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Son of man

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Messenger: Black heart Sent: 1/12/2012 10:03:30 AM

Yes I. Now dem fuss n fight over dis diferent names n images created. People from diferent faiths are busy preachin n promoting names n images instead of promoting riteuosness. If we all agree dat de creator wants us to be good n we all tryin to live good den why can't we be united by dat instead of we divided by de diferent doctrines, names n images we use fo de creator. One aim, one Jah, one destiny. PEACE!

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/12/2012 4:26:18 PM

Black heart are you prepared to drop de Iís belief? If not den wah mek yuh tink seh a next man will drop his? Bredren a belief is a belief, wedda it's believing in one aim one jah one destiny or believing dat his majesty is god. It is still a belief. Dem is all under the same umbrella

Yes Matthew, there is an interdependence and interconnection in all tings, there is nuting divided but tru da mind. Addi mind I n I need to master, bcah whilst de Iís dem is under mind, belief will be the order, ideology will be the slave master an YOU will be the slave.

Ark1 de Iís dem only need to be authentic an original, unspoilt and uncorrupted by society. There was never a creation, what de Iís perceive to be creation is jus biology it is jus existence blindly procreating for the survival of the species. And if de Iís dem sidown an ponder it and contemplate it de Iís dem will see it. An nuh nut en, is jus de intelligence de Iís dem affe promote. An animal loses its intelligence when you pull it out of its environment, and since de animals dem is environmentally set, when yuh tek it out yuh breed out it brains, yuhnuh seet? And addi same ting wit man, society imposes pon him an him tun fool just like de animal. Dats why de dog dem a run down him tail, bcah him is psychological impalanced, tek any animal outta its natural habitat an there is a possibility dat it will tun fool.

Yes Yaa Asantewa him is a bloodclaat idiot. Adat me aseh.

IAMGODALMIGHTY what dus de I define as sin? Is it tinking da torts dat de I have no control over are may be succumbing to the natural instinct dat has been programmed in over millions of years? De Iís dem will do well to remember language is just language an you are using language as a verification. Language linquistics, dem is jus a by-product of sound and language is built on the improvisation of sound. It is a necessary evil, but it is far from usefull since we have difficulty understanding each other.

Ark1 how can de I believe in dem deh foolishness, dem is jus childrens bed time stories an de I dem a promote dem deh foolishness. Da man was a mad man an him was not very intelligent. And more to da point him was not even a Christian, da Christian ting came some tree hundred years after him dead an it did promote by foolish disciples.

Peace will always allude man until him can raise da level of him consciousness. Man will always be in sufferation, degradation and commiseration until dat day

Adat de I aseh.

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 1/12/2012 6:38:50 PM

Life just evolved from nothing? I dont buy that! Everything in due season, Jah not only choose the seasons he created them, My take is Christ came to teach to show man what was possible, I majesty was the first one in 2000 years to overstand the fulness of christ teachings and the only one to achieve perfection in Christ teachings, the two cant be seperated, I cant see how ones can call themselves Rastafari yet burn and deny Christ or call themselves Christian but burn and deny I Majesty, no seperation not 1 but 0 never ending perfect unity

Blessed Love

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/12/2012 9:16:41 PM

Matthew it doesnít matter wedda you buy it or not existence doesnít care bout I an Iís belief an weh you waan tink. Since de I has developed a mind. Existence has no mind. And who seh anyting bout life evolving from nuting? It was arlready here, it has arlways been here. You on the other hand have only just arrived, man has only been here but for a short while in comparison to the time that the cosmos has been here.

Bredrin da I is projecting ideals onto sumting so vast you couldnít comprehend if you were conscious of arl addi lives de I have live deh pon dis yah eart.

And it nuh mek sense a creation is wah man mek, but a creation is sumting weh nuh have life, it is stone dead. But when de I a look eenah existence all yuh see is life, everything deh pon a movements, nuting is static everting is dynamic. Movements adat me aseh

An there is nuting perfect inah dis yah existence. Nuting can be perfect bcah wah, if tings were perfect den life would be dull, dis is what keeps life moving, arl addi imperfection weh com outta yit, yuhnuh seet.

