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Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/5/2019 12:32:02 AM

His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I was nobody’s fool:

“Let us not recoil in hatred against those who, even while protecting their freedom from bias and prejudice, reveal by their actions that the poison of racial discrimination has left its lasting effects, and by this reaction reveal that we, no less than they are prey to unreasoning emotion, that we, no less than they are susceptible to that virus which is called intolerance." -Haile Selassie I

H.I.M. was well familiar with people who stoke the fires of racial divisiveness and animosity, and foment discord even while feigning innocence or ignorance of the ramifications of their actions. Those who would adopt an attitude of indifference to whatever strife they promote in Imanity as “someone else’s problem” violate the Golden Rule and, as we can see from the foregoing, His Majesty had no problem calling them out and exposing the duplicity. This is the reason that His Majesty stood not for people of one color or another, but for all People and called on people to eliminate such divisive terminologies from the language of Imanity.


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/5/2019 4:24:26 AM

Rastafari in full black supremacy and recognition of African identity as set by His Majesty

"An awareness of our past is essential to the establishment of our personality and our identity as Africans."

Has nothing to do with racial hatred.

A space which is "quarantined from the contamination of non-African interference"

As said by His Majesty. Has nothing to do with racial hatred.

Haile Haile I I

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/5/2019 8:13:53 AM


“I believe in a pure black race just as how all self-respecting whites believe in a pure white race, as far as that can be.I am conscious of the fact that slavery brought upon us the curse of many colors within the Negro race, but that is no reason why we of ourselves should perpetuate the evil; hence instead of encouraging a wholesale bastardy in the race, we feel that we should now set out to create a race type and standard of our own which could not, in the future,be stigmatized by bastardy, but could be recognized and respected as the true race type anteceding even our own time.”-- MARCUS GARVEY


“I must say that black and white, as forms of speech, and as a means of judging mankind, should be eliminated from human society. Human beings are precisely the same whatever colour, race, creed or national origin they may be." – H.I.M HAILE SELASSIE I (1963)

These are two views which are not amenable to harmonious syncretization. They stand apart and independent which poses a reconciliation conundrum for the Rasta seeking counsel both in the Teachings of His Majesty and the utterances of Garvey. Trying to force these two views together with a lot of duct tape and bailing wire does not produce a perspective consistent with scientific realities about race nor the respect due all people (e.g., as all Homo sapiens sapiens are genetically “mixed” and hence “bastardy” in Garvey’s view). Logic dictates an order of precedence. Perhaps, we can glean useful direction in this from the chronology of their pronouncement or simply from the spirit which each reflects – barring that, I have to defer to the view of the Most High.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/5/2019 8:24:48 AM

They do not stand apart.

Haile Selassie believed in a pure African race as he had a pure Ethiopian wife with pure Ethiopian children. Garvey wanted the same as do I.

Not everybody has to mixup

Rastafari promote BLACK LOVE sizzla didn't say woman and child he said BLACK WOMAN AND CHILD.

Wise up and rise up.

Actions reveal who people are. Only Babylon could a want to fight against the black family unit. InI don't preach intermixing as His Majesty didn't choose such and Marcus didn't preach such (neither King Emmanuel neither Malcolm neither Khalid neither Dr Clarke) none at all. Love accident can happen but every self respecting , none-self hating black I with knowledge of SELF woulda PREFER anedda conscious black I to start Dem family with. Righteously so.

It's foolish to not overstand the want for black people to favour and prefer a black family unit while reparating the effects of 500 years of Chattel slavery kidnapping and brainwashing.

Be wise

I challenge you to find me 5 Rastafari love song promoting anything other than black love.

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 3/5/2019 12:41:38 PM

GARVEYS AFRICA said, "Haile Selassie believed in a pure African race as he had a pure Ethiopian wife with pure Ethiopian children."

Empress Menen is related to the Prophet Muhammad; which would make Empress Menen mixed with Arabic and not pure Ethiopian.

Empress Menen's lineage can be found on the internet, here's one source that makes mention of her link to Phophet Muhammad:
"Empress Menen was the daughter of Asfaw Ali, Jantirar of Ambassel. The title of Jantirar traditionally belonged to the head of the family holding the mountain fortress of Ambassel.
Her mother was Woizero Sehin Mikael, daughter of Negus (King) Mikael of Wollo a direct descendant of Prophet Mohammed who had some family members residing in Ethiopia since 615 A.D. Empress Menen can trace back her lineage to Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al-Bakir (fifth in the line of descent from Prophet Mohammed). King Mikael used to be a Muslim until he converted to Christianty after Emperor Yohannes had ordered that al muslims either convert or give up their positions of power and wealth. Woizero Sehin's mother, Woizero Fantaye Gebru, was a direct descendant of Emperor Susenyos I in the "Seyfe Melekot" line of King Solomon."


Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/5/2019 12:58:12 PM

"pure African race" is a fanciful notion that has no meaning in science or genealogy. Humankind has no "pure" races and any anthropologist or geneticist will be more than happy to confirm that. Royal families are very likely to be concerned about lineage, but generally for the purposes of maintaining royal bloodlines not racial purity.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/5/2019 1:37:42 PM

Don't talk to I about lineage. Especially not when you use the word Arabic which is a language family not an ethnicity. Empress Menen is an Ethiopian woman.

Ethiopia contains several ethnicities all of which I have listed in a previous thread.

But she IS Ethiopian. Haile Selassie chose an African wife. And most definately black by Garveys definition

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 3/5/2019 4:31:22 PM

Empress Menen is Ethiopian. Bredren you said she was "pure" Ethiopian, which she is not, Muhammad was not Ethiopian. Muhammad hailed from Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

I guess it could be debated, that all of Africa and the Middle East is Ethiopian/African. However in Muhammad's time, all of Africa and the Middle East was not called Ethiopia.

Empress Menen knows her ancestory, it has been recorded. Does the I say the Prophet Muhammad is Ethiopian? Or African?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/5/2019 6:04:55 PM

I only point is that Haile Selassie choose AN African wife as in line with the ideology of Garvey

I don't believe Mohammad ever existed

Messenger: Levite I Sent: 3/5/2019 9:32:09 PM

So you mean seh mi great granfadda who born, raise, grow and die along the Niger River ah impure Afrikan and any notion of him being pure is fanciful notion. Wow. Ah diss you ah diss all a wi disingenuously. Alright Nesta. A who call you Nesta by di way...ah my favourite artist name dat ah Jamaican mi genna?

Anyway. You still a duck I question about is who you Rastafari elders deh be? Cah mi nuh know what House of Fari you ah trod cah mi don't tink me did ever hear such talk a EABIC, TT, Theocracy Reign Ivine Order of Nyabinghi, Zion Coptic, School of Vision and Bible Prophecy or EOC.

And careful about dis humankind ting cah some man study metaphysics and would argue that man, hueman and mankind is three distinctly separate ting...might wanna research dem deh ting, interesting still.

Research the difference between a 9 ether being and a 6 ether being scientifically and intrinsically?

Midnite - Scientist Black

Garvey I Biko I Nkrumah I Lumumba I Khalid I Dick Gregory I Nanny I Samory Toure I Iya I Selassie I

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