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Son of man

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/19/2012 6:33:29 PM

People like you have come here before and you are all the same. You people think your thought is so original, but it is not, you just speak like those that are like you.

Early on you said

He who professes to know knows nuting. adat me aseh.

Adat you should aseh to yourself, because you are no different. You have professed many things you think you know.

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/19/2012 8:16:42 PM

Greetings Duru,

This being cannot be perceived, but is can be experienced. And this is what de I is trying to get across. An existence is just a term, which is used to express dat, which I n I experience becah it is not something dat will be here forever, since it is only form, and ultimately we are talking formlessness. Eventually de universe will disappear along wid galaxies and other form further afield. And yes it is arl tru de prism of mind. Suh how comes de I say existence is a product of mind an then go on to say existence is prior to mind? if existence is a product of mind how can it be prior? If de I seh existence is de product of mind, then de I aseh existence succeeds mind. Existence canít be the product of mind and exist prior to mind. weh yuh really. I de I is saying exactly what de I has been saying arl along existence is something which has been here from time, before I n I mind.

An de I a seh wen mind wake up de body and mind rise up on it, no bredrin, do you even see de implications of what de I is saying? If I go to sleep then my body and de universe an everyting in it disappears. Dat bredrin is unequivocal and categorically wrong, it is so wrong dat even a child could see its flaws.

I being an existence is de whole, den anuh dat me aseh? An dat is what de I mean when I refer to de whole, you is in de universe and de universe is in you. So it works both ways. How ever which way de I look at it. And wedda billions of years appear in de wake state or not de I still experience de Iís wakefulness. And yes time itself doesnít exsit, it is only by vitue of de I mind that it does.

So yes bredrin ultimately an fe clarity sake existence is ultimately formless, but as far as de experience is concern it is real, tangible and exclusive to I n I being an other living forms. Naturally if de I goes as far as de microscope, de reality will thin, becah you can look eenah microscope an look pon de skin an go down deep passing tru layers to a point wed de I a come to space, and de I will pass tru nuff different molecules an still nuh find nuting weh represent solidity. Jus like de I seh de perceiver cannot be perceived. but still de reality is there to see. Becah when yuh reach in de presents you will find solidity.
If I man cut de I wid a knife an de I nuh do nuting bout it, de I will more then likely bleed to death depending upon were de I cut de I. and not only dat, you will feel pain and de I will suffer. This is essentially what Iím talking about when I refer to de reality. If de I is hungry you will have to go and eat to satisfy de hungry, otherwise de body will start to eat itself. if you body need sleep you will have to sleep.
Now de I can go round de house an talk bout point of view, waking state, timelessness and formlessness. My whole reasoning is bout de here and now, dat which we arl experience on a day to day basis. If de I look at de sun and I look at de sun and every body else looks at de sun wid de eyes, we are arl going to see de same ting. Now it will be a different ting if de I looks tru de prism of mind, gas an arl other elements dat mek these gases. Will come to mind.
Put de point wed de I a mek is de immediate reality is where de experience happens fe I n I. and still when I n I is gone existence will still be here fe other to experience. And this is what de I mean when me a use de term anthropocentricism, de I a project some mind theory pon de reality. Becah basically wed de I aseh is dat wen de mind an body disappear de universe and arl there in will disappear too. Dat is not de troot, dat is just you theorizing wid mind.

And if de Iís consciousness is complete and lacks nuting den what is de need fe I to worship Selassie an a chant Rasta? Clearly in any level of awareness dat is a wanting. De reason wehyah seh just souns hypocritical, becah de I a seh one ting an a deal wid sumting else. Becah love really has nothing to do wit worship

An no! de I does not identify wid de body, an if de I understood I man post rightly you would realized this from de outset. De body is just consciousness experiencing itself tru matter.

On waking state body and mind is present on dream state only mind, de I understand weh de I aseh pon dat point, since dat tarry wid I man outta body experience. And yes de universe resides on consciousness but it is still governed by universal laws bredrin, dat adde difference. Suh itís arl good saying dat de universe is an illusion. But de I still affe experience these laws on a day to day basis. An arl thou its forever changing it is de reality an needs to be encountered by I n I.

