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Son of man

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Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/16/2012 5:59:55 PM

Duru, One ting de I mus understand. I man nuh come on yah fe battle wit intelligence, I man is simply reflecting weh de I a put fort. An me naah disagree wid de whole of what de I aseh, but certain tings weh de I a chat is wrong. And no disrespect to de I still, but when I man seh it is not very intelligent to seh dat de universe is mental I mean seh it is not very intelligent as a whole. Becah wah, if de I get lick down by a car de I aggo feel it.

And of cause existence can be proven wid out de I mind, da fact dat de I wakes up every morning is proof enough to say dat there is something other than de Iís mind. and de I is arlready aware dat there is no mind to a certain degree during sleep, suh who a deal wit I bret weh I n I a tek een when de I asleep? What is keeping de I heart pumping tru out de night when de I a sleep? Or de blood dat courses tru out de Iís blood vessels? It is not you, suh something affe be responsible. Existence is responsible fe earl a dem tings, bech wah, if it was leff to de I, de I would simply feget. becah these tings happen in de moment, an de mind can never be present, suh how would de I servive? Existence established these tings over millions of years, it is known as de Iís instinct. You donít have to remember when to eat becah de Iís belly will remind de I , and de I donít need to worry bout de toilet, becah wah, de I pladder will remind de I. Arl of these important tings have been taken care by existence.

And de I a use an analogy weh nuh really seh nutting about de reality, becah there is an implication weh de I donít seem to really understand, and it is significant, fundamentally significant. Becah when de I a use de tv analogy, de I seem to forget that a tv is a created object. Life is not. There is a difference an de difference is significant. Becah wah, one is mechanical and de other organical. And yes the tv is part adde reality we experience, but it is not a real phenomenon in de sense dat it exist in its own right becah it dont. Mechanical object only exist by the virtue of I n I imagination .De I tv cyaan get up and walk, these is no juice no life blood weh can give it life, what Iím saying is de tv doesnít function by itself, you have to operate it.

And not only dat, a mechanical ting can tek apart piece by piece an put back together and be perfectly arlright. But dat is not possible wit a conscious being, it is an impossibility wid a human being simply becah you will kill it.

And what has tings on de tv have to do wit consciousness unless de I is talking bout de consciousness dat is observing it? Dem is just signal pon a tv, conscious being is something totally different. I man is talking bout dat which is behind de Iís sensory inputs. I man is talking bout dat which is behind de eyes. De eyes are not you, they are just windows which I n I a look tru.

Bredrin I here weh de I aseh, de frequencies dat are arlways available tru de airwaves. De I can tune eenah dem providing de I have de apparatus. Bredrin Iím talking about conscious awareness, organic life not electrical Circuitry. To get something outta dat, man affe first create some interface, some kinda electrical circuit to make de connection, an den its not going to be life, but pure mechanics. Dem ting are brought in tru de I mind, de I presence. Dem donít exist in dem own right.

Consciousness simply implies life. Conscious awareness simply implies super consciousness. Jus like weh yuh have conductivity and super conductivity. And yes energy is in arl dat exist but not life energy, a car doesnít drive itself a conscious being as to operate it, suh me understand weh de I a deal wid.

Dat weh nuh need man fe exist becah wah, it exists in it own right. But man is de highest potential reached outta de energy weh exist right about now, and tru man de energy is becoming more consciously aware of itself.

And de I mind has become active in deep sleep, like being aware that de Iís body is in a deep sleep whilst de I mind is not. And dis as happened on a number of occasions. One particular situation de I was reading late inadde night and me mus have fallen to sleep wid de I lamp on. An de I did just wake up, at least me did tink dat was de case, becah me cud see de room clearly, suh me a look roun de room like seh me is fully awake, adde sed time Iím stroking my beard wit me hand. An de I did look down towards de I feet and notice dat de hand de I was stroking de beard wid was lying across de I chest. And me did tink naahman, suh me did go tru de notion of moving my hand between lying on my chest and stroking my beard, and me did look to see if me could see de hand a move from one point to de next. and de hand never did move but I could feel de beard as if I was awake. Dis is why I mentioned earlier why de I mind can become aware in sleep mode, Iíve arlso had lucid dreams weh de I a fly, and get fe control I man dreams. When flying it feel realistic like seh me depon a fair ground ride becah de sensation is intense.