And de teachings of Christ is jus pure philosophy becah wah, a just somebody elses opinion a nex mans belief. There is nuting substantial innah belief, it is not even a mechanism like skepticism or doubt, dem deh two tings are fundamentally intrinsic to de I as a human being. If de I was de only man pon eart yah, and de I come across fiyah for the first time. De I wouldnít believe, how could de I believe? You is de only one there. There would have to be a nex bredrin or sistrin there as a reference for your belief , what is de I going to believe? yuh nuh seet? Your belief can only be in reference to the others ideals. If de I was there by de Iís self den de I would simply doubt. De I would simply be skeptical until de I had de courage to overcome de Iís fears and discover what it realy is dat de I a look pon, yuhnuh seet?

Bredrin all beliefs dem a social constructs and dem is formulated and built pon an under developed psychology an it nuh matter which part de I a believe. Dis is why man nuh mek much progress bcah wah, him is retarded, his intelligence is dull. Becah wah, him agwaan wit nuff stupidity and him nuh waan leggo ayit. An him a cling pon it like a life support yuhnuh seet? Adat me aseh.

Suh hear weh me aseh now, nuh badda wit it. Nuh even tink bout sellassi I and Christ god an all dem deh ting deh. Everything de I possess yuh mus get riddayit , so de I can lighten up an when de I light de I's consciousness can raise. But first de I mus set I roots firm pon eart yah yuhnuh seet. Tan firm an nuh move wit philosophy, convention, ideology, tradition and belief and arl dem deh foolishness wehyah gwaan wid. A dem deh foolishness a mek de I dem retarded, man affe learn fe pudown dem deh sut em deh, a pure foolishness.

Adat me aseh.

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 1/13/2012 5:55:16 AM

Bredren I dont have a belief in RasTafarI, I have a relationship with HIM. I majesty raised me up, Who feels it knows it !! Is true i dont have the capabillity to overstand creation but that is simply becouse as a man im unable to overstand and comprehend the ways of JAH thats just bigger and vaster than my worldly overstanding so I dont even try, I deal with what I know and leave the rest to RasTafari, if he wants I to know he'll reveal it to I, like I said everything in due season!

Bredren you are aware this site is called Jah Rastafari ? The name shows whos people you will find here, so please show INI father the RASPECT he demands, before entering his house wipe ya feet and leave ya foolishness at the door

Blessed Love

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/13/2012 11:55:43 AM

Breda Matthew first let put one ting straight, I donít come on yah fe disrespect de Iís bcah wah, a just troot I man a deal wit. and if de I is affended den de I is not dealing wit troot but jus pure identity. I man dont deal wit da parts jus da whole. not de tiny likkle part weh de small mind a cling to.

And matthew it is a belief, so donít try and kid yourself dat you is in connect wit some omniscience omnipotent and omnipresent deity. You are not! Bcah wah, de only ting de I is in contact wid is de imagination.

And how can you have a relationship wid a dead man? And dis is the problem wid believers dem can seem to differentiate between what is real and what is not.

Listen, donít let de imagination play tricks on you, bcah wah, man must learn meditation. Bcah wah, if de I dem donít meditate you is jus deh pon de surface of de I mind, and true seh de imagination is arlso superficial, but if de I goes deeper in imagination the deeper layers of de imagination will be available and dem will be real to de point were de I will seh dis cyaan be imagination.

You can put man under deep hypnosis and tell a man a fiyah me put innayuh han. And de man can imagine dat fiyah de deh inna him han to da point where de man get bun and mark dideh a leff, yuhnuh seet?

And what mek you different from de Christian, de muslim man and de catholic man? dem also tink seh dem know. He who professes to know knows nuting. adat me aseh.

And it is existence weh de I cannot comprehend not jah you can read bout sellassi inah book but yuh can but existence inah boot bcah wah, it is incomprehensible. Adat me aseh.

An de Iís dem mus learn not to project ideals onto existence.. bcah arl ideals an arl kinda philosophies will eventually die wit de raising of intelligence. De more conscious awareness de I a move into, de less foolishness de I will believe.