An when de I a refer to de state beyond mind, where there is no time, space jus pure awareness, you use de I. an dis is where de misunderstanding come, becah at dat level there is no I, it is jus a conscious whole, I is de function of mind.

Suh wedda de sun is there or not, arl experieces or tangible suh de sun rise is not de mind de sun wil rise wether de mind is there or not. De I a reducing de reasoning to a point in mind, which is enless. We will simply be going around in circles an getting nowhere, which is arlways de case wid philosophizing. I n I suffer because of stupidity and ignorance not because of de appearance of de illusion and de continuous state of flux in which de universe move. And dat is exactly what de I mean about philosophy, you donít really achieve nuting and you move mile away, arl of this stuff happens the further you move out wit mind. the closer de I is to de present de I will get fe experience it.

Dat is why there is no need to create a seeker, only to move mile away wen de I can stay close in de here and now an experience de benediction of life. And de states such as happiness peace are experienced when de mind is not there, and to say dat happiness is de tru state is idealistic, becah ultimately who know what de ideal state is. In reality life is a dance between de two poles, dis is why one minute we are up de next we are down. This is just life. You canít have de up wid out de downs or de valleys wid out de peaks.

And everything de I dwell on becomes illusory, simply becah yuh move away from de present and start de journey wid mind, and dat is how de I a lose touch wid de reality. Becah de I will quickly feget dat de I is whole an complete arlready, de I donít lack anyting hence de reason why de search becomes an endless mind trip becah de vastness of being is mistaken for emptiness. You lose being in trying to find de self . an you try to fill de I being wid arl de desire but still you donít get fill, becah wah, you is as vast as de universe itself.

But tru de I mind a self is created. To compensate for de lack of understanding of de Iís being. And de I a mention de real self, there is no real self adat adde illusion. De self pertains to de personality, which is just a social construct. De personality is arlways in reference to de other an it is something which is given to de I from de outside.

And love is not desire, it is a state of being. De love weh de I a talk bout, if you refer to it as a desire is simply biological, neediness an dis is simply a result of not accepting ones aloneness. I n I donít possess love, it simply comes and goes of
its own accord. And dis is another fundamental flaw of de self, possessiveness. Evryting it tries to own and possess.

And its not de mind dat goes back to its source becah de mind is jus smoke, it will simply disappear, like clouds. when de Iís being rises up an it finally drops de mind or releases itself from its grip. And de tru essence of religion is individuality, authenticity, not devotion dat is hopelessness, devoted to what, whom? Dogma? becah dat a weh de I a deal wid, dogma. Dat is de essence of rasta. Set principles laid down by Sellassie as uncontrovertibly tru , actually it is not by Sellassie but by de I's dem, and it is not a case of maturity of mind, it is simply a case of putting it aside. Mind can never mature simply becah it can never be present. It reside in de past or in anticipation of de future. The whole idea or notion of a god is simply a psychological need, since god is nether withn or without man

And why does de concept of Selassie have to lead arl others? Why not Christianity, Catholicism or Mahamandanism arl of these are far more prominent than Rasta, Rasta is such a small minority so small dat it will be one of de first religions to disappear when de time comes. Becah ultimately no concept is needed, just a method to get out of de I mind that is arl. Concept can only serve to lead you astray, simply becah you is following foolishness.
And how can faith be de basis of knowing? You can never come to any knowing thru faith. It is tru discovery dat one come to know, faith is simply blind.
And if de Iís consciousness is complete and lacks nuting den wedde I a worship Selassie an a chant Rasta, clearly in any level of awareness dat is a wanting. De reason wehyah seh just souns hypocritical becah de I a seh one ting an a deal wid sumting else.


Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/19/2012 8:20:13 PM

Yes you are right Ark1, I know nuting for sure, only dat which Iíve experienced.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/19/2012 10:53:50 PM


I am not making this post because I want to convince you. RasTafarI never leave RasTafarI, as I said, it is impossible, so there is not one person who was RasTafarI and now isn't, because anybody who was RasTafarI is RasTafarI. All who "left" were never RasTafarI, they were just pretending, whether or not they realized they were pretending.

