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a rhym

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Messenger: the rock Sent: 3/7/2004 6:38:54 AM

work work work

that man is crazy if he thinks hes going to work me to death...
the only time they stop is when they take abreath..i think all they want is death.

i work,its not that i do more then you i just work in a different manner.

JAH is the planner,but all you can do is push your movement and talk about is banners..

if the man of woman want to help,it takes steps, but before that, him have to crawl. JAH make it that way so we just don't try to run and fall.

MAKE a sound power with turth from the days of Abram. take the lightning power and cast down BABYLON, with a movement of JAH people.

for me it is the begginning that will rule in the END.

JAH JAH let ini people work so we can live in ZION and not SIN

Messenger: ijah Sent: 3/7/2004 7:36:38 AM

Them no know RasTafari,them no care
unconcious people evrywhere
some of them,most of them ignorant as a mule,
so Babylon can use them like a tool
Cyant ye see what them do to we
tricking humanity
They gave us mis philosophy
to keep us following society
When will it be,
when all righteouss ones tek their stances?
When will it be,
the day InI gonna sight Babylon its burning fences?

RasTafari is.......

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/7/2004 9:35:06 AM


JAH RASTA FAR I.....................

Messenger: the rock Sent: 3/26/2004 7:08:02 AM

JAH help me

i get up at 2:00am my body will not let me sleep.
the time is on my mind.

jah i love to love,but my mind has been mangled
by those whos life line was strangled.

those molesters of innocents, touch more then my body, they have my mind encaped with revange. GOD i hate them, how can i love those who killed my father.

i do not want no more patience, i am hot NOW and my war arrow is coked. my steps are becoming slippery JAH you said that you would hold i, guess thats why i am always so high.

MY inside crys out for the day that you dash their youth on the rocks, JAH my time is your time , but as you see, my lips tremble with anticapation of the day of my enemys extermination

JAh they have slapped me on both cheeks,i want WAR, the pain that i feel is open, the BEAST in me is opening, i want back what they stole from me.

PLEASE JAH help i do i works in your time

Messenger: the rock Sent: 4/21/2004 12:16:03 PM

A game oF chess...

the downpresser will not face me he just hides behind his man..
but with one move ini won the game,..,he just love to play his game of chess

i went back JAH cuz that is from were i came.HIM just tell the truth,all they want to do is put out JAH light.

AS them say,...if the i is,in continuity with all JAH say that is what they want to stop,there men turn to queens babylon rules make pawns of the children,but ihave seen that befor this arm-man-getten is a hole new war.

check devil,iam a warrior mistic.i was never in you face that why you mist it.throuh my work JAH has given me life.....through my krama i come back to the light.

one can know beauty becuz there is uglyness

AS so you misundstood my vibe you have made me your innear me,so i bust you with i energy by the power of the trinity.

and that would be check mate from and unseen entity

Messenger: the rock Sent: 5/27/2004 10:56:08 AM

Let me RAP to you all as if we have just met.

Them can look down upon me ,if YA want to,is it something that JAH said that make it so the people blame HAMs plight on the baldHEADs.

I say it is a VIBE iam trying to get to you

Know if i had lust and did not love we would one day come to the piont that we are a true FAMILy. THis world love is lust. it is not FOR I-sus!!!!

it is almost a shame that times has such hard lessons. bless is the child of JAH.for they are the light of the world...

I know all these steps are for the GOOD, and it is not as if INI don't feel the pain. BUt pain i shall not fear...i fear.... is my courage.

I see ina babylon if you tell the people the lie is for them the truth but i say this INI shall never enslave i youth.

peace to all and all to peace

Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/18/2004 8:17:05 PM


What Kind of species sh... on, then eats their own species
Go on and puff that weed leaf, why I speak on this Thecies.

Most the time the young love to love...!....!...*

When inosence is still intacked most of the youngens never push or shove
but now the youth of today minds have been mangled by those who's life lines were strangled.

The hustlers say that its just part of the game, the lame always get maimed... InI being one of those youths know that Jah is the only one that help we through the pain.

So it is a self trip.

Always love your people but dont ever trust no trick. sure nuff they'll speak your game, you'll crap out and not know who is to blame.
With faith true love will rein.

Now a days in the streets every one is on some molesting ish, coco dealin, three time appealin, copin out and then squealin, and then the poloticians win in the end, cause most of the time our youth grow old in the pen(Penitentiary).

Now the buzz is relax, but thats a cheap trick most the time they just want to see us quit. InI know now Jah seed reap what we sow.
So in the end for Jah children the Pharro will have to let them go.

So let the youth shine and let every one know even if they cut one down another will grow. Them true heathens sweat the day that Jah slay I enemy. But I will still bust you with InI power through the energy of the Trinity.


Messenger: seeking Sent: 6/19/2004 7:06:17 AM

my truth resides in my simplicity
my life blood fades into the darkness of night
only to find my light

in boldness i call
and in boldness you answer
a knowledge of I-self
i encounter

Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/28/2004 9:50:46 AM

They want to take our ambition, give it back and then charge tuition.
In there minds they are still out be sitting with the most high is my only ambition you say that we are low class, squanders of time, but I tell you that we will never Quit bringing the people the truth even if its in a RHYM.

The way that you talk makes me wonder, do you really know what oneness is worth?

Glorifying ZION without JAH plan will only lead you to the ambitions of man.

They say if your not liveing good, speard wide,I see that there are things going on in the wide that are going on in the inner city nieghborhoods.

People talk on what you know, as they did in the past, all will hear the truth. I see that for some when they hear the lie, to them its the truth. So go on and turn your heads on the inner city truth.

I know you can't wait to hear the properganda on the 12 oclock news.

I tell you from ones own thoughts the devil a rise,and as they say in the street I can see the hate in your eyes.

I will not hold nothing back.
Still all things in do time.
This is not hand to hand combat,
This is something that should be on a track so you can play at night when its time to relax.
I see its not the same when youve met more than your match, but im gonna keep cultivation my seed purifing the next batch.

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 6/29/2004 10:32:10 PM

give thanks and praises for the TRUE RYHMS....


sort of a virtual poetry slam with the bredrens and sistren.....

cup of tea any one ?

Satta masagana

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