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Son of man

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Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/26/2012 1:10:37 AM


Guru is an I-cept, not necessarily a person, His Majesty is Guru to some, not to all, that is fine. Never look to His Majesty to grant magical favors. He will never pop down from the heavens and take Ones to paradise, except in the most esoteric of senses (Pineal awakened...kundalini rising)

Abashanti, I do apologize if I came off as antagonistic. I was trying to prod the I into sharing some sources of "life experience," which apparently are your Gurus. I think it would be beneficial to us all if you would share that which you have gleaned from instead of seemingly generic statements about life. You live your life and claim to have gained much insight thus far, but no one can just take that at face value.

you said "Philosophy is dat which I n I THINK to be tru, life is dat which we know is tru."

"philosophy only is the true one which reproduces most faithfully the statements of nature, and is written down, as it were, from nature's dictation, so that it is nothing but a copy and a reflection of nature, and adds nothing of its own, but is merely a repetition and echo."
— [[Francis Bacon]]

...and so you do seem a philosopher, there is more than one definition!

Share more bredrin, I do love the reasoning::


Messenger: Matthew Sent: 1/26/2012 5:05:27 AM


If a man lives alone in a desert , does he Know snow exists or that there is a mass off water called the ocean ? Even in another person informs him of it or shows him a picture he may still not believe the only way for him too be certain is too see it with his own eyes, hear it with his own ears, and feel it with his own flesh.

Bredren you are the man alone in the desert, you dont feel or know god, but that doesnt mean God doesnt exist it merely means at this point in time he doesnt exist too you. how ignorant is it to say something doesnt exist just becouse you haven't experienced it. How egotistical it is too tell others if you haven't seen, felt or heard something it doesnt exist. Bredren thats your limited existance not ours InI not only have faith in god, InI know HIM, InI feel HIM, InI see HIM, InI love HIM and HIM loves us back, HIM guides and protects us always, we are so close too our god he is part of us and we part of HIM, InI are one. So bredren dont speak to InI about something you KNOW nothing about.
I KNOW what I KNOW through I own experience. dont try to belittle I becouse you haven't experianced what InI have!!


Blessed Love

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/26/2012 11:45:29 AM

It is not that at this point in time God doesn't exist too him. It is just that he doesn't know God exists.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/26/2012 12:17:58 PM


Not to be antagonistic, but solitude in the desert is a well documented method chosen by many (of our most saintly bredrin)to find and become closer to God.

And as for the word God, this reasoning could be much more beneficial to we should we not get caught up in semantics. Ones might be talking about the same thing and lose it on nomenclature.

However, I am all for the example of a tree falling in the in does it make a sound if I'm not there to hear it? really makes One ponder.... for a long time I would have said no, not in my reality. But, as I've thought more about one drop in the ocean produces a ripple effect which lasts to all shores even though it is unseen, the vibrations still may permeate us without us having direct knowledge of the source.

Look forward to more reasoning...


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/26/2012 9:16:36 PM

Even if the vibrations of the tree falling don't permeate us, it has still fallen, and it has still caused a sound. A sound is a sound even if it is not heard by anybody or anything. The air was still displaced and the noise caused by the displacement still occurred.

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/28/2012 6:33:58 PM

You have always been obstinate and cunning, like the ass, as the people’s
Ah, for me to learn to believe in your “genuineness,” you would first have to break your will to venerate.
Genuine – that is what I call him who goes into god-forsaken deserts and has broken his venerating heart….
…But in the towns dwell the well-fed famous philosophers – the draught animals.
For they always, as asses, pull – the people’s cart!…
You are still of the people even in your virtue, of the people with their purblind eyes – of the people who do not know what spirit is!
Spirit is the life that itself strikes into life: through its own torment it increases its own knowledge – did you know that before?
And this is the spirit’s happiness: to be anointed and by tears consecrated as a sacrificial beast – did you know that before?
And the blindness of the blind man and his seeking and groping shall yet bear witness to the power of the sun into which he gazed – did you know that before?
And the enlightened man shall learn to build with mountains! It is a small thing for the spirit to move mountains – did you know that before?
You know only the sparks of the spirit: but you do not see the anvil which the spirit is, nor the ferocity of its hammer!
In truth, you do not know the spirit’s pride! But even less could you endure the spirit’s modesty, if it should ever deign to speak!…
You are no eagles: so neither do you know the spirit’s joy in terror. And he who is not a bird shall not make his home above abysses.
You are tepid: but all deep knowledge flows cold. The innermost wells of the spirit are ice-cold: a refreshment to hot hands and handlers.
You stand there respectable and stiff and with a straight back, you famous philosophers! – no strong wind or will propels you.
Have you never seen a sail faring over the sea, rounded and swelling and shuddering before the impetuosity of the wind?
Like a sail, shuddering before the impetuosity of the spirit, my wisdom fares over the sea – my untamed wisdom!
But you servants of the people, you famous philosophers – how could you fare with me?