But yuhnuh easy, a de sed reason why everyting seems fucked up bcah man an man a gwaan wit foolishness, dem is trying to organize something weh arl ready organize, everything was alright until man an man start believing in dis god and dat god. Look at de whole breda Matthew and not tru de lense of de small mind.
Adat me aseh.

Messenger: DURU Sent: 1/14/2012 6:02:03 AM

Blessed to all
Give thanks for d reasoning.
Seek than u shall find,after all we will find nothin,but an endless search,Y? We keep on searchin without understanding the seeker itself,the common belief of an individual(actually means indivisible,non-dual,complete) is d "belief"that I am a part or in the universe,in fact the whole universe is mental created by mind only including d creator itself are all mere imaginations just like in draems,the dreamer creates a seperate entity to play his role in d dream and in that dream includes universe its creatore and all other conciousness in a conciousbeing are all happening in d mind of d dreamer,while dreaming the dream is a reality it will be known that its just illusion in d moment of waking up,no matter what happen in a dream d dreamer was never affected of it nor created d dream concioussly, this world that we consider real are simply projections of mind unconsiously just like ur organs functions unconsioussly, perhaps the minds is trapped on its own creation wich is bondage then the search begins, the question that must arise to illuminate this illussion or ignorance is 'who am I?'every man says I am, that's pure but if a man says I am this or that,it became victim of it own illusion.this I am is that I that never sleep this I is present in waking state dream state and deep sleep state ,its known that universe is only present when d minds is active hence in deep sleep there is only bliss or peace cause no universe the mind is not active only I am is there,the world is experienced by the body ,the body is experienced by mind and the mind is experience by that I am , it is that I am in the book of exodus , I AM THAT IAM ,and the book of psalms BE STILL AND KNOW I AM GOD.


Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/14/2012 9:51:32 AM

Duru, de I is jus talking knowledge and I man is not dealing wid Knowledge. De Iís understanding of what de I is talking is not very deep. Becah first is not a question of seeking but relaxing. Like de I did seh, there is nuting to find and de search will be endless, since you will be looking through the prism of mind.

De Iís desire to search and understand is really the urge to become one wid the whole, the cosmos. Since dat is where de I is centered. Dis is the reason de I must move inward, Becah wah, de move inwards in significant, as it is a move towards the center. Moving out is a journey of the mind. And when de I chek it out, it is why de individual and de reality is indivisible becah dem is one of the same.

But wehyuh really seh? How can de whole universe be a mental construct? It is out of your projections dat de I seet as mental construction. The universe has been here billion of years before you. And den de I a talk bout none dual, and den in de I nex bret you create a dual, wehyuh really seh? Da fact dat de I have an opinion in dat dis universe is a mental construct - you have just create a dual by seperating de Iís self from it.

And de I is mixing up de dream world wid da reality, and the difference is fundamentally significant, since one is tangible and de other is fictional. If a man comes an lick down de I in a dream de I will just wake up none de worse, but if a man lick yuh down innah de reality de I will have to go home an nurse up de wound, becah wah, de I as passed tru a experience in de reality.

And if de I sees da world has projections den de I musi innah deep sleep. I n I who knows, dem seh it is impossible to say anyting bout da reality, becah wah, anyting de I dem aseh will have to be sed tru da mind, language, yuh caan fetch it eenah language it is a myserious phenomenon, yuh can enter it tru experience but yuh caan say nuting bout it. Adat me aseh.

Duru yuh affe pudown de programming, da whole adde mind affe pudown bcah it is only programs dat reside eenahyit. Yuhnuh seet? Witout da mind there is just the present no time just immense clarity and you is just luminous. Da slightest identification wid da mind will dull de Iís presences de Iís intelligence, yuhnuh seet? and to say I am is pure, it is not, you are nothing but a reflection of all there is and dis can be sed witout taking away ones dignity and self-worth. I am is just a trick of mind a de ego a rise him ugly head, there is only isness and suchness.

