste people back their Black African Heritage and Pride. Even though the system is abandoned, Black Africans are STILL living as second class citizens(and worse!) in their own Land.
Buddha was a Black Philosophah and Teacher!

These are only short examples to show, that I n I MUST NOT forget about the fulness, just because we are now so fascinated of one part of it.

It does not take anyone forward to stand for Kemet at the cost of another Black Africn Culture!


Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 10/31/2006 2:04:23 PM

sorry, typing mistake

African Black Hebrews


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