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Messenger: Lemuel Sent: 4/1/2015 5:26:32 PM

GA, do you know what the Seventh Angel is?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/1/2015 8:00:14 PM

Give thankhs Black Heart. I then wonder if it has always been so or if it comes from Islam:Christianity?
Still, sounds like theres a garden full of mid-twenty early 30 Empresses in Africa who may be deemed too old for certain Kings out there. All the more for Garveys Africa........ I Rasta don't discriminate over 6 years (maybe max 10) but respect and can overs it still. Again give thanks for the breakdown from an african viewpoint which is what ZionMountain asked for....

Lamuel..... 7th angel as far as i know sounded the trumpet in revelation to make people aware of the Kingdom of Jah and of Christ. A tertiary body from that of Jah/Christ. What we are saying: He is Jah. Haile Selassie is the black supreme, nothing comes higher. Seen? How can you be a 7th angel of yourself? RasTafari > angel

Messenger: Lemuel Sent: 4/1/2015 8:08:28 PM

No, he is the Seventh Angel of Bahá'u'lláh, look up what Abdu'l-Bahá had to say on Haile Selassie I or the "Seventh Angel".

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 4/1/2015 9:00:40 PM

One come yah on RasTafari site tell InIbout RasTafari from what baha say, come Africans no worry bout Africa, bible more portant than Africa?

No Bahais online fa u ca reason with, what does Abdul Baha a "NON AFRICAN" hv to do Rastafari trod and sight of The AFRICAN EMPEROR, to tell AFRICANS from whence d trod came who and an AFRICAN is, INI AFRICANS burn out colonial thing fa tell InI who we b long ago supm RasTafari Stand for, so we overstand and standover NON AFRICANS tryna define AFRICANS

keh dat go a Bahai place

And Non African RasTafari wont stand for nonRastafari tryna tell RasTafari who d KING be

Messenger: Lemuel Sent: 4/1/2015 11:51:33 PM

Abdul Baha was Persian, that doesn't have to with anything. Holy men come from anywhere

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 4/2/2015 2:18:42 AM

Yes I Lord Garvey Africa. In African culture amongst de Nguni people; man is de king, his mother is de queen while his wife is de princes. Which means de wife is also considered to be amongst de children of her husband. As such she is expected to be younger than her kingman. When man build home, de home may not be considerd complete without de house fo de kingman's mama or grandma. Grandma fo wise guidance & ancestors for spiritual guidance all through de powers of Amighty for a solid family.

Messenger: Sister Sent: 4/2/2015 5:33:51 AM

Imagine that, Grandmother for wise guidance and not telebox. What do ones think of Ras & non-Ras in a relationship? One that can bloom or would the latter take away Inergy from the former?

Blessed love.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 4/2/2015 8:44:52 AM

Sister I would if the non Ras is Inscious with similar livity and respects d I's livity and d I does the same then all should well

Lemuel, Africans wont tolerate Persians telling Africans who Africans are
Ras wont tolerate Bahais telling Ras who Ras is
Africa for AFRICANS

Messenger: Lemuel Sent: 4/2/2015 1:37:04 PM

Abdu'l Baha didn't say anything of Africa, neither did any of the Bahá'í prophets. Many sects of Rastafari have different views on who HIM is. There is no set way for the Rasta. The Bahá'ís will not tolerate you telling us who Ras was. He never claimed to be a prophet or the return of Christ. I do not wish to argue

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 4/2/2015 2:17:06 PM

D KING never claim say HIM no seventh angel neither

Then dont bring Bahai doctrine to Ras Issembly
bahai like others set out on mission to colonize African minds away from African ways,

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