I am just declaring what I Trod is, so you can see that I am way too far gone to ever turn to your way. I know you said that you are not trying to change anybody, but the amount of effort and time you put into writing all the words you wrote here makes that somewhat unbelievable.

I Sight that God Created I and I to be God. Not several separate gods standing together, just One God, with no separation, Joined with the Most High Haile Selassie I. To be God, I and I must walk according to the Energy and Guidance of God which will cause I and I to make the choices that lead to balance and betterment of ourselves and our surroundings, whether people, animals, plants, mountains, ocean and everything else. The example that Yeshua Christ set and that Haile Selassie I set is the example of God. So by looking to them and others that show God's example, I and I can Learn to Live as God and do the movements that we are supposed to do, so that I and I can do our part. Everything I and I do will not be exactly the same, but the Flow and Energy will be.

There is a part of Ourself that knows all the things that I and I are supposed to do, whether or not we see that example from others. Even though people do all sorts of wickedness, small and large, that part of themself told them at least once that they are dealing with wickedness. Some go far enough into wickedness that they can no longer even notice that part of themselves, but they did notice it at one time.

That part of Ourself is God, and the more I and I Live by that Guidance and Energy, the closer I and I come to One and the more I and I will sight Blessings in our own Life and bring Blessings in the Life of other Ones.

That part of Ourself also Connects I and I to our brothers and sisters, so when they need I and I to contact them, or even if they are just speaking about I and I to others, I and I will give them a call in that moment. That Connection Links I and I and can even Link I and I completely as One.

That part of Ourself Guides I and I away from danger, and Guides I and I toward a place where I and I need to help a person out of danger, or meet a person that will have something that I and I need or I and I have something they need. That part of Ourself can even ignite that part of Ourself in others, so that Love will come to those that walk in hate, at least for a moment.

There are so many more examples of what that part of Ourself does.

Some might try convince I that, that part of Ourself is not God, but I know it is, and if they would Learn to walk towards that direction, they would come to know that it is God also. But not everybody will walk in that direction, so I am not here to change them. I am here to help those who don't need to be changed, but only need to Learn from the experience of others, so they can add that to their own experience. Iron sharpeth Iron, and I know and have known some sharp Iron. I will never allow a next person to make I dull, and I blaze Fire on Iself when I do something against I Path, because I don't want to dull I own self.

Here is a Reasoning I made before:


Everything is the will of Jah, except for one thing, our mind(meaning what we think). Jah has given us the power to choose, because this was the power man and woman wanted from the time of our days in the Garden of Eden.

So we have the choice to be with Jah, or work against Jah. RasTafarI is always there to guide us in the path of harmony if we choose to listen. But Jah has given us the choice to make our own path, whatever path it is.

So I see life as a combination of the consequences of the choices we make and the will of Jah.

Jah has the power and strength to intervene and cause things to happen. Jah can help those that want and ask for Jah help and Jah can stop those that need to be stopped.

But in general, Jah gives us our choice and the world reacts to these actions.

And I think that Jah granted us our desire of choice for a good reason. For now RasTafarI will see who will remain with Jah when given the choice and who will go away. And also, who will return to Jah again.

It is much better to have a son that stays with you, not because he has no other choice, but because this is what he wants. Then Jah will know who is truly One with Jah.

The world is full of actions and reactions. If you see fire and touch it, you will get burned. It is not that we are punished by Jah for touching the fire. It is that fire has a certain structure, and we have a certain structure. And when fire comes in contact with us, our flesh is damaged.

This is how I see the world as a whole. It has a certain structure, and we have to know how to harmonize with it, or we will recieve the reactions to our actions. For example, the reactions we receive as a result of our destruction of our environment.

I see Jah as the One who can show us how to get through and harmonize. To be our rudder so that the waves don't overtake us. Jah made creation to work and harmonize as One, just as he made our own bodies to work and harmonize as One. And in the same way that we can destroy our body if we don't use our parts for the benefit of our body, we can destroy some of creation and ourselves by not living as One with creation.


Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 1/19/2012 11:40:25 PM

Yes I,

Almighty God Created I and I in His Image and gave I and I freewill to either Trod with Jah or choose another path.

Jah is there to guide I and I if We listen.

Those with eyes to see will see, those with ears to hear will hear.

Messenger: DURU Sent: 1/21/2012 8:31:56 PM

Blessed to all
Greetings abashanti

Yes I,again its because universe has no existence itself ,just as I said if it can be percieved its not it so to make I point clear its d perciever of d universe which is only reality its d only fact that can't be denied ,mind as well can be percieved so has no reality too,mind is d root of illusion , dat perciever of it is d ultimate subject cause if d subject is percieved it turns to object that percieving dat always remains as a perciever, it must be overstood that d object percieved is not seperate from d subject its just d changing aspect of itself ,its unreal cause its ever changing meaning it comes and goes,and d perciever is d unchanging formless hence d only reality its from this reality all percieved objects has its existance in this point d existence of an object is because of its subject in other word only subject exists .

Yes I, if d I is identified to body or to dat percieved then I statement is absurd but if not identified to any object and remain as a subject then no sleeping is happening again its d perciever or witness is d only existance, from this existance it seems all others percieved object have its existance but its just a projection and still remains illusion because all percieved is changing and reality is just like d I said here and now other words changless ,from dat changless reality all that changing is happening only in d mind , in deep sleep no objects no illusions, this objects not to get confused of duality,is not seperate from itself it is just like an ocean again its waves and bubbles are just its movements(mind) but if just seen as ocean(perciever) it all happens in d ocean if its calm no waves or bubbles still remains as ocean,no ocean no waves and this is self evident as a perciever it must be overstood that its only 1 who percieves its formleSs but if this perciever is seen as a mind or body, its because d mind labeled an identity on d perciever and seen that this identity is d perciever it becomes object ,but there always remains a perciever of it which can't be objectified ,d attempt to objectify its perciever is done by d mind it tries to identify d perciever but always fail cause mind is for objects only ,that y deepsleep seems blank pure darkness but its just d imagination or try to apply an image on dat state. Cause mind is not there its dead on dat state , based on experience, in deepsleep is not light no darkness not blank just timeless and spaceless so it just appears blank ,cause d d mind try to objectify it.because of this fact d perciever is known not directly by mind but by overstanding that if there is object there is subject ,again this changes is happening on that changeless reality, so perciever is never on move just like d I said here and now,on this point of view this waking up and sleep is play of mind hence inside d mind just like wave and bubbles in d ocean,and d implication of an existing universe on sleep state is an identification of an body, its only d body or mind dat sleeps, no mind no universe this is a simple logic ,
Thats Y, universe is only in I not I in d universe ,universe depend on I ,I not on d universe , if this I is in d universe this I is percieved then its object, on this I or witness appears d mind and d world ,it must be overstood dat those individual minds are creation or imagination of 1 mind only. This is d roots of illusion, all happenings is its imagination and I as d only reality is d witness of it , cause mind itself is illusion, it must be overstood this term witness,illusion is again terms for d mind only all these is play of d mind,hence illussion, in reality nothing really happens its just pure bliss or eternal peace.

I do agree certain points of d I ,no I don't think d I oversttand I point, example d I said'

Jus like de I seh de perceiver cannot be perceived. but still de reality is there to see. Becah when yuh reach in de presents you will find solidity.
If I man cut de I wid a knife an de I nuh do nuting bout it, de I will more then likely bleed to death depending upon were de I cut de I. and not only dat, you will feel pain and de I will suffer. This is essentially what Iím talking about when I refer to de reality. If de I is hungry you will have to go and eat to satisfy de hungry, otherwise de body will start to eat itself. if you body need sleep you will have to sleep.

