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What happened to one love?

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Messenger: prophecy Sent: 7/23/2006 4:54:46 AM

I have a question. I do not have a rasta community where I live, I online is I community. Sometimes it is good and sometimes its not(sometimes I see separation and judgement). I thought as Ras I nI should be able to reason and should be humble with that reasonment. Of course, I n I will not all agree, but who gives I n I the right to judge. How can I n I grow if I n I keep fighting each other. I n I talk bout church ppl., yet I n I doing the same thing.
For instance, I have a friend who shares different views then I. I don't follow her beliefs, yet I n I can sit and reason. I n I both learn from each other and still respect each other. But, many will go on her myspace or website and attack her. I just don't overstand what is happening to many ras. I am only speaking in I own experience, not whole of rastafari.
Now, I know some rasta "hate white people." But, shouldn't it be the white downpressors and downpressors in general. I don't overstand how I n I can follow HIM who speaks of oneness and inity, yet hate or dislike a culture. For instance, I was told that at nyabingi gathering anyone lite skin cannot sit in the circle. Is this true? If so, how can one be denied that. These idrens who are "light skin" cannot control ones pigment when born. Many afrikan slaves were raped, so the babies may have been born with the trait of the slave owners. Does that make them less black? It doesn't make sense to I.
What really should be the focus is how i n i can network to fight downpression and destruction of mother earth, mother afrika. WHAT ARE WORDS WITHOUT WORKS?
I am rambling on, maybe I shouldn't even post this, but just felt like reasoning. I was suppose to have a rastafari gathering, but no one showed. I really want to inite and do rastafari works. Im really fed up with downpression and rastafari being turned into a mustic thing versus true livity. It is not the word Rastafari, but how In I trodd as rastafari. Well, give thanx for listening to I, and if ones and ones would like to respond, I look forward to what ones and ones think. But no time for folly, so pls respond with humbleness for these words are spoken with humbleness. give thanx, many blessings to all I beautiful brothers and sisters..

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 7/23/2006 1:42:58 PM


**I thought as Ras I nI should be able to reason and should be humble with that reasonment. Of course, I n I will not all agree, but who gives I n I the right to judge. How can I n I grow if I n I keep fighting each other.**

Yes I prophecy, wisemind, the I percieves clearly. Stay true to the I's path, JAH is with the I.

Iman think that people want their explanations of Divinity to be "true" in the same sense as their explanations for thunder and lightning or eathquakes. A long time ago humans feared all unknown phenomena as the workings of a god and the psychological remnants of those times are still in us. This is the source of all the ism and schism; many unprovable explanations of the Mysteries compete with each other. They all make the same mistake of assuming there is only one correct way to approach Life.

Messenger: I Selahssie i son Sent: 7/23/2006 5:32:45 PM

One love to the world,show love and know love,dont give up love,love is the answer,one love rasta.Not hatered!

Messenger: Natty Kongo Sent: 7/24/2006 8:43:53 AM

AmonHotep ones and ones!

Oh Most High One Almighty Ja RasTaFar=I praises and adorations to yuh in dis i-time.

RASTAFARI is love. RASTAFARI is peace. RASTAFARI seeks nuthin but justice. RASTAFARI seeks nuthin but a balance on i mother earth yeh. For all dat I am I am a mystery Rastaman trying to heal all de nations of de plaque of babylon machines of destruction yah sight. IanI luk at dah earth n IanI sight love as its natural order. IanI look at da trees upon de face of de land and IanI sight love. IanI look and IanI see all de animals and IanI can sight de breath of life in dem all. seen? then IanI know dat even these animals are on a trod dat deserves i respect and attention oh. IanaI look at all humans (wit all dem diffrent colours and cultures) roamin de face of de earth and IanI see dat they all have a purpose why dem here. so dem deserve I respect and love I, Rastaman, as a humble Afrikan can do not but only sight love cus love is wat put i here on IanI mother earth and love is dah only reason force dat keeps I alive. and as IanI keep lovin IanI shall always live. So how can one say dat dem know some Rasta who 'hate white people'? I anI tell Rastaman 'hate' anybody or any 'culture'. cus HATE leads to death and destruction seen. and Rastafari seh him no deal wit Death ever! if I hate de earth da earth wud render da judgement of death. seen? IanI only deals wit LIFE so IanI love and love only. and in order to live for ever one has to LOVE yeh nuh. Love. Love. Love. and yuh shall never die is dis not dah Rastaman message from day one?
so hoew can de I say RASTAFARI ah judge and seperate ones cus dem 'light-skinned'? if IaNI Rastaman 'hate' deh whiteman (not dat IanI dont have god reasons not to) it wud mean dat I hate Iself seen? irite hear meh many times has de RasTaFarI shout chant and cried dat Afrikan! know thyself and love thyself? if I love Iself as a man. as de royal sun Ra(s)-tafari, how can i dis same one hate another man just cus him is a white? it wud be dead-vision seen? if I sight a motherly feminie love in de earth as IanI natural mother and I sight deh masculine fiyah from da sun as one kind of fatherly love, and IanI sight even love in deh trees and plants why will i hate ones who is from da same spicies as I?

