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Seven Seals

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Messenger: Elohimras Sent: 5/6/2012 7:27:34 PM

I don't over this
Are you saying that king IMMANUEL is di lion of Judah
But His Majesty can't be the Lamb
Di I is missing the oneness

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 5/6/2012 8:44:04 PM

Selassie I, Emmanuel 7th, and Yeshua all show the Teachings of God, and they are One with God.

Like the Bobo say, Man of "R" is God in Flesh, man of "x" is satan.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/6/2012 9:23:50 PM

Ras Kanjas, the I said,

The Lion of Revelation ain't Selassie-I at not saying that Selassie-I ain't a Lion of Judah........

The Conquering Lion of Judah spoken of in Revelation is Haile Selassie I.  Selassie I comes from the line of Judah and the Emperors of Ethiopia were Signing their Speeches as "The Conquering  Lion of Judah hath prevailed" for centuries, to lead up to the point where Haile Selassie I took the throne and fulfilled the Prophesy. 

That might not fit in with the way the I wants to interpret Revelation, but it is so, whether or not it fits in with your interpretation.

If you think that Haile Selassie is on the throne, and Emmanuel is the Lamb, then who is Yeshua Christ in Revelation 4 and/or 5?

I have a question about this scripture.

And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. (Revelation 5:6 KJV)

What is your interpretation of the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth and how they relate to your interpretation that only Emmanuel is the Lamb?

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 5/7/2012 6:18:03 AM

And I looked, and behold(you and me perceived), in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures(God's Power, Love, Wisdom and Justice), and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb(Holy Emmanuel-I) as though it had been slain(resembling Jesus Christ after resurrection), having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the spirits of God(Haile Selassie-I) sent out into all the earth.

Raspect Ark I

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 5/7/2012 10:02:08 AM

Third Seal:
When He(Emmanuel-I) opened the third seal(opened the sense of perception to obscure prophecy in the Pergamum period), I(you and me) heard the third living creature(God's Wisdom) say, " Come and see." So I looked, and behold(discern), a black horse(doctrine of darkness on the nature of God and His Christ), and he who sat on it(the antichrist using the doctrine) had a pair of scales in his hand(had evil devices and ability to ration the truth to others). And I heard a voice(declaration) in the midst of the four living creatures(God's attributes) saying, "A quart of wheat(wheat symbolizes the bread of life...Christ's sacrifice) for a denarius(day's wages), and three quarts of barley(truths of Christ's resurrection......which were in better supply than the truths of His real sacrifice) for a denarius(day's wages); and do not harm the oil(Holy Spirit) and the wine(Christ's suffering and death)."

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 5/7/2012 4:02:51 PM

And my interpretation of the following part of Scripture;

...having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent out into all the earth.

This signifies that when Haile Selassie-I sends His Spirit to any one of the angels of the seven churches, He does so through Holy Emmanuel-I.........
...Emmanuel-I is the link between Selassie-I and the world....
..every thing is done through Him, nothing was created except through Him!
The seven churches of Rastafari belong to Holy Emmanuel-I...........
......the seven angels belong to Him.............even the kingdom of Rastafari belongs to Him, He was given everything by His Father!

And most important, He is the way to our Father Haile Selassie-I.......that no one can approach the Father except through Him...selah!

Messenger: KACHASU Sent: 5/7/2012 7:44:49 PM

GIVE THANKS TO THE MOST HIGH JAH RASTA FAR I...can u explain to me about the seven seals in genre

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 5/8/2012 4:13:41 AM

What do you mean the seven seals in genre?

Messenger: KACHASU Sent: 5/9/2012 6:10:30 PM

W@ are the seven seals & how do u unlock them?

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 5/9/2012 10:59:01 PM

The seven seals contained secret information known only to Haile Selassie-I until the Lamb was found worthy to open the scroll and to look on the contents.
What is contained therein was only for the eyes of Holy Emmanuel-I.
However, through His lovingkindness and willingness to share this information with the saints, we find the conditions and circumstances that would take place in the time frame of each seal.
Most of the seals tell of Satan's activities and give encouragement to the saints of each time frame(or period).

The first four seals release the four horses(i.e. doctrines).
And the last three horses release various judgements.
Each seal is opened one at time.

The seventh seal brings forth the seven trumpets, and the seventh trumpet brings forth the seven last plagues, seen?

Revelation is figurative and highly symbolic............... conceal its message or prophecy, and only reveal it to the chosen ones!!!
The seven seals also help conceal this prophecy, seen?

So how do we unlock the seals??? prayerfully studying and understanding the book of Revelation!!!

All is seals have already been opened by Jesus Christ in heaven.......and by Holy Emmanuel-I here on earth.

More fire!

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