I will clarify i point again, to explain this I , let's say there is 2 man ,a simple man and man that is once stucked on hallucination , simple man is d I as witness and d man stucked on hallucination is d I as the mind. This simple man is looking at the other man , this other man being stared by d simple man is not aware of its starring cause of his halucinations (universe) so these hallucination is occuring in d mind,1 mind only in these hallucination appears countless minds with bodies, born ,live ,and ,die. All hapenings occur here so d I doing these or that cutting with knife or even this reasoning InI having in these forum , I duru worshipping selassie I living as a rastaman is not a choice its a spontaneous act of d universe of these so called cause and effect which is just 1 cause d cause is d effect it self ,just like d heart pumping is a spontaneous act ,all thoughts appearing on mind ,personality of man ,behaviour,religion all is acting spontaneously
And relating perfectly with each other with one universal law love, love is unity expressing oneness, attraction or inspiration ,unity with self ,when love is express to objects its desire , but love expressed to d objectless or d eternal then its eternally flowing,
This is d law and this can't be changed ,this 1 mind is 1 operating its self its d one creating d seeker for its events ,so man has no free will ,its actions are reactions of situations according the conditioning of its mind,meaning all happenings is 1 perfect system happening in 1 mind the root of illusion ,iillusion because this mind is percieved by this simple man d I. Witness principle ,d act of looking to d other man (mind) is not with eyes but ,by being yes that here and now or that presence or d present ,its dat simple man looking (being)at d other man awake then sleep then die. When this other man sleeps or die its hallucination is disapears with him , this means to stand on d I witness position ,not doing anything but witnessing all events ,d body will do its doings spontaneously according d law,to stand as d I witness, it doesn't mean dat d illusion will permanently disapear after this realization its just it must be seen as illusion only ,meaning if this other man who got stuck on his halucination realized that those illusion he is seeing is just hallucination on his mind ,he's emoition fear,suffering, wil not react on its illusions,simply realizing that its just illusion with its appearnce he remains calm and an affected , from this mind being calm this is d maturing of mind when it realize the presence of this unchanging I , its maturing is through question and answer on every answer it feels a moment of bliss so it thinks from answer he get d bliss but after all question is ansewered it feels clarity meaning bliss and simply remains eternal ,its realization is that bliss is always there only covered by question and answer this is d term maturing of mind its dat individual mind in d mind ,so d first step is individual I must unite to d universal I to lose its individual identity from this universal I ,this is d unity with god , god is d highest concept of mind of d self , all individual man worship god according to their conditioning , no religion even needed for worship of god ,what d man most strive for or live for is his god. ,material busines ,music ,even in religious groups including rasta have differnt ideology of god , but most common known as d perfect,formless,creator,sustainer and destroyer aspect and love is it action , so d overerstanding of a perfect god must have a perfect creation too so no mistake , d ideas of sin ,and reward heaven and hell has no valid terms here so no freewill too,all is perfect , so if all this is overstood ,logically if truth stands alone and only reality ,so d term I or witness or reality is no valid anymore no words can be said or expressed there ,just like I often said this I is just a label simply to point out reality from illusion ,in means of communication,
All these above explained are all concepts but these cocepts are needed simply for mind to grasp ,to put d identity to d witnessing or being if this is confirmed thru experience,this are d last steps of dissolution of I,meaning with this dissolution,the term experience and witnessing,and being as no meaning , cause being is d experience of its existence ,cause this Is relative to objects simply movements pointing its existence but also ceases only dat remains is real.
I hope this is clear
,In fact nothing really happens , all is peace

Give thanks for d reasoning


Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/22/2012 6:38:19 AM


Wedda de I is or de I isnít trying to convince me makes no difference to me, but certainly de I is trying to convince me of sumting, may be deep down in de I subconscious mind. de I is trying to convince me weh you tink is de troot. An if dat is what de I tink represents de troot, den dat affe yuh business, again de I is not concerned wid de small mind. De small mind may not arlways try to convince others since it is alrways satisfied upon convincing itself, de ego.

And if de I can show me any element or part of existence weh stagnant or stuck in time, then I will tek arl of weh me aseh back.