....thus spake Zarathustra

Son of man first of arl, there is no need to apologize to I man, you have not offended me, suh nuh badda worry yuhself. And secondly Francis Bacon must have been stoned when him didah write dat deh paragraph, becah philosophy cannot be a reflection of nature. Otherwise what is the need to tink? Only being can reflect nature, simply becah when de mind is not there your consciousness become like a mirror, which simply reflects what ever is put before it. There is no repetition in existence, dat adde mind, existence never repeats itself, there are no two tings de same in existence. And if de I could step outta mind for just a little while, de I would realize dat de term generic has nothing to do wid de statement I man I mek, becah when I n I a look tru de prism of mind d I has arlready painted it according to I n I own ideals. jus like de prism, when de light pass tru it, it is broken into it different spectral colours, hence wid mind, it functions in de same way. You see de one ting but tru de mind many ting come out, de refraction of de light is de most commonly observed phenomenon. an dis is not de only problem becah there are many different mind out there. And de arl have dem different angle pon tings. Becah wah, any type of wave can refract, we are arl wave in an oceanic pool of consciousness. If de wave don’t pass tru at de being at de right angle, de mind will tek it somewhere else a thousand an one places.

De basic constituent of language is thought and sound, thoughts are jus waves which are translated into sound, via de frequency of language.

An there are as many definition to philosophy as there are minds, simply becah philosophy is mind, it is a product of mind, a mind game. Philosophers are nuting but gatherers of knowledge. dem go on digging around at dat which has arlways been de case, but dem don’t enter. Suh dem nuh bring een anyting revolutionary. Dem jus repeat themselves like parrots. Dem gather knowledge an store it in memory, which dem can spew in fancy rhetoric. Becah wah, dat is arl dem a duh, dem a try persuade I n I, deceive I n I. an yes having knowledge mek I n I a good contender, but it nuh do nuting fe de I being, de being gain nuting from de quest fe knowledge. Becah unless it revolutionizes de I being, any knowledge wehyah collect becomes ignorance. And dangerous too, becah de philosophizer will gather much knowledge to de point weh him tink him know, but him know nuting but dribble. Becah wah, unless de knowledge tek I being to higher levels, higher planes of existence den de knowledge wehyah collect become useless. Becah wah, to be more is far better than knowing more. Philosopher’s tark a lot of tark but it amounts to nuting but gibberish, they are intellectualizers, but dem don’t seem to know whagwaan. To know bout something and to know something are two different things. It is like de troot, again, to know it and to know about it are two different tings, I n I can read arl kinda book and listen to arl kinda people to know bout de troot but to know it I n I must live it, dat adde only way I n I can know troot tru experience. I n I cannot tek a cognitive or intellectual approach to know about troot. I n I cannot know it tru intellect, just like a blind man can knows about light but to actually know it he will need eyes. It is simple logic. Suh I n I we can only tink bout that which we arlready known an dat which is unkown what is I n I going to tink? You will be going aroun in circles wid dat which you dont know. Dis is de reason me nuh deal wid philosophy, hence de difference between life an philosophy. for thousand of years philosophers have been writing but it is not their experience becah wah. dem a tink bout it, an while dem a tink life a pass dem by, dem nuh live it. An if I n I waan learn bout life tru de book it is better to read book pon yoga, becah dem yah a deal wid experience, living. Philosophy is jus de mind trip, it simply mean moving far and far and far away from de reality. It is simply losing I n I self upon thousand upon thousand of endless thought streams weh aggo nowhere. Becah wah, it is simply thinking about tings de I don’t know or can never know.

