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What happened to one love?

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Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 8/1/2006 11:48:03 PM

Until all Earth citizens can come into agreement and knowledge of the mental enslavement (or nigger mentality) that condones the opressive activity of people with white race identity, there will be no unity.

Until Black people can globally define themselves for themselves and identify themselves with a land mass rather than a history of violence, there will be no unity.

Until people are able to have open dialog about their collective histories without guilt or blame, there will be no unity.

Until Black people have the self respect to be polite and dignified when confronting racism, there will be no unity.

Until people no longer posses the desire to own the world and control others, there will be no unity.

Until Human beings learn to respect others (plants, animals, other humans, elements, etc.), there will be no unity.

Until children lead the way, there will be no unity.

Until white people stop identifying an Afikan's need for homogenious congregation as racism, hatred or evil; there wil be no unity.

Every mother wishes to be able to urinate without hearing the voice of her children.
Few children understand why.

Messenger: EmpressCarla Sent: 8/2/2006 2:14:30 PM

@Empress Nzingha

Sistren I always enjoy your reasonings.

Rastafari Love and Light

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 8/2/2006 5:38:51 PM

Until white people stop identifying an Afikan's need for homogenious congregation as racism, hatred or evil; there wil be no unity.

Haile I Selassie I! Your hieghts Empress!

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 8/3/2006 11:04:59 AM

The I seh:
**The west coast is lacking a black presence at these events, and by far.**
**I don't even go to binghi unless I know that I am going to be in an Black African presence**

How can the I complain about a need for more of a Black presence at events that the I refuses to bring a Black presence to?

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 8/3/2006 11:25:19 AM


**Until white people stop identifying an Afikan's need for homogenious congregation as racism, hatred or evil; there wil be no unity.**

Can someone show I where this is happening? I do not see anyone anywhere making that identification. Where does this statement come from? "Racism, hatred and evil"? ...come on, where r u getting this stuff?

The issue Iman refer to is not non-Afrikans trying to change Afrikan tradition or interfere with Afrikan Inity and congregation but rather the attitude of Afrikan Rastas regarding non-Afrikan Rastas giving Ises unto the Most High in accordance with the established guidelines of InI Iriginal Nyahbinghi Elders.

Noone can tell another how to work out his/her own salvation. Iman feel that the bredren Natty Kongo showed InI great wisemind in his reasoning, check him one more time.


Messenger: Ras Kwame Sent: 8/4/2006 9:40:03 PM

Whoa! This white privilage is a bitch isn't it?

Can't seems to make them understand that there are anything on this earth that they're not entitled to stamp their contagious cancers on. Also this internet thing like all their 'inventions' is amazing isn't it? If not for the internet, how else on earth would we have known that they already having 'Nyahbinghi' (without the Judgement Fire of course, because remember they are so full of LOVE they don't deal with 'hate and judgement') in Italy, Hamburg, Iceland, perhaps in the Vatican who knows---all lead with some great visionary righteous White Elders bringing 'redemption', 'liberation' and whathave you, to the poor Blackman of course ( or maybe another dreadlocked Black male with his White Empress). All the nations of the earth are hailing HIM no doubt. And all the peoples of the earth would come under the rainbow colours of 'Jah' or is it 'Rastafari'? Thanks to the internet! Anyone ever wondered why most the so called 'Rases of all ages and races' on the internet are Europeans? And where these deluded ones think there are such thing as an 'Afrikan Rasta'. The Dutch Boer is as 'Afrikan' as the European who is a "rasta".

For your informations, self proclaimed lovers of humanity and Mama Afrika, Rastafari is not another Jazz, or Sampa, or reggaeton or capoeira. You can't take the Afrikan out of Rastafari neither can you take Rastafari out of Afrika. It doesn't mean you can't continue having your cyber masturbastions though.

Peace N Love

Messenger: White dread Sent: 8/4/2006 11:21:43 PM

As a white uropean I realize and notice that most white people trying to be rastafari. White people need to realize it has a black history and that the livity they live is the livity that their black ancestors lived over 2000 years ago. Because white people don't feel connection with blacks trough history, they tend to take tings more lightly about rastafari. They don't realize the importance of black history and only think it is about "One Love".
I am still learnin every day about rastafari, but can I be a true rasta with a white skin?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 8/5/2006 2:24:58 AM

First, for those that are new here and don't know the colour of I skin, it is white and sometimes tanned.

Lack of Humbleness and lack of Respect, that is why a white person is not permitted to play the harps at a Nyahbinghi gathering.

If a man or woman trods with respect for others, they will not assume that they can walk in on the people's gathering and sit on any seat and do anything. They should walk in with humbleness and learn and follow the customs of the gathering.

Also, if a person walks in humbleness, they will not see theirself as higher than they are, but instead will be humble and Learn and Rise in due Time. When a person is humble, they will hear the Spirit more clearly, they will know how long they should just dance and chant in Nyahbinghi, and they will know when it is Time to play the harps. It could be years of just dancing and chanting before a person should touch the harps. And more than likely, when the Time is right and the person's Spirit is on that level, they will be invited to play the harps, because other Ones who know their Spirit will sight that Spirit within the person.

With Humbleness and Respect to the Seriousness of RasTafarI, a person will see that RasTafarI Trod isn't some simple thing that can be turned on by the flick of a switch. It is a trod where a person must be Patient and take the Time to Grow and Rise and be humble enough to see how much more they need to trod.

RasTafarI is a High and Mystical Livity, it is not an ideology or binded book. It is the original Livity and way of the Keepers of the Earth, who Trod in Inity with RasTafarI and Creation to help things flow naturally. It takes Time to Learn this original Livity, because most of the people in this Earth have not Lived this Way for many centuries upon centuries, generations after generations. And if a person learns enough to play the harps, they have learned only a small portion of the fullness of RasTafarI; and in general for all people on this Earth, there is so much more to Learn and Rise.

With Humbleness and Respect, a white person will be permitted to play the harps at a Nyahbinghi gathering, in due Time and season.

A person can't approach the Harp when they are standing outside the Fire. They must enter the Fire during Nyahbinghi gatherings and burn and blaze over time until they have been cleaned enough to enter the center of the Fire. And then from within the Fire they will be able to play the harp, and continue to burn and blaze the rest of the parts of themselves that offend, so they can enter Zion Clean and Pure.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 8/6/2006 1:25:42 AM

Just want to give thanx for the reasonment from ones and ones. I never been to a binghi gathering, but look forward to it. I have been thinking about the discussion that I brought up and I real eyes that I was wrong bout nyabhinghi. When I first posted I comment I should have clearly thought about what I heard, before posting I thoughts, but I didn't. But, I give thanx because through the reasonment I learned from it. Yes I n I all nations praising Jah, but I overstand that the bhinghi is an incient afrikan tradition. It doesn't mean that anyone who is not afrikan cannot attend, but just cannot beat the drum or "play the harp" unless invited.
Same thing goes for I being part native. Just cause I am native doesn't mean I can go to a pow wow and sit with the elders around the drum and beat the drum. I must earn that right because it is to I a sacred order. Doesn't mean I am not allowed at a pow wow, just means I know I place. Because sitting at that drum is an honor just like it is for the nyabhinghi gatherings.
So, give thanx!

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 8/6/2006 1:48:51 AM

Yes Ark! Majesty!

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Haile Selassie I