And what de I is trodding and what is, are two completely different tings. And you seh you are too far gone, well this fact most certainly explains a few tings. An my way? Since when has how de comings and goings of de seasons been my way? Since when has de course dat de rivers takes been according to me? And does de I tink seh me command de rains and de rise an fall of de sun? it is not way, but how existence moves, an dat is not an ideal.

And de amount de I write is not realy a problem, becah wen you are not supporting anyting or propping up lies, it simply flows in abundance. Your cups becomes full to de point of over flow, you have t share it. Just like de river dat eventually has to flow into de ocean. When you are trying to defend lies there are many question dat need to be answered, and no sooner de I answers one, a thousand more pop up in its place, de troot simply speak for itself . but if yuh tell one lie then yuh affe tell anedda fe back it up.

And how de I know dat de example Jeshua Christ and Haile Sellassie set are examples of God? First de I would have had to have known God, before reference could be made. And there de I goes again, talking bout set principle. A dogma de I a deal wid. Existence is just that, existence. Meaning I n I just exist not according to dogma, ideology, tradition or convention, we just exist. De I is not a puppet pon a string, I n I should move according to I n I own energy. I n I should let de whole tek care of de parts. An dat is de problem, wen de parts starts trying to organize de whole only chaos can ensue. De whole is a self-regulating phenomenon, which needs no organizing. Becah wah, dat is arlready set, it is sufficient whole an complete unto itself, it nuh need any outta influence datta weh mash tings up. I n I could have had an oasis, heaven right here pon dis yah eart put hear wah know, man a eediat, stupid, an him a mash down de walls of him own creation. Suh I n I is not suppose to be doing anyting contrary to I n I being, becah dat a intrinsic to existence, I n I is part of de fabric of existence.

An de I donít know arl of de tings weh I n I suppose to duh, weh yuh really seh? Yuh tink seh yuh know wagwaan inadde morro? De I may have sumting plan but how dat plan materialize is a different matter. You is an organism not a mechanism only robot have programs. can de I count how many clouds will fill de sky inadde morrow? Or how much rain will fall if any inadde evening? Suh den how does de I know what de I will be doing from one day to de next? I n I donít have to be in society to be a social muppet, I n I can follow any foolishness to become robotic. De only ting I n I suppose to do is live according to I n I own energy.

And de wickedness de I is referring to is de Iís instinct , it is just following de Iís own instinct. Wickedness is de terminology used by de priest over thousands of years when dem did a try purge I n I of our naturalness and initiate you into their societies as moralistic puritans. I n I donít need laws or vows fe deal wid dat issue, I n I must just simply become more consciously aware, suh dat de instinct can move in to intuition, laws are for unintelligent people. Existence is intelligent and since de I a separate de I self from existence in favour of belief, ideology den de I n I will suffer as a whole.

An I man is not totally against de concept of god, becah dat concept can be turn into a reality. Arl man need duh is simply change it from a noun into a verb, den I n I have godliness, a process. Becah when I n I look into existence I n I donít see any nouns just verbs, processes living ting weh eenah constant flux, flow. And de difference is significant becah wah, one is dead de other is alive. We are arl born wid dat godly potential I n I jus affe allow it to come tru. But first I n I affe remove arl adde idiosyncrasies weh de I a move wid suh de Iís energy can flow naturally wid out any hinderance from de Iís ideals

One ting yuh mus understand Ark1, an dat is you is not in control of your destiny it is arlready been taken care of, I n I must just learn fe live wid de likkle time weh yuh get given. And we are arlready linked as one, arl a we, but to mek dis a realityI n I affe drop arl adde fuckery weh I n I a deal wid.

An Rasta is not exclusive to dem deh tune in vibe weh yah tark bout. Christian a dweet, Muslim a dweet, ordinary man a dweet, even de animal dem a dweet. Suh it can be dun in any context, not jus a religious one. And nobody needs to be changed in the first place, like de I did a seh man only need to become more consciously aware of himself suh dat him vision has more clarity. De I Ďs dullness arlready seems to be de case, de Iís approach is old, it is not fresh.

