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Son of man

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Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/23/2012 7:40:20 PM

Son of man, firstly de I never seh dat what Iím saying is anyting new. Essentially it is de same vibration. In regards to de message are whatever de I waan refer to it as, there is nothing new under the sun. what I man aseh has been sed since de dawn of time. As time moves forward, a little more freshness is added an dat is just to bring it into de here and now, de present day.

But what interest me de most when here is de fact dat I n I cyaan seem to see de difference between life and philosophy, and it is a simple phenomenon. Philosophy is dat which I n I THINK to be tru, life is dat which we know is tru. And its not even a question of troot becah I n I is here, we exist. Every day I n I get up in de morning fe do wehyah do, you go tru de motions, and everyting wehyah do is tangible. But when de I dem a tark philosophy de I dem affe sidown an a reason bout it. An yes de I is reasoning bout weh I man affe seh, but de difference is significant. philosopher tink about tings, you donít think about life, you live it dat is de difference. Despite what de I a tink, dat is what I man a duh. May be becah de I dem is trying to live by ideals why de I dem cyaan seem to make de distinction between life and philosophy, becah life has no philosophy, what I man aseh may seem like philosophy according to de I becah it seems dat philosophy is arl de I dem know. It seems dat de I dem have been missing life and mistaking it for philosophy. I man nuh put my trust in no philosophy an me nuh care weh itta come from, what Iíve learnt Iíve learnt it tru myself others may have reminded me I but in essence it has come tru my own experiences of life. Iíve never put no man above myself and Iíve never put myself above no man. Becah ealier on in life I figured out that I n I is de same, we arl breath de same air, we arl bleed de same blood and we will arl die at some point. I n I donít need beliefs, ideology or philosophy to work out these simply tings in life.

Suh why do I have to honor something dat is intrinsically mine in de first place? Nobody can give me life and certainly de I would never buttress or support a next man ego simply becah Iím against de ego in de first place.

Son of man, secondly life is not a principle since Iím not dealing wid belief there is no need for principles, life speaks for itself it is not a convention. And either de I as not thoroughly read I man post or de I lacks de understanding. Certainly I n I must turn in of cause, but wid eyes open.

Let I n I own inner light guide de I, you may mek a wrong move, you may mek a right move but dat is what lifes arl about. Suh de question is more a question of courage to truss in de I self rather than guidance from other, having de guts to move according to I n I own life force. When de Bar Headed Geese mek de migration over de Himalayas, de highest peaks. They donít truss guru or prophet or messiah, they truss in their own instinct. And this is becah they are deeply connect to existence. It seems dat I n I have lost de connection wid existence, de mind has simply tricked you in arl kinda foolishness to de point weh de I dem is not even sure. Dis is why de I dem get defensive, becah deep down de I dem is afraid, becah you are not sure what you a seh is right or wrong. De truth is never defensive, it can only be assertive, dat is why I man affe assert myself, becah my life is troot. And this is de problem wid belief, idealogy and philosophy, they can never be assertive becah they have other ideologies, beliefs and philosophies to contend wid troot has no contenders. de I dem is just waiting fe de moment of salvation tru these tings but there is only de one moment and in dat moment de salvation is there and you have to take it becah in de next it has arlready gone. What we have here is de job lot, suh why waste time in likkle cozy and secure belief systems, in life there is no security. Suh why wait fe some guru or messiah for deliverance. Have de courage and deliver yourself. You are bound to come to de realization sooner or later. De flower come into bloom simply becah it relaxes into existence, I n I must learn fe do dat, mek de I being vulnerable to arl a weh existence puts before I n I. But if de I dem a hide behind mek believe, ideology den you is not vulnerable, you have simply made yourself more like de prisoner.

