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Zulu description of African and Human history -- Annunaki/Chitauri

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Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/29/2015 7:38:25 AM

i think after certain diseases have killed huge parts of the population during middle age, especially little children, the europeans began to portray angels as babies as a sign of hope because they thought that their offspring would have become angels in heaven.

the bible is full of stories about satan in form of a serpent or a dragon. demons are described as creatures with horns, right? there even is a book called "the urantia book" which features an imagination of angels as serpent creatures of another dimension. and the biblical watchers? the ones who came from the sky and had children with women? many people say its about reptile aliens who started to control mankind. its all about those aliens. those aliens are the fallen ones.

we all cant say whats the ultimate truth but to me theres definately something true when it comes to those reptilian stories. i mean look at it.

there are very old african legends which include serpents. the serpent was a light bringer and a source of wisdom. they even represent ancestors who were transformed into snakes. the hindus also believed in serpent gods who are able to turn into the shape of human beings. there are even african legends which are similar to the biblical story of genesis. some people say that the bible is based on sumerian stories. they had a god called "gilgamesh" and a serpent stole his immortality. so there were negative influences of serpent creatures who can transform into humans before.

the bible is a distorted version of those legends to many rastas but does it mean that they have changed the status of serpents on purpose to distract people from the truth? its also possible that the bible has used those myths and rome uses the bible to control and confuse people but serpent creatures are part of the history of many cultures so we dont know if the african serpents as light bringers were as good as it is believed.

why did the so called pharaos were those "snake crowns" to become something like a mixed creature full of "nelightment"? how come that there are negative images of serpents in other cultures and isnt it strange that the elite of egypt has dealt with serpents while the chinese were influenced by dragons and hindus have certain reptile gods. even the native people of north america has those legends about serpent gods.

but strangely the native people of australia, like it was mentioned, believed in a rainbow god who was a serpent too. in africa there is also a rainbow god called "ashanti", right? where do those similarities are coming from? how come that humanity is that strongly influenced by serpents?
are they really just a sign of wisdom? just a myth people wanted to believe in because the snake is a unique creature which allows people to have all kind of interpretations?

in the north pagans believed in a creature called "nidhöggr" which means "hateful snake". this creature is part of the tree of life. it devoures people underneath the tree. kaballah, a thing many celebrities deal with, is al labout that tree. so is it lucifer or some kind of what we would call demon whos part of that tree of life thing? many satanists, even satanic rock bands, deal with those signs who might be based on what has started in africa with a serpent creature who claimed to bring "enlightment".

so if this kind of enlightment is positive why is it used by people in such a strange way? why want secret societies hide this knowledge? is it just because if the masses wouldnt be controlled by main stream believes and their religions any longer they would riot? and they are just friendly by avoiding anarchy with lies? there are philosophers who claim that if people arent controlled by laws there would be anarchy. so people would be that busy with watching their backs that things like art, literature etc. couldnt be produced any longer. this cant be right. cant lie to people all of the time. and its still strange how they act.

not so long ago there was a speech of obama holding a speech in front of a background which made him look like he has devil horns over his head.

tv shows. american horror story: the poster features two kissing girls which tongues arent tongues but snakes. desperate housewives. the nude woman and the apple is part of their logo. i have already mentioned things like godzilla, all of the movies with feature the term dragon in their title, fear and loathing in las vegas with the reptile scene in the bar and many other movies which feature reptilian demons. just like "conan" with schwarzenegger.
what about dinosaurs?

many celebrities pose with snakes.

and walt disney, known for myths about satanic videos they have created in the 30s, propaganda during world war 2 and of course for his membership in secret societies and the satanic symbols in his movies and parks. what about all of his disney movies?
merlin and mim? the witch who transforms herself into a snake?
jungle book. the serpent who hypnotises everybody just like people who watch those movies are hypnotized. its all about mind control. original cia style. they pollute the people.

robin hood. the king in form of a lion who is really controlled by a snake that manipulated him? this is just a symbol for how our system really works.

aladin. his enemy dschafar who transforms himself into a snake and says that hes the most powerful creature on earth.

so how come a man like disney, who was a very powerful and wealthy man with certain connections to the top and a member of secret societies who know all about occult, biblical and traditional symbols feature stuff like that if the snake is just something that appears to enlight people? so this societies know something about the power of serpents and how come they use it this way and they act like they act?

what kind of enlightment is that? even the statue of liberty "enlights" the usa...

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