I n I need to to be more scientific in arl adde endeavors weh I n I aggo tru. I n I affe be impersonal, becah as soon as I n I get personal and become identified den de emotions start to colour it, you paint a picture according to I n I own prejudices, and these prejudices’ are seeds planted by you, outta de knowledge wehyah store innadde memory, and dem is bound to grow inah some type of foolishness simple becah dem is not rooted witin existence, only de mind. For instance, anyting weh me aseh will have to go tru arl adde ideals and predjudices and conventions traditions, arl adde tings weh mek up I n I mind before it reaches you de being, jus like de prism one light go in different colours come out. Just sit on de fence be de witness. Philosophy is nothing, it is just an exercise in intellectual cognition, it is just a mind game whereby de philosopher jumbles up words an intellectually trows dem out. I n I cyaan know bout life tru philosophy. Becah wah, what is know about life has arlready been lived it has not been philosophized. Life has nuting to do wit philosophy, philosophy is just systems of thought, that go round it circle. When I man didah reason wit duru, I n I didah a go roun innah circles, and reach nowhere. And it is not dat I man disagree wit duru, I man never did like de merry go roun as a yoot I man did arlways jump off. becah when I n I look tru de prism of mind I n I can realize de illusion but once I n I step outta mind I n I realize arl experiences in de reality are tangible. When I n I move innah philosophy de reality is boun to be seen as illusory, becah wah philosophy creates problems in itself. Before you go into de reality I n I a mek up theories an arl kinda foolishness. An these are just words, arguments, a play wid words, rationalizations dat explain everything. And de funny ting is, de philosopher him tink him know, but in de reality him know nuting bout nuting. And what has philosophy dun for de whole? What has Philosophy dun for humanity? Nuting at arl becah wah, it keeps man in de mind thinking about ting which they know nothing about. I n I affe search in life an learn to experience its mysteries, yuh cycaan philosophize bout dem an expect fe know. If I n I love to fill up dem head wid useless philosophy den it is good to be a philosopher, becah wah, I n I will have enough paint pon de pallet fe paint a pretty picture bout life, of cause you will know nothing but you will have de knowledge an respectability, de ego will feel nice wit arl adde venerability weh yah get from de society. It puffs you up, becah yuh can talk a good talk bout nuting. I n I life don’t tek a revolutionary turn tru philosophy, there is no metamorphosis dat can happen to I n I tru philosophy, becah wah, man an man a tark fluff and jus like de clergy man dem a de priest high priest what ever yuh waan call dem even de politians dem, de whole a dem a deceived I n I wid foolishness.

An it is because of these people why I n I believe seh god debout, between these people god has arisen, and when I n I go deep innah yit I n I can realize god and de whole notion of god, it is such a stupid idea, becah wah tru out de histry of man, god has been responsible for most wars, in de name of god millions upon millions have been murder, killed an slaughtered, now anybody wid de slightest intelligence will realize dat, god is a problem not a solution. Get him outta de equation de damage weh dun can be repair. Becah along wid de theologians, philosophers, popes, priest an arl dem bwi deh, de representative of god de fiction have managed to convince de I dem of arl kinda idiotic stupidities an you have believe. Dat de eart is created, dat you is a creation of god and tru de I dem as become emotional involve de I dem have become gullible to believe. Becah wah, nun of de I dem has discovered god, de Ideal has been given, an de I dem has been gullable to receive. The very idea of god has reduce man into a puppet he is on de string an him a bob roun like seh in know. Simply becah him nuh understand him own psychology

And one ting more de I dem must understand, it is not a creation. De eart has been evolving, man has been evolving. De concept of god is against evolution. An de implication are simple, a creation is finished man is still evolving. Only man can create things which can only ever be mechanical de very notion of god destroys arl meaning to life, an de freedom weh possible fe man. But first him affe stop de foolishness an man up.

