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What happened to one love?

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Messenger: Natty Kongo Sent: 7/25/2006 2:01:17 AM

Greetings prophecy

de heading of da Ise reasoning session commenced wit 'wat happened to one love' yeh? so IanI decide to check it out yuh see. and de message start wit a question, then hearsay, then a partial jugdement dat IanI sight as misdirected and trivial seen. I feel for de I if she was havin a troublesome day. but why ask a question based on hearsay? if i ask yuh dis question cos yuh made it clear dat yuh got no Rastafari brethren n sistren in where u ah abode...from dis I man know dat it wasn't a Rastaman or wombman dat irritated yuh on dat day seen. now if babylon mash yuh up and yuh then turn upon Rastafari wit yuh accusations of fruastrations dats where yuh in de wrong .seen.
I dont know wat yuh went thru dat day but IanI can tell yuh dat de emotions was stirred up by babylon from de information yuh gave seen. yet yuh kept up de eyes on Rastafari dat yuh 'know' certain Rasta hate or dislike white ones and dem culture. dis seems to be distressin yuh. and yuh went on to ask a question of accusaion based on second hand hearsay on how Nyahbinghi gatherings are conducted. wat ones (especially u ropeans and other non afrikans) dat come to Rastafari thru lyrics of reggae songs and not thru first hand experiences need to know is man who feels it know it best. and not everything dat is said and reason should or do make into into cyber space and reggae lyrics. yes man. yuh have sum dificiencies dat makes yuh unqaulified to trod physically inna some of IanI chambers. for the peace and love of us all please ones, learn to humbly learn to accept dis and work on making IanI villages nuclear weapons free,..... concentration camps and shackle slavery prison industrial camps free....mind-polluting Xtianinty eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth punitive and reactionary judaism, islamism...and all the other technological gagdets,n capital and socio-polico isms outside yah heard?

IanI dont know but yuh seh yuh sight Rastafari and overstand wat Rastafari is so iman should not explainin rastafari to yuh like a babe and suckling. IanI give thankhs fi dat seen. but as de I choose da name 'prophecy' to represent the I on dis forum, I belife de I wud know dat ones can sight a revelation on dis written texts dat dem wud never sight anywhere else seen. in spirit we are/can all be ONE. seen.JAH RASTAFARI in ALL tings and beings and INI in all tings and beings seen? but de wombman must know dat when one put on flesh and bones, then ones gets 'blessed' wit sum qualities dat is unique and 'cursed' wit some limitations seen? ie I man as a human being cannnot fly cos I man got no feathers and wings seen? so I walk and run instead, naturally. but another being like a vulture can walk, run like I, yet still fly in de blue skies naturally seen?
in spirit we as RASTAFARI are nuthin but I. but on da physical plane, there are limitations in nature dat ones need to learn to respect, n to accept and love. ok. when IanI refuse to accept de laws dat 'separate I physically from de predatory bird, and attempt to fly and hunt from de skies, my folly wud result in DEATH. call dis 'hate' call is dis 'judgement' call dis 'dislike' of a creature, or of its culture but it wud not stop dis from happening. now ones can 'cheat' wit dem intelligence and seek to live above the laws of gavity dat keep the earth in tact and creat dem aeroplanes to fly around but dat fact dat humans can never fly naturally. is still a livity/reality. seen?