And if de I is unsure about life then a guru is perfectly find, but it is not necessary for arl a we. Becah we arl have a choice an I man prefer to make my choice an learn by my mistakes. Guruís simply use method to get you out of de mind and into de reality, I n I can do dat. once de dry state of mind is known then there is no need for any guru, you simply allow existence to flow tru you witout any hindrance from your part. Son of Man, life is full of risk and if de man is not prepared to take any, den de I is not realy living and what greater risk is there than to go it alone. Becah one ting must be understood. De I came in alone and de I will leave alone what you do in-between these point is upto you, but rest assured, you are alone wedda de I like it or not, you may cling to guruís and messiahs an arl kinda doctrinations ideologies and philosophies but one ting is certain, you will have to face de ultimate alone.

Adat me aseh

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/23/2012 7:50:42 PM

No Ark1, I man is not de Aba- shanti-I SoundSystems front man. Incidentally there is a session Friday 16th March Kibir La Amlak from Bristol , Blackboard Jungle from France & Aba-Shanti-I in session, I man will be in attendance. A skank two foot yuhnuh seet.

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/23/2012 8:02:46 PM

Eleazer, de I created God in de Iís image and gave de I self de illusion of freewill, ask Duru, him will tell you dat arl is illusory especially de free will, there is no such ting as free will. Since everyting is inter-connective and inter-dependent, free will is an impossibility.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/23/2012 11:25:26 PM

abashanti, you think wickedness is just following your own instinct and is your naturalness? It is your naturalness, and you will jump towards intuition and then fall back to your instinct because wickedness is your naturalness, as you said.

It is not I and I naturalness. Laws are not needed for those that Live as One, because there is no law against Righteousness. Laws are for the wicked, for those who don't Live as One.

You think you are so advanced, but you are behind, and speak of things you don't Iverstand. If you knew God, you would have seen the Greatness that Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I does unto His people, and would see how foolish your arguments sound. I Live a Life with no worry because RasTafarI provides for I and Guides I. I Trust in the Most High for all things. I do I part as well, but RasTafarI pulls I here or there when necessary and helps I in so many things.

When I said the Reasoning below, I wasn't speaking theoretically or philosophically. I was speaking about I experience, and there is so much more that I have experienced because of I Trust in Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I. I and I could never Leave Jah, it would be the most foolish thing to do.

That part of Ourself is God, and the more I and I Live by that Guidance and Energy, the closer I and I come to One and the more I and I will sight Blessings in our own Life and bring Blessings in the Life of other Ones.

That part of Ourself also Connects I and I to our brothers and sisters, so when they need I and I to contact them, or even if they are just speaking about I and I to others, I and I will give them a call in that moment. That Connection Links I and I and can even Link I and I completely as One.

That part of Ourself Guides I and I away from danger, and Guides I and I toward a place where I and I need to help a person out of danger, or meet a person that will have something that I and I need or I and I have something they need. That part of Ourself can even ignite that part of Ourself in others, so that Love will come to those that walk in hate, at least for a moment.

There are so many more examples of what that part of Ourself does.

Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 1/24/2012 8:22:14 AM

this reasoning is interesting, bcah wah, iron sharpen iron. adat me aseh :)

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/24/2012 6:20:35 PM

Ark1, anyting I man aseh you will interpret it according to your own prejudicesí, when I n I identify wid belief naturally we tend to colour everyting wid our own ideals, itís a natural progression of de unconscious mind. But obviously de I cannot grasp what was meant when I man did refer to wickidness and de natural. When I man did aseh it is our naturalness I simply mean it is de raw uncut version of de I, before de I was corrupted by the others, mind and language. De I was pure, unadulterated, and individuated you were grounded in existence. Obviously not everyone will reach intuitiveness at de same time there will be different levels of attainment. Just like de rivers, not every river will be at de oceanic stage of development, my point is dat de I tinks dat there is some moral stance dat I n I affe move by. An its understandable you tink in such a way becah wah, you live life outta de book. And it is no surprise still bech you is still at first base, and dat first base has been given to you by de society, and de I may tink dat you is different becah you is Rasta, but fundamentally you are the same, mediocre as any other mediocre person, in that you are a believer. Belief is simply an attribute of society. You cannot believe out of being, being is not sociable, I n I being has a potential to flower providing there is no hindrance from society from de I mind, de larve stage, first base. An de sad fact is dat whole heep a man nuh even move past dis stage. De larve is static, it nuh move anywhere, jus like man him is static an him a go roun innah circles wid arl kinda foolishness. Unless I n I allows de tru potential fe come out I n I is not going anywhere.