Suh back to de reasoning, and de I is not trying to be right over others, but if de I aseh someting weh clearly nuh right, I man affe seh de right ting fe but it right, becah wen de I aseh de universe is a mental construct, dat mean seh you take de existence away from arl other forms weh exist in their own right. Becah basically what de I aseh is dat if I n I wasnít here de universe would arlso not be here dat a anthropocentricism. An de world clearly does not evolve roun man, man is not de center of de universe. Man is jus a small point of a vast whole, an den de I aseh me is trying to be right over others.

Adat me aseh

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/16/2012 6:22:16 PM

Matthew, if de I waan come eenah de reasoning, at least have de intelligence to contribute some ting weh de I knows, and stop reading outta de book of lies Dat a childishness. De I have a mind, put it to some good use.

Adat me aseh.

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 1/17/2012 4:11:00 AM

Matthew, if de I waan come eenah de reasoning, at least have de intelligence to contribute some ting weh de I knows, and stop reading outta de book of lies Dat a childishness. De I have a mind, put it to some good use.

Adat me aseh.

No you are a liar, I can see your real intention, you dont want to reason with RasTafarI people about RasTafarI, All you want too do is disraspect I father and I livity. I asked you previously to show InI Raspect, yet you continue with your lies, deceipt and propoganda. You come as if you are wise and have something to teach, yet every thing you say is in conflict with HIM teachings. That psalm is no joke thing, read it RasTafarI owns you. Heathen!


Messenger: DURU Sent: 1/17/2012 4:50:55 AM

Blessed to all
Greetings abashanti
Bout d car thing ,its just d body that's been hit never d I again just a projection same as d car d I or witness is again just d witness same as wich d I call as luminious just.,Awareness , no dual in it cause simple that d event is again pointing to concioussnes or reflection of itself ,it will b seen dual wen used by mind cause dats how d mind function.
Existence I ment is not d universe cause its a product of mind existence I ment is dat witness on deepsleep dat concioussnes which is aware of its timeless state which is d unchanging reality and all ilussion or changes happen there its on dat unchanging reality that changes or illussion occur,illusion is d universe and everything in it including d body all on this illussion which is perfect in coordination as 1 system which shows that its 1 conciousnnes operating and this changes occur on this unchanging reality which d majority not aware of becasue of d identification of d body mind ,if d illusion is seen as real just as d body. same time fear will rise and d feel of insecurity arise and it will feel that's icomplete so the desire of being complete or be happy or peacefull which are d attribute of self or reality but cause this mind is in search on external or on illusion it will keep on indentifying its self as an object and keep on desiring for itself or simply searching for freedom but cause d search Is or d mind is on search on its projection instead of d subject it is known that all objects or percieved are on endless change and this changes happen on d reality which is d self that perciever or witness of it unchanging in any state waking,dream or deepsleep,just like space which is present always and unchanging and can't percieved by mind ,space seems to be nothin, its presence seems to be not valued cause d attention of mind is on objects which is created so also will die so peace or happiness or self searched on object is temporary dat makes it illusion,reality is permanent, to overstand d self I use now space as an example as self ,to overstand dat space is not nothin but concioussnes all dat appears in it is consciouss, has a universal laws.its appearnce is its expression or reflection to pointout existence of reality ,cause its formless and eternal its expressions is on endless creating forms. Though its expression is not seperate from it cause it happen in it ,its only called illusion cause its just d expression of it,to overstand that its expression is happening at d unchanging reality is simply a method for d mind to point towards d self and pointing d mind to d self is simply by calming d mind. This method is known by ancients which is self realization,which attains liberation or final goal this attainment is only for d mind to calm or to rest cause d. Self can never be attained its always d self it always is, its just d idea of being 'something' or identified to object causes d illussionary search and wil only cease
D mind for search cause its just d mind that in search.

D example I made on tv is just an example any example is objective just for d mind to overstand,I made d example for d realtionship of appearance or illusion with self just like water as self and d ocean and its waves and bubbles are movements of water which are its expressions(universe)it always reamains as water.

Concioussness is simply conciousness other than dat is just its movements or expressions of itself,consciousness is formless and infinite so seperation is only valid on forms or objects, its exxpression.but if d form is seen as seperate existance or independent from each other and not 1 conscioussness in many forms then its applies as illusion.

