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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 8/10/2012 11:55:48 PM

A place to see what foods have what nutrients to keep I and i bodys balanced.

Jah said dont worry about food , because if we just listen HE will tell us what is best to eat and when. Listen.

I post this for a place to find the packages Jah put these blessings called vitamins and minerals and living enzymes antioxidants and nutrients of all sorts to give I and I the Blessing of Vital health.

One of the top three nutrients people not only vegan vegetatian but also the cooked flesh eaters are lacking in Zinc.
....AS long as the soil they are grown in has all minerals.

Dark Leafy Green have ALL minerals, but one must eat like a pound or two..To get everything needed. So Ima going provide the provisions for Zinc in a smaller package, I and I must know what foods are concentrated in what, so I and I can keep up the balance. If we just listen to Jah, he shows us the way in nature, but we must learn to be ONE again with JAH and The Creation, the plants , the fruits the veggies, our food must come from the Word of Jah...

If we can hear we will know what to eat because it has the nutrient we need, we do it by intuition and not by a chart like I am providing...But this is a deep instinct that has been lost, the animals have it, the leave areas before the tsunami or tornado or earthquake strikes.. But people lost that 6st sense and fall pray to ignorance....

Let us hear this righteous voice inner voice of truth again, hear JAH and thrive.

Minerals(the table of elements) are consciousness.. Add minerals to soil and plants become more conscious and healthy ....all 100+ are found in ocean water for you by the shores! Just dilute it about 33 parts to one for an occasional fertilizer.... A ration of 50 parts water and one sea water is good for an almost everyday use... Jus beware, look it up and learn from experience, for a pure kind of wisdom comes from experience that cant get from other place. One only believes in Jah untill they experience Jah and then they transcend belief and KNOW, and one most likely will not get privilege to see the light unless they beleive in it.

I and I need the optimum nutrition, to function optimum,, the better and more ital and Vital the food choices and livity of mind and body guided by Jah Spirit, the more infinite potential Jah can put through I and I. Jah is power and the temple that will contain his Allmighty Spirit will be built from highest material and assembled right.

The Ital food is the Raw material Jah provide....I and i must work, exercise mind and body for this Ital food to be mixed like concrete to build the Lords Ital temples.

Ya na put a new fresh wine ina old skin! Ya put in in a NEW skin!

This is a paraple christ said, meaning I and I put be transformed in mind and body and make our selves like New on All levels mentally , physical and spiritually born again..

And for life to be born it takes not only the right elements but also the Spirit of Jah to breath upon it all.... Bless

So Zinc is a problem:

Zinc is an essential micronutrient needed not only by people but also by crops. Almost half of the world’s cereal crops are deficient in zinc, leading to poor crop yields.[30] Many agricultural countries around the world are affected by zinc deficiencies. In China, zinc deficiency occurs on around half of the agricultural soils, affecting mainly rice and maize.

In India, zinc-deficient soils occupy almost 50% of the agricultural area[citation needed] and are a critical constraint on yield, but crops are highly responsive to zinc fertilization.

One Cup Maple Syrup Zinc 13.4mg 89%

SOAK NUTS AND SEEDS TO REMOVE ENZYME INHIBITORS (These keep the nutrients from being released but are washed away in soak water, soak 7 hrs.)

One cup Pumpkin Seeds Zinc 10.3 mg 69%

One cup Sesame Seeds Zinc 11.2mg 74%

One Cup Cashews Zinc 5.8mg 56%

One Cup Oats Zinc 6.2mg 41%

Dark Leafy Greens have on Average about%10 zinc per cup


Sunlight and exercise, deep breaths, fresh air, these keep the metabolism fire burning so the food can be properly utilized. Also less stress and more meditation...

more will be posted

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 8/11/2012 7:17:07 PM

I and I must get enough sunlight to get most impostant minerals and other nutrition(nurturing) from the Sun light.

Physical bodys need physical nourishment from the gold sun and the green earth..These make pure, bright red blood of life, bible says the spirit of the body is in the blood.

Vitamn D3, Sunshine exposure is sooo, important, I and I know because they say sunshine is bad for you, you need sunscreen, so i and i know how good it is for us bodies.

I found this Tool, Its a calculator of how much d3 I and i am getting according to how much exposure and it varys from times of day and longitude and longitude and what day of year it is...
Just to be sure we are Ourdoors enough eeryday in light... Check it Out!

Remember that almost none of the other minerals and vitamins and enzymes can do their thing without d3....


Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/13/2012 10:46:02 PM

Give Thanks for the Reasoning Jessep86.

I heard a Bobo Idren say that I and I should get the Red, Gold, and Green (in terms of colors of vegetables and fruit) into every meal to stay healthy.

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