IanI listening to Prophecy by de fiyah blazer Capleton rite now and de I de sound power and vibration de bredda is blazin out rite now is pure fiery love seen. Him start every track wit Selassie I liveth everytime! Emmanuel liveth everytime!Marcus Garvey liveth everytime! and him ah chant fi fiyah bun de vatican down and fiyah fi bun buckinham palace to ashes. is dis 'hate'? does dis mean dat him a hate de white hue mans dat ah dwell in dis places or dem culture? ones should think bout dis thru., RASTAFARI deals wit prophesy seen. and any 'culture' dat does not respect and adhere to de natural laws dat keeps peace love and harmony on dis earth, judgement comes upon it ok. and most of de time dis 'judgement' are not 'one love' ting me ah tell yuh now oh my beloveds. If me ah seen mi bredda man on ah fast track heading on a sucide mission.....calling de warth of de sun upon him head wat should I do huh? tell de man by de Grace of God and Jesus christ everything is irie and pass him sum herb and chant ONE LOVE wit him? IanI think not. cus dun tink dat wud be being I brothas keeper yeh

wit sum substances water H20 is dah purification element seen? but wit sum dah purification agent is fiyah yah sight? ones can share their experiences here but please refrain from planting discord in IanI mansion. Cus ianI have to deal wit dat elsewhere seen. I have never known of/or heard of any Rastafari bredda or sistren dat ha blaze enuff fiyah on babylon dat ones think is 'hate' and 'judgement' to de point of going around and shooting dem enemies down ie say killing whites cus of dem downpressions. itz de otherway around most of de time. so whose 'hating' who and whose 'loving' who? ones and Jah be de judge.

RasTafari is bout de unification of ALL. RasTAFARI is bout de peace of ALL. RASTAFARI is also bout de LOVE of ALL. ALL creatures. ALL lifeforms. everybeing wit atum within dem is to be respected and loved. seen? yes there is discrimination in all of nature. yet movement comes about only when seperate (differenT) ones and tings come together in unification. seen. IanI mother earth as a seperate body has to accept n come together wit de solar power comin from IanI father sun in unification for de process of photosynthesis to take palce so dat plant can manufacture fruits dat feeds the living beings like de rats, de lions, de cats, antelopes, the buffalos, humans, etc seen? man/male (papa) as a seprate body has to come together in unification wit female/woman (mama) in order for a new pikin/offspring/new life to come into been seen? IanI as a man/male homo sepien cannot come in sexual unification wit a female pig or a female monkey to create an offspring seen? so I naturally discriminate and seperate Iself from thses beings seen? but IanI can and should still coexist wit thses citizens of de earth witout injuryin each other ok

Beacuse of Love Rastaman ah seh to de Afrikan mek IanI seperate from Babylon ok. Beacuse of Love Rastaman ah chant since day one him ah sight dah promised land, Afrika must UNITE. when de Afrikan unite with him Afrikan bredda and sista, then him in a better position to unite wit de rest of de other human citizens of de world de Rastaman ah seh. but de Afrikan are disunited wit him bredda and sista and him roots, yet all ones are seh is dat him has to unite wit others first defore him can unite wit himself. reason says dis is folly and can never work. yet dem dat ah says dis are always fighting against de Rastaman Afrikan liberation message. ensuring dat Afrikans remain de most disunited ones whilst at de same times ones and ones keep mashing up n power tripping wit dem unification of solid trechery made up of a confederation of mass murders and workers of inquity.