Mind consist of ego,intelligence,memory and thought, all of these is not present on deep sleep,its that witness(consciousness) which is present on waking,dream and deep state which is beyond mind cause its dat who witness d waking up and sleeping of d mind.

Yes man is d highest expresion compared to animals and plants cause cause its body functions samae as d universe as whole and its self concious meaning its function is to realize d self ,d true self not what d mind keeps on identifiying self as an object including body mind,whith this ability is d gateway for d mind to take its rest ,to merge on d self meaning to give up d seeking cause was its seeks is already it all d time that self which is ther all d time just not being aware of it once this is overstood its cease its search,d search was needed for overstanding ,in fact all of these are simply movements in consciousness.

Yes d man is not d center but d self and center doesn't mean as middle like d sun on d solar system,center means source, just like d heart pumping on body wich is d sign of life and with these life giving function which is d primary d whole body is developed including d mind,just with its presence as heart pumping inteligence and d functioing of its organs developed.
I as d source I refer is not a man ,its formless its were this forms appears and after certain time disappears d eternal witness of it,just like d I said its dat behind dat eye,

No means for disrespect I just make sure it stays reasoning for clarity in d means of overstanding not to cultivate d ego.I guess d I overstand what I ment,

Give thanks for d reasoning


Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/17/2012 7:52:19 PM


Duru, de I seh it's just de body dat get lick by de car an not de I? but dat nuh mek sense, becah de I is I identity an de body is de reality. An it is not a question of de I not being affected becah de I is just de identity. It cannot exist wid out de I being, de body is a manifestation of consciousness. Arlthough it is only de form nevertheless it is still a manifestation of consciousness. And how can existence or de universe be a product of mind? De part cannot be bigger than de whole, you have it upside down. Existence is not a product of anything dat mankind knows of, it is simply here. And if anyting, mind is the product of de universe since it has been here billions of years before mind.

Duru, it becah you is in de mind 24-7 why de I cyaan see de material, matter is part of de reality. Becah wah, if de I donít deal wid matter, if matter is illusory den how comes we have made so many scientific endeavor, and you are there using de computer to communicate wid de I. it is tru matter dat these discoveries have been discovered they are part of de reality? And if de reality is illusory den why make so fuss about life, insistent upon worshipping Selassie? What is de point? If its arl an illusion den it nuh matter, if de I donít have to worry bout being lick down by a car. Den you donít have to worry bout almighty Gods wrath becah if de Iís faculties is arl illusory, den everything de I a reason bout is arlso illusory. An Selassie rastafari almighty god is illusion too, becah if arl is illusory dat would mek HIM a manifestation of an illusion, yuhnuh seet

And de feeling of insecurity arises simply because de I is not rooted in existence, de more consciously aware de I becomes is de more de I realizes dat insecurity is intrinsic to life. But man and man are too bizy trying to mek cosy little comfort zone and forget where dem a come from and who they are. An happiness, peacefulness along wit joy, love and ecstasy are attributes of being not of de self, it is the self dat clings to these tings. Like a man will smoke weed or ecstacy becah dem become addicted to de euphoric feeling weh dem get from it, so they cling. Dat is de reason why people become drug addict becah dem arlways tink dat de next time will be a better lick. Arl of dem attributes are just mood dat de I being go tru, they will be there wether de I has identified wid de self or not, they are just like clouds in the sky, they come and go. And just becah de reality is in a constent flux doesnít mean that it is an illusion, and in de reality there is no self. You are just a part of an whole, the self is de illusion. It is just like de I did mention bout de waves, there are no wave, dat is just I n Iís projection, it is simply de ocean, an expression of de ocean.

And intelligence is not part of de mind, intelligence has arlways been de case. And intelligence is very there wen de Ií asleep, how else would de I wake if up if de Iís intelligence wasnít there? Nobody can give de I intelligence, becah dat is something dat comes from witin I n I inadde moment.

When you look into it deeply de will realize dat de mind is just a by product of de workings of de brain, de mind doesnít really consist of anyting it is just smoke. It is your biological computer the brain thats responsible for all these attribute bar de intelligence dat de I mention including arl adde rubbish wed de I a collect tru out de Iís life, belief systems, ideologies etc etc. De brain is where de I memory is located and de Ií intellectual cognition function from there to. De I mind is just a product of de IĒs brains neurological chemistry. And everybodies brain is the same, jus de synaptical connections differ simply becah people perceive differently.