As an Afrikan wit melanin witin I skin, I know dat IanI physical place is from Cape Town to Addis Abbab, and from Senegal to Somalia seen? I can still live everywhere on earth wit de help of technonlgy seen. but If IanI searching for I true origination and where I seed first prout from on earth, dats where IanI trace I roots on earth to seen? now depigmentated ones wit no or very little melanin wud not be suited naturally to those places. not beacuse their spirit aint rite or dem sinful/destructive by nature but cos dem physical manifestation is not best suit for de environment yah sight? so for dem own good and survival they stay away cos if dem stubbornly com just cos they free to roam anywhere on earth dem want, de power from de sun strikes dem n dem catch skin cancer which result in whether dem was created as a result of de rape of dem dark mother by a pale face, or dem never sinned or downpress anybody before dont matter. seen. dem very biological make up limits dem survival in dem places. and de only way dem ah go survivie is by bring in a 'culture' of unnatural mechanical implments, and chemicals and materials to destabilize de natural order of de place.but wat if de ones want to live in peace n love n harmony wit de environment cos dem sight RASTAFARI?
like de I say him not even kill insects. well anyone whose live in de forest will tell yuh in order to live in peace n love in de forest, a man has to learn how to separate himself from sum creatures ie mosquitoes dat suck I blood and give I a malaria which can result in death, tse flies dat suck I blood and give I sleeping sickness dat makes I a 'living-dead' seen? eventually yuh would have to learn how to create a balance between how yuh survive witout destroying de natural vegetation dat sustains yuh. cos if yuh come in wit pesticide n insecticide for de quick fix dat is de babylonian fast tech method, de air n water wud get toxic resulting in anomalities n imbalance. RASTAFARI unlike say christianity, seh yuh dont have to crucify (kill, forsake, vacate, or wateva word power yah use) yah flesh as sinful but embrace and love it cos it dah living temple of de Most High seen? but yuh have to vacate/stop/ease putting death in it and let it live naturally. yuh dont have to vacate/leave de planet but yuh have to MOVE outta Babylon utterly....spiritually, culturally, and physically it wud be necessary for some of I. IanI Holy Mount Zion is on earth as well as dis scorching hell fiyah. seen. reality man. expenrience man. not illusions and fantasies.

To wander rite back to the original topic, all I man saying is
in dis perilous times and universal tribulation, I would think ones would be pointin ur blazin guns at de Beasts and vimpires yet ones are pointin dem shots in dah wrong direction. amerikka is spendin hundreds of billions of dollars to blaze death and destruction on anyone n thing dat stand on its quest to dominate earth's land, seas, the skies, and de world. capitalist corporations are monopolizing n rationalizin n contorling every resources on earth from water to seeds to de point where farmers and tillers of the soil have not rights to the seeds they plant.
big agro-companies manufacture and control the distributions of their seedlings and genetically develope fruits ie oranges witout seeds... so dat de farmer is always coming back to dem for supplies, yuh get de three mad musketeers called judaism, islam and Xtianity preachin dat de end of de world--which means the distruction of mother earth, has to come before dem Messiah wud come decending from de skies to take dem away to the moon or pluto or maybe jupiter or some other space somewhere where we not so sure.... n dem all preparing for armegaddoneWWWIII....yuh have tens of millions of little ones gettin massacred by HIV/AIDS.....we catchin dis hell yet dem tellin us dis is just plain comedies....n dat de real show begins after we dead! IanI sight all dis mayhem then ianI come n hear ones who claim to b linked wif Rasta in sum way n dem tellin me IanaI should be blazin fiyah on INI Nyanbinghi warriors cus dem not allow a 'lite-skinned' one to beat a drum in dem inner circle private gatherings? or dat de fiyah man Capleton crew called a naked wombman 'empress'? r u serious?

no need to aplogise but its well taken. but I hope de I sight de piorities and know ah dem dat de fiyah should b blazing upon. IanI come to reason wit other Rastafari to energize and to face mystery babylon-knowin dat there sum more Angels and Warriors fightin against de luciferians. but if ones com expectin to be pampered n showered wit attention dem ah go get dissappointed n turn dem fiyah on demselves not IanI. dis Nyahbinghi warriors ah purge all impurities. who is more dangerous to humanity and de earth? de rude boy dj dat ah shout dat him fi want sum pom-pom on him dance hall record or de clergyman dat tell de youth dem have to destroy dem flesh de temple of de Most High God Jah Rastafari before dem can be 'saved'? n poison dem minds wit de lie dat dem also should be cut off from de 'world' cus de world has to be destoryed in order for dem to get to dem Heaven? dats where de blazin fiyah of ONE LOVE should be pointing dem arsenal at my lords and empress(es).

