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Zulu description of African and Human history -- Annunaki/Chitauri

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Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 6/6/2015 9:58:15 PM

Well ive read of human and dinosaur foot pri ts fossilized together also of Saharan cave paintings of human and dinosaur like creatures
but fire breathing idk bout dat

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 6/6/2015 10:34:13 PM

Dinosaurs and Humanity would be a very interesting topic to reason upon. I have never heard of Humans living with a T-rex or Raptor and such.. Yet I have heard of Humanity living with Wooly Mammoth and Saber-tooth Tiger.. Ancient beings none-the-less.. However, I do not want this reasoning to turn into specifically that topic.. What I am trying to reasoning upon is the Dragon/Serpent/Reptile symbolism that is found all over the ancient world and even still today. What phenomenon was/is so significant that it is constantly represented? Never outright told, but always hinted at with symbols and metaphors.. Is this just a primordial fear of snakes that has made the symbolism so prevalent or is there something more?? Ancients went to great lengths to design serpent symbolism into monolithic buildings: Chichen Itza Pyramid in South America.. Why?

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/7/2015 7:27:12 PM

"never outright told"...?! the fact that there are dragons in many cultures and theories about them being connected to mankind?...there even is a tv show called "v" (the letter that looks like a pyramid or devil/ reptile horns) which is all about reptile aliens who live on earth looking like human beeings. hollywood has played wih it decades ago. there are even two versions of that show. what about godzilla? the western movie makers werent that shy to put the term "dragon" in every eastern movie title.

what may also interesting for you is that every human being also has brain part which is called the "reptile part" of the brain. and thats what main stream is distracting us with. agressions, lust, desire for perversions, appetite...i think those things come from that area of the brain.

in many cultures there are dragons. but is that an evidence? of course not. i just dont know how realistic it is to think of reptilian aliens. but somehow im amazed that people who dont believe in jesus believe in those things. it just plays with our curioisity. but its important to watch those things even if the bible has told us about the basical and most important things all already if you really believe those theories. people want to confuse us. who can we trust?

if we come from reptiles, you cant come from monkey any longer. if those biblical watchers or/ and devils are reptiles it can lead to all kind of interpretations why there are dragons in many cultures. i think people who follow that theories have come to the conclusion that one of the amharic gods is the biblical satan who is our "real god" because the bible was just rewritten by rome. i dont think that these things will lead someone to clarity and peace.

dont think im all about the bible too much but those who play with the spritual cnfusion of the people arent right and IF there are enemies of a god who created us and cared for us they are just imposters and why should we care about if they look like reptiles or snakes or gay poodles? i think they could be right. but i know that we live among the witnesses of HIM so its HIM i concentrate on. we shouldnt praise satan because of the wild theories of small citizens. but it is in deed strange that these signs are everywhere. so who knows. people always were spiritual. but in the end, they were still good or bad when it comes to the way they live their whole life.


Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 6/7/2015 8:55:28 PM

Respect brother reasoningtime.

The reason I say "never outright told" is because of what the I describes in that there are MULTIPLE depictions of such ideas.. some subtle and some that make one scratch their head like wow, that animation looks a little too real.. From Jeckyll and Hyde to the HULK both shapeshifting from a normal human into a green monster, to Dracula and vampires, Star Wars with the sith Darth Maul, The Avengers creating a new superhero that shoots a deadly beam of light out of a precious jewel in the 3rd eye location, all the way to history channels ancient aliens... There are so many depictions that a one could get caught up in a whirl wind and drive themselves crazy.. All the while the truth of such matters (whether fact or fiction) is not revealed.. Even Zacharia Stichen who claims to decode the Sumarian tablets is a deciever.. What the I says about the reptilian part of the human brain is true, the reptilian complex controls our most basic neurological functions -- fight or flight and basic will to survive and procreate.. But yes, I do agree that more time should be allocated to knowing H.I.M.. Another thing I find interesting is that on the cover of Bob Marley's Confrontation album, Bob is riding a white horse and killing a dragon.. It seems as though Bob had knowledge on the subject.. I see H.I.M being the ONE to destroy the serpents' system of Babylon..