An arltho de intellect and intelligence are one dem is diametrically opposed to each other, and again the difference is significant. Bcah one is innate an fundamentally intrinsical to existence an de I's being, de other is not.

Intelligence is rooted witin existence, de intellect is rooted in mind. Intelligence rises up from witin, de intellect is given to you from the outside.

Intellect is just de Iís capacity to formulate knowledge, when used in conjunction wid de Iís memory, it is a cognitive function. Intelligence functions in a totally different way. Intelligence is a spontaneous phenomenon, it doesnít need a memory bank full of knowledge to operate like de intellect, simply becah it functions out of de moment, intellect functions out of the past, memory mind. Intelligence doesnít belong to de mind, it is not governed by the mind unlike de intellect. Witout knowledge de I intellect is useless. De Iís intellect is only as good as de Iís memory an knowledge revealed will arlway be in proportion to de mind and/or technology dat perceives it.

Dat is weh mek de I n I like robotic, parrots. Becah it mek de I move wid set principles and teachings. An dat is de difference between de Iís intellect and intelligence, intelligence is in a constant flux wit existence. While de Iís intellect a go roun innah circles but doesn't actually get anywhere.

De I dem a practice posthumous theosophy, becah arltho Selassie did say some worthy tings de man is dead, suh de I dem a live according his memory, which mean seh de I dem is stuck innah time warp.

De I dem a worship Selassie, tru de Ií knowledge of him, weh de I a get from others. And you is not a rastaman, dat is just de Iís function, you function as a rastaman. An of cause de I identify wid de function an condition it roun de Iís belief. Dat is de meaning of faith, it is just conditioned knowledge, and faith is blind. Dat is your self-realization, a dat is de illusion becah there is no self just an organic whole, de self-realization weh de I a talk bout is just another expression of de I ego.

When de I a chant Selassie name it is just outta de ego which a product of mind. and until man can learn to put de I mind in its place as a servant and not as a master.

Becah de ultimate troot cannot be know, suh I n I is leff wit being. Being is de I quality. Function is de Iís quantity, becah wah, man can have any amount of function. Man function as rasta, police, Christian, muslim, doctor, lawyer, teacher anyting weh de I feel fe duh. But arl of these tings is a result of de I being. Suh until man can learn fe drop de ideal him will never unite, an as a result him will arlways be in sufferation. Every body can be, simply becah dat is de intrinsic nature of I n I but not everbody can be rasta becah wah, dat a ideal.

And de I mind will give up de search when de being ceases to be influence by it.

And de self is dat which reside on de periphery of de I being, when de I can just learn to be instead of catering to de self as a function, den de I is centered. I n I center is de same. An de enter doesnít mean source, the meanings are diametrical. Sources is simply a point from which something comes from, it can be anywhere. A center is exactly that, a center, it has to emanate from a central point of an object else it is not a center. If de I drops a pebble in de water you will see dat arl concentric centers from dat central point move outwards, equally from dat point where de pebble made contact wid de water. I n I emanate from de same center, becah we arl share de same source.

I, man is here as a witness, only I donít have no dogmas, no organized religion, no ideology. I donít follow no tradition or move wid any convention. I man is just pure an clean as the day I man was born. You are here as a witness too, but de I seems to be identifying wid what de I a witness. Ideals are like cloud, they come an go, and existence is here arlways, it never goes anywhere.


Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/17/2012 8:44:43 PM

Greeting breda Matthew.

First an foremost, de only lie dat is being pedaled here is the insistence of de existence of God. There is an never was any God, Long gone are the days of locust swarms sent by God. Mans intelligence has come a long way since dem days, so there is no need to believe dat de crops failed becah God was angry. Dat a pure foolishness. But still if de I waan continue to believe innah dat, dat affe yuh business.

An I man is not a teacher, I man just enjoy talking troot, an naturally what Iím saying is going to affend arl those who clings to identity, and of cause what de I aseh will be in conflict wid Sellassi for de simply reason, Sellassi is six foot under. But still I had every respect fe de man as a king, not as a God.

And rastafari doesnít own me, nobody own me., not even me owns me. I man grew outta psychological slavery long time ago. Nowadays Iím not so stupid.