Adat me aseh

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/28/2012 8:14:31 PM

Bredda Matthew,

If de I can tell me seh de I has touched him in de flesh not in de mind or imagination. If de I can tell me seh de I has touched him just like you have touched your mother or father even a sibling. If de I can tell me seh dat de I has seen him wid de I’s eyes, again not wid de imagination de mind but tru de eyes, den I will believe. But there is not much chance of either, becah you have not seen god an I man is not so stupid as to believe in such foolishness. You are still clinging to de biological concept of father jus like de millions of other believers who insist on de farther figure. Becah wah, dem is not mature enuff to tek de responsibility of life on upon dem selves shoulders.

And how ignorant of me?? Arl god fearing people are de ignorant one’s, ignorant of de fact dat god does not exist out of dem fear dem worship, out of dem greed dem worship out of dem stupidity dem believe. When I n I look aroun, arl you can see is people growing old but hardly any one grows up.

De I knows de illusion, de I feels de imagination and de I sees de dream nuting more, nuting less. And de I is right I know nuting bout god but neither do you. de I can only tell me what you have read from books or borrowed from other people. There is nuting to know about god becah it is de fiction of arl fictions, god is jus a concept dat has evolved over thousands of years because of fear, it has permeated deep into de psyche of man to de point weh him become deluded. But to understand where dis fear originated man affe go back thousands of years. When I n I didn’t even know how to create fiyah. During dem dark night when I n I had to huddle together in de pitch black caves terrified of de meat eating animal weh deh bout. an de animal dem a wait in ambush fe get fresh meat. Fe sink dem teet in adde fresh meat right off de bone, live and direct yuhnuh seet, adat dem earlier man didah fear. An it wasn’t a case of being afraid of being bitten but eaten alive. Dis is basically de psychology of fear, de roots weh it a come from. And dis goes deep in adde subconscious mind, and jus like dem days when I n I was afraid of being alone in de dark caves, I n I is still afraid of being alone now. Dis is why ultimately I n I nuh waan leggo of de fiction becah you is not mature enuff to deal wid de aloneness weh I n I is born wid. I n I still needs de daddy, de farther de big man in de sky fe look out fe dem.

An no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you have experienced god, you will never be able to convince a consciously aware person, somebody who is awake. You belittle yourself when de I tries to convince de I self of de biggest lie dat as ever been told to man.

What de I dem mistake for god is simply godliness, it is that isness, that suchness of a united whole that has a deep connection with existent and a deep understanding of de interconnectivity an interdependency of de universe an arl tings therein . This is not de creation weh I n I a tark bout, this is something much more than de creation, de small minds interpretation of de whole. It is unfathomable, but tru de I lack of understanding you have reduced it to a thing, God is an ugly idiotic concept dat reduces man into puppets, slaves.

Arl experiences of de mind are sensory, at de root of these sensory inputs is jus de I biological chemistry

Adat me aseh

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/30/2012 10:33:47 AM


King I'm at a bit of a loss...reading that last one was a bit like watching a dog chase its tail you know?

Your interpretation of philosophy may just be a play of semantics. You can deny that you appreciate philosophy or that you yourself are a philosopher, but there's no way you don't fall squarely under another's definition of philosopher. Your argument about philosophy seems shakier still when you kick off posts quoting philosophers (hell yeah Zarathustra is a philosopher! albeit a slightly mythological one.....just like Jesus)

Yoga!?........the highest of philosophies! an' still yer going to deny the Guru!?

but at least you began to hint at some of your inspirations....

and why speak so highly of our individuallity and life experiences if you can't speak about them due to fear of others projecting predjudices on the I. King if you're standing on a solid foundation then your life experiences will not be diminished in front of those who have eyes........ Frankly, I feel like I'm coloring your non individualistic posts with my predjudices because you provide no individual basis, We don't know who you are or what made you feel and think this how's anyone going to take your word for your truth?

an' why you talking about philosophers as if none of them ever put theory into practice? can we not say that many a great One have put their philosophies to the test, that they think and live at the same time, or are we to simply relegate them to the libraries and assume all a philosopher ever did was read and do we know that's not what you're doing right now?

I'm not trying to attack the I, I'm just trying to provoke a response that's more heartfelt.


Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/30/2012 10:35:37 AM

Ark I, why does this thread say there are 70 posts right now when there are only 68? I feel like i've noticed this in other threads over the years as well....maybe just a computer glitch thing.


Messenger: Matthew Sent: 1/30/2012 11:23:37 AM

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