Why Afrikan unification first, ones are ask de Natty Dread times and times again. and IanI ah tell dem to check dem roots not from any inscripted 'book' dat can and are often corrupted by man, but to check out the 'living book of life' which is de livity and daily reality of IanI story ('his'tory) since ever since and dem ah go know. When Afrika, de glorious land dat are give yuh lifeform, living beings, humans, tropical eden, ethiopia, kemet, poineers of technology and civilizations, religions and social philosophies, judism, christianity, islam, bountiful upon bountiful of natural resources, etc and where de genesis of theses current babylonian civilization began seen. de 'disease' has been diagnosied so IanaI are going to da roots of de 'problem'. From dis, IanI seh when Afrika is free, de whole world wud free up. Not de other way around.
but all kinda pretenders and workers of wickedness come into RASTAFARI trying to plant their seeds of destruction within IanI holy tabanecle. So IanI warn dem dat de consequences of dis disrespect and disciet is DEATH. cos tresspassin and comin inna IanI villages wit dem unreasonable sense of entitlement wud only call judgement upon dem heads. Even de Israelites who were all one tribe, one race, one nation, one God etc, had places exclusively left for only certain ones. if ones tresspass into de holiest of de holiest in dah temple for instance, de judgment was death yuh see? One-love dont mean yuh are an Afrikan even if yuh are not one in yur physical manifestation, but then yuh require I man to take ya word for it dat 'we all came from Afrika' and accept you, let yuh partake in all of IanI secred traditions and probably make yuh de elder of IanI village, just cus yuh claim yuh sight IanI king? Fiyah burn dat! only he who feels it know it!

Even de Afrikans in RASTAFARI are still searching for unification wit other Afrikans. de only things IanI bredda and sistren agree on is da divnity of His Majesty and repatriation. now even ones wit dem own agendas ah watering down repatriation wit dem 'zion is a state of mind not a physical location' nonsense. RASTAFARI is mystic. RASTAFARI is spiritual. But RASTAFARI is also a social as well as an economical justice campaighner. Equality and jusctice on earth means dat RASTAFARI places Afrikan liberation at de core of its message. Anyone and everyone can be Afrikan in spirit and conciousness seen? but if ur physical manifestation in dis physical world in dis i-time isnt Afrikan, then there are some places, rites, organisations, maybe even ones, yuh have just gat to accept wit all rightoeus humility dat they are off bounds for yuh and let it be.

IanI message is still one love regardless Jah knows. cus RASTAFARI is LOVE. Blessed.

JAH! Rastafari! One Black Lion Heart everytime!

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 7/24/2006 10:10:39 AM

Blessed Love Beloved
Teach them youths and babies of the mind fa them to grow up in Live-Ity.
Too many don't want to listen to a Black man when him talk but claim to praise a Black god, burn them out, wash them out. Make them clean and whole, fa is Jah work fi make them clean and whole.
Black man and womb trod a heavy road. We clearin bush, seen. But once bush cut everybody trod, seen. No worries fa Jah will shine the flashlight to show all We the way through the bush without too much cut and bruise pon all We flesh. Cut back snake, slap back mosquito, new day soon come, seen.
Afrika must be free. From Kemet to Mali.
How long can Babylon rape Mama before Papa burn dem out?
And who will raise the children of a raped Afrika?
Who will teach them to love?
Who will teach them to stand upright?
Who can teach an Afrikan how to stand if not a stand up Afrikan?
So Afrika must stand up and take back Akebulan from Babylon.