An if de I did read I post rightly de I would realize there is no deceit. I man did mek it clear from de outset dat I man nuh eenah no idiotic foolishness, or any form of psychological slavery. To me dat is just a cop out. Man an man a run weh from de reality simply becah him donít understand, suh him need a father figure, somebody to cling to, like a child clings to its mother. I man donít need a guide my inner guide is sufficient. An I man is intelligent enuff to no weh me a deal wid adat me aseh

I man is perfectly find without God. Obviously de I is not.

And in my eyes no devil donít exist, dat adde flip side of de coin of god, now since I dropped god naturally him friend went with him. Suh I man no not of any devil philosophy becah I man nuh know de devil. An I man dun seh arlready me nuh deal wid projection.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/18/2012 10:03:17 PM

abashanti, disrespect towards Haile Selassie I is not accepted here. †This is your only warning concerning that. †If you don't think you have disrespected Selassie I, then you lack Iverstanding and it is best that you don't speak about Haile Selassie on this forum because you will likely disrespect HIM again because you don't know any better.

abashanti, you say "It is an existential fact that god does not exist". †Just because you don't know God exists doesn't mean God doesn't exist. †The planets circling the sun exist now and they existed when we didn't know they existed. †I and I know God exists, because I and I see, hear and are Guided by Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I. †You are of your father and I and I are of I and I Father.

You talk about mental slavery and the relation between religion and mental slavery. †You have just picked up the new mental slavery and believe so strongly in it, just like the crusaders and their religion. †Babylon used religion to control people as long as they could. †Now they want people do depend directly on them, instead of indirectly through religion. †The less people look toward God, the more dependant they are on Babylon.

Slavery never went away, whether physical or mental, it just changed form, and you are just jumping on babylon's current promotion. †RasTafarI is not dependant on the churches or any other babylon control towers, I and I depend on the Most High.

How do you think I and I are guided by God RasTafarI Haile Selassie I? †It is through Irits. †When Selassie I show I and I to go here or there, or to contact this person or that person, I and I go, sometimes without knowing why, until I and I arrive at the destination, and then the Reason is revealed.

You never listened to God, so you don't even know that His Voice is there. †As The Most High Haile Selassie I say:

However wise or however mighty a person may be, he is like a ship without a rudder if he is without God. A rudderless ship is at the mercy of the waves and the wind, drifts wherever they take it and if there arises a whirlwind it is smashed against the rocks and becomes as if it has never existed. It is our firm belief that a soul without Christ is bound to meet with no better fate.

You criticize all kinds of philosophy, but every thing you preach is just more philosophy you learned from other philosophers. †Yes, I said preach, you are just preaching another form of ism. †Revelation show I and I that in these times I and I should let the filthy be filthy still. †The time of decision has passed, it is the time of the decided. †I will not try to change your decision, and you will never change my decision, or the decision of even one RasTafarI, it is impossible. †RasTafarI never leave RasTafarI, it is impossible.

Messenger: jah_cedes Sent: 1/18/2012 10:54:50 PM

peace to all who have goodwill! "I the one who look like the son of man say REVELATION not yet decided tell prophecies of Africa's elect of god is at finest example, I-n-I want to work as should so here's a telling"