''Who can teach an Afrikan how to stand if not a stand up Afrikan?
So Afrika must stand up and take back Akebulan from Babylon''
-----Empress Nzingha

Give thankhs for dat visual power empress. de I sight truths in dem.

JAH! Rastafari! One Black Lion Heart everytime!

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 7/25/2006 8:09:13 PM

Greetings, It wasn't any idren who made I have a bad day. It is what I have seen over time, but it just really got to I that day. I do not regret saying what I said, but I should have worded it differently, so the I knew what I meant. I am not blazing fiyah on anyone, but simply state the truth. I don't expect the I to see it, but I just felt like reasoning to I n I bout it. Cause I feel I n I should be able to come forward with reasonment. But, I am not making partial judgement, judgement or accusations. I am telling the I that this is what I have seen in I own experience. So, why is the I saying I am making judgement and accusations. I am not speaking of hear say, I am speaking on what I hear some rasta reason bout. So I come here to reason bout it. The other was what I actually have seen. So, I don't apprecilove the I saying Im making judgement and accussations.
However, something like that, I real eyes should have come forward with clear overstanding. The I don't see how I trodd or how I think, so I should have made it more clear. BUT, I do not bash any child, for I can only judge i-self. However, like I have said, I have a right to reason as any ones and ones come forward with reasonment. Next time, I will just go str8 to dadda with that type of reasonment tho. He will guide I on how to handle it. The I message is so long, so i cannot respond all at once.
But, give thanx

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 7/25/2006 8:24:05 PM

Well, first of all living in a forest is different. Ur environment changes,u must survive on that environment. The I has taken this way beyond, but its all bless. The I is judging I now from what I said. I came on cause I am trying to do jah works and can't seem to get help. I am tired of the destruction of mother earth and downpression. But, the I has twisted I words and now defining who I am by a statement. Yes, while I waisted I time coming to post that question, I could be doing jah works. Well, I am but am trying to get help. N e wayz, give thanx for taking the I time to respond. But, I am not who the I say I am.
I did not chose the name prophecy, it was given to I. N e wayz, no need to prove iself. I am not those things. Yes, I should have worded things different, but I didn't. Like I said before, Jah see I and that is all that matters. I will make sure next time I remember the lessons taught to I. Blessed

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 7/25/2006 9:16:23 PM

I have one more thing to say and i will not go on. When reading the I response, I overstand that the I think while Im taking time to talk bout things, i can be doing jah works. Well, that is exactly why i felt that way, cause I am, but can't do it alone. I have heard the statements from rasta themselves. I am not one to feel jah because of music. When Jah came to I, I didn't even know Rastafari existed. Well, I think I should just end this, but I am not burning fiyah in the wrong direction. But, the I can see what the I want to see. I overstand I made the statement without clearity, but doesn't give the I the right to judge I and tell I how I think and how I trodd. But, its all bless. I truly have learned a lesson. Many blessings to the I.

Messenger: Natty Kongo Sent: 7/25/2006 11:15:08 PM

Greetings again prophecy.

Iman didnt mean to bore de I wit such long responses ya know. but Iman thought wat yuh raised wit ur inital pose was serious tings. IanI thought Iman got de essence of da message. dats y iman didnt go wit de responses stage by stage. but from ur subsequent responses Iman startin 2 feel otherwise seen. so lets try n clarify de air now seen cos Rastafari dont waan no mad cow disease seen? so IanI dont deal wit beef seen? reasoning is no argument. n we no deal wit con-flicks within I Father's Holy Mansion. and I dread I Father's warth pon I head if I burn de seed out along wit de weeds.

so here we go
*prophecy seh......+++I have a question. I do not have a rasta community where I live, I online is I community. Sometimes it is good and sometimes its not(sometimes I see separation and judgement). I thought as Ras I nI should be able to reason and should be humble with that reasonment. Of course, I n I will not all agree, but who gives I n I the right to judge. How can I n I grow if I n I keep fighting each other. I n I talk bout church ppl., yet I n I doing the same thing.+++

*......which I n I keep fighting each other sistren? n wat is dat I n I talk bout church ppl dat IanI Rastafari ah also doing de same tings? plz elaborate if yuh kind. thankhs.

