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Mixed lightskinned Blacks/Afticans

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/22/2015 12:50:20 PM

Rasta Goddess

I used to be a member of an AAPRP study group. Do you have any dealings or connections with them? Would be good to start/join a similar thing in this Iwa, even if online

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/22/2015 12:59:23 PM

That part of that video spark I thought then that fellow I know upon seeing him I asked a I with wat he thought his ethnicity was.

I have both dark and yellow in I family Im not against any but I feel as tho a half black black representative is a half of victory which aint a victory at all.

Initially I didnt exactly know how I to word I thought or exactly what thoughts were that I wanted express but it was more about mixed black who look more white being labelled black not the Malcolm X type light skin or Igbo, Khoisan, Fulani or Horners.

I like what GA said about FACES, that thought kinda sparked RastaGoddess questions but never the less still one of own thoughts.

In a song Ice Cube made he made a statement "Half black is the new black" a shot at Drake and others the industry I guess
Look at this tho, say a half black like Drake calls himself black then fathers kids with a white lady. The kids are 75% white but raised to label themselves as black if that happens contiuously what happens to black being black?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/22/2015 1:03:08 PM

I don't sight it as a problem. For every Malcolm theres a Garvey. For every Farrakhan therss a Khalid, for every Elijah theres a Noble Drew Ali. I mean for every Bob Marley theres a Peter Tosh. We have always had a mix of leaders in terms of skin tone. I've never heard a dark skin Ras complain say he has problem seeing himself through the King or vice versa with light skin Ras and say a Emmanuel I.

I really do not see skin colour as relevant to I at all.

Where it DOES get interesting is in terms of genetic makeup. I believe Obama to be a 50/50 split. Seeing as he grew up with the white side of the family among presumable white culture could he still claim to be black? What about ones who may claim less than 25% direct African ancestry AND brought up like Obama.....can they claim black?

For me, if your melanated and you claim Africa, and I see you genuinely concerned with the welfare of African peoples, then I wouldnt have time necessary to pick at dem about where the mainstem of their mulattto mix is ROOTED.

Good discourse

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/22/2015 1:07:35 PM

Supposing Obama is a true 50/50 split right down the middle (and we are presuming) BUT he was brought up with his black side of the family. 50% African genetics PLUS brought up culturally as an African. Would that make you feel better about him being labelled the first black president?

What im getting at is of course ancestry is Key. But, the way your brought up culturally and in terms of environment, plays some part I think. This analogy doesnt actually apply to Obama but it certainly applies to say the Gong who I would classify as Black.

By the way how the rest of the world / white supremacy respond to and treat us according to our varying skin tones should have no relevance in this debate. Thats fe dem. We must free ourselves from self hatred from colourism and from Willie lynch to which we all exposed

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/22/2015 2:34:32 PM

D I right about d light mixture we always had I have no problem with Portuguese hink its perfect to represent all of I variations. A 50/50 like Obama and Gong to I whatever they wanna identify as but truly can u identify with. Gong with, by and around black. Obama raised by white family, with white family and around maybe both black and white so i would THINK he would be closer to white culturally and thats shaky for I.

How much non African blood can intermix the gene pool and InI still call I self African?

If we start from Cedella Booker (black) to Damian Marley (black mix) culturally black then he gets a Portugese/Barzilian baby mother raises the kid black RastafarI is this kid African? And when does it stop?

Why is that it seems I are the only people to accept such a thing?
Most other people feel their blood has been spoiled when outside blood/race inters the line

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 11/22/2015 4:22:54 PM

many people say barry sotero was a crack junkie back in the day in chicago and now he`s married to his tranny boyfriend. fact is for sure i don`t like his work.

think of all the gold the u.s. has stolen from lybia alone. just because they say he`s black doesn`t mean they have changed their gameplan.

Messenger: Malcom Ra Neter Sent: 11/22/2015 6:04:58 PM

We have to embrace our own despite their skin color. Once they are genuinely our people who are for our people.

There is no continent more blessed with striking beauty and diversity than the African Motherland. And it was from this physical and genetic diversity that allowed Africans to parent the rest of humanity. Indigenous Africa is testimony to the full spectrum, of skin tones, hair textures, rich religious and cultural practices. However, all this diversity has a political destiny which merges into one African family.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/22/2015 7:05:30 PM

I accept all a dat BUT how NON African blood in an African is still an African?
A 75% white 25% black man is a blackman and not a white man?

Ok we talk about being "Sun people" people kissed by the sun but to much non whatever blood/genes intering a populations gene pool is a form of racial genocide.

I hear ones saying how Europeans are being bred out thru intermixing with non europeans but it actually breeds out both populations and create a new one. If blacks keep breeding out then black is gonna go to and half black WILL be the new black.

Look at the Spanish/Lation countries with their "Blanquiemento" and "Majerro la Raza" Whitening and bettering the race, wgere they were/are encouraged to marry lighter to better the race now u have populations of partial African ancestry but arent black.

So when/where does it stop or it doesnt and Damian Marley and Mariah Carey becomes the standard for black?

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/22/2015 7:11:49 PM

Great reasonings Idren!

Garveys, i wasnt in the AAPRP but was well familiar with them and had a few Idren that were part of it. This would have been about 20 plus years ago.

I too would absolutely consider Bob as Black. An Afrikan of mixed heritage. Chose a dark sistah as his queen. Was all about Afrikan consciousness, liberation and revolution. As far as Obama is concerned, 1) he isnt technically the first black president, 2) he too chose a dark sistah as his queen, and 3) was involved with civil rights, often time offered his services to black folks at no charge. Raising 2 beautiful Afrikan princesses. Had he not been president, I'm sure he'd be treated like any other brothah during a police stop. I doubt the police would give him a pass because "hey, hold up, he's only 50% black"

Did the lighter skinned sistah have it "better" because she was raped on massa's bed, as opposed to the darker field slave sistah who was raped in her slave quarters? Both were equally violated, one just had a softer bed underneath her. She might yield a higher price on the auction block, but does this make her more privileged? Less "black"?

I'm not championing light skin. I am fully aware of our history, the Willie Lynch effects, the color games. My point is that we are still kin, still part of the Afrikan family, with all our beautiful varieties.


Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/22/2015 7:24:01 PM

Of course we are still kin but i talking aside from how another who obviously hated all I treated I,

When do we stop being black/African if we are obviously white/European genetically
just because the white/Europeans say oh so n so one drop of black but 99 drops of white he aint white he black, must that person be black because of ill treatment from Whites?

The Gullah population of South Carolina is said to once have killed many mulatto children to keep the mixed blood from entering their population so should thesesl half blacks be considered white because they were treated ill by blacks?

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