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'Black' and 'White'

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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/7/2015 12:05:45 PM

Spirit and metaphysics are natural. There's a natural mystic blowing through the air. If you listen carefully you will hear.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/7/2015 1:27:04 PM

bob marley has often quoted the bible in his interviews. but with natural mystique he is referring to a real natural mystique, isn't he? i think what marley describes in this tune can't be found in the bible or in praising selassie i alone.

besides that i think he was just a man who didn't underrate the power of vibes (and the connection between humans). the wailers used to play their sets on the local cemetery at night so when they aren't afarid to play for all the duppies then they won't be distracted by stagefright later. some call it paganism, some call it spiritual, some call it funny.

Messenger: Bobobinghi Jahcub Sent: 5/7/2015 2:13:18 PM

The I said
Biblical evidence is the groundation for analyzing physical happenings. I deal more with spirit than flesh.

Iman have to burn fire on that statement.In my perception that means the i is implying...nobody analysed physical happenings before the bible? nobody dealt with spirit before the bible?perhaps the I can explain what you meant as you are author and not me.

The bible is an object/flesh and what idrens are trying to say is that they listen to their own spirit within them to guide their livity,that's how it was in the beginning,so ones cannot fight against that,or force any book or anything on is the only one to save himself,everyone makes desicions due to an influence whether it be physical or not,but each man saves himself,nobody can save another man but can only be an influence,on the most part InI have the same goal,so why do we put so much emphasis on what fuels,influences the same ambition.if reading the bible makes you say Rastafari then that's fine,if acknowledging the necessity to uphold and glorify ourselves as africans in an African way and through African culture makes you say Rastafari that's fine.RASTAFARI IS NOT A RELIGION,RASTAFARI IS NOT ABOUT FORCE AND MAKING SOMEONE ALIGN TO YOUR PERSPECTIVE,Haile Selassie said there is as many religions as there is people because everyone has the right to freedom of thought and expression,Everyman to his own philosophy through his or her experience and overstanding,self reliance and self independance, Garvey tell InI from long time!!!if 2 men are building a wall they might be doing for totally different reasons,but the focus is putting bricks together because the blueprint is already set out for InI and that is to ensure equality and justice for all people,but not until Africa and africans are free.


Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/7/2015 2:50:45 PM

In no way did I imply a chronological order of analyzing physical happenings. By saying the Bible is IandI groundation I mean that when properly seated (clear conscious) within the Bible, physical happenings are seen within the correct context. Time is cyclical. Events parallel and repeat. I could study physical events eternally and never know the spirit and purpose of the event if I am not properly seated within the Bible and its great message.

Further; since coming to this forum, I have been told that NO white person can be Ras Tafari... I feel that All people are JAH children, All should acknowledge THE Father. Follow H.I.M teachings. The Bible clearly states that even Gentiles will hear H.I.M. This is IandI groundation. Dealing with spirit and character not color and country. I find it interesting that the people who deny I for being white, are the same people with no Biblical groundation.. Give us the teachings of his Majesty!

Messenger: Bobobinghi Jahcub Sent: 5/7/2015 3:23:58 PM

Blessed Idren I hear you,but my point is it is not for InI to force any idea on top of another and say it is IandI groundation because not every rasta sees it as 'the I' sees things. Additionally,If a rasta tells the I that you cannot be rasta because you're white,then they are free to have that opinion,they just don't identify Rastafari in exactly the same way as the I does,perhaps their perspectives could be very different,InI must keep this in mind when reasoning with each other,the I must define the I,that is purpose of the I,be who and what you want to be,plenty of people will not like it,if you are secure and happy in who you are why would it bother you what other people say of and about you.If the I is convinced the I is Rasta that is enough.If the is convinced reading the bible is the right way,then work with it,however also dont forget to look in yourself because that's where the most high dwells,listen to your conscience,the conscience never leaves you but bibles and peoples words come and go

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/7/2015 4:33:28 PM

Be careful of the ones who teach the Jesus Christ stuff.

Some need to read a fable about a man who died and came back like suprnatural zombie to appreciate the message of Regeneration everlasting life and rebirth seen in the Khepra the scarab or seen everyday with the rising of the Sun which InI can draw from nature and iration itself. I can also draw this information from looking at I ancestors. I DONE know this message before I pickup Bible. Same with the Law.......

Not saying the message isnt in there, it may be. But thats not to say everything within there Is THE message. Not to say it is unpure and infallible. Not to say in 2015 it is 'still' the best tool to free and liberate the minds of InI black people in the west given our history with the thing the past 200 years and the recent knowledge of OUR history becoming ever more available

We stand by that. As a MASS of Rastafari and not just Garveys Africa alone. InI FIRST mission is to liberate black man and wombman from white supremacy and we will continue to do so best we see fit

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/7/2015 4:35:58 PM

Hemphill and many others may see Haile Selassie as a vessel or manifestation of the God of the Bible

InI see HIM as HIGHER than the God or Gods of the Bible, any one book or one deity.

InI liberation is more important than religious BELIEF

Maybe white privilege makes that difficult to REALLY innerstand. As well as the plethora of Indigenous spirituality which has nothing to do with Bible yet may be just as "valid" for salvation according to our King

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/7/2015 4:48:43 PM

I see Haile Selassie as JAH. The father of All. The most High. I also see that Haile Selassie teach the revelation of Yaheshua.

White privilege: I refuse the vibration. Working to dismantle it.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/7/2015 5:02:22 PM

So it was Haile Selassie who sent Israel to invade Canaan killing the men and sons and keeping the wives and daughters as spoils?

Because he SEEMED to show a difference in character when he allowed the Italian invaders to go home freely after the war.

It was Haile Selassie who sent black people into slavery?
It is Haile Selassie who creates evil?

You can believe that. But dont tell black people who have been in this trod for generations that we are any LESS of rastafari for not accepting these examples and many more to be the character of our king.


Why do you continue to IGNORE the quote from your speech YOU posted about the faith of HIM not being the only valid path to salvation?

Do you believe there is no salvation for the MAJORITY of indigenous peoples throughout HISTORY who have never had contact with the Bible?

Is Haile Selassie only the King of African/Ethiopian Christians? The Muslim states of the African Union he didnt mean to include in his plans for liberation?


He teach the revelation of Jesus.
We teach the revelation of HIM
(wasnt Jesus a JEW - Why is HIM not a Jew?)


Luke 12:51

"Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division!"

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/7/2015 5:14:15 PM

There is only ONE path to salvation: righteousness. Best route of righteousness is H.I.M teachings which is glorified in and by the Holy Bible.. Again, do not work only with flesh. Yaheshua come in different name, similar in appearance, same character. The spirit.

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