Messenger: DURU Sent: 1/19/2012 8:40:26 AM

Blessed to all
Greetings abashanti
D I being, d I just said is what I refer as d I that's not affected in this realization cause its d only reality its that perciever of body and mind and d world and always remains as perciever and this perciever can't be percieved, again universe is not existance its d product of mind cause existence is prior to mind ,when mind wakes up d body and universe rise on it ,its d belief dat d I is in d universe instead of other way around even time and space meaning d I is part of d whole what I point is dat I being or existence is d whole which is evident in deep sleep,its dat witness or is d changless background were everything manifest and disappears,just like d I said its simply here and now from this here and now all happens, its dat behind d eyes so to speak example if d I turn d head in d point of view of d bodymind d d walls and door dat I see is not moving but I head in d pointof view of d I or self or consciousness that who percieve d seeing of d I or behind eyes when d I turn d head dat I is steady its d vision dat moves. Billions of years appears only at wakings state of concioussness ,time itself has no existence of itself, d problem too is reality is commonly seen on waking state and all happenings in it, if observed first let's clarify reality ,reality is changeless,permanent ,stands alone,can't b denied, formless,timeless which is conscioussness, its always present , so everything that comes and goes is unreal including d universe. that you,me,I ,is one conscioussness ,so in that concioussness arises d world, only if d I idenify himself as body or think he is body then him think him part of universe but its d othway around ,example I am awake, I am dreaming, I was sleeping ,its a fact based on experience dat InI know dat this I is 1 person but this 1 is not a person, cause d self is formless d mind labels d body as I on waking state ,on dream body on dream state and reveals itself as pure I on deepsleep state , this unchanging I or witness of d timeless state is when mind is not in function , again to clarify. Waking state body and mind is present,on dream only mind are present creating dream bodiies and dream universe on these state it shows d power of miind that it creates a whole universe including d living things in a dream it seems every man on dream has its own individual mind and form this mind appears all its functions and senses like fear ,desire ,desire, all this also appear on waking state ,from these experience InI can realize d power of mind by means of dream that d universe is in d mind only and d mind resides on conscioussness ,its d only remains on deepsleep d mind is not on function there so no time no space ,just aware of its timeless and space less state here is no forms just d pure I, its only who is present there ,the root of illussion the mind is absent there, it must be overstood all dis changing are all play of d mind all imagination of mind ,just like in drean it can create endless little minds on its stageshow but all happening in mind and this mind can only appear and disapear on conscioussness its prior to mind just like d sky is conscioussness sun that rise is d mind from d rising of d sun all images and activiteir on function when it sets all activities and darkness together with d setting of d sun but d sky is unchanged d sky is d possibility for this happening to happen and is always present its their with or without but no sun with out it.

Material is seen through mind from consacioussnes conscioussness is with or withou material,in deep sleep there is no seeing just awareness,
All happennings and doings is in d mind only,mind creates a seeker or and individual mind and this seeking is bout d search of happines or self by means of desire and root of its is d idea as self as an object ,identifying itself as a limited being from this idea or illusion desire is born ,the desire to be complete ,as long as identified as a limited being the search of happines is on objects , to observe what really happiness or peace is it is d goal of all , in d individual mind happiness is attained when a desire is fulfilled that very moment of attaining its desire d mind is at peace or at rest simply meaning that happiness or peace is d real self and only appears when mind is at peace or simply not present , happines is not coming or going its just the absence of mind it seems to appear ,happiness is its background,it is d true nature of self and d goal of all ,only difference is when d idea of self is limited d desire arise its d desire for happiness by means of objects that makes it seem not aware of it as ever present,when mind is active hapiness seems to be hidden and when mind is not present, happines is very present, from this overstanding illusion is implied by d identity of a limited being seeking for happiness or self from objects, thinking that its attained through objects lacking self knowledge as a complete or happiness itself ,it thinks that can be only attained by seeking, lacking d knowledge of self, it will not overstand that what it seeks is already it just have to abandon d idea of a seeker ,this is all happening in d mind and this mind is appears at conscioussnes or in d realm of consciousness so,its beyond mind ,this mind is d primary illusion so to speak,from this arises d whole universe if overstood is simply pointing d existence of conscioussness , coscioussness does not depend on mind but mind does depend on it, this is self evident on deep sleep.
Simply overstanding above statement ,the Idea of doing anything, I want doesn't matter cause its just illusion it doesn't affect I is again absurd and defenetily shows seperation or point of view of mind body ,cause there is no wanting in coscioussnes ,it lacks nothing,its complete ,only d mind wants cause it imagines itself as seperate being hence a part of or incomplete ,mind cannot overstand it cause its beyond it, it only need to be overstood through conscioussnes or be consciouss of d mind and its stageplay or how it operates, if this is done d actions of an individual will be towards d self ,meaning ,cause self is 1 and only conscioussnes its practice is love or devotion hence unity, its through d love of self there are actions and appears as desire in d point of view of body mind that's y ther is ego,pride,greed ,this arise cause of d false idea of self that love appear as desire overstanding d true self as 1 and only ,love will be expressed not only towards d body mind or the love that a mother give on her child will be expressed to all living things and whole universe this love is called devotion ,its d going back of d mind to its source ,in other terms mind worship on self or mind sacrifice itself to its source ,this is d killing of d ego or killing death itself ,life is aspect of conscioussnes and mind as death cause its consciousness that give life to mind and mind is d only dying not consciousness ,
This devotions is d eesence of all religion and cultures only if d self is not overstood or imagining d source is seperate form d seeker ,it creates dogma and this dogma is needed too cause in clear observation dogma is easily surrenders ,dogma is just to fulfil desire just like heaven and hell ,good or bad, this terms are just condition of minds peacefull or chaotic,by wrong idea of self this terms is created but through experience when mind get matured it will realize that this is illusory ,just like d search of god ,this god concept implies perfect ,love ,is a concept of self but if this concept is seen seperate from himself or that this god is perfect but I am just a servant of him that servant is d mind and if d I is identified as mind it will be servant or slave on its own concept ,or doctrines,devotion is a practice of realising that god is with in and no different from d I ,meaning d idea of a seperate self or ego must b crucified this is d crucifiction scene thought by differnt culture and religion,
Claiming only 1 religion or culture is true is creating pride and seperation ,
If idea of self is on d right position devotion will be d a spontanoues action it will not be seen as a duty, devotion is important cause it keeps d mind in peace or simply serving d self, it is simply killing d ego,pride ,idea of being seperate.
D path or religion of dat individual is not a choice but d condition of the mind, for I as body mind , haile selassie I is a concept but this concept is An inspiration that's leads to illuminate all other concepts for self realization that y haile selassie is I not just a person, just like using a another thorn to get rid of d thorn in d finger after removing it both thorns will be thrown away,thorn is d concept ,its needed for d mind cause its d mind that seeks , no fuss on reality only in mind so it must be kept in peace its peace that it seeks ,its source, so the terms I n I , JAH as self, ital livity,and its morality is for oneness of all hence unity,which is love this is devotion,
From this practice when all is one obviously even d term self or coscioussness will cease cause no words or expression is there ,d pointers of d term self is just for mind,
Faith is a basis for knowing so its for ignorant but its d key to get rid of ingnorance ,obviously worship and prayers are d acts of love for d ignorant to gain knowledge so that faith becomes a fact ,it must be overstood that the path means of devotion(love) is a spontaneous act to all for a self realized man or a christ while for and ignorant or individual act of devotion is done with great effort and with failures as long as its aim(unity with source) is not overstood path of devotion will just b dogmas and will only strengthen d ego or pride and will cause more seperation.