I don't think we will know the source of reptilian beings (either extraterrestrial or an earthly creation) having been/being symbolically represented until 'they' either reveal themselves or proper evidence disproves such notions.. IF they are real, concealing and spreading misinformation would only extend their reign of destruction.. All I know is that the symbolism is EVERYWHERE, in the Bible to ancient civilizations building pyramids as an alter to sacrifice.. An interesting topic none-the-less..

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/8/2015 8:52:01 AM

The ancients saw the divinity within their surroundings ie nature. The snake is special in its own way as are the other animals. The crown of the Nysut always had a snake at the front for example. I wouldn't venerate the snake above other animals though the ancients didn't really do that. Reptilian are in no way the only animal widespread represented by the ancients
Also, the reason you don't hear of humans cohabiting with dinosaurs lol is because they are tens of millions of years apart. There was 'evidence' of South american ?Mayan paintings and sculptures of dinosaurs and humans living together and yes some of them were fire breathing..... And later discovered that ALL of what was found was a 20th century hoax..... Look it up.


Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 6/8/2015 1:19:54 PM

Yes brother GARVEYS AFRICA, it seemed very strange to read humans and dinosaurs together.. Vast time separation there.. The thing that gets I on this subject is that from South America to Egypt, a very similar serpent 'mythology' is described and depicted.. Shaping and elongating the heads of royal figures to emulate what?? Even Native Americans have legends of sky people.. With little to no means of intercontinental communication, how could these story's be so similar if these independent culture's were just honoring the snake in their own way? The first post and video of this thread, A Zulu knowledge keeper speaks of an Earthly race of reptilian beings that have tricked and positioned humanity into 'royal' bloodlines of control. The illuminati.. Now I don't want to get too 'far out' there but given the shear amount of representations and cohesiveness of these ancient depictions, I think something is being kept in the dark.. And that IF it is to he revealed, the system would have its perverse agenda attached.. I know who the REAL creator is and no serpent mythology can detour IandI, I only want to gain a better overstanding as to the origin of these widespread symbols and legends..


Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 6/8/2015 7:36:33 PM

Well just think say international communications cease and literature becomes scarce for the 2000 years and all records of what going on now is lost their will ne similar stories of what happened now, Christianity and all other religions and symbols in far reaching places. Areas of the same language wont understand each other any more and so on...

What I sayn is the people who first had that knowledge and experiences traveled and spread that teaching around

Dont think for a mimutes the ancients weren't traveling abroad and that cross continental travel started with European conquests no!

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/8/2015 8:13:22 PM


hemphill, youve just mentioned that this topic is very complex. so i talked a lot about all kind of certain theroies. i dont want to ignore your thoughts but i just wanted to tell you, since you werent used to this theories before you watched this video youve posted, that ive heard about many, many theories and i just want to make clear, that its all about interpretaions in the end and there is this "whirl wind" which leads to confusion.

so IF this reptiles/ aliens were the biblical watchers/ devils, then we are just able to live with a clear imagination of how those are looking but IF you believe in (this parts of) the bible, it is already told that there were watchers/ devils like that. so you should have this acceptance in your heart instead of looking out for physical possibilites by theories like that i think.

IF satan was one of those ancient "gods" or an individual that was part of certain legends (aliens/ people who live under the tibet or it is part of certain theories) i would not turn away from god, his prophets and selassie for this theories and also not for satan no matter what his real nature might be. because his concept and the system is wrong anyway.

i am a man of faith. so i cant think of the possibility that there is no god. but lets say IF the imagination of god as we have it in general by following the concept of one/ or more of the three big religions or rasta point of views was a lie or even just there to control us, then the message of the holy scriptures arent wrong just because their (original peaceful) message is used to control people. we can use our senses and see that what those pagans do is wrong anyway.

