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a rhym

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Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/19/2003 6:40:14 PM

so deeply rooted it can not be computed.
from root to the top the smoke that comes from me is
when i grow they coln me.hoping to stop the revolshion
but that is just part of the plan and the soluition.
you kmow that smoke so ill you think you had dropped
a pill.i only spit that abstracted sh.t. but the people know even if
the cut one down a nother will grow.
that how i get them high

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/20/2003 11:56:50 AM


I give thanks for the I rhyme. Feel free to post more.

Jah Live,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: RasYen Sent: 12/20/2003 9:21:58 PM

Jah Give Guidance to the Faithful One
But them that stray face correction

I do not delight at another man afflictions
Although I show sorrow at their transgression

I wonder why? Why them nah love JAH?
Why? Why nah seek them SAviour?
Him alone give Life and sweet nectar,
Robed in Gold Green Red Splendour,

On Highest Heights upon HIM Throne,
Nah one thing gwan to HIM nah known,
Jah RUle All Creation, HIM hold the key,
Haile Selah-see-I SO ALL CAN SEE,

Jah give GUIDANCE unto InI,
To free man from dem evil mind,
The Truth revealing in these times,
HIS WORD known discerned by signs,

Interperetm experience, the WOrd of Life
Become aware, be Wise,


Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/20/2003 10:40:05 PM

are you telling me something or are you post you work

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/21/2003 6:32:56 AM

[ pray it be said
lord let be said that i have study i mean
to point that i know iam from the natural sort.

lord let it be said that all from abram,and even JUDA will
stand and know them self.

lord let them know iam is,amon,ra,warring.let my roots
sow so deep that go throw the other side.

may my undrstanding be bassed on you knowlege of self,that come from
you.ini hold self even now, i pray this in the name of ras tafri that
power of the trinty.lord let it be said and let be down.

Messenger: Brother Jahphet I Sent: 12/21/2003 9:53:31 AM

Greetings I

Is this the thread for poems?
So I will post my newest one:

One Fight! One Aim! One Destiny!

Yes I people we have to fight
everyone has his own tribulation,
own fights, own sufferation
we all are one
One fight against Babylon
No matter where we from!

We all fight our struggles inna Babylon
We all go through our sufferation
Every suffer from his own tribulation
But we all are one
Worldwide one fight
Against Babylon
No matter where we from!

Ham, Shem and Japhet
different fights
But still itīs one
against Babylon
no matter where we from!

Blessed Love from your Brother
Jahphet I
Selassie I
RasTafar I

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/21/2003 10:12:59 AM


Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/24/2003 9:54:33 AM

Let Me Get It Right:

I am High to the Gravity of the situation brings me down. Waken by self.. but different than the times before. I understand. I make my life, my world is clear, and now I hear the Lord. Your love may be the death of me, but if I love myself than my light is on High as my passion is for this new begining... am I free now Lord? May I do my works as I would before your eyes, out loud singing. There is death on the inside and I can hear it. Lord let me get it right

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/27/2003 6:26:38 PM

Waiting on a Piece of insight...

Through my whole life nothing has ever felt so good, so of God. Thank you all for your embrace. From our head to our feet we are made in the image of the Most High and I ask HIM now to touch us with a piece of insight. May we understand your ocean roars, may we inhale your breath and take this key to a new begining. Lord help me with my focus I am waiting on a piece of insight.

Still in my youth I felt both joy and pain. In only thur our new beginings can we grow. Idol of no good, waisted time must be released, so new moves can be made. InI say its up to God, not the God in the sky but the God everywere and in the sky. Missed oppertunity by all is death. I pray 3 times a day to the East for my mental stability, warmth covers me when I am with my peace but even this piece can only last so long. Is it a possiblity that i have found happiness

Messenger: the rock Sent: 1/5/2004 8:34:58 AM

Unforseen Problem

AN unforseen problem cost you the game and that just how it goes.
And when the shit hit the fan no one knows what happened.
Or is just in the game every one is playing to win.Even your man will give you a bad hand.As far i can see it is is war....So i must study the art of it.Be calm play my part.MOst them that lost say they will be back.BUT INI will never leave.MADE in the image OF>>SEEKIN EMLIGHTMENT>>I WILL FIND IT!!!!


Rambuncious i am,i trying ot say i was but shit i am going throw it.
WAR.That all there is at every levele of of life.GOD@DEVIL,JEW@ARAB,BABYLON@RASTA MAN.
I MUST stay fit.I MUST STAY FIT!!!!INI life now known to me.
IT take PRIDE IN ONE SELF TO ASK FOR HELP.It like makeing love its up to the people involved to feal the situation.
IT is the art of war maybe i need to study more.
the rock

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Haile Selassie I