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'Black' and 'White'

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/7/2015 5:29:03 PM

Righteousness according to WHA? The Bible? Or the laws of nature? Because righteous meat eating, righteous colonial invasion of other people lands, righteous cannibalism of the hebrews own CHILDREN during hard times in the desert all de de within the book. You mean you dont see ANY fire within the book?

Did HIM order the destruction of 60 cities so that the Israelites can live there? Did HIM order the killing of all the people of each city in Deuteronomy 3? Or was it HIM in Joshua 6 commanding the killing of “all the living creatures of the city: men and women, young, and old, as well as oxen sheep, and asses.” In Judges 21, Did HIM order the murder of all the people of Jabesh-gilead, except for the virgin girls who were taken to be forcibly raped and married!?? When they wanted more virgins, did HAILE SELASSIE tell them to hide alongside the road and when they saw a girl they liked, kidnap her and forcibly rape her and make her your wife?

As a RASTA you don't think them thing need to be purged and purified?


Hemphill: "There is only ONE path to salvation"

Haile Selassie: "We don't consider our religion alone valid and have granted the people the freedom to observe any religion they please."

Haile Selassie: "Since nobody can interfere in the realm of God we should tolerate and live side by side with those of other faiths. In the mystic traditions of the different religions we have a remarkable unity of spirit. Whatever religion they may profess, they are spiritual kinsmen. While the different religions in their historic forms bind us to limited groups and militate against the development of loyalty to the world community, the mystics have already stood for the fellowship of humanity in harmony with the spirit of the mystics of ages gone by.

"No one should question the faith of others, for no human being can judge of the ways of God."

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/7/2015 5:29:51 PM

LIVITY > Personal interpretation

Bible alone is NOT responsible for the Livity of Rastafari

Bible alone is not the only methodology available to connect with the Mystics of Ages Old which His Majesty speaks about

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/7/2015 5:49:13 PM

Yet "the Bible and its great message" is the most correct route. Glorified by H.I.M. Haile Selassie I Revised Amharic Bible. Book of the Seven seals. Revelation 5.. Read it with a "clear conscious"

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/7/2015 5:49:14 PM

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/7/2015 6:01:26 PM

Ok.... For many people it may be the best way. Yet many of those others who glory in the Bible still cite the need to refute some specific things within the Bible when taken for literal value and how we have come to overstand certain things. All of that is Fire

But that's not the main issue said the Bible is the best or the most correct

Correct route for YOU maybe. BUT To think that YOUR way must be the BEST way for all of mankind means you have a white supremacist mindset. And need to put fire on yourself.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/7/2015 6:08:41 PM

well. sometimes discussions may seem a little heated but i think that the fact that there is this difference regarding the bible among rastas and between their motivation, also between african rastas and white rastas or allies of course, has taught us how deep and important rasta (and not the background of single rastas and maybe white allies) is to us. and that what makes this forum so great to me and why i came here in the first place.

white european rastas/ rasta allies and rasta symphatizers and even african rastas are reminded of what rasta means and can do for black people so i can learn things by digesting all of the different impressions instead of just dealing with my own views. since rasta is a black movement i think it's very important to accept that.

but i think if a ras does accept the bible in his life but has rasta in his heart, there's nothing to say about it. even if some people (also all the white people) has found to rasta after they were part of certain christian confessions, it's a good thing that rasta has this much influence i think. it's all about the same old thing. everybody has his own backgrounds, his own things to deal with and his own believes. if you believe in the bible, your judgement won't come from men. same thing in islam and for the jews. if you're not, you deal with rasta anyway. so it's not about rasta people judging rasra people. people has to deal and profit from each other so everybody will rise. let's not make the mistake of burning bridges and refusing connections if we could come together for the profit of all. that's the first thing to do to me. that's what righteousness is all about. that what helps black and white people.

i think anthony b once said that the japancese and different european nations are so accepted as busniess partners to the whole world. altough rasta isn't about certain businesses, african people has to focus on their culture and roots to empower their people so every nation can see how useful and beautiful things african cultures has developed are and so they are facing tolerance and admiration instead of dealing with prejudices and the loss of identity. so that's why i think white allies or white european rastas are useful. every nation can be more consious about racism and specifically africa. you may believe that HIM is just relevant to black people but even that can be seen as a very positive sign of the time by all nations to me. if you check the other way around. claiming that all rastas who are part of cultures that don't deal with the bible or just won't read it aren't real rasta or can't profit from rasta seems very unpure and dangerous to me. rasta is really about rasta. it's not about the bible (or the bible alone). if you never had the chance to read it, it's ok of course. if you don't want to, you can be a good human being. and every black man can be a rasta without it. that must be accepted by white people to me. so let's profit from our knowledge so each one can teach one. so many generations before us have suffered from racial problems. we must finally overcome that.

and if you are part of this forum, i think you're into empowering africa, a certain way of life and positive changes (and if you're white you're into supporting it and overcome white superemacy) anyway so this is our fundamental concept. you love jesus, stay true to him and to his message. so you won't deny him. if you think jesus is not for you (or for us), mention it and let's think about it. who are we to judge? let's support the peoples wishes. let's focus on africa. every man has his way. everyone can only help himself. but we can't let the whole house crumble into pieces because we have an argument because of it's fassade.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/7/2015 6:32:02 PM

This holier than thou attitude comes from the Bible itself. Which teaches Israelite / Bible God fearing salvation, and damnation for all others.... Which is why it was so easily used as a tool for mass invasion and enslavement

Romans 10:13 and Acts 2:12

"Whoever calls on the Lords name will be saved"

And yet still

Matthew 7:21

"Not everybody who calls on the Lords name will be saved"

Or maybe Acts 2:39

"Only those who the Lord chooses will be saved"


"We don't consider our religion alone valid"

Fire has to come in somewhere. Dichotomy. Lol the book full of that.

I overs where this stance comes from..... Yet still, draw on the tolerance and innerstanding which Haile Selassie I teachings showed us when dealing with other forms of spirituality... And accepting them.

Ites up reasonintime. Never did I tell this bredda that he is not allowed to be a Ras I don't know where he get that from

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/7/2015 6:37:15 PM

For more examples of dichotomies or problematic verses within the Bible please see 'BURN JC AND BURN BIBLE' thread. Plenty of examples as it stands as one of if not the longest reading thread on this forum.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 5/7/2015 7:01:05 PM

Bible has not been a good thing for Africans outside Ethiopia

Check black peoples status before and after bible!


Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/7/2015 7:03:09 PM

no. of course you didn't. i see that. that's not the case. but i think that's what it's all about. we shouldn't have no argument about all this stuff. when i mentioned african cultures and the bible i wasn't about to judge anything or anybody or declare my point of view as the best. had read a lot and gave you a lot of my feelings regarding that. i think we're done at one point.

when it comes to the bible itself you're right of course. ok. that it cuts both ways is true regarding the bible i may have to admit. that's what satan is able to use if you speak to some christians. but it's obvious most of the time. because it's about different eras and maybe the way god has judged over time. jesus has revolutionized it all in the new testament so to speak. if somebody doesn't deal with god i can tell him about my feelings but that's it. i can't force nobody and we shouldn't argue about that. if someone loves god but questions the bible, then it leads to discussions where everybody has his chance to reflect on his views. if you love and you're referring to the bible, it's fine to me as long as you won't force anybody to believe what you believe. i'm done. thanks for the inspiration to rethink some fundamental things.

but what it is important that if you use the bible or not, it CAN and WAS used to manipulate mankind. that's just a fact. so i listen to your warnings, garveysafrica. to me, it's all about spiritual roots.

give thanks

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