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'Black' and 'White'

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Messenger: Bobobinghi Jahcub Sent: 5/7/2015 8:04:07 PM

I ask a question to Hemp,where did people get the 'great message of the bible' before the bible was written ?

This message is not limited to,neither begin with the bible.Therefore there is obviously other places and people to obtain it.The bible is a construct which attempts to mimic African wisdom and teaching,Europeans ventured into Africa and adapted the things they learnt to suit them and wrote the bible.The foundation of the bible was not contained within any book but within the minds of the ancients,then onto walls,then scrolls,then books.but it starts as logic. The bible is not the source,so InI must acknowledge the source especially when we can still access it by looking within ourself

Check this

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 The same was in the beginning with God.
3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not

Verse1 - in the beginning was the word(the word is the teaching/message,words have to come out someone's mouth right,so let's assume the word started within man and woman),the word was with god(the teaching was with god who dwells within man and woman),and the word was god(the teaching was what dwelled inside of the men and women,you may say but god is not the teaching,but look at it like this god is supposed to be a guiding/fathering figure and/or influence or inspiration)

Verse2 -the same was in the beginning with god(reiterates everything in verse 1)

Verse3- all things were made by him,and without him was not anything made that was made( all things were created by man and woman in correspondance to the teaching/moral overstanding,also god manifests in nature so nature also created everything)

Verse4-in him was life(in this teaching/overstanding was life,the ancients overstood the message and the teaching so were able to live life as it should be lived with equality and justice for all and making progress in harmony with each other,nature,and the god that dwelled within them) and the life was the light of men( the perfect living situation was something everyone gloried in,the teaching allowed them to see,have overstanding )

Verse 5- and the light shineth in darkness( the teaching was shown to people who didn't have the overstanding and who were not living a perfect life as the ones who didn't have overstanding,in other words darkness refers to the people who could not see the glorious livity,the darkness is a livity which is not perfect and perhaps quite sinful,so probably the kind of livity many people of the world are living in today) and the darkness comprehended it not (the misoverstanding people did not overstand the teaching/message and dismissed it because they could get to grips that god is in man and in woman and that all ones have to do is find that internal god and tap into that source for guidance and finding ourself in this time)

So my lord I see that Jah reigneth in the irits of man and woman and not in a book,the book can put you in yourself if you know how to interpret it to do so,it is vital to listen to the inner I,someRasta rely solely on that tomguide them along this Rastafari trod.still as I said that is personal opinion,you can sight it however you want,I will not fight you for for it because you are free.more love and respect,give thanks.

Man of Right is God in Flesh,Woman of Right is Goddess in flesh
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie Jah Rastafari

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/7/2015 9:39:14 PM

The thread 'Caucasians becoming rastafari' highlights the rejection of the 'White Rasta' by many people. I am fine with this. If many people are offended by 'White Rasta' and it benefits the entire movement for I to not be called a Ras Tafari, then I step down. I refuse to give up IandI faith as is confirmed in the thread 'Role of Caucasians acknowledging H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I'. I work with the Holy Bible. Earlier in life I too rejected the Bible and its great message. JAH allow I to see in light of H.I.M. Changing IandI perspective and interest of the Bible. Seeing it as both an instruction and standard of truth. Also seeing that the Tree of Life is Ganja, as well as the Healing of the Nations. I cite Ganja as a sacrament, as a judgement, as a consciousness knowing both good and evil. Ganja is intrinsic to humanity. 'Tewahdo' means God in Man. Humans are born with cannabinoid receptors, we are meant to use this herb bearing seed within our daily lives. The consciousness of Ganja is the Ha-Moshiyach. A one must be called by JAH to bear witness to this consciousness. From that point, it is up to the individual to be inspired by the consciousness and grow in goodness or reject and partake for evil reasons. More knowledge will help ones to properly see JAH light. It is for this reason that I strongly advocate knowledge and faith in the Bible. It is known that H.I.M strongly advocate the Bible -- "But he must realize that the Bible is his refuge, and the rallying point for all humanity. In it man will find the solution of his present difficulties and guidance for his future action, and unless he accepts with clear conscience the Bible and its great Message, he cannot hope for salvation." I do see how the message can be accepted without needing to read the book. Connected to ancestral roots that reveal truth culturally and naturally. Instinctively experiencing the path and message without needing a book to confirm this truth. I also see that Human beings are not perfect and are always able to grow stronger. I fully believe that knowledge of scripture will help JAH children in this growing process. I also dwell in these words of H.I.M: "Since nobody can interfere in the realm of God we should tolerate and live side by side with those of other faiths. In the mystic traditions of the different religions we have a remarkable unity of spirit. Whatever religion they may profess, they are spiritual kinsmen. While the different religions in their historic forms bind us to limited groups and militate against the development of loyalty to the world community, the mystics have already stood for the fellowship of humanity in harmony with the spirit of the mystics of ages gone by." I have gained much inspiration into Divine consciousness from the Hare Krishna Gita. What I find to be very interesting is that Ha-Moshiyach transcends religious and cultural boundaries. Everyone smoke the Herb! Hence we are All JAH children. H.I.M Qedamawi Haile Selassie: "I must say that Black and White, as forms of speech, and as a means of judging Mankind, should be eliminated from Human society. Human beings are precisely the same whatever colour, race, creed or national origin they may be." At some point, and it could be a very long reasoning within itself, Humanity separated. Some are leaves, some are branches, some are roots. Yet the Water that redeems the root is the same Word to sustain the entire Tree. Africa Rise! Re-set the foundation for the Tree to heal! Praise H.I.M and those who are with HIM. Genesis 49: 8 Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; thy father's children shall bow down before thee.