*prophecy yuh seh.......+++For instance, I have a friend who shares different views then I. I don't follow her beliefs, yet I n I can sit and reason. I n I both learn from each other and still respect each other. But, many will go on her myspace or website and attack her. I just don't overstand what is happening to many ras. I am only speaking in I own experience, not whole of rastafari.+++

*......wud yuh plz state de kinda attacks dem attack yuh girlfriend wit? ie maybe hackin into her wibesite or maybe opposin her views in a not so friendly manner. seen. thankhs in advance fi ya patience.

de I prophecy seh.......+++
Now, I know some rasta "hate white people." But, shouldn't it be the white downpressors and downpressors in general. I don't overstand how I n I can follow HIM who speaks of oneness and inity, yet hate or dislike a culture.+++

*......IanI know of no royal sun within de holy house of Ra-s-tafarI who hate white people. but I know of many ah multitudes of black ones who come into de royal house of Jah rastafari wit wailings n lamentations after dem existence inna babylon kingdom becomes unbearable. n dis idren dont wanna have nuthin to do wit anyting 'western'(cos de truth is dat westerns ah de masters in charge of running tings n ones) in orientation cos dem sight corruption in native ones n tings in advance. seen. dem dont waan touch even dis machine IanI using to 'reason' wit ones in dis very iwa, in dis cyber space. seen. cos dem sight corruption n deception of ones true self and true intensions as de norm within dis medium of communication n gathering. seen? and can de I blame dem? but alotta white ones take offence wit dis line of reasoning cos dem still sight alotta 'good' in dem western culture. seen? well IanI know for sure dat even HIM 'disliked' de orginators of a culture dat flew thousands of miles across de oceans unprovoked from Rome to Abbysinia to spree chemical gas from de air on HIM land, plants, animals, babies, mothers, unarmed men etc. seen. dis humble representatives of HIM sight dem salvation within de natural forests of dem mother earth in genearl n Mama Afrika( where eventually dem wann repariate to) in particular n wann nuthin to do wit modern western civilization n de whole culture of dominatin ones. ok. (sorry again sistren if IanI gettin into de lecture game again, in real life Iman dont talk as much.bless)

*prophecy......+++ For instance, I was told that at nyabingi gathering anyone lite skin cannot sit in the circle. Is this true? If so, how can one be denied that. These idrens who are "light skin" cannot control ones pigment when born. Many afrikan slaves were raped, so the babies may have been born with the trait of the slave owners. Does that make them less black?

......sistren I humble advice is dat yuh stay outta dis kinda debate seen. cos yuh only heard half de story from second hand sources. we not qualify to tell u ropeans who dem a clasifiy as 'white' seen. it ah dem business. n dem do wit very well to dem advantage n survival. so why ah dem seen dah need in tellin we de Afrikan who it is dat we shuld call 'black' and who isnt black enuff? there are currently very few Afrikan mothers who are raped by dem u ropean captors in dis ya time as de white ones here are quick to point out to I everytime IanI say we feel de whip of de slavers even in dis yah time. seen. ones need to know dat Rastafari is not in de business of creating clones of brotha Bob. seen. Most Rastafari dont look like Bob Marley. and most are not tryin to create ones who look n sound like bob. but de fashion industry pimped by de babylonians find ones dat are closer to dem image more appealin yah see. if multi-culturalism n multi-racilism was wat we ah after babylon wont have no problem wit I. dont waan go no further than dat (hope I havent gone outside de scope of de reasoning yet). bless.

lastly yuh seh......+++ It doesn't make sense to I.
What really should be the focus is how i n i can network to fight downpression and destruction of mother earth, mother afrika. WHAT ARE WORDS WITHOUT WORKS?+++

.......* well said lady. thought first. seen? then it ah give birth to words seen. then out of de verbal vocalization/sound power (instructions) then actions ah come forth seen. but unfortunately rite here in cyber space IanI only sight typed words on a machine seen? so datz all ianI can see and respond to.