Give thanks for d reasoning


Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/19/2012 1:15:15 PM

Greeting Ark1
First an foremost, Like I man did seh since de I come on yah I respect King Selassie as Just dat, a king. Not a God. And I arlways know better, simply becah I donít project. Better is de only right way, anyting weh come outta de moment can only be right, it cannot be any other way. It is not likely that I will disrespect Selassie, it is arlmost certain according to you. But in reality, it is an impossibility because de man is not here. However, there is every possibility of offending you as a believer, bcah dat is what de I is really saying. You have a belief in his majesty but de man is not here no more, but you are still clinging like a child clings to a toy.

Yes I agree, we didnít know in de early days becah in de times of early man, de I mind was just a seed of potentiality. Man an man was pure, unspoit and uncorrupted, I n I was clean dem deh times. Becah I n I just moved wit I n I instinct, wit growing intelligence. But de mind has developed into a cancer, and itta run weh like a freight train on a dark stormy night wit arl de light off an arl kinda foolishness in tow. And tru de I mind is continually in darkness most a unnuh nuh even realize. An I n I donít know God, I n I tink seh dem know God. An it simply becah de I dem donít know de depth of dem own imagination. You may have visualized him in mind but dat is not de reality, mind is just a by-product of de I brain activity, it is just neurological chemistry of de brain. And yes de I may here voices and you are not de first to here dem. Christians here voices Muslims hear voices suicidal bombers hear voices of God. But anuh nutting, a just de psychological mek up of I n I, an in some extreme cases, its known as schizophrenia. But tru De I nuh understand de inners self , simply becah de I has never been there. De Iís belief weh de I a tek outta door as keep de I tethered to mind. suh de I as not had de intelligence to know seh there is an inner search weh donít need no guidance from nobody from de outside, but only from de I being and inner light. you are guided by your own stupidities and nothing more. An de only father you have is de biological one just like mine.