Just like de butter fly weh come outta de larvae, I n I must grow wings an move arf adde horizontal plane, becah dat a weh de animal dem a move wid dem instinct. I n I must rise upwards wit intuition. When I n I can learn to step out of de mind, I n I will literally stop, an de consciousness will move from de horizontal an start de journey pon de vertical. And until dat deh time I n I will arlways be tethered to society an its belief systems. Just like de animal dem will arlways be tethered to instinct. You have not move from de larve stage becah you still dependent upon belief in Jah just like de butter fly depend pon de larvae. An de I can sing praises arl day you are simply strengthening your own chains of suppression an yuhnuh even know. Dat is why you cannot explore becah wah, you is stook wit de larvae, Rasta.
One ting must be understood, and dat is there are two stages to freedom, you have not even attain to de first. De I may have free yourself from de church and other prisons but for what? You have jump out of de frying pan into de fiyah, rasta. I n I affe learn how to be free to create freedom, not more slavery, suh dat I n I can sing I n I own song move according to I n I own vibes. Rasta is not your vibe becah wah, it is social, it may not be phenomenally social becah it is in de minority, but still it is a social phenomena.

An just becah I man assert myself doesnít mean Iím any more advance dan you. If de I tink seh me tink me is more advance dan de I, well dat is affe yuh problem. You feel a need to defend what ever it is you a defend becah you dont know any better, than faith an faith is jus blind. I man is concerned wit de whole you are concerned wid de part. Nobody can give I n I de troot, you cannot inform yourself about de troot it has to be lived. I n I affe sharpen I n I own intelligence so dat I n I can look into existence and find it for ourselves, hence de saying iron sharpens iron, intelligence sharpens intelligence. Ideology cannot sharpen ideology becah it is blunt. Most people like de I choose to worship simply because they havenít de courage to take responsibility for dem self, they need guidance from somewhere something. And it is simply a case of maturity, de more mature de I is, de more de I will stand alone. Right about now de I is still part of de mob cultture. De I is like an onion wit layers upon layers of conditionings that have cocooned de I, you are like de puppets, and de strings are in de hand of god who does not exist. But still him have him representative who go on telling I n I what to do, they give I n I commandments and arl kinda foolish doctrination, dem gee we personalities, Rasta, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist. But de simple fact is you were born wid nun a dem tings, but still if de I is foolish enuff de I will find a ways fe cling to dem suh if de I intelligence is not sharp enuff to kno wahgwaan I n I will jus tek weh dem a try gee we. an dat includes Rasta, becah you wasnít born wid it, somebody did give you. And rasta is no different, it is just another angle of de scripture an scripture is just de book.

Freedom is de ultimate expression of life and until de I becomes psychologically free de I dem cannot claim it, suh nubadda tink seh yuh free becah you is independent from de main stream masses, you is jus a chip off adde old block. Just becah you is Rasta an you want to be Rasta donít mek I n I free, de very notion of wanting to be a Rasta buts I n I in de bondage of your wanting and desire to be. Freedom is arlready de case you have jus to leggo de foolery.

And how can de I be talking bout experience and claim god to be an experience? God is not part of anybodyís experience, it can only be de imagination, adat a weh you a deal wid. If god was a reality den he would be fundamentally intrinsic to each and every one of us. Not as many different god but just de one, just like we arl see de same clouds, moon and sun. He is jus a business proposition but dem weh have de intelligence have figured it out long time suh in actual fact it is you dat a way behind de times, since you adde one who a still worshipping de fiction, you may have painted it in your own colours but de psychological roots are still de same, fear of god greed for heaven and vengeance upon de wicked to satisfy de ego.

And de I reasoningís my very well be tru, but de fact is arl kinda people live in harmony an dat is WITOUT GOD!

Adat me aseh.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/25/2012 12:07:19 AM

You say,

If de I tink seh me tink me is more advance dan de I, well dat is affe yuh problem

And in the same post you refer to me as larvae. So are you just larvae too, or are you a butterfly?