+++I am rambling on, maybe I shouldn't even post this, but just felt like reasoning. I was suppose to have a rastafari gathering, but no one showed. I really want to inite and do rastafari works. Im really fed up with downpression and rastafari being turned into a mustic thing versus true livity. It is not the word Rastafari, but how In I trodd as rastafari. Well, give thanx for listening to I, and if ones and ones would like to respond, I look forward to what ones and ones think. But no time for folly, so pls respond with humbleness for these words are spoken with humbleness. give thanx, many blessings to all I beautiful brothers and sisters..+++

......*give thankhs fi dat texts. unfortunately Rastafri cant always be gathered in flesh everywhere on earth. seen? but in spirit Rastafari gathers wit I all de time. IanI mystically commuincated wit ones n ones across de seven seas long before dis internet n telephones came into existence. seen. so IanI still do dis wit ones in de forests of holy mount zion i, but city dwellers can do so elecronically anytime now. seen. IanI humbly hope dis reasoning is more acceptable in de I sight. respect.

JAH! Rastafari! One Black Lion Heart Everytime!

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 7/26/2006 4:05:58 AM

Greetings, First, the I never bored I! I give thanx for taking the time to respond. I am not trying to bring a reasonment into a argument. I just felt the I was seeing I words more then wat they were. I guess I responded in defense to prove who I am. When really, I shouldn't have done that. I just was trying to respond to ur statement, but couldn't cause the I said a lot. So, please don't say the I bore I, I never said that nor felt it. I said that the I couldn't respond at once, cause the message was long. I didn't mean that in a negative way.
When I came and posted that, I should have explained where I was coming from. So, when I heard the I response, I felt the I saw I wrong and then I come saying that is not I. Well, I think I n I reasoned bout it enough.
I give thanx for reasoning again, and I am not trying to argue. I was trying to use examples, but it just wasn't reasoned well. Yes, that caused the I to react a way. N e wayz, for next time, if I see things or hear things, I will think more before I speak. Or if I hear how things go, I will look more into it. But true, I should itinue doing jah works and reasoning, for if ones and ones don't see, Jah will show them. But, I don't take back anything, just should have explained properly, so this response wouldn't happen. Then when I saw the I statement, I should have just read it and not let it get to I.
As far as the black idrens, the i refer to, who come into rastafari. I cannot say I overstand, cause Im not black. But, it doesn't mean I don't feel or see. I do agree with those who chose not to even deal with babylon shtystem. I can go on and on for hours bout that.
Well, give thanx for the reasonment and hope the I overstand I am not trying to argue or cause contention. Give thanx

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 7/29/2006 9:30:06 PM


Greetings Iah Natty Kongo,

The I's wisemind is much appreciloved on this site. The I has written here many Truths that InI needed to hear.

Could the I pleas explain the I's overstanding regarding non-African Rastas, what does the I see as the upright path within InI movemant for light skinned peoples who feel it and know it?

Does the I see race as a devisive issue within Rastafari?

How can we (Rastas of "u ropean" descent) respect the Iriginal Culture and not deny ourselves? How can we answer JAH call and not arouse the suspicion of InI Black bredrin and sistrin? Should we not teach what we overstand to seekers or not organize Nyahbinghi Ises or not beat pon harps?

As the I knows True Rastafari is LOVE and all Idren of the Most High are equal in JAH LOVE and InI need no permission to abide in JAH and know HIM as I Lord.

But Iman have no desire to be disrespectful and I hear the I seh

** Anyone and everyone can be Afrikan in spirit and conciousness seen? but if ur physical manifestation in dis physical world in dis i-time isnt Afrikan, then there are some places, rites, organisations, maybe even ones, yuh have just gat to accept wit all rightoeus humility dat they are off bounds for yuh and let it be.**

and wonder what rites and organizations the I means.

