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What happened to one love?

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Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 9/16/2006 12:24:47 AM

whites gather its called racism, blacks gather its raacism. Unless InI stop talking about things in this fashion it will not burn and it will continue. People just meet, everyone should be welcome does not mean everyone will come but people must not be excluded, would god exclude? does love exclude? does Yeshua exclude?

if black people gather no one should call it racism, but black people should not make color the entry fee

on our struggle as mankind and jah children to have equal rights and justice for all we cannot waste time any longer and talk about race in black and white.

we must just live and love and spread righteousness and goodness and live in peace, once this is done, there will be no need to argue over these silly things that have dictated the past and keep going on because InI refuse to let them go, black or white many seem to hold this issue close in the presence instead of letting it go, many just point fingers on the other "perceived side"

When the good is done and said and lived then the bad will go away automatically, this can only be accomplished one by one. with you and her and him and me etc.


Stop arguing and live :)

Be Blessed


Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 9/16/2006 5:09:17 AM

Blessed Love

Glorify the Empress who give the Gentiles our side of the story. It is crucial for non-black Rastaman to get a simple understanding of the psychological, social, economic, and spiritual attack upon Black people daily in the West. All nations must bring forth the issue of slavery so that we may deal with it. I say to the white world, stop pushing the case down and claiming that we have no rights. Stop telling us to deal with it and stop telling us that it's already past. The socalled jews got their rights for their "holocaust", why you dont tell them to forget about that?

It is paramount importance for the gentiles and non-whites to get a full understanding of the Black Truth, which is what White supremacy hide from this world. White supremacy is racism and it inflitrates in all levels of living in all parts of the world.
You think you are not racist caus you praise His Majesty.
I say again to all who say the contrary here, His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie is BLACK MAN and He stand for the FIRST WORLD which is Ethiopia Africa.

There is no difference, at the end of the day, between the Black Jew and the White Gentile, for the same Lord is the Black Father of all.
The Empress have to find back love and humilty. We cannot get peace without equal rights and justice, we cannot gewt justice without love.
Let us find the love my people, love hand all laws and prophet commandment

I and I cant give the white world what i dont have, i dont have hate in my heart.
Jah say to show the barbarians the dignity and grace of us as African.
The Black Christ come for His people, yet Him salvation He bring to all nations for all nations are His children.

We must all find back the Truth and Know the injustice and inequality that has been done and is consistently being done in this white world, against Black people. The European Rases must learn and acknowledge Black History and the sins of the centuries against Africans and come to the full understanding that Rastafari is the Black Man Culture and Tradition, Roots cannot change, so it is slavery to come to our culture and try to adapt it to yours or change it to make it "better". Make your Self better first.


Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 9/16/2006 5:29:44 AM

Love you one another as you love yourself, when you see one you see God.

I cant hate a next one cause him skin and origin different.
Only the Black Man, the Black Heavenly Father is Father of ALL. One Nation bring all races of nations.

If we as Black People hate a european or chinee or indiean, then we just hate ourself and we hate our own brother and sister, but most of all we hate our Father if we do this, for our Black Father dwelleth in all flesh Most High Selassie I Jah Rastafari

Let us come to the Right and say right sayings and do right doing. Let us find the love of ourselfs as a people, All people let us find back the love of the Black Christ.

Brothers and Sisters, look at the time, the Father is soon coming, to execute vengeance upon the evil white world, let us prepare ourself and stop all this nonsense bickering and do the father will.
Let us cleanse our selfs from iniquity for Rastafari cometh to judge the earth.

All European brother and sister stop look out of yourself and start to strengthen your innerself. Find the love of the Black God in Black Supremacy in Righteousness of Salvation and you will come to the fullness of all things. Come to the Black Christ in Flesh, Come one come all to this international call, all hearts of all flesh are welcome.
Black Ethiopia, Black Jerusalem, Black Ghana, Africa must be free from Cape to Cairo, Addis to Accra.
One thing to note is that you wont be saved cos you are black ,for Marcus say 80 million careless ethiopians will go down with Babylon. Stop this hatred Black people, we are not a hating people, we never knew no hate until them come take us out of the Land of the Living, Man say we cant go back inna the Land with sinful sayings and doings, so let us purge ourself Israel, for the Glory of God, for He shall stretch forth His hands to deliver us from the hand of the Edomites and will be with us through the crossing, He saith My people was brough to the west for nought, so he shall bring us back HIMSELF for He is the God of the Living Most High Selassie I Jah Rastafari
Note that all who are living the wrong will be left behind to perish with the wicked in babylon. No sin cannot enter in Zion, one must be pure in heart, one must know love, know GOD.