One ting must be understood, I donít have a belief system. I simply use de eyes that was given to me, God is not my experience, I see no God suh what is de point of belief? An de I may turn aroun an seh to me I donít have to believe in God becah I know. But the fact still remains, de I cannot prove this to a rational person with an ounce of intelligence. De I can only philosophize bout it wid like minded people. And there are literal millions upon millions of people who have tried to prove the existence of God tru reason and have failed. An it jus show which one of us is still in slavery becah it seems dat de I cyaan differentiate between freedom an slavery. Unlike de I Iím not tethered to any belief, ideology tradition convention, and you are simply following a long line of dead stock foolishness from old scripture. And dis is the reason why de generation gap is widening, simply becah de yoot dem wid intelligence donít want any of dat old boot crap any more, an dat is exactly what de I is. An old boot molded by foolish ideology, it's idiotic nonsense an its not such a difficult task to know that no such god exist at least not a loving compassionate one as the bible state. You simply use your eyes and look aroun. Look how many people are here wid out the basics, such as food clothing and shelter. And a large proportion of these are children, dem never do anyting wrong but still dem affe suffer becah wah peoples stupidities. Whilst de I a fuck roun inadde dark a look fe Sellassi I guidance, you is not in de here and now. And since you are not in de here and now life passes you by. And dat is de problem, if humanity was more attentive to de moment, de here and now there wouldnít be so much sufferation in de world.

Suh if de I a talk, talk sense. Like de I did seh in earlier post, to understand something first de I must create distance. Den de I can see de bigger picture. Dat is why you donít understand de depth of slavery, becah you is still in it. You are still in de grips of de imagination and its arl psychological.

And if de I had intelligence de I would have pick up my anti-social stance, dat is why I donít believe simply becah it is a social construct. I man nuh wid society, I man move according to my own inner light, I have no moral code of conduct, rules or regulations, vows or laws since I donít live by decree or scripture. Dat is where I n I differ.

There as been a ruling between de church and state for thousands of years. This as happened in every civilization and in every society. The church tries to enslave you from de inside and de politician tries to enslave you from de outside.
You have jus moved from one extreme to the other, it is like de revolutionaries, and no revolution has been successful. Simply becah de people dat take over are just like de ones dat they have taken over. They simply become de new face of oppression. You are no different, you have rejected their slavery and created you own, datta idiotic.

And de I is right! Slavery has never gone anywhere for simply fact, it is mental. Babylon system, de social structure, it is here and there is noting de I can do bout it, becah it will arlways be here until man decide fe wake up from him slumber. If there is an enemy to contend, contention will arise. Man an man just need fe learn to relax in being, not ideology. Dat is why I man nuh eenah nuting, jus myself de witness dat is arl. I man nuh tek part in nunahyit, I man simply trod tru as witness. And donít fool yourself by tinking you is separate from it becah you have your own likkle ting agwaan, weh de I a deal wid is jus a sub section an there are many, an dem arl have one ting in common, IDEOLOGY!

Rastafari may or may not be dependent on de church state, but one ting if fe sure, itís dependency on mind. which is sumting far more dangerous, becah it is yours, not the system. It is one ting to be taken into slavery another ting to put yourself in slavery. De system as arlready dun its work, de programs have arlready been set over thousand of years. Thatís why most of de world is fast asleep and de I dem is no different.

De I is guided by self hypnosis and de I arrive at a coincidence, again simply psychology. And you are not the first, arl religions have followers who experience this type of phenomenon, it just depends on de I depth of imagination. It is not universal ting just mind stuff. And de I is right I donít know is voice and perhaps never will becah Iím not a believer, so will never fall into self-hypnosis.

And everybody is at de mercy, an not just us needa so donít be so anthropocentric. Animals, environments an arl adde ecological systems weh deh bout are at de mercy. But it is not from god a jus de elements

And yes I do criticize arl philosophies, becah they are simply wrong, arl philosophy is mind stuff. And it appears preaching only to you and like minded people, simply becah you have identified wit belief. Those wid intelligence will instantly recognize the troot becah they have eyes to see.

rastafari is no different to any other organized religion. It is simply a toy, an de I a cling to it just like any child would cling to a toy. Existence has nuting to do wid ism, isness yes but not ism, ism aweh you a tink bout hence, Rastafarian-ISM.

An filth is de mind bredrin, an since de I mind is full, personally I tink de I would mek a better example. And I man nuh come yah fe try to change peoples mind dat is as ugly as philosophy, I simply speak de troot adat me aseh.

An however Godly a person might claim to be, witout authenticity he can only be as stupid as as foolish has he can be. Wid da mind he will move miles away and miss de point completely. Like de puppet on a string him shuffle there him shuffle here. But as soon as de strings dem chop him will clasps right de pon de spot.

Adat me aseh.

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