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a rhym

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Messenger: the rock Sent: 11/19/2004 9:00:07 AM

I have to learn to walk slow,then speed it up...
just to make sure that I-am not makeing things to TUFF
but the way things are GOIN, my up hill walk seems like it will never end.

Knowing under one foot a journey begins.

I have to keep a smooth flow of breath

Seen,,every fruit has its on season.

Most people be like role that ish light that ish smoke that ish, but that just part of the game, you have to work for it. Then in your due season your fruits will fall and JAH only knows the level of that, they will fall.

Just because someone writes or rewrites something that alone does not make the message easier to read, cuz JAH annointed is a whole new breed.

There is so much to be seen, but becuz of human selfishness, most the people are blind, wanting to make this a pastence feeling I must trust in JAH.

They say that this is along suffering walk, I say its should be a long tideing work, so when them belly is not full, they may be filled by the powers of the most high that guide and protect.

So knowing that I-am only aman, Ras must stand and be the head leading the body, this is a way of life not just a hobby.

Hills or not, we must keep fighting to see no more suffering.


Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/10/2004 10:30:18 AM

On the Light side

Iam breathing there for
Iam living, thrivieng, un-moved by time
Iam made new through this long love feeling, that spiritual energy that manifest the universe
Iam so thankful for the man that does works of God
Iam thankful for the man that does not cuz I know all things come from one energy
Iam so thankful for the herb that is ment to be the food for the soul
Iam still amen Ras waring by what is known as any means necessary
Iam continually haveing to relight my spliff thanking God for that Humboldt purple
Iam a seed planted by the rivers of still waters
Iam is in the heart which is the true drum beat Nyahbinghi
Iam no joke
Iam the dark that is really light
Iam just one part of this energy that is manifested to bring forth the truth
Iam InI
Iam knowing that, that means Jah is with me therefore
Iam screaming Rasta-fari

Messenger: RasEmpressGong Sent: 12/11/2004 5:13:28 AM

Your Child

Today I felt the need to be silent
The need to just be still
I sat on the step in my backyard
And let Jah have His will.

As I felt Jah's presence
Thick and true the air
I boldly said "Jah-Jah I really need You!"
"I need You to be here."

Please show me the path of righteousness
And steady I feet as I trod
To ZION: that pure and holy place
So many know not of.

Cleanse my heart of unpure and sinful thoughts
And let not my lips repeat
Thoughts of hatred, anger and vanity
Untruths, sorrow and defeat.

Show me the way of Moses, Gad, Noah and Samson Strong
Let me be brave in my attempt
Even if my battle is not won.

Faith is my shield and the rock upon which I stand
As my arms stretch forth
And my feet tip-toe
Eager to hold Your hand.

Love is my comfort
And proof that all things consist
By You and within You
If they are to exist.

Honesty is the substance of the words I speak
Because lies and deception
Are not of the strong
But the downpressors of the weak.

Strength comes from endurance
Endurance from the pain
Through Your love I know when I ask for help
It will not be in vain.

I ask You Jah to stand by me
No matter the time of day
I thank You for the good and bad
And never do I question your way.

Bless me with the Eternal protection of thine Rod and Staff
As I take the hand of my enemy
And lead him to the beginning
Of thine righteous path.

this is the first piece I have ever written expressing just how much Jah is a part of I life and how much I trust and love Jah for I blessings and Life.Rastafari.


Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/17/2004 11:25:49 AM


Drum beat
Body mind soul
Bring a ONE HART and ya know that means one love
not with out a RHYME or REASON
all around the world felt
never lost by time or the downpressions of man
From a frog ribit all the way to a cricket
Born out of the praises of the soul that have never been lost
sweet sweat bulding nations from this movement of JAh people
the baby crying from the womb
the fight of the youth to never let them mash down your hopes
Making dreams come in to the truth
Kings Music

Messenger: the rock Sent: 1/7/2005 1:00:00 PM

let them childern be proud to be rasta
the first or last born he that has been scorned
let them be proud to be rasta
the one that father left
the one that mother kept
let them be proud to be rasta
the mother with seed by herself
the father with seed by his self
let them be proud to be rasta
the family out in the cold
the family in the warmth
let them be proud to be rasta
to my holy trinity, my three seeds grow into a tree
and my lovely wifey
let them be pround to be rasta
let them hear this provocative word
JAH kingdom is governed by man and broadened by the most high
please show them how to be proud rasta
Not the proud that is conceided or loud
the proud that is needed so that ones soul wont be defeated
JAH your strength we really need it
let them childern be proud to be a rasta
Through all the desecrated soil
let them childern see the land that is for them and always fruitful
Plant trees of new life and cut them hollow oaks down
so that they might do there job in the end, revitalizing the earth
Let them elders show them how to be a proud rasta
Let them new fruits come and let the ini reap what we sow
cuz we can not control
but we can learn from what happened a long time ago

rasta is the spirit of the earth
let them be proud and let them fight for their lives..

"Me don' love fighting," he summarized, as tiny doctor bird bummed in the boughs above his maned head, "but me don' love wicked either...I guess I have a kinda war thing in me. But is better to die fighting for freedom than to be a prisoner all the days of your life." (Bob Marley)

Haile Selassie

Messenger: gideon Sent: 1/16/2005 11:22:35 AM

Nature rise and the heathen scatter
I got to give thanks and praises don't matter
Even if the flame is getting hotter and hotter
Everybody should of know I don't believe in a rumour
People them rise out your sleep and slumber
We nah deh yah-so to bow, we deh yah-so to conquer
Strictly love, why you envy your brother
Nah make them rearrange you in a different manner

Blessed are thee when men shall revile you
Men persecute you and say all manner of evil against you for Jah sake
Rejoice I say and be exceedingly glad
For great is your reward
For so persecuted they the prophets before you and me

Messenger: the rock Sent: 1/17/2005 12:34:35 PM

Nice harmony..