InI look forward to the I's considered response and give thanks for the I's forbearance. One Love


Messenger: Natty Kongo Sent: 7/31/2006 2:15:18 AM


nuff respect Dread. dunno if de man read all of iyahman post under dis reasonin. seen. cos im sure de answers to all de man inquires ah deh there. think iman wrote more than enuff on de subjeck. even prophecy dont waan continue wit dis no more. but if after re-readin dem all de man still cant sight de answers, plz let I know. bless.

JAH! Rastafari! One Black Lion Heart everytime!

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 7/31/2006 11:30:34 AM

Love and Raspect Kongo I,

Iman have printed out and read thru the I's posts several times, and forgive I, but Iman cannot find clear answers to I questions (which is y I ask).

The I has shared great wisemind regarding the natural need for Ifrikans to Inite, but it is not clear what the I sights as the resolution to the problem for non-Afrikan Rastas, especially those of u ropean descent.

Again InI raspectfully ask these 3 questions:
In the I's opinion,
How can we (Rastas of "u ropean" descent) respect the Iriginal Culture and not deny ourselves?
How can we answer JAH call and not arouse the suspicion of InI Black bredrin and sistrin?
Should we not teach what we overstand to seekers or not organize Nyahbinghi Ises or not beat pon harps?

Iman have been on this trod for over a decade, attended Ises, hosted Ises, represented Rastafari within Babylon, reasoned with Rastas of all ages, genders and races, and this issue just keeps on bubbling up. The I shows great overstanding and I would like very much to hear the I's reasoning pon these questions. Give thanks.

Messenger: Natty Kongo Sent: 7/31/2006 10:38:44 PM

Greetings Dread

How can we (Rastas of "u ropean" descent) respect the Iriginal Culture and not deny ourselves?

+++dat Iman have got to say wit all sincerity dat is urs to answer brotha man. cos IanI have enuff Afrikans wit lost identity or denialing dem roots whilst chasin after all dat giltters, to deal wit. nuff Afrikans thinkin wit de mind of de u uropeans. Afrikans thinkin wit de mind of de arabs. n dont even mention de neo colonial ones who cant fathom wat IanI mean by Pan Afrikan. Rastafari is at de forefornt of de Afrikan libaration fight. IanI seek to liberate de i-dem minds from mental salvery, material dependancy n deprivations, as well as de irrational adoration of others dat is givin alota IanI brethern n sistern all kinda complexes. so IanI dont know how to put on any otherman shoes. seen. bless I+++

How can we answer JAH call and not arouse the suspicion of InI Black bredrin and sistrin?

+++Dread, itz like askin how can a prolific killer of earlier dispicles of Jesus like de fanatic jew called paul, suddenly show up on ones doorstep one day claimin him sight dem lord on da way to damaascus on his killin rampage....n seh dat he has been annointed by dem slain leader to start minstering to de nations in his name...n not expect dem to be on their gaurds.+++

Should we not teach what we overstand to seekers or not organize Nyahbinghi Ises or not beat pon harps?

+++ again I hope de man sight dis words as acceptable in him sight

"Who can teach an Afrikan how to stand if not a stand up Afrikan?
So Afrika must stand up and take back Akebulan from Babylon."
----Empress Nzingha

certainly de man know dat ones (be they white, yellow, black, blue, green or crimson)all ah free to beat dem drum n play dem guitars witout seekin permission from anybody, so long as dey witin de legal code of conduct inna babylon law books. And most babylonaian societies pride demselves on dem 'democratic principles'. so ones ah free to hold wateva gatherings dem waan have n call it wateva dem waan call it. Rastafari no get police force n law courts to come check on anybody. all IanI saysin is dat when ones go inna ones village, dem should respect de rules dat governs de villagers. non-Hindus dont go to Hindia n enter dem villages to question dem on how dem goin about selectin who de man is dat beat a drum, chant hymns, say adorations and perform abolutions. seen? so itz de ones dat treat de Afrikan like him little sch boys n gals dat dem always comin to 'teach' or 'recommend' to we de civilized and acceptable way based on dem own take on tings n ones dat we ah tell to double check+++ bless.

JAH! Rastfari! One Black Lion Heart everytime! Blessed!

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