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 7/24/2006 7:15:18 PM

I did not say I believe this, but unfortunately I have seen this. Instead of asking how I can say it, why not say it to those who speak it and believe it. I shouldn't have posted that, cause I have learned it is better to speak less and listen more. But, I am tired of seeing downpression and hearing ras fight. Like I said this is in I own experience. I know what Rastafari means, so the I doesn't have to explain it to I, like I do not overstand. I think the I took I words wrong, or I explained iself wrong, or I am now reading the I wrong. But, if the I could feel I spirit, the I would see that I love is enough to cover the earth. I don't even kill insects. I don't have to prove iself, but please listen to what I am saying. I was just feeling the heavy load that day, and felt like reasoning. I don't have ras to reason with here. I am just tired of seeing destruction of mother earth,mother afrika and downpression of I n I. N then to see ppl. fight each other. N e wayz, I am referring to some ras who do. Thats all I was trying to say, N e wayz, give thanx for the link. But, I know what Rastafari is, but some have forgotten. The I took I words beyond, but Im not hear to argue I points. I will clearly read each of ur lines and respond. I am not judging rastafari, I work hard to uplift rastafari. But, this is what I have heard. The mention Capelton, but what are words without works. Anyone can sing Jah and burn fiyah. N e wayz, I am not hear to argue, but the I does not see what I was saying. Pardon that the I has taken I words beyond their meaning. I will correct them and done. Selah

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 7/24/2006 7:52:16 PM

Greetings again, I know I should not let ur words move I. I simply stated what I saw. But, the I come reason to I, like I am judging and so forth. I am not trying to bring "discord" into any mansion. I work hard to fight for the rights and upliftment for I n I children of Jah. But, I am still learning bout mansions too. If the I read I statement again, the I would see that I simply stated somethings I heard.

The I talk bout capelton, but what are words without works? So, what the I have to say when I see him at a show, and he sing bout slackness and thing. I never heard him hail holy immanuel I. When he don't even hail an empress and him crew called a half naked woman empress. I don't care how much fiyah I n I burn, what are Words without works? I am not judging, but simply stating a fact. But, I am not one to judge, but words only go so far. Where is the inity in fighting against poverty, injustice, so forth. I hear ones and ones burn fiyah and sing bout jah, but next cd they talk bout guns and thing. Is that ok? If that was I, I would be shunned. I am not judging, but just stating what I see, so please don't take it like I am.

I love rastafari, but am tired of seeing downpression, genocide, yutes in jail, rasta in jail, so forth. Like I said, I do not have a rasta community, I come online and reasoned bout what I heard. But, the I taken I words and judged I for believing and doing things I am not.

I have learned a lesson from this tho, a lesson that the bobo prophets has shown I. I was taught to speak less and listen more, to not react on emotion. I was just feeling the heavy load, because I spirit is connected to the earth. So, when the earth cries, I cry.

So, I take this as a learning lesson. I apologize for being emotional, but the I words truly hit a core. But, if the I truly see I, the I will see I, I have said enough. I know who I am and will itinue to do Jah works. For at the end, Jah will be the one who judges I n I, not no man or wombman.

Once again, I apologize for making the I see different then what it was. Give thanx again and may jah let I love flow through ur veins, feeding ur spirit, showing the LOVE I have for Rastafari! Many blessings to the I and I family. Selah

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 7/24/2006 8:42:05 PM

I came on with this reasonment, but should have explained iself more clear. I explained how I am talking in I own experience, therefore, I was not generalizing. I do agree in the I definition of rastafari, but I came to share what was shared with I or what I have seen. Which to I, that is not a definition of Rastafari. When I mentioned hating white ppl. because I have heard some who call themselves rasta, not like white ppl. So, I was shocked cause I have always known rastafari to be of One Perfect Heart of Love and itinue to see that. But, just came here to share some things, cause it just got to I that day.

I have mentioned the part of music, because I have seen things that I do not like and how a ras should not act. Just cause ones and ones are singers, doesn't make it ok. One love same way, cause it is not I place to judge. But, I feel as rastafari children I n I should be able to reason bout it. If I come from the west and go to the east, and a ras see I am not trodding according to the principles and laws given to I nI, that idren should be able to come to I and reason bout it. Cause In I not perfect and I n I may not see. I should have kept that to i-self tho. I should have been more humble with I wording. So, once again I come here with humility and hope the I have a better overstanding of what I truly come forward with.

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 7/24/2006 9:26:42 PM

Lift up your head and trod for judgment day is coming

Messenger: smokey Sent: 7/24/2006 10:15:07 PM

Rasta is about oneness if someone is preaching seperation or is working to keep people aapart then are they really coming in love or are they just wolves in sheep's clothes. Stayin true to InI is were we can find our strength. Worry not about what others are doing LOVE will always prevail.

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