Messenger: the rock Sent: 1/28/2005 1:14:33 PM

we don't come to fight flesh and blood, we come to fight wickedness in high and low places

out of her womb all nation come
out of her breast the world is feed
like any other great resorce
people want the food but do not wasnt to do the work
thats like taking one steep forward and three back
Now what is that worth
out of her harmony all we can hear is the terror and genocide
from her breath comes the judgement of the earth, lightning, ground shaking, whirlwinds, tidal waves....
her childern have been split, from Congo to the Eurphraties
looking to the sky never brought food out of the earth
life beining a liveing hell
even from birth
for all those that disrespected her
you are cursed
let no man from any race come down as God himself but the Lion of Juda even knowing that, Juda is in the heart of all flesh
let the lands of your birth feel your engery
let all those who follow death
die and be reborn
let Amanti, Ra, Ur, Elohim, Jah, one living God, Allah, walk the Earth
from Du Toits Peak all the way up to Tunis showing to light what is to be know as the kingdom of JAHRASTAFARI.
3 times 3000 foot steps across the water with faith in one day we walk
even as life in the days of moses
as red sea's were crossed
see this for your childern
Afrcia open now and now I cant tell you the day but I do know the time
just becuz you spill the blood on the earth, does not make the oil flow faster
we know that this babylion is flirting with diaster
why do you feel the void of time with marking earth
brunt homes of villages at the end give no one more worth

one heart full of love to those that are fighting not just for the lands but for thier life

Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/27/2005 10:44:23 AM

I hear a little rumbling
Lord have mercy on our souls
It starts out as a mumbling....
then like most rebals mumbles it would not be humble
that rumble made the earth shake..
first back, then forth, then all of the sudden things got off course
In Tai Chi they say all things are moved without force
what happen to the teaching of his Mah-Jah-Sty's
and the truth of ancient harmony
so is now all the people can only be disrespectful as dem devils be
So one by one them soiders fall
fighting one another they missed their call....
One by one they fall to there own fears
As weeping mothers count their tears....
ALL would be lost if not for those that did not loose their faith
Standing up for you rights should not make you an oppersor of rights... JAH Almighty got a PLAN so we have to stay in the doing our Rites right.... do them in our holy place and not like vanity men do in open place
With a rumble the mumble starts to bring the vane work of man down
They are murmuring about to many sets of truth clashing
but there more like opinions with reasoning going no where like a wheel with no axle
Ruthless times got the supposed clean liveing fithy...and who is to judge one from the other anyway
INI am hear to do the RIGHT

I saw a man the other day who needed gas and could not pay
He started to murmur about time aint what it use to be
no more free lunches
I sent him a prayer peacefuly
the words from G's-Us you see
not circumsize
nor by uncircumcsize
but by faith which works by love
will you reach were you are suppose to be
INI say i feel the rumbling
earth shaking rumbling that got most men fumbling
not truth they seek
they seek to make other men meek
fall to his feet
learn the same lie
so he can go out and teach the people the art of defeat
That kind of teaching must be made absoleat

More over behold there is a noble woman
In whom the whole heavens adored
because of her greatness of faith
and the loyal way in which she fought to save Ethiopia
and her generations from everlasting down fall
Place her at thy side
for great wisdom is in her.... says the Lord
and send thy also another
that they go and prepare a home for the annointed of mine

Love God
Love People
Love Ourselves

This is not time to murmur without reason
They say this is Lent season
so make sure on positve intent your energy is spent.....

"Humble as a Mumble in the jungle, thats the way the cookie crumbles so I guess Ive got to reroute my dreams" Outkast.

Messenger: R.E.P. Sent: 2/27/2005 11:31:02 AM

As JAH Liveth He has heard My Prayer!
Bless Be He!

Oh King of Zion,hear I plea,
For I call unto Thee for Thy tender Mercy,
Make I path straight,
Guide I onward in faith,
Protect I from them who lay wait,
Though asps slander I&I to date,
Thou alone may Iratest,
Many fallen along the way,
Without Thee by their side,
But as silver are we tried,
So shall we stand to testify,
A love so pure I&I won't deny,
Graicous God oh Most High,
Honor&Glory be in our supplication,
For I to do I part in Thy Holy Iration,
Unto Thee shall be gathered Thy nation,
Whom shall seek Thee in Thy generation,
Bless Jacob's seed unto Davids offsspring,
Hear our psalmist when the I sing,
Incline Thine ear when the musicians begin,
Purge Thy little ones of their sins,
Strenghten I,to see I endure,
I'ver Faithful,I'ver Grateful,I'ver Sure,
Thy love for Thy youths can never wither,
As unto Melchezedec did Abraham pay his tither,
So unto the King must a man show himself humble,
Therefore he may find the Kingdom of righteousness in life,
While the heathens mumble and stumble to die,
Let us be as the light that shineth without strife,
Fulfilling the Will of the Almighty I,
Breath of blessing to know why:
We're here in this moment of time and space,
Living proof of His Majestical Kindness&Grace.

Selah Negus
Amen Negast
One Love of Blessing

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Haile Selassie I