Emmanuel Is Love Let us All Love
HolY Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 9/16/2006 10:10:16 AM

My best friend, is a white girl. I sometimes pretend that some part of her heritage that is Native American can override that but the truth of the matter is she's a white girl. She loves Bob, but she's just starting to even know who His Magesty is. She likes country music and pickled eggs. I like hip-hop and I don't eat eggs. But we are, best friends.
Now, when she comes to my house she sits in my favorite chair. When I sleep over her house she sleeps on the floor. I wash the dishes at my house, she serves the food in her house. and I love her. and she loves me. Nobody puts baby in the corner.
If I say to my friend, I am going to a sacred ceremony for Afrikans, she says to me, have fun call me when you get back. If my friend says to me I am going to my family reunion, I say to my friend, have fun call me when you get back.
That is friendship. Friendship does not say, you must include me in every aspect of your being if you do not hate me. Love says, have fun, call me when you gat back.
It is foolishnes to say to another being that they must change their mindset and ways of existing to suit your ideology if they wish to accept you in their hearts. God does not say that. God says, I am your example you are perfect but I am whole.

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 9/16/2006 9:30:05 PM

I did not say or meant to say everyone must be included, I am saying that no one should have to say its a black event or its a white event, its an event and i am going and that is okay. just the fact that InI here speak always in black and white terms will just keep everything saparated. Until we speak one tongue both sides will do their share, consciously or subconsciously to keep the division.

So I am white, I am not a racist, its foolish to blame every whiteman for everything and say it is not racism but everything the whiteman does is racism. Bunch of bloodclat bullshit this is. I am german too, does that mean I am a nazi that hates israel? I am a child of god, and I know how it was in the beginning it shall be in the end, one love respect peace harmony euqal rights and justice for all. Fire to the downpressors fire to babylon fire to all astray from god, babylon may have been created by the white people but people of all color and nation are prostituting themselves for the dirty pimp babylon. I did not create babylon, in fact i am struggling everyday to burn babylon out of my ownself. This is a struggle of everyone and its a struggle of each of us, if we burn our sins and babylon and speak and do positive then it will be so, but if people on each side keep saying they are superior and god is black or god is white(even if it is clear that HIM is black) then we will waste time that could be used to better the world and spread love, this bickering will always spread some even if small part of hatred. God is God is God ONE god for all, is that not enough??????

One Love is One love, nothing to add!

Be Blessed


Messenger: prophecy Sent: 9/17/2006 1:34:46 PM

Blessed Heart of Love! I was hoping this reasonment did not surface again. I am the one that posted this reasonment one day when I felt like reaching out to ones and ones. As children of Rastafari, I feel I n I should be able to reason openly, but sometimes through internet reasonment is taken wrong. Sometimes I n I cannot reason without fiyah. But, I n I are all on different levels, one teach one. I n I must purge from babylon conditioning. N e wayz, I don't have ras where I live, so I came here to vent, but that was I mistake. I words were taken beyond I intent. I was just roarrring cause I see so much downpression and less inity. I see so many talking and where is the true inity to uplift and build I n I? However, I learned from the reasonment. Next time, I will think more before expressing iself, so I words are clearly expressed. I even posted that I was WRONG on some reasonment. For example. When I mentioned bout nyabhingi. I was reasoning with a sis and she told me that anyone who is light skin cannot beat a drum along with white people. So, when I first I-sponded, I questioned if I n I are all ras, then why do I n I exclude another cause of ones nation. But, I WAS WRONG! It is an afrikan tradition and it should be honored. I have native family, just cause I'm native doesn't mean i can go to a pow wow and beat the drum. An idren I-sponded by saying just cause ones and ones are rastafari, doesn't mean they can play are harp or beat the drum at a binghi gathering. I real eyes that the way I looked at it before was wrong. I agree with that and now I overstand. For I am still learning and growing and that is why its important for I n I to be able to reason openly. It is a blessing to see the truth, its important to teach it. Especially to those who don't see it because its been hidden for so long and itinues to be hidden.
White Supremacy itinues to hide the truth in communities, in media/tel-lie-vision, schools, churches, school books, etc. If white ppl saw the truth, then the white world would no longer belong to the whites world. I am white and even tho Jah shown n teached I so much, I still know so little, because that is 400 years+ of lies that been fed to amerikkka. That is 400+ years that I n I white ppl. must overstand and learn bout.
Give thanx

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 9/17/2006 8:16:11 PM

blessed love
Rasta fari Emmanuel I Haile I Selassie I
prophecy, don;t feel any way about the resonment, it is not complete and the fact the ones and ones have come to greater overstanding and/or greatoer contmeplation is a real thing....hold tight and live up RIghteously and NO ONE can take that away......

peace and love

rasta far i

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Haile Selassie I