And de I seems to be mixing up conscious mind sub conscious mind and consciousness itself.. The I am de I is referring to is da conscious mind Ė de ego, it tinks it knows. Den there is the sub conscious mind dat is da one weh naah sleep, bcah wah, arl adde suppression de I a deal wid tru da day Ė an dis is because of de conscious mind, will come tru inadde dreams. an dat is de reason why man an man dream, becah wah, de I am , de mind a tink one ting but you consciousness is someting else. Den there consciousness itself , it doesnít know anyting, it just exist eternally, from eternity to eternity in a state of bliss, ecstasy. itself it could only know existence and because de I a mix up mix up de I caan differentiate between de I mind and conscious awareness. Dis I am which de I a talk bout is da mind.

And in dis state of bliss and ecstasy da mind is not only not active it is not even there. Suh hear wah now, if da mind is not there den how can I am be there? I am can only be there if the mind is there to identify wit I am. who, who is da I? does de I know what de I will be doing tomorrow? Yuhnuh seet? you can move wid da program, but dat is not de I

The world is experience by the body and the body experience by the mind but what has I am have to do wid anyting ? I am is jus de Iís identification wid the mind, you are consciousness not its content.

Scriptures God and arl dem deh ting deh is jus CONTENT I n I can only live in the present, and if de I a look roun you will not find god eenahyit you can only find dem tings in de I consciousness as part of its content.

Deal wid da reality, adat me aseh

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/14/2012 11:13:16 AM


Love the reasoning, Aba's way on point!

However, Aba the I surely did not come to your current position without the aid of a Guru. Whether that Guru be in the form of books or human teachers, you are still imparting instruction which has existed on this earth for some time now. I would be very interested to hear more about your Guru/cabalistic buddhist influences.

A Guru is someone or something which brings light to the dark (metaphorically speaking), this is why Ones hold to His Majesty, He provides a path, which in this time is desperately needed, albeit many misconstrue what they might otherwise glean.

I couldn't imagine dashing away our Guru in attempt to blindly teach ourselves. Few have done so successfully and many have tried in vain. It is very good to have a teacher, especially in meditation (a practice which demands much cultivation).

Give Thanks...Selam.'.

Messenger: DURU Sent: 1/14/2012 12:55:08 PM

Blessed to all
Greetings abashanti
I ovastand that its not knowledge I mean but through knowledge,indeed search is not needed its like searching for d eyeglasses while its on d forehead,
Yes universe is mental is a construct of d mind same as projection the projected and the projector,that me u refer billions after d universe is d individual a projection too that I made d example of a dream and that's Y d I is never seperate from its projection

Just like I said while u dream got licked in dat moment that's ur reality it is known a dream after waking up,reality is not about things ,world,or experience its the reality that makes it possible just like a tv ,its contents on d screen are just lights ,illusion only reality there is d screen which is not affected on its light appearance ,screen is there even if tv is off so the appearance depends on screen but not d screen on appearance.

True nothin can be said about d reality ,but it can b pointed by d mind simply that reality is beyond mind ,its even not to enter it on experience ,its even beyond it nothin to enter on eternal it always is,its d foundation
Yes in reality is no I just is, or beyond words, but to point out something is simnply for d mind cause its only d mind that's search and pointd d mind inwardly to self,reality.

Concoius mind is wat I was refering wen I said waking state yes awareness beyond that. thats Y I refer as d I which is d witness of waking ,dream, and deepsleep state its on dat I dat these 3 states occur so its not d mind cause in deepsleep is no mind but d I is present that's Y we have the experience I slept good,yes its only known through mind ,knowing is function of mind and that I is beyond it, but can b revealed as concepts though not directly but through these concepts through experience which from d mind it can be directly reveald just simply by being it.subconcious mind exists as the not achieved desire and through experience,its responsible for the thoughts that spontaneously appears on mind, on how d mind reacts and yes in dreams too.

That I am I refered on experiencing body and mind obviouslly is not d mind I said it experience d mind to simply point out its beyond mind,by simply by d concept of I am not this(everything u can know and not know)who or what remains is I,awareness,impersonal conioussness

Give thanks for the reasoning


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