You have said so many things here, throwing insults at I and others and insinuating that you are more advanced, all because you don't deal with God.

So stop your dodging and deal straight. I can see by the way you speak to people that you try to anger them with your insults until they react and you dodge this way and that, pretending that you were not insulting. Do you know how many of your kind have come here with the same approach?

Like I said, if you knew God, you could never speak such foolishness. You are just the blind trying to make others blind like you, all the while thinking you are helping them see.

Messenger: Elohimras Sent: 1/25/2012 2:01:56 AM

King Immanuel the 7 adonie God jah rastafari
Give thanks my lord for of truth
Man without is a dead man

Wise in there own eye
Walking straight to the pit
But di I must know If man don't know God man don't know themselves
I n I must give thanks for this foundation
The black christ foundation
Ethiopian African black international Congress
true devine church of salvation
I n I must give to our president founder leader king and God Immanuel Charles Edward
Whom come to teach I the ancient livity of rastafari
Haille I Selassie I Jahovia God jah rastafari
Repatriation Is must
Remember the words the honorable mosia Garvey
Don't forget the Sabbath to keep it holy six days shall I labor but the Sabbath Is to be kept Holy
seh the black christ in flesh and blood king Immanuel Edward
Love God love jes-us love rastafari love moses love Abraham love Jacob seh the black christ in flesh and blood king Immanuel I Selassie I jah rastafari
Black christ ever living haille I Selassie I jah rastafari
Give thanks to our devine god and king of all kings
Lord of lords conquering lion of the tribe of Judah
Who reign in Zion and dwell in the hearts of men
his imperial majasty emperor haille Selassie I the first Jahovia God jah rastafari
I n I. Must give thanks to I mother queen and goddess
The queen of queens ever honorable empress menen I Selassie I jah rastafari
My lord

Messenger: abashanti Sent: 1/25/2012 5:21:52 PM

Like de I has arlready sed in most of my posts Iím not concerned wid de part, my approach is towards de whole, suh de I can see what I man aseh however which way you like. But still de fact remains, I am simply speaking de troot. Suh I nuh care wedda I n I nuh seet, dat affe yuh prerogative. Like de I seh my approach is whole, and de whole is not concern wid de part, an I n I must know, de part can never be more dan de whole dat a simple logic. If I n I is defending something den naturally de I affe be defensive.

An its only becah de I is consistent why de I tink seh me a dodge, I man is simply in flux. Existence is in flux. But only idiots remain consistent. If existence changes so will I, I man nuh move wid society an me nuh care bout I n I cultures. I will remain in tune wid existence but de believer will be out of sync, therefore lack de understanding, arl believers are out of sync becah existence knows nothing of belief. Suh really, trying to anger people is your own interpretation, I am simply responding to what I man a read. An if you too dropped your consistency an flexed wit existence you wouldnít be offended since there would be no identity. Suh I man nuh affe pretend anyting, for a start I man nuh tek from society weh hinder I man progress suh there is no question of pretence, there is no personality. Dat is arlso social.

An it's just a question of intelligence, not advancement. Animals in their natural habitat are intelligent but they are not advance becah we is above them, but still their intelligence is intact.

Larvae, buttefly, what difference does it mek? It is arl one, an de point was made in reference to de `Iís position in life but since de I identifies wid de part everything weh come from de whole becomes offensive, an dat is becah you is too consistent you is stuck. An consistency can not be part of freedom it is an hindrance towards freedom Suh let I man remind you again, I man nuh concerned wid de part. Suh naturally whatever come outta de whole is bound to offend de part becah wah, since de part is no long a part of de whole it becomes shrouded in stupidity.

Adat me aseh.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/25/2012 11:57:59 PM

So the pharisee speaks.

That was funny to read. I and you are from different places. I could never become like you, it is impossible. I know I Father and I Father is Great.

Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Highest of High
Itinual Thanks and Praises to the Most High Haile Selassie.
Itinual Guidance and Itection.

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