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The Power Of Jesus Christ

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Messenger: IAMGODALMIGHTY Sent: 1/5/2012 9:23:28 PM

Blessed Love, Mental illness from what? Talking on the phone for hours on end? Taking too much meds? Wise up to reality!

Messenger: Jhamn Sent: 1/7/2012 1:29:06 PM

what do you mean? I want to live in the congo with me brothers? i have trouble expressing myself so i smoke herb but babylon dont wnt me smoking im 17, what are you talking up? I dont want to take the meds so I dont take them.

I dont like to watch tv, and dont have much interest in video games.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/8/2012 11:23:29 PM


The I needs to change your mind to what you want it to be. It will not be easy at first and it might feel like it is impossible, but never bow down to impossible and be stubborn and hold on to possible. faith in impossible will make it impossible, and no matter how hard you try, it will never work. That is why you must always have Faith that it is possible, then it will truly become a possibility.

The more time and attention you give to undesireable thoughts, whether paranoia, hearing voices, obsession or whatever else; the more you change your mind to go further into those kind of thoughts. Dwelling on undesireable thoughts will change the hormone balance of your brain to imbalance, and your spirit will also be imbalanced.

Fight undesireable thoughts and resist them with all your might. Resist the feeling of paranoia, ignore it and push through to where you need to go. Any time you think you hear somebody's thought, ignore what you heard and assume it came from your own mind.

Resist obsessive thoughts, fight it, and fight any other thoughts that brings imbalance. Every time you fight it, you will bring your hormones, brain and spirit closer to balance. You might waver in the beginning, but as long as you are stubborn and don't accept failure, you will come closer and closer to balance, until you finally reach it. When you do reach it, the fight is far from over, because the thoughts will try to return until you get to a point where they have been completely controlled.

I don't know if any of the things you percieved as telepathy, visions or other such things were real, or just your imagination; but until you return your mind and spirit to a complete and strong balance, you must treat them all as imagination, because you are not in a state to know what is real or not.

When you come to a strong and steady balance again, then you might be able to look into those things again, but you will need strict discipline and be skeptical so that you don't bring yourself to imbalance again. You will need to learn how to see the difference between Irits and imagination.

The brain is a very adaptable organ, as long as people take control to make the changes, and hold onto the will to make those changes. Often when people have a stroke, they can regain certain things they lost, whether speech, body control or other things. Certain parts of the brain were completely destroyed, and they don't come back to life; so the brain makes new paths and connections to take over the functionality. Some people who become blind, learn to connect there ears to the visual section of the brain, so they can convert sound into sight, and can even see you moving your arm a few inches. Sometimes these new connection just happen, but when people work towards those goals, they make improvements more quickly, and for some it makes the difference between improving, or not improving at all.

Messenger: Jhamn Sent: 1/9/2012 5:04:24 PM

Is there anything i can choose to focus on instead of the false things i percieve?

Messenger: Jhamn Sent: 1/10/2012 4:05:40 PM

I get the answers to questions like this through i mind, its part of i illness but not an illness.
I predict little things in my life a few minutes before they happen, but i never cought e to tell to someone i love because i think as if they are normal queries of thought. I am also taking now vit b3 and ginko biloba

thank u so much for this. Discipline is true eapecially if i catch it before it grow.

Messenger: Jhamn Sent: 1/10/2012 10:09:58 PM

i think they are normal just reminding me of something in my life but really they are about to happen. like i will start thinking of a lady and then she calls in 20 seconds happens a few times but the introduction of the thought is so smooth its hard to tell but i can if i really try.

IAMGODALMIGHTY I really like the I :)

Messenger: 1forTruth Sent: 7/22/2012 11:56:39 AM

Greetings Young Lion,

InI must give all thanks to the father Jah for sending his son Jesus Christ. InI also i-ppreciate the testimony the I has shared with the I. InI has shared a very similar dream with a demon trying to choke the I but the person that was trying to choke me was the person the idren believe is God. Yes the spirit of H.I.M came over me sat on my chest and began to choke me, but as a reaction I began to speak in tounges, which is the holy spirit in InI to guide and protect I by speaking on my behalf. His Majesty released his grip, got off me and began to smile. InI take this dream seriously, for the simple fact that I never spoke in tounges and felt the fire which I can describe as electricity flow through every part of InI body. Now I know that the undisputed power of the name of Jesus Christ is the ultimate name, because it is Jesus Christ that the holy spirit testifys of. Like you InI was saved and baptised in the name of Jesus Christ and it is at that name alone today that keeps me safe.

Quick Bio:

InI natural father is Rasta and raised me Rasta which InI accept,InI mother is Christian and taught me the ways of Christ as a youth by taking me to church to hear scripture to overstand the fullness of love, for God is love.

I want to encourage you bredrin, for I had my dream last year in 2011 as well and began to realised who is "the head to be feared" the father Jah but Christ and the father are one. And it is at that name, Jesus Christ, that all demons tremble and at that name that every knee shall bow in heaven, earth, and below. That is prophecy that is being fulfiled now and completley fulfilled when the son come back to sit on the throne.

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 7/22/2012 1:22:03 PM

How can someone chase away a demon just by shouting out the name Jesus Christ or Selassie-I?
I don't think these people would have been demon possessed!
It must be something else common like sleep apnoea, or other conditions not yet discovered by scientists!

So if people can drive away demons using the name Jesus,
then what other amazing things can people do using the same name besides chasing devils away?
What else can you do with the name Jesus Christ?

It's a Christian habit to call out the name of the LORD'S anointed and lie that it has the power to do something, seen?

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 7/23/2012 1:14:28 AM

Young Lion,

You must be a magician!
How could you chase away a demon just by enchanting Jesus Christ?
I think you use this name as your magic spell!
So when you shout it out you would be actually charming!
Or maybe you were having bad dreams, so the name Jesus Christ is the charm that you use to prevent bad dreams, right?

True Rastafarians do not even use the name Rastafari to drive devils out of human bodies, seen?
King Selassie-I never used His name to chase away demons, seen?
Even Jesus Christ did not shout out His name when He drove out the demons, seen?

So how come you are using the name Jesus Christ to chase those demons out of you?
Who else did so?
And how did you come up with that?


Messenger: Black heart Sent: 7/27/2012 11:18:24 PM

Jesus is de name of some of de ship dat was used by slave masters to transport I n I people out of Africa. So dem captured, enslaved, colonised, brainwashed, killed n robed I n I black people in Jesus name.

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