I do see how the Bible has been used to manipulate and downpress people. Yet so has science and technology.. Please do not completely reject the Bible, just as one do not completely reject science and technology... It is the intention and spirit, as well the application of knowledge that determines righteousness. Which to I is the great message. Righteousness. Treat others how you would like to be treated.. I feel like this topic is sensitive information regardless of who presents it. As a white man defending this position, I can see how and why it is perceived as though I am working with white supremacy, please know that IandI glory and inspiration from the Bible is drawn from the perspective of a Black Messiah.

Praise THE Most High
JAH Ras Tafari Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Elect of JAH
One Love

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 5/8/2015 1:10:44 AM

Hemphill. De bible may be de most correct route fo yu & some white brothers like yu but it is de most incorrect route fo I & I Black people. De fact dat His Majesty gloried in de bible doesn't mean we Africans also glory in it. His Majesty said dat fo his part (as a christian) he glory in de bible. I raspect dat fo dem dat hold de same religion as HIM. However fo my part as a Black man proud of I African heritage I glory in Black Iwareness & I burn de bible. I raspect HIM but don't follow HIM.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 5/8/2015 2:30:51 PM

True Black Heart, HIM gloried in the bible as a Christian, for his part!

The bible also teaches and has a great message of hate and intolerance
( From a street perspective its get down or lay down, roll or get roll over)

From the beginning of the Hebrew story starting with Abraham through the prophets its about taking land and ruling lands and whatever comes with ruling land tho their promised land got smaller or bigger depending on whos turn it was, once the people were CONvinced god promised them the land they were ready for war go take it
Abraham was promised land
Isaac was promised land
Jacob was promised land
Moses promised land
Joshua took land
David took land

Then in the NT the greco/roman gentiles wanted all the lands so then the promises came to include them in with Abraham kids getting land and ruling lands

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/8/2015 2:55:41 PM

yes. i think that must be respected. it's the main problem. people doesn't accept things. that's the fundamental problem and following babylon to me.

i read the bible. you don't. so what? think and have your interpretations of HIS words. that's fine. but since we all respect that fact that HIM said that other ways are valid, let's stick to this concept and respect each other because we respect HIM and HIS words.

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 5/9/2015 9:55:15 AM


White man neva cease to amaze I,they always come in Black Affairs and try change things to suit themselves,where historikally,mentally,spiritually and physikally.FIRE

Our praise for Haile Selassie got nothing to do with anything from whiteman or bible rather from Ancient Afrikan Spiritual Realm,where Kings/Queens are Gods/Goddesses in the land.

To limit Rasta to di bible is to try and hide Ancient Black Istory

Big Op GarveyAfrika
Big Op BlackHeart
Big Op VDR
Real Fire Starter!!!!

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/9/2015 10:33:58 AM

To "accept the Bible and its great message" is not to limit or hide knowledge, but to supplement and grow. There are many ways to accept the message and spirit of the Bible. Some do not need to read the book to acknowledge truth, love, and righteousness. H.I.M make it very clear - at least to I - that ones should not reject the MESSAGE and SPIRIT of Christ.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/9/2015 5:20:28 PM

it's all about acceptance still.

agree with that. rasta itself has nothing to do with the bible. the meaning of rasta depends on the people you ask about it. many rastas who are also reggae singers mention and believe in the bible but it's not a must to be a rasta. i say big up to those who made that clear too

but one argument i don't get is when black rastas say that they don't deal with the bible just because it has nothing to do with the freedom of black people. it just deals with god. everybodys god. you can have your interpretations or your own believes but i still can't see what this argument is all about.

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 5/14/2015 12:59:30 AM

de bible is misinformed about Almighty creator. We Africans have our own ways of communicating with de creator & our ancestors so we don't need no confused book like de bible to mislead us. With Almighty & our ancestors on our side we do not need no god of Israel. I have no problem with people using de bible but my problem is people who cannot accept de fact dat some of us can live upful without opening & reading de bible. Dats why I burn de bible.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/14/2015 5:46:27 PM

Black heart: I see the I's point.

I create this thread 'Black' and 'White' to point out the simple fact that H.I.M teach us: "But he must realize that the Bible is his refuge, and the rallying point for all humanity. In it man will find the solution of his present difficulties and guidance for his future action, and unless he accepts with clear conscience the Bible and its great Message, he cannot hope for salvation."

IandI personal view is as previously stated: "There are many ways to accept the message and spirit of the Bible. Some do not need to read the book to acknowledge truth, love, and righteousness. H.I.M make it very clear - at least to I - that ones should not reject the MESSAGE and SPIRIT of Christ."

One Love

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