Everything is the will of Jah
Everting is not de will of Jah, everything jus is. I n Iís thoughts and what we tink is a product of evolution just like everything else. Nuting is set as de I suggests. Dat a ridiculous notion. So it is de will of God that thousands upon thousand of innocent children starve to death? Dat is not de will of God, dat is de stupidity of man. There is enuff resources to more or less iradicate hunger but man is too stupid and greedy.

So we have the choice to be with Jah
We have a choice yes, but the question is not a case of working against Jah, its simply a question of de choices I n I mek. Sumtimes we mek wrong choices sometime we mek right choices, but again dat is not de problem for dat is how I n I learn, tru mistakes. When I n I first jump pon a bike, we have to fall off many time to get it right dat is its neccassary corollary. Making mistakes is part of I n I learning.

So I see life as a combination of the consequences of the choices we make and the will of Jah.
Dat depends on which way de I looks at it, if de I is looking from de perspective of de small mind, den yes life is not a combination of consequences. But not de will of Jah. However if on de other hand de I a look from a wholistic perspective, de I will quickly realize dat it is not so. In actual fact it is a combination of cause and effect, consequences are de results of I n I actions.

Jah has the power and strength to intervene and cause things to happen
Again if there is a being of omnipotent omniscience omnipresent status, den why doesnít he just alleviate all suffering? We are supposedly all of is creations if de I seh a creation. Suh why him nuh jus intervene an clear de whole mess once an for all, or at least save de innocent children? You is just tarking personal vendetta an projection.

But in general, Jah gives us our choice and the world reacts to these actions.
Now this de I can partly agree, because de world does react, reaction comes out of I n I programming. However a man of intelligence simply response to de moment, dat way everting is fresh and new.

And I think that Jah granted us our desire of choice for a good reason. For now RasTafarI will see who will remain with Jah when given the choice and who will go away. And also, who will return to Jah again.
What is de point of returning? According to de Iís decree, those who leff Rasta never was.

It is much better to have a son that stays with you
This entirely depends on whether de I wants to be a slave or not. If a man has intelligence and values is own freedom he will have de courage to flee an trod his own path.

The world is full of actions and reactions.
Again, I can agree wit you on this point, just by looking at de mess man has got himself into, man is asleep so there is no surprise that he reacts to his environment as opposed to responding. This is why there is no problem in de animal kingdom apart from dat which is bestowed upon them by man, other than dat they simply respond.

This is how I see the world as a whole
De Iís view of de world is very general and bias towards de small mind, an if de I is aware of its structure then why is de I trying to add to it? It is whole and complete unto itself, it needs no outside influence such as a God. That is just your ideal which naturally doesnít make sense.

Adat me aseh.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 1/22/2012 8:16:42 AM


You asked

how de I know dat de example Jeshua Christ and Haile Sellassie set are examples of God?

I and I Know I and I Father.

You should go to another website with your anti-God ramblings.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/22/2012 11:03:55 AM

abashanti, are you the same abashanti that runs a sound system in England?

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/22/2012 1:38:03 PM


Abashanti, there is nothing that the I has said yet that has not been taught by various Gurus of the past (this is not to imply you're trying to be a Guru). All of this amounts to philosophy ( a notion you seem to reject), nevertheless it is so...according to definitions of the word. Doesn't really matter, but that is the reality, and I don't think its a bad thing either...personally I love various philosophies, some have helped me gain a much clearer vision of myself and the world around me....I would go as far as to say they have done the same for you...why not honor that?

The principle you are putting forth seems to be, in a nutshell,....close our eyes, go within, find silence, inner peace, enter into meditation, and attain the proverbial state of "enlightenment". If that is indeed what you are saying and I'm not way off the mark, then I agree wholeheartedly. That being said, its no easy thing, we all live on the same planet, we are all conditioned to some degree by society. There's seldom a way for One's to just escape the endless cycle of samsara without some guidance.

All great Gurus put forth the teaching that they are not to be deified, to lose the sky God concept, to become as God just as they have. The role of Guru is to help the disciple become the Guru, if this is done correctly it is a sound method, and history can attest to that.

...........I highly doubt this is the Abashanti out of England....


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