and IF there were just spiritual powers...ancient "gods", powerful creatures, unknown powers of the human mind...i wouldnt keep those things holy like i keep god and his prophets holy and maybe thats just the problem babylon has if there was no church people could look up to. maybe anarchy would appear. nowadays its all about materialism. and like you can see. christmas has changed over the years to reach the masses. it all fits together.

but no matter what you think of rome and the west, who can prove that yeashua and other prophets werent real? and since you can follow all kind of things or just believe...i believe but im not blind. i believe jesus and the common sense but i dont believe THEM.

for sure. nobody knows about bob. a guy who was close to bob mentioned in his book that there was an unknown guy who was dressed up like a doctor has once entered a room (on the road?), reached out to bob and gave him an injection. you just dont know what this celebrities dealing with and where bob, martin, malcolm etc. are now. what is michael jackson "they dont care about us" all about? why was sammy davis jr. a jew who followed occult rites and satanism (according to his family members as you can check in his official biography) while singing christmas songs with little children? is it paul mccartney or is it an imposter. if ringo starr says hes not paul mccartney. everybody knows that.

there are so many symbols. but its not about the symbols themself. the lion is a pagan symbol. lilith, the woman who lived with adam before eve was there according to jewish beliefs also was presented as a lion as well as other female "gods" and idols. the pyramid is part of egyptian paganism but also a positive symbol.

just the fact that there are signs and secret societys the way they are is something i have to question. so i dont deal with it. and if there whole life or the way those followers appeard in public wasnt a lie or illusion i dont think that there were that happy. they just have their money and their satanic beliefs. what i feel when i follow the teachings of HIM is what is the best for everybody. even if you dont believe what i believe. lies, greed and unjustice is not the answer.

just because their was a common imagination of snakes is not an evidence to me. because the old german "gods" are found in hinduism today. there are always similarities. there are african stories about the creation of the world like its found in the bible and stories that are similar to noahs stories. but in the end, who knows. maybe this historians are liars. i dont trust nobody when it comes to bible stories. its about what you think when you read it. not whatguys o nthe internet want you to believe. and this of course, was not intended to say that you SHOULD follow the bible and anything else is wrong.

im just carful about certain theories. even or especially the ones from rome. but i can accept the message of the bible and even the prophets of the bible.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 6/8/2015 8:42:06 PM

So I already stated that no serpent symbolism or mythology can detour IandI from the truth of H.I.M.. I just find these descriptions very interesting.. Thank you VDR, since we are speaking of travel and communication, I do not think that Europeans were the first.. Obviously.. But isn't strange that these specific stories would be shared and advocated? I mean if a one culture had originated them, why would they make a very long journey to share and give instructions to other culture's to incorporate such symbolism and legends if they were false?? I think it is very possible that these beings exist and not just because of what I see online. The first time I heard of sky people was from a close Native American friend. He also spoke of trickster animals who could shapeshift.. Also, how many people claim to have seen or been abducted by 'them'? Millions.. That many witnesses would secure a trial in any real court... Again, as the Bible says, 'they' are the fallen ones.. False gods.. Haile Selassie is the truth and light to expose and destroy their system. So I give thanks for the reasonings, very much appreciated. If things like this are to be known properly, it is up to the Ras Tafari.

One Love

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/9/2015 12:46:15 PM

yes. burn the system. if you look at the brand new magazine shots of certain young singer(s), especially lately, youll see that something is really wrong with our society and their occult egyptian symbols and signs.

once there were black people. then in europe/ asia they became white. we have different skin colors and cultures. but we are all the same spiritual creatures. so lets forget about the laughable racism, politicical and material issues and use rasta to burn babylon every day.
although the west doesnt see it, this is a spiritual world and alongside the purity of rasta teachings there are evilous spirits. but no pagan godess is a lion. not lucifer is the son of the morning. selassi i is our light and salvation and the lion of judah. who is the emperor? what is christmas? what is the myth behind the "23" thing (9 + 11 + 2001 = 23)? the 23th of july is